TNA Impact 1/27/11….THEY Are Waiting

We are one week away from revealing who THEY are, did I just say that?  Also, one week away, we will have the TNA Heavyweight Title on the line as Mr. Anderson will face Jeff Hardy.  Will Jeff be a 2-time champ?

We start the show with clips focusing on Kurt Angle and the Jarrett’s, and Kurt comes out tonight, without music to start the show off.

Kurt said that last week, he came out and tried to make peace with Karen, for the sake of the kids, but Jeff and Immortal made things a bit difficult.  He said he hasn’t wrestled since he lost at Bound for Glory, but sometimes, a man has to do what a man has to do.  He does things for the people, and he asked the crowd how many of them want to see Kurt wrestle one more time?  They are thrilled with the idea, and he said he would be for it, just so he can beat down Jeff one more time.

Out comes Immortal, with Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff is through listening to this, he said Kurt did it to himself by saying he would retire if he lost.  He lost, get done, but if it’s a fight Kurt wants, it’s a fight he will get.  He sent Immortal out to do his dirty work.

Kurt tries his best, but Immortal has him beat down.  Karen and Jarrett approve of this.

But Crimson comes out to help Kurt with a baseball bat. 

Flair is upset, gets on the mic.  He doesn’t know what is going on, but THEY are Bischoff, Hogan, himself, THEY are Immortal and THEY will take care of business next week.  Flair now says to Kurt, he is GOD, so if he is GOD, he is lifting the ban.  Kurt Vs Jarrett tonight, Jeff is not amused by this.  I guess Flair is saying it will be Kurt and Crimson Vs Jarrett, Kazarian, Beer Money, Gunner, Murphy, and Rob Terry.  What?  I guess we have a 7 on 2 tag match tonight.


Bischoff isn’t impressed by this because he questions why Flair would allow Angle back on the roster.  Flair said he can’t kill anymore, they need to set him down.  Is Bischoff drinking the kool-aid too?  He promises that Angle is going down tonight….WOOOOOOOOOOO.

Tonight, we will have Immortal take on Kurt Angle and Crimson.  We also have a one on one match between Mr. Anderson taking on Matt Hardy.

Some Knockout action starts the show.

It will be a 6 Knockout Tag match between Sarita, Tara, and Madison Rayne.  They will face off against Mickie James, and The Beautiful People.  But as Angelina is ready to go out with Velvet, Winter is upset that she would do it.  But Angelina told her that even though they are the tag champs, Velvet is her BFF, so she WILL go out to the ring with her.  Winter isn’t happy about it, but we have a match.

Oh, this is an elimination match.  Hey JB…tell us before the match takes place, or did he and I just missed it?

Velvet Sky was eliminated, Sarita rolled her up after Madison attempted a loaded glove shot.

Crimson is backstage and he said he was here for his brother, but lately, he has been given an offer he can’t refuse.  Next week, February 3rd, we will find out who that offer came from.

We see footage from last week, Abyss is out indefinitely.

Velvet Sky comes out to the ring, no music.

Madison Rayne was eliminated with her own loaded glove when she hit her head on it after taking a bump.  Good gravy, if Tenay says she has a loaded glove, then why doesn’t the TNA officials ban that glove?  Then again, why did the WWF officials let “Cowboy” Bob Orton use that cast after so many years when he wasn’t hurt?  The pitfalls of professional Wrestling, I guess.

Now Mickie James is eliminated by Sarita rolling her over.  It’s 2 on 1.

During the break, we see backstage that Velvet Sky was attacked again by someone and she is holding her head.  Could there be a “Winter” storm brewing?  See what I did there?  okay.

Tara was eliminated with the Botox Injection from Angelina Love.

Sarita was pinned by a roll up by Angelina.

So, the team of Angelina Love, Mickie James, and Velvet Sky win the elimination tag match.

Kurt is on the phone, he is asking for some help by someone.  It is agreed, but who is he talking to?

Okay, for those of you keeping score, and you know who you are, I went back and checked and sure enough JB announced it was an elimination match, so my bad for not hearing it.  Keep up the good work JB.

Matt Hardy is backstage, he said that Mr. Anderson got lucky when he beat his brother Jeff.  He has one purpose tonight, that Mr. Anderson doesn’t even make it next week, then how can Jeff get the title back?  He is doing this for his brother, Jeff.

Kazarian is joining Tenay and Taz.  Tenay made the announcement for the next 3 weeks, we are setting up a Number One Contender Qualifying match, by having 3 Triple Threat Matches.  And I guess the 3 winners will face off at Against All Odds for the Number One Contendership.

The first match tonight is Amazing Red taking on Max Buck, and their opponent is Chris Sabin. 

All 3 men had pre-recorded comments and Kazarian had a funny comment for all 3 men.  He is getting better presenting himself as a character.

Max Buck wins the match with a Top Rope DDT.  Okay, Max’s brother Jeremy helped him by buckling Red’s feet on the top rope, and we did get to see a Code Red, which was awesome to see.  A good match.

Karen Jarrett is backstage running to Jeff, she is worried because she saw Kurt on the phone with someone.  Jarrett isn’t worried though.  He’s getting ready for his match later tonight.  Karen is loosening his neck saying she knows Kurt, but so does Jeff.

Still to come, Dixie Carter will be interviewed and we’ll also have Matt Hardy facing off against Mr. Anderson.

Speaking of Hardy, Jeff is on his way to the ring next.

We come back backstage and see Velvet Sky upset that Winter attacked her.  Angelina isn’t so sure it’s Winter, maybe it’s Sarita?  No, Sarita was out there with her.  She told Angelina if she doesn’t handle her, she will.

A video is being shown showcasing the history between Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson.

Here comes the Charismatic Enigma, he is on his way to the ring.

Hardy is troubled by us, the people.  For so many years, he has worked his tail for us, but all we are is internet junkies, we don’t care about him.  But he finally took everything for himself at Bound for Glory because he is TNA.

The crowd asks where his title is at, and others are chanting Hardy.

Now let’s talk about the Asshole.  At Genesis, Mr. Anderson beat him, but in 7 days from now, he is going to regain his title, and when he does, he will shove it up all our asses.  That is a big belt.


I’d like to see Ken go to Eric Young and ask him to switch titles.

Ken said that Jeff likes to whine, he sounds like Charlie Brown’s Mom…WHA WHA WHA WHA WHA!!!!

He asks Jeff isn’t W’s and L’s the only thing that matters?  He has a big W on him.  The thing is the fans still like Jeff.  But how many assholes do we have at the Impact Zone?

But it’s all about the TNA Title, and next week, it’s about Total Nonstop Action, it’s about Total Nonstop Asshole, and Total Nonstop Champion.

Wait for it….CHAMPION.

The date is set, next week, big Impact show…TNA Title is on the line.  Mr. Anderson Vs Jeff Hardy.  Charismatic Enigma Vs The Asshole….BE THERE!!!!

John Cena has a fantastic PSA about the Make a Wish Foundation, and so does TNA.  It’s time to stop the hate and the bullying.  Great ad and a great cause.

She calls out Winter, thinking it was her that attacked her from behind.  Alot of colorful language followed.  But the bottom line is she wants Winter out to the ring now.

And here comes Winter.

The two fight it up until Angelina comes out and tells Winter to get out of the ring.  Winter is a hellcat, for sure.  She is smiling at the situation and the crowd chants she’s a creeper.  Indeed.

Well, here comes The Pope.

Pope is out here because things have been said that might not have been said.  But he is doing something none of us could do.  Pope is going to confess.  We are standing next to someone who we cannot stand, both Tenay and Taz agreed to that.  But what happens?  We are saying things we normally would not say.  We go to sleep at night and we sleep with the enemy.  But we do it because we say we have to do it for the kids.  But he is The Pope, and he is bigger than that, he is better than that, and he is better than each and every one of us.  So he is going to kneel down, and he says to Joe, he doesn’t like Joe.  Wow, very riveting.

He doesn’t like Joe, he doesn’t like what he stands for.  Who says to people “I will kill you”.  Better yet, who sits at home or in the stands with their kids and chant “Joe is going to kill you”? 

So Joe, he won’t banter on and on because there is no hope for Joe.  He can’t work wonders, he is just one man.  But he can give one man an opportunity to confess his sins for his congregation.  One thing he can do is change one man at a time with a smile.  The Pope has spoken.

So, it’s official The Pope is a heel.

Ric Flair is rallying the troops with Immortal, and even Eric Young is with them.  He says Beer Money are the champs, Gunner and Murphy are wanna-be wrestlers, but tonight they have an opportunity.  And Rob Terry may look like a Million Bucks, but who has he beaten?  He has the chance tonight to shine.  This rallies them and out they go.

Eric Young is moved by the talk too, but Flair wants to know why he is in here.  Eric says he is the champ, but Flair reminds him he got the title from the garbage can, EY calls it “tough love” and wants to give Flair a high-five.  Flair kicks him out of the room.

Dixie Carter speaks next.

A video over the history of  Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter.

Taz and Tenay are pn the phone with Dixie.  They ask her how confident is she that the judge will rule the injunction in favor of her next week, she said she is very confident, 100% and we will all find out next week.  That’s it.

Now we hear from Bischoff, he says blah blah, everything will be cool and next week, Immortal will take control once and for all.

Coming up now, Matt Hardy will face the TNA Champion, Mr. Anderson.

Mr. Anderson defeats Matt with a roll up after Matt tried a Side Effect on the head.

After the match, Jeff ran in and attacked Anderson.  Matt joins in setting Ken up for next week.  Here comes RVD to help out Mr. Anderson.

Main event match is coming up next, Kurt tells Crimson they won’t be alone out there.  Who is there?

Kurt Angle and Crimson will be taking on Immortal (Jeff Jarrett, Beer Money, Kazarian, Murphy, Gunner, and Rob Terry).

Immortal takes the win, the story here was Jeff Jarrett was missing until later in the match.  When he makes the pin on Kurt, he gets him with the Stroke.  We get Jackson James in there to make the count after original ref Brian Hebner was out.  Tenay blurts out what a bunch of bullshit, which is hilarious.  Anyway, they attack Kurt some more when Matt Morgan comes out to help Kurt, but the numbers catch up to him too.  We hear some very familiar sirens, the lights go out, come back and we see BIG POPPA PUMP SCOTT STEINER!!!!

Steiner has his patented iron pipe and he is decked out in a suit…Mafia style.  The show ends with Immortal shocked and Steiner daring them to come back in the ring.  What an awesome ending to the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A mixed bag for me tonight, but here is what I do like.  They are setting up next week’s show to be huge.  I want to touch on this, but on February 24th, they are moving to another place for Impact, in the Carolinas.  No, they are not moving there permanently, but they are moving Impact to other cities on occasion, and this is a must.  In fact, I would have thought about saving the big show for the 24th, but nonetheless, we have the show next week.  Before I get to the show, I loved the promo tonight setting up the title match.  People may dog it, but Anderson is right, the match IS about the TNA Title.  The two of them should have a heck of a match, and do they give the title?  Or do they keep it on Ken and have Eric Young reward him the title?  Tune in next week and find out.

Okay, about tonight’s show.  I loved seeing the return of Big Poppa Pump, and the crowd even gave him some love.  I just wonder if Scotty will cost Kurt a match soon and turn to the side of Immortal.  Scott did not touch anyone from Immortal.  Something to think about here?

Excellent X-Division match too and this showcases the division and it sets up the encounter with Kazarian as important, something they are all fighting for.  Kudos to them.

Once I understood what was going on, the Knockout Tag match was good too, and the best part is they gave them 19 minutes to work.

Now the bad things, I love the fact that Kurt is taking this role of not wrestling seriously, but how does Flair revoke that just like that?  And his 1st match, which again can use heavy advertising is against a group of guys that are barely in the company for 6 months.    It was stupid.

I also didn’t like Velvet Sky and Winter fighting over Angelina’ affections.  Enough of that already.

Now we know The Pope is a heel, so what happens next week?  Tune in and find out.

And all of that promotion of Dixie Carter speaking all 2 hours long and we get a 2 minute segment, and that is it.  I hope to see more of her next week.  And a group I hope will be revealed as THEY?  Fortune.  Now that would be original, not only that but they helped build TNA.  It’s only fitting they help Kurt fight off Immortal.  But we will know one way or the other next week.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Give me an email at or give me your thoughts on the show with the site.


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2 Responses to TNA Impact 1/27/11….THEY Are Waiting

  1. Alan Zarek says:

    Wow, did I count five matches? That must be a record for a two hour Impact….I for one find it interesting and entertaining that the best fueds are in the Knockout I don”t mind..I’d love to do lots of things to Sarita..and Madison Rayne..

    Nice to see Abyss, the fatter version of Kane, out for a while..that saves the FF button on my DVR some work this week…

    Wondering where Matt Hardy gets those XXX size flannel shirts, since he is now Marty Jennetty for the 21st Century…

    I wondered why KY hasnt handed over the belt..that should have been done first thing..before the Triple H Impression from Anderson that I had to rewind and watch three times since I was laughing so hard…

    I’ll try to ship you some pics and video from the TD Garden..gonna have a comfy club seat this time 🙂

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      They really need to get out of the Impact Zone though, the one true time the fans made noise was at the end when Steiner shows up. Which is why I look forward to seeing it on Feb 24th in North Carolina. Have fun at the show, I haven’t been to one in awhile and I’d like to go back. They are coming to the Q in Cleveland for Smackdown, but I have bowling that night…LOL Send me the pictures.

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