WWE Royal Rumble 2011 1/30/11

The Road To Wrestlemania begins tonight, the biggest Royal Rumble in history…40 men vying to win the Royal Rumble match to go on to Wrestlemania and get a title shot at the PPV.  Historically, this is the 2nd biggest PPV of the year, and also my personal 2nd favorite show.  Who will be “The One”?  We’ll find out right now.

We are live in the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Matt Striker welcome us to the show.

We kick the night off with the World Heavyweight Title match.  Edge defending his title against Dolph Ziggler.  If Edge uses the spear, he loses the title.  The match is taking place now.

Excuse Me….Vickie Guerrero comes out and reminds us about the stipulation added to their match.  She pleads the crowd to chant spear, so Edge can use it and lose the title.

Here comes Dolph, and away we go….for real this time….maybe.

Wow, this match started slow, but what a finish.  Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler with the Kill Switch.  Shades of his former tag team “brother” Christian.  The story of the match here was Vickie got involved, slapped Edge in the face, but Kelly Kelly came from nowhere to take care of Vickie.  Then we have a ref bump, so with both the ref and Vickie down, Edge pulled off the Spear.  Remember, nobody saw it, so Vickie shouldn’t do anything.  Then when the ref got up, Edge pulled off Kill Switch to win and retain the championship.  By the reaction of the crowd though, Dolph Ziggler should be groomed to be a future World Championship, he had the crowd going.  Excellent match here to start the show.

We are 63 days away from Wrestlemania.

WWE Title match is up now.  The Miz Vs Randy Orton.

Josh Matthews is with The Miz and A-Ri….Alex Riley.  The Miz said his entire title reign has been filled with miscalculations.  There is a reason why Randy Orton, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and even Tom Brady aren’t champions.  Boy that got a reaction.

Riley said that The Miz has won by calculating and outlasting all of his opponents.

The Miz said there is a reason why he told Randy a few weeks ago on Raw that he is awesome, and he will prove it tonight.

WWE Title match is up now.

The Miz defeated Randy Orton to retain the WWE Title when NEXUS comes out to distract Randy and the ref.  Randy takes Alex Riley and throws him to the wolves so to speak.  Riley flew out of the ring and landed on NEXUS.  We had a ref bump, The Miz tried to do a Skull Crushing Finale, but Orton blocked it and gave him a RKO.  CM Punk came from the other side of the ring and gave Orton a GTS and put Miz on top of Orton to win the match.  The match was good, but a very cheap ending.  Miz had a clean pin against John Morrison and it was his best title match, WWE should think about following that line for him.  It would make him into a bigger star, and look good going into his encounter with John Cena at Wrestlemania.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes gave us an official statement talking about this was supposed to be his night, his time to win the biggest Royal Rumble match ever and go on to Wrestlemania.  But Rey Mysterio ruined that by giving him a 619 in his “Dashing” face.  Rey hasn’t even apologized or reach out to him, and one day he will pay.

Fans gave us their take on who wins the Royal Rumble.

Handicap match for the WWE Diva’s Title.  Laycool taking on Natalya, and that match is on now.

Email sound….Good Gravy, the Raw GM is here again tonight.

The Gm makes the Diva’s Title match a Fatal 4-way match with Natalya Va Michelle McCool Vs Layla Vs Eve.

How Eve gets a title shot is beyond me, but okay, here we go.

We have a new WWE Divas champion, and her name is Eve.  She won with a Moonsault on Layla.  While at the same time, Michelle McCool had Natalya rolled up and had the count too, but the ref only had his eyes on Eve.  At least we didn’t have 2 winners again, so congratulations to Eve, although Natalya has a short title reign.

Josh Matthews is with Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim.  Josh asks Daniel how it feels with moments away from The Royal Rumble, he can win the Rumble and go on to Wrestlemania.  Daniel said that most people may not think he has a shot, but for all the people who called him a nerd, he has a chance to go from NXT Rookie to Royal Rumble winner, and that’s pretty cool.

The Bella Twins come up with flowers, and they want to apologize for acting up last week, they just were taken back.  Daniel and Gail accepts it, and the Bellas say it makes sense now that the two of them are one in the same, I mean look at Gail and look at them.  Gail gets in their faces and we have another fight.

Wrestlemania video, 63 days away from the big show, and on February 20th, we will have Elimination Chamber.

The awesome Royal Rumble video is up now.

By the way, before the Rumble starts, I am sticking with my original pick….Alberto Del Rio, but you already knew that.

Here we go….it’s time for the Royal Rumble.

Every 90 seconds, a new wrestler enters the ring.

Number 1 is…..CM Punk

Number 2 is…..The Corre and NEXUS

Every one of them are out now and beating each other down, so….

Email Sound….

The Raw GM said the only superstar who should be out is CM Punk.  Everyone else needs to leave the ring immediately and if anyone doesn’t do that, they are out of the Rumble.

So who is number 2?

Number 2 is Daniel Bryan.

Number 3 is Justin Gabriel.

Justin Gabriel is eliminated by Daniel Bryan.

Number 4 is Zack Ryder…WOO WOO WOO…YOU KNOW IT!!!

Zack Ryder is eliminated by Daniel Bryan.

Number 5 is William Regal.

Wow, this is an awesome exchange between Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and William Regal.

Number 6 is Ted Dibiase.

Number 7 is John Morrison.

William Regal eliminated by Ted Dibiase.

John Morrison was on the barricade, but jumped back on the steps and is back in.  Incredible.

Number 8 is Yoshi Tatsu.

Number 9 is Husky Harris.

Number 10 is Chavo Guerrero.

Chavo did 3 3 Amigos.  We miss you Eddie.

Number 11 is Mark Henry.

Chavo is eliminated by Mark Henry.

Yoshi Tatsu is eliminated by Mark Henry.

Number 12 is JTG.

Number 13 is Michael McGillicutty.

JTG is eliminated by Michael McGillicutty.

Ted Dibiase is eliminated by Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris.

Number 14 is Chris Masters.

Number 15 is David Otunga.

Daniel Bryan is eliminated by CM Punk, Husky Harris, and David Otunga.

Chris Masters is eliminated by NEXUS.

Mark Henry is eliminated by NEXUS.

Number 16 is Tyler Reks

Tyler is eliminated by NEXUS.

Number 17 is Vladimir Koslov.

Vladimir Koslov is eliminated by CM Punk.

Number 18 is R-Truth

R-Truth is eliminated by CM Punk.  What’s up?

Number 19 is The Great Khali.

Husky Harris is eliminated by Khali.

Number 20 is Mason Ryan.

Great Khali is eliminated by Mason Ryan.  Wow, what a showing.

Number 21 is Booker T.  I guess he isn’t THEY.

We have a Spin-A-Rooni moment.

Booker is eliminated by Mason Ryan.

Number 22 is John Cena.

Mason Ryan is eliminated by John Cena

David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are eliminated by John Cena.

So it’s Punk and Cena in the ring alone.

Number 23 is Hornswoggle.  Good grief.

CM Punk is eliminated by John Cena.

Number 24 is Tyson Kidd.

Hornswoggle did an Attitude Adjustment on Tyson Kidd.

Tyson is now eliminated by Cena.  Remember when Tyson was a proud member of the Hart Family?

Number 25 is Heath Slater.

Horny is saying you can’t see me to Heath Slater.  10 Knuckle Shuffle and a Tadpole Splash.

Slater is eliminated by Cena.

Number 26 is Kofi Kingston.

Number 27 is Jack Swagger.

Number 28 is Sheamus.

Hornswoggle is eliminated by Sheamus with the Brogue Kick on the top rope.

Number 29 is Rey Mysterio.

Jack Swagger is eliminated by Rey Rey.

Number 30 is Wade Barrett.

Number 31 is Dolph Ziggler.

Number 32 is Kevin Nash, yes he is coming out to the Diesel music.

Number 33 is Drew McIntyre.

Let’s go Diesel chants from the Boston crowd.

Number 34 is Alex Riley.

Diesel is eliminated by Wade Barrett.

Number 35 is The Big Show.

If this means something here, Big Show and Diesel had a face to face moment, is this Diesel signing long-term?  We’ll see.

Dolph Ziggler is eliminated by Big Show.

Number 36 is Ezekiel Jackson.

Drew McIntyre is eliminated by Big Show.

Big Show is eliminated by Big Zeke.

Number 37 is Santino.

Number 38 is Alberto Del Rio.

Alex Riley is eliminated by someone, the camera did not pick it up.

Number 39 is Randy Orton.

Kofi Kinston is eliminated by Randy Orton.

Sheamus is eliminated by Randy Orton.

Randy and Cena face to face.

Number 40 is Kane.

So once again, no HHH sighting, which is rather disappointing.  He must really be injured.

So here we go.

Ezekiel Jackson is eliminated by Kane.

Kane is eliminated by Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio is eliminated by Wade Barrett.

Final Four are Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, and Randy Orton.

John Cena eliminated by The Miz.  Alex Riley came out to distract Cena and Miz threw him out.

Wade Barrett is eliminated by Randy Orton.

Randy Orton is eliminated by Alberto Del Rio.

But Santino is still officially in because he was never thrown over the top.

Del Rio threw him over the top, despite the Cobra being used.  What a moment.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The Road to Wrestlemania got off to a very good start.  This PPV was enjoyable from top to bottom.  The World Title match started the show very well.  In fact, I would give Dolph Ziggler a Money in the Bank match win, groom him to become champion for a few months, similar to what they did for The Miz. 

Speaking of The Miz, he had a win, but I’d like to see him get a clean win.  It surely makes the reign more memorable, and in fact his match with Cena goes, as planned, then he needs to look strong, heading into it.  I guess we are going with Orton and Punk too, which is fine with me.  Those two will have a great match at Mania too.

The Diva’s title match was good, but I surely wished that spot would have went to Beth Phoenix, especially considering she wasn’t in the Rumble.  But congratulations to Eve and they did the right ending with the ref counting what he saw.

As for the Rumble, I liked having 40 men in the event and it didn’t drag the match down at all.  Some guys were able to shine, others were not, and it’s certainly telling how short some of these guys lasted.  But my choice won, and Del Rio gets to go to Wrestlemania.  More than likely facing Edge, but I am sure they will tease that a bit, and make you think he could choose to face the WWE Champion.  Overall, a very enjoyable show and I look forward to see what happens tomorrow night on Raw.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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