TNA Impact 12/23/10…Iron Man Rules

I want to wish every one of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays the next week.  It’s time to reflect and spend time with your family as much as you can, and for those that are overseas right now, God Bless you.

I have to admit, last week’s Impact wasn’t good at all, and in fact I am hoping this one is much better, it can’t get worst, can it?

Immortal kicks off the show in another promo.

The new heel Rob Terry is included with the group.

There is a weight scale in the ring.  Flair introduces us to the newest member of Fortune, “The Freak” Rob Terry.  He is the new bodyguard, and he has to prove he can do the job for himself.

Bischoff said there are doctors in the building tonight to see if Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson can even wrestle at January 9th at the PPV.

Matt comes down to the ring.  Matt said this whole thing is a sham.  This power that Bischoff has is a new kind of low, but knowing that Ken Anderson has head trauma and forcing him to wrestle, is a new low.  Morgan has had enough of Bischoff, but Eric assures Matt that these doctors are authorized.  Eric wants Matt to step on the scale and get his blood pressure.  Matt still isn’t buying it and here comes Mick Foley.

Mick wants to handle this, Morgan can get fired, so he wants to handle this.  Mick said that he and Flair tore the house down a few months ago, he got his hand raised, but Flair was back next week, but Mick was on his couch not feeling well.  The truth is he suffered a concussion himself.  It’s not the concussions, but the healing time that they have in between the concussion that make the difference.  Ken Anderson is in the same mold as Mick, he loves this business so much, he is willing to sacrifice his own body for the good of the business.  Ken Anderson wants that TNA Championship, but he saw Ken wrestle last week, and he is not ready, and as long as Mick is here, the match won’t take place.

Flair blames Mick for doing what he did to get kids rolling in their backyard rolling in thumbtacks, rolling in glass.  He set the bar so high that guys had to take it up different notches.  He’s the reason kids are in hospitals.  Mick knows he is responsible, but let him fix it.

Flair and Foley now get into a heated conversation.  He says he and Matt haven’t always seen eye to eye, but they have a bond now.  When they die, a doctor will cut into their brain because they have donated their brain to science.  Flair says when he does it’s either here or on top of a wild woman….WOOOOO.

Foley said that he has made mistakes, but now he can be a part of the solution.  He will do whatever it takes to make sure that Ken Anderson is suitable to wrestle.

Bischoff sees where he is coming from, Foley is no longer selling books, he is no longer being a stand up comedian, but what he is doing is still trying to live in the limelight, he wants to become a hero, a sympathetic icon.  What he is doing is eating from the dead, wow that is a bit extreme.  But Mick has to live through his life that he set the bar so high and wrestlers have to pay, but Mick isn’t going to stop this match, or any other match.  Now hit his frigging music.

Impact intro, and we have Mike Tenay and Taz welcoming us to the show.  Tonight, an Iron Man match between A.J. Styles and Douglas Williams for the TNA TV Title, we’ll also have the TNA Knockout Tag Team Title tournament final between The Beautiful People and Madison Rayne, along with Tara.  And our main event, an 8 man tag team match.  Team Beer Money, consists of Beer Money, Jeff Hardy, and Abyss taking on Team Guns of Motor City Machineguns, Matt Morgan, and RVD.  I guess this will be for the TNA Tag Team Titles.  If Beer Money wins, they gets the tag titles, if The Guns win, they retain them.

Coming up next, the Jeff Jarrett MMA Challenge.

We come back and see Jeff Hardy walk in to Morgan’s locker room, he just wants to talk to him.  Jeff said this isn’t about them, this is about Professional Wrestling.  It’s about being the best, and the two of them are alot alike.  Guys like Mick Foley are fighting for Anderson, one guy calls himself an “Asshole” the other started his career with a Barb wire baseball bat.  At least Bischoff and Hogan will tell you to your face that they are screwing with you.  But Morgan needs to think about what he is saying, especially in their tag team match tonight.

Jarrett comes out with his Team Jarrett crew, getting ready to fight a “fan”.

Jarrett is in the Christmas spirit, as Taz pointed out, one foot is taped green, the other red.  Such a festive mood.

Jarrett started issuing a challenge a few weeks ago, but he is disappointed because it’s obvious nobody can make him submit or tap.  So he wants to bring the professionals out.  A guy truly impressed him last week with his match against Brother Ray, and that is Amazing Red.

Earl Hebner has to make sure Red doesn’t have any weapons in his trunks…insert TSA joke here.

The “doctors” checked on Red and put something in his eyes and Jarrett took advantage of it, he submitted to the Ankle Lock.

Jarrett wants to know if Red knows anyone that can answer his challenge, and Red said his little brother.  Will that happen next week?

Tara and Madison are talking about their match, Madison said she is ready and Tara said let’s make this quick, she has a party to go with Generation Me.

RVD said tonight is the night he finally gets Jeff Hardy in the ring.  Jeff will look at RVD’s boot.

Generation Me are in the match, they will face off in a Fatal 4-Way match and the winner becomes the new Number One Contender to the X-Division Title.

Generation Me are taking on Robby E. and Kazarian in this encounter, with Jay Lethal joining commentary.

Kazarian wins with the Wave of the Future and he becomes the new number one contender to the X-Divison Championship.  He pinned Jeremy Buck.  Taz loved doing the Fist Pump, and Jay wasn’t buying it.

Sarita had a strap and went into Velvet Sky’s locker and started to beat on Velvet, choked her out with a strap.  Sarita keeps saying she can’t win by herself, she always needs Angelina Love.  Could we see a strap match in the future between these two?

Angelina finally runs in and Velvet can’t breathe.

Bischoff is talking backstage with Immortal, saying that Dixie has everyone in their own corners and belts mean power.  This is in their own grasp, they can hold their own destiny.  Nobody in this room can’t live up to the standard that Ric Flair set. Hulk Hogan, and now Jeff Hardy has done.  He knows each and every single one of them can do the same thing, do it for the team.  Good pep talk.

Coming up next, who is the newest TNA Knockout Tag Team champions?  The Beautiful People collide with Madison Rayne and Tara.

All Brian Kendrick wants for Christmas is an Oatmeal cookie, so Angela gave him one, so nice of her to do that.

TNA Knockouts Tag team Title Final match is up now.

Angelina came out by herself and during the match, she wa sin trouble, so Winter came out to help her, she was tagged in and she beat Madison with the Swinging TKO.

So Winter and Angelina Love are the new TNA Knockout Tag Team champions, but what happens to Velvet Sky?

The Pope is talking to someone on the phone, about his business.  Eric Young, dressed like Rudolph with the title around his waist, and Orlando Jordan as Santa hands The Pope a check in dedication to the Wrestlers for the congregation.  Pope obliges, but he has seen everything now.

Iron Man match between A.J. Styles taking on Douglas Williams for 15 minutes and the TV Title on the line now.

During the 1st commercial break, A.J. pinned Douglas with the Styles Clash, so he is leading 1-0 with time left.  How do you do a pin during a commercial though?

As time is winding down, Douglas Williams rolls AJ to the Rolling Chaos Theory to even up the series 1-1.

The match has expired, the series is tied 1-1. 

5 Minute overtime is ruled, and started.

The 5 minutes are up, with the score still tied at 1-1.  A.J. wants another chance at Genesis.  Williams said he had his re-match, he didn’t beat him.  So the answer is no.  Styles questioned his manhood.  Douglas said yes, but what does A.J. lose if Douglas beat him?  How about if Styles loses, he leaves Fortune.  A.J. isn’t down with that.

Bischoff interrupts him and said the match is on, if A.J. can’t bring back the title for Immortal, there is no place for A.J.

Robert Roode is talking to the troops about bringing home the gold tonight.

Coming up next, Mr. Anderson will be speaking by phone from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Mr. Anderson welcomes us to his home via satellite, and he wants Ken to update them on the doctors, Anderson said he did, and he is cleared, ready to go.  Taz wants to know what tests he did.  He said he saw several doctors, took many extensive tests, but that is all he went into.  And any other questions get thrown out at him, Anderson left.

Morgan sees this in the back while the Guns and RVD are getting ready for their main event.  Matt is concerned about Ken, but he is ready.  The main event for the TNA Tag Team Titles are up now.  Motorcity Machineguns, RVD, and Matt Morgan taking on Beer Money, Jeff Hardy, and Abyss.  The match is taking place now.

The Guns retain their tag team titles when Chris Sabin gave him a reversed Tornado DDT, he got the win, Hardy ran out of the ring, RVD going after him and this is how we ned the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better show tonight than last week, then again any show can be better than last week.  The main event is set and we will soon find out how ready Mr. Anderson is.  I liked the 2 strong matches we had tonight, this seemed like a loaded show, despite only having 5 matches, and no I did not count the Jarrett MMA challenge.  But we also had 2 key matches that were set from the start.  Kazarian becoming the Number One Contenders to the X-Division Champion.   Genesis is starting tp shape up very nicely. 

I like these strong, emotional struggle wrestlers have with concussions.  Adding Foley to the mix always helps.  Let’s see where this is going.

Douglas Williams is still the TV Title, but the two have a date with Destiny at Genesis.  Will the TV Champion lose?  or will the former champion has to leave a group he loves?  Tune in

Will Angelina figure what Winter’s motive is? Or will she listen to Velvet Sky and the BP are the real team?  What did you think of the rest of the show?  Give me an email at or drop me a line on the site.  Have a great Christmas and safe holidays.


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