WWE Smackdown 12/17/10…The Road To TLC

We have another Friday evening here in WWE, tonight they are in the Cajundome in New Orleans.  Josh Matthews welcomes us to the show and we have Edge come out for a promo.

Michael Cole and Matt Striker join us too with Cole’s 2 Slammy Awards, telling us he is not a “tool”.  Whatever.

Edge wants to apologize for the last month of the horrible storyline he had going with Paul Bearer and Kane, and we see the video to prove it.

People ask Edge why he did those things, and his answer is one word…Kane.  He has known him for 12 years, and Kane has terrorized people through those years, including his own brother.  He said he even used his own Father so he can bury Taker.  So when he became the number one contender, he decided to get into Kane’s head, and reach at his level so he can become the World Heavyweight Champion.  Was it worth it?  We’ll find out this Sunday when he faces Kane in his own match, a TLC match.  He said he will set the ladder up, climb the ladder, and reach for that championship, so he can become a 10-time World Heavyweight Champion.  Very impressive though.

Tonight, The Miz will make an appearance on Smackdown and we see footage of his appearance on Jimmy Fallon.  Why TNA doesn’t do this and feature their stars on the talk shows, I have no clue.  They talked about the angry Miz girl on the show.

Tonight, we will have a rematch of The Miz taking on Rey Mysterio.

Tomorrow night on NBC will be WWE tribute to the Troops in Fort Worth, Texas.  The show will be on at 9:00, check it out.  I will have a report of that show too.

Teddy Long is in his office for probably his only appearance.  He is upset at Edge for what he did and is concerned about Kane.  Alberto Del Rio comes in, I guess Teddy wants to see him too.  Rey Mysterio comes in too, he doesn’t want Teddy to give Alberto a title shot, he wants one too.  He has a match set up with Alberto and he wants to show what kind of fight this little dog has.  Teddy decides to change the main event this Sunday.  If Kane doesn’t show up, the three men will face each other in a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Title.  If Kane does show up, it will be a Fatal 4-Way match for the Heavyweight Title.  What?

Our first match of the evening will be a tag team match, Kofi Kingston and Kaval taking on Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

Kofi and Kaval win the match with Trouble in Paradise.  Another good match here, and at the PPV, we will get a Triple Threat Ladder match for the IC Title between Swagger, Ziggler, and Kofi.  Bottom line is if you wheel, Kaval goes to the pay window this week.

Jack turns on his partner and shows Dolph that it’s every man for himself this Sunday.  Vicky is irate, but Jack sent the message.

Jack Korpela is the newest Smackdown member, more on that at the end of the recap here, his guest is the WWE champion, The Miz.

Nobody has said that Alex Riley made an appearance tonight on Smackdown, but there he is.  Jack said that Miz has a match with Randy Orton this Sunday at TLC in a Tables match.  Miz asked Jack what his week was like, he started to answer, but said he really doesn’t care.  This past Monday, he was on Raw defeating Rey Mysterio.  On Tuesday, he was talking to media all day long, Wednesday, he was a guest for the Knicks game and was on Jimmy Fallon, Thursday, he was a V.I.P. at a club, and Friday, he meets Rey again, Saturday, he will be on WWE Tribute to the Troops, and Sunday….

A-Ri sang a Partridge on a Peartree.

Miz said Sunday, he will defeat Randy Orton, and that is the week in the life of a champion.  Everyone is talking about The Miz, not Rey Mysterio, not Edge, because he is The Miz….and he is awesome.  Well said.

A video of JTG, I guess they are going to start pushing him again.  This is Str8 Outta Brooklyn with JTG.  He wants to talk about TLC this Sunday.  He is discussing the major matches with King Sheamus, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio.  He said to the kids to leave the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs to the professionals.  Last week, Justin Bieber was climbing up a ladder on his way to Puberty, and he fell off.  Now that is funny.

Earlier this week, Kelly Kelly was talking to Kaitlyn, she said that she was good on Monday night.  Drew McIntyre comes up to Kelly, he said if he was there Monday night, he would have taken care of Tyson for her.  She asked when they became friends, but he said now sounds about good.  He tells her he is a different person than what he is in the ring, then he asked her out for dinner, but Kaitlyn backed her up saying she has plans.

Another vignette, this time featuring “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.  He tells us to blow dry our hair.

This coming week, a big week of WWE Programming on USA Network.  Monday night, Raw is live at 9:00.  Tuesday night, Smackdown is live at 9:00.  Yup, Smackdown won’t be on Friday, it will air on Tuesday night and on USA Network.  Wednesday evening, Tribute to the Troops will air at 8:00 PM.

We finally have another match, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes taking on Chris Masters.

Wow, this was a rather quick match.  Cody wins with Crosswords.  The Masterlock Challenge was longer last week than this match was.

Coming up next, Rey Mysterio will take on The Miz.

The Miz pinned Rey clean when Rey missed a Senton on the ropes.  Alberto Del Rio made his presence felt though, he tripped Rey and thought the match was done, but Rey kicked out.  After the match, Alberto attacked Rey, and Edge came out to help Rey.  Teddy Long did make another appearance and ordered a tag team main event between Rey Mysterio and Edge against The Miz and Alberto Del Rio, later tonight.

Laycool come out with their Slammys.  They are protesting the Diva Tables match at TLC.  It is barbaric, who would want divas to be put through a table?  Michelle tells the crowd they are not diva.  Divas are flawless.  The TLC Table match is officially off.

Here comes Beth Phoenix and Natalya with a Christmas gift, I’ll give you a hint, a table.

Natalya says who put Laycool in charge, they said they do.  They are no divas either, in fact Smackdown is their show, and a tables match is a men’s match.  They then say if you dress like a man, act like a man, then you need to be in the man’s division.  Beth reminds them that they took her out of action 6 months ago.  Layla asks them how are they going to put them through a table.  Beth reveals that the present is indeed a table, dressed in pink with a picture of a taller witch that is wearing a “Layfool” hat and a shorter witch, wearing “Flawed” hat, and this upsets Laycool, so they attack the faces, but Beth and Natalya turns the tide.  Beth and Natalya has Layla up for a suplex, but Michelle kicks them and gets Layla freed.  I wonder if the women are going to do a 3-D through a table at the PPV?  I am just wondering.

The WWE Tag Team champions, Santino and Kozlov are up next.

Tonight, they are facing Chavo Guerrero and….Tyler Reks.

Santino pins Chavo with the Cobra.  I wonder if Chavo would ever use the Swagger Soaring Eagle as his tag team partner?  Hey, he would be better than Tyler Reks.

Main event match is coming up next, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio taking on Rey Mysterio and Edge.

Ezekiel Jackson is coming to Smackdown next week.  Has he been traded?

Raw Rebound, featuring Mr. Franchise being hired again, despite never leaving.  You figure it out.

TLC Roundup, and now the main event tag team match.  The Miz and Alberto Del Rio taking on Rey Mysterio and Edge.

The match ends in a no contest when Kane came out and went after Edge before Edge delivered a spear to The Miz.  After the match, Kane and Edge went at it, Alberto and Rey went at it outside of the ring.  The funny thing is my DVR went out at 10:00, so the show went long, but right before it ends, all of the other Wrestlers came out to separate Edge and Kane.  And that includes Drew McIntyre, then for no reason at all, he goes outside and beats down on Rey.  But the announcers never told us about it, nor did the cameras catch on.  I have no idea why, I believe Kane chokeslammed Edge to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This week, WWE made it offical, Josh Matthews is now the Play by Play announcer for Smackdown and Todd Grisham is now off the show.  Todd worked with Jim Ross when Jim was moved over to Smackdown, during that time, Todd had improved tremendously, and with Jim’s help, Todd had become one of the best WWE announcers.  But I guess he is not the vision Vince wants, and if tonight is any indication, we are in trouble.  I mean, this is a minor thing, but it’s also a pet peeve of mine, call the action, and don’t put yourself over.  Give us the names of the finishing moves, don’t just tell us a guy wins, and nothing else.  Jim was one of the best announcers at telling us everything and importantly, keeping the focus on the wrestlers themselves.  Josh did fine tonight, and he was in particular very good at calling the main event, but if they can’t touch on the fact that Drew McIntyre went after Rey, then why bother?  In fact, who blew the call, and not add a camera on that action? 

Okay enough of that, let’s get on with the show itself, much better episode this week than last week, and they actually did a better job than Raw at putting the TLC PPV over.  Next week is very big for Smackdown too, being put on USA Network, and a live episode, the writers must give us a good show to watch, and please no more silly segments with the main eventers.  The Miz making an appearance felt special, I liked that effect, and he was also put in a very good position as the main event tonight. 

I do find it odd though that WWE changed their Smackdown main event to a Fatal 4-way match.  Perhaps because Edge and Kane didn’t have a good match one on one at Survivor Series, but if that is the case, then why not make that match a 4-way encounter in the first place?

I think they did a good job of putting in place the Triple Threat match for the IC Title, their tag team encounter was good too, and that has the potential of stealing the show at the PPV. 

The Divas had their encounter, and hopefully they will treat their Tag Team table match this Sunday as special because they have never had a Diva tag team tables match.  I have a feeling though that Laycool will find a way to win, and perhaps we will start to get some tension between Beth and Natalya?

I am guessing after tonight, we will start to have Rey and Drew feud?  But then again, according to the announcers, it doesn’t matter.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s show?  Give me your thoughts at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line at the site.


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4 Responses to WWE Smackdown 12/17/10…The Road To TLC



    • Kevin Gillman says:

      PPV only, if you can’t see it, check back here tomorrow night.


    I used to watch wresting all the time, and now, My older son – who is 9 – likes it.
    We were recently flippin through the channels, and we saw Kane and Edge running around with Pall bearer and I was hooked like I was 20 yrs back.
    So, we have been watching it the last 4 weeks, but we missed the 12/17 show becuase the damn tivo messed up as it wigs out on HDTV sometimes.
    I wish they did replays of FRIDAY night SDown
    What date is T/L/C on ? I will buy the PPV and watch it for sure with my kid.
    Thanks – I like your Blog – Rich in NC.

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      Thank you Rich, I appresciate it. TLC PPV is on tonight at 8:00, it does look like a good show on paper. They also changed the match to Kane Vs Edge Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Alberto Del Rio and chagned that match to a Fatal 4-Way in a TLC match. Check it out tonight and thank you for the compliment.

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