WWE Monday Night Raw 1/24/11…Champion Vs Champion

We are 6 days away from the company’s 2nd most important PPV, which means a lot should happen tonight.  We will see The Rated R Superstar, Edge taking on The Miz in a champion vs. champion match.  Also, we should have a few matches finalized for the show.  So as Nickelback would say Let’s Burn Down the Ground Tonight.

Mo-Town speaks, we are in Detroit, Michigan and we will see Champion Vs Champion, also tonight….The Diva’s Title will be up for grabs as Melina will face off against Natalya.

Edge comes out to start the show off.  What does the World Champion have to say after what happened to him last week on Smackdown?

Edge wants The Miz now, he doesn’t like to wait.  He’s even tired of waiting for Michael Cole to stop being a tool.  Never will happen.

Email sound….

And I quote….the Raw GM has officially waited for their encounter tonight.  But he hasn’t forgotten about Edge’s antics with the Raw GM before he was traded to Smackdown, so we will have an exhibition.  Whichever 3 men will eliminate Edge over the top rope, will be the number 40 entrant in the Royal Rumble.

The 3 men are Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, and Tyson Kidd.

Tyson was eliminated first, followed by Jack Swagger, and Drew McIntyre.

So I guess we won’t know who number 40 is, which might be the best case scenario.

Edge thanks the Raw GM to get his juices flowing, but he needs to do one more thing.  He starts walking toward the computer and asks the crowd who wants to see a smashed laptop computer.

Michael Cole begs for mercy that Edge doesn’t destroy it, and we get CM Punk with the new NEXUS.

The newest member is out there too, Mason Ryan.  The question is what will WWE name him?

Punk said in this world, only the strong survive.  They survive because they evolve.  Last week, WWE announced that they will have the biggest Royal Rumble match ever, by adding it to a 40 man match.  So he evolves, and because of that, NEXUS evolves, and expands.  He introduces Mason Ryan as the newest member of NEXUS.  Goodness, he does look like Batista.

Ryan has one thing to say….FAITH.

Punk said he couldn’t have said it any better.  Unlike John Cena, and that “poor man’s” NEXUS on Smackdown called The Core, Punk has faith that he will go on to Royal Rumble and win the match so he can go to Wrestlemania.

Here comes The Corre.

The team of Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, and Ezekiel Jackson.

Wade said that the “poor man’s NEXUS” is actually the men he is staring at now.

Zeke clarified that at the Rumble, all 4 men will go on to win for themselves, and he will show the world, including one CM Punk.

Mason Ryan stares down Big Zeke and here we go.

Email sound…

The Raw GM stated that with Teddy Long gone and out of action for a while, the Raw GM is in charge, so tonight we will have a one on one match with Wade Barrett taking on CM Punk.  The loser is not only out of the Rumble, but so is his group.  And, we will have a special guest referee.  Someone they both know very well…John Cena.

Raw has started off very well.

Our first match is coming up now.  John Morrison and Mark Henry will take on Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio and Sheamus beat Henry and Morrison when Del Rio gave Henry the Arm breaker.  Wow, they are truly pushing Del Rio to the moon here.  Good match, and I will say we saw The Flying Chucks (Morrison and Henry) take on The Irish Rio’s (Sheamus and Del Rio).

Still to come, CM Punk will take on Wade Barrett one on one with John Cena being the special guest ref.

Coming up next, the Diva’s Title is up for grabs, Natalya defending her title against Melina.

Diva’s Title match is up now.

Natalya defeated Melina with the Sharpshooter.  A decent match, but Laycool come out to rain in her thunder.  After more insults, they say that they are cashing in their rematch clause and that will take place at the Royal Rumble.  Yes folks, we are getting another handicap match between Natalya against LayCool.  Oh yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

On the plus side, we do have an added match at the PPV.

Still to come, Champion Vs Champion….Edge Vs The Miz.

They show us footage from last week between CM Punk and John Cena and see the debut of Mason Ryan.

We see Otunga, McGillicutty, and Harris backstage.  They are concerned about their Royal Rumble spots being taken away.  Punk doesn’t like to hear that.  He said last week, Punk had to make the sacrifice to beat John Cena by taking a boot to the face by Mason Ryan.  So, they too have to make the sacrifice tonight, things will be taken care of.  You have to have FAITH.  Husky Harris looked a bit bothered, Punk asked him what is wrong, Harris made the statement that at the Rumble, there are 40 men.  What if Punk draws number 1 and is eliminated by the time NEXUS comes out, Mason assures him in his own way that Punk WON’T be eliminated.  Punk said that John Cena will do things right, and the better man will win.  Let’s all bow down, and they do.

Josh Matthews interviews John Cena, and of course Cena makes light about this situation.  He said one way or the other, he will call it right down the middle.  He has NEXUS to deal with, but he also has The Corre, which has another R in it, and it stands for….

The Miz comes in and Cena and he have more to say to each other.  The bottom line is Cena believes The Miz will lose to Orton at the Rumble, and he loses the rematch, and that means The Miz or Alex Riley will not go to Wrestlemania.  He also said that the two of them need a shower, because they smell like raw sewage.

The Miz asks Josh Matthews if he thinks he will lose, he can’t answer that and Miz doesn’t care.  Miz asks the WWE audience if they think he will lose to Orton, and when they said yes, they show us footage from last week when Miz attacked Orton.

While Cole brings up how the fans nor the wrestlers respect Miz, he comes out and we are going to have the Champion Vs Champion now, which means….once again….John Cena is the REAL main event.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero come out to scout the match.

Edge won the match by DQ when Edge positioned Miz for a spear, Dolph Ziggler attacked Edge, and Randy Orton came out to attack The Miz.  Orton RKO’d Ziggler and Riley, Miz bailed out and the segment was over.  Match was good, and probably the best decision since it protected the 2 champions.

Still to come tonight, CM Punk will take on Wade Barrett, with John Cena as the special guest ref.

Josh Matthews is interviewing Wade Barrett.  Josh wants to know what is the big difference between NEXUS and The Corre?  Wade said that when he got started, he was obsessed with winning the WWE Title that he lost focus of NEXUS.  But now, he has the Corre, and the Corre do not have leaders, it’s a group.  Josh asked him about the involvement of Teddy Long on Smackdown, he said he refused to answer that, but does hope that Teddy makes a quick and speedy recovery.  He also said that even though Cena may not right now, he hopes that John will respect him one day, as he has respect for the man.

Mixed tag action is up now.  Daniel Bryan, and the Bellas will face Ted Dibiase, Maryse, and Alicia Foxx.

Ted, Maryse, and Alicia beat Daniel and the Bellas when I am guessing Nikki saw Brie try and kiss Daniel and was distracted enough to have Maryse roll her up for the quick pin.  The Bellas are arguing and Maryse is bragging to Michael Cole for winning a match.

The Bella Twins are bickering about jealousy and Brie said she can console with Daniel about losing.  When they open the door, they see an unthinkable thing….Daniel Bryan kissing a girl…and he likes it.

That girl is Gail Kim, the Bellas thought he was a virgin, but he said he was a Vegan.  It seems that Gail Kim has been his girlfriend for a while, and when they asked him why they haven’t said anything, Gail brings up that Daniel felt sorry for them because now that the guest host thing is done, WWE has nothing for them to do.

Then The Bellas bring up that at least they are on TV, when was the last time Gail was on TV.  Oh, snap.

Then they start to fight, with Daniel trying to break it up, but Brie slaps him.  I guess this storyline is done.  I wonder what WWE will have The Bellas do and when will Gail Kim be on TV again?

NEXUS is coming out.

This Friday on Smackdown, Rated RKO reunite.  The tag team main event will be Orton and Edge taking on Ziggler and The Miz.

Husky and McGillicutty take on Santino and Kozlov for the WWE tag team Titles.

Okay, I guess this isn’t a title match.  Husky and McGillicutty win the non-title match when Husky gave Santino the Ura-nage.  This sets up a tag team title match down the road.  Perhaps at Royal Rumble?

David Otunga introduces CM Punk and we will have the main event match up next.

Well, to be honest, the match was ruled a no contest.  I guess technically, it was a Double DQ, because as Cena put it, both men cussed and this is a PG show.  So Cena ruled they are all out of the Rumble.

Email sound….

Not so fast, although the GM can’t overrule the ref’s decision (Why?), he can overrule the consequence, and he ruled that all of the members involved NEXUS and The Corre are involved in the Rumble.  So, this was a complete waste of time.

However, if Cena doesn’t come in and apologize, then he will be out of the Rumble.  So naturally, Cena comes into the ring and apologizes, then quickly ambushes both Barrett and Punk.  Then when the other members come to the ring, Cena bails.  Just when Cena was going to get beat on, his buddies…IE….the other Rumble wrestlers come out, all heck (PG show) break loose, and this is how we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, the Royal Rumble is 6 days away and the WWE crew had to put a Raw show together at the last-minute.  At least, that is what it felt.  Where do I start?

I guess I’ll start at the main event, they wasted our time with the big “encounter” of CM Punk Vs Wade Barrett.  I guess we should have known, but it would have been neat if WWE truly went with the stipulation and a group was out of the Rumble.  Couldn’t they have at least try to hook up the match though?  A 5 minute display of John cena mocking the refs that throw out the respected groups out of ringside isn’t my idea of entertainment.  But I guess at this point, it doesn’t care since the true selling point is the Rumble match itself.

But, we also do not get a true winner in the Champion vs Champion match either.  Remember, this was the 2 selling points we had going this week.  But results do not mean anything.  The one thing though we got out of it is the return of Rated RKO, and that will be cool to see this Friday.  I just hope the announcers acknowledge it.

The Diva match was good, but LayCool once again poke fun of another woman’s weight, even though there is nothing wrong with Natalya.  I am sure though Natalya will have the last laugh, and we might actually see Beth Phoenix Vs Natalya at Wrestlemania.

But hey, two things that made this show worth seeing.  Alberto Del Rio, and Gail Kim.  In fact, props to Daniel Bryan for kissing Gail Kim.  And we did in fact, find out that WWE has nothing for the Bella Twins since they dropped the Guest Host gimmick, and Gail Kim isn’t on TV. 

Now, if we ever end this Anonymous Raw GM storyline and see who he really is, things could be looking up.  What did you think of tonight’s show?  Give me your thoughts by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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2 Responses to WWE Monday Night Raw 1/24/11…Champion Vs Champion

  1. Melina should have so beat the crap out of Natalya Natalya is a loser hope laycool beat her @ the royal rumble:)

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      Yeah it’s unneccessary what they have Laycool say to the other Divas, but I am sure Natalya will prevail this Sunday.

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