TNA Impact 2/3/11….Who Are THEY?

Tonight is the night we reveal who THEY are.  There has been a complete buzz this week about both TNA and WWE.  Were things thrown up a loop?  Let’s tune in and find out.  Tonight, THEY are revealed.

We start the show off with Immortal in the ring.  The chants of “We want Flair” starts up, but Bischoff ignores it and wants to talk to Scott Steiner.

Here comes the Big Bad Booty Daddy.

Eric said he is all about business, so he will forget about what happened last week, and he is talking about now.  Bischoff found out that the judge that Dixie Carter paid off, continued their injunction, so Hogan isn’t here tonight.  However, despite that, whatever Scott tried to say about THEY are coming, they aren’t coming.  He brings up talking to Kevin Nash, he told him to go to WWE, yeah right.

Now for Sting, he isn’t coming back, he had no intention of coming back, and Booker?  Forget it.  So, Scotty has a chance to hang with the right group.  They have the titles, and the power.  So Bischoff is asking Scott to be a man and join the group.

Scott thinks it over, he grabs the mic and says that is his choices?  Bischoff says door one is join the elite group, door number is getting your ass kicked.

Scott said how about door 3?  Sticking his foot up his ass.  Scott said he is making the same mistake everyone else is.  If he made the right choice, he’d say yes sir, no sir.  He’s more of a man than anyone else in the ring.

So now Bischoff has a choice to make.  Either yes sir, no sir, or he is going to grab his neck and choke him out, there isn’t anything he can do about it.

Here comes Kurt and Crimson.

Kurt said that Scott is right, Bischoff is a piece of crap.  THEY are here, and it’s real….damn real.

When we come back, Immortal is talking backstage about what just took place.  Now THEY have Eric’s attention.  Jeff Hardy said Hogan is supposed to be here, and he is supposed to get his title back.  Bischoff said he can’t do anything about Hogan, but Jeff will get his title back.  But where is Flair?  Kurt comes in and says someone is panicking, and Immortal get into Kurt’s face.

Ink Inc is out, and they will face off against Gunner and Murphy.

We will hear from Christy Hemme tonight, she is in Dallas covering what took place earlier today with Dixie Carter.

Ink Inc wins with the Moorgasm.  Good win for Ink Inc.  The crowd certainly likes them, and with good reason.

Kurt said tonight is the night Immortal finally gets what is coming from them.  Kurt wants to know if they touched base yet, Kurt has a phone call and he asks if things are still good.  All systems are good, so Kurt lays out the battle plan.

Still to come tonight, Mr. Anderson puts the TNA Title on the line against Jeff Hardy.

Coming up next, a day with the Jarretts.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.  Christy Hemme filed a report earlier today, talking about the judge has issued a continuance until March 3rd.  Taz brings up we will find out who THEY are.

Eric Young comes over, he says he saw who THEY are, Taz wants to know THEY are, but EY says he can’t say anything, we would all know then.  Eric keeps rambling on, he is doing this off the air, but they aren’t.

We’ll find out later tonight.

Karen Jarrett welcomes us to her house, she shows the camera crew the house, and said that Jeff is a great man and a great father.  The kids come around and bring up Dixie, but Jeff is upset about that.  They all apologize, this will be a big night.

Mr. Anderson is back, he says at the top of the hour, he invites Jeff Hardy to join him in the ring and talk before their match.

Bully Ray and The Pope are out there right now, building an alliance.  Ray finally has a partner he can depend on.  It felt so good a few weeks ago bashing in Devon’s brains in, and he finally realizes HE was Team 3-D.  Devon was just his co-star and he did everything Bully Ray told him to do.

The Pope is badder, tougher, and he can rely on now.  The Pope isn’t weak, like Devon is.

The Pope said that Devon is an afterthought, he said Ray is right there is a God because Samoa Joe has requested they meet in the ring at Against All Odds.  That fits him, they could have sat down and talked like two adults, but now at the PPV, The Pope can take care of Joe in the ring.  He will expose him as the Joe he truly is, a sloppy Joe.  The Pope has spoken.

Here comes Joe and Devon charging the ring.

Joe follows The Pope out of the Impact Zone after Sakata has Joe’s back behind Pope.  While this is going on, Devon and Brither Ray fight it out in the ring. 

Ray spits beer on Devon’s kids, that’s a no-no and Devon is being separated by security.

We have an X-Division 3-way match for the Number One contenders between Jay Lethal, Douglas Williams, and Jeremy Buck, with Max Buck in commentary.

Jeremy Buck steals the pin from Douglas Williams when Max Buck got on the apron and distracted the ref, Jeremy hit him in the balls to pin Jay Lethal and advance to the PPV.

Bischoff is on the phone, looking for Flair.  Fortune told him Ric is drinking in a pub in London, Bischoff said that was a week ago, very funny.  Robert Roode is saying there is no THEY.  If there is, Immortal is the strongest faction around in the business and they got it.

Bischoff asks Styles to do him a favor, and get the title back.  A.J. said that they have been on different pages, but it ends tonight.  Fortune isn’t taking a backseat to anyone, they got this.  Bischoff just wants the title, A.J. said don’t worry about it.

Sarita has a Taped Fist match against Mickie James, and she doesn’t have a stragedy, she just will take care of business, and next week, her cousin Rosita will make her debut and she has Sarita’s back.

Hardy and Anderson have a video talking about their upcoming match tonight for the title.

Here comes Mr. Anderson, he wants his face to face with Jeff Hardy.  Jeff comes out, Ken asks how many Assholes are in the building, a lot of assholes.  He asks how many Creatures of the Night…some COTN there too.  They both have a lot in common.  Both grew up wanting to be Heavyweight Champions, both have surmounted all odds to do just that, even when authority figures say no.  So, what he wants tonight is a one on one match, with no interference, let the best man win because it’s about the title.  Jeff says he doesn’t need Immortal to beat him, so for tonight and tonight only, he will dedicate the match to the Assholes, and the COTN.  They shake hands and that is that, may the best man win.

Mickie James tells us she has never had a Taped Fist match before, but she has been in bar fights before.  She is Hardcore Country after all.

The Jarretts are showing us a day in the life of the Jarretts.  They are having their dinner and telling us what they are thankful of.  How nice of them to do that.

Sarita Vs Mickie James in a Taped Fist match is up now.

Mickie James Vs Madison Rayne is a Last Woman Standing match at Against All Odds.

Mickie James knocked out Sarita, get it….knocked out….HAAAAAAAAA…okay that wasn’t funny, but Madison Rayne came from behind and knocked Mickie out with that loaded glove.

Jeff wants to make sure that Bischoff does not send Immortal out there at all, he wants this all by himself.

Coming up next, Jeff Jarrett has a big surprise.

TNA showcases their footage from Europe, performing in front of thousands of people, and again, this is what TNA should be doing, promoting their product more.

We are at the Jarretts once again.  Karen continues to tell us what a great man Jeff is.  Jeff’s surprise is to renew their wedding vows on March 3rd at the Impact Zone.  They just got married on August 21st, but what’s a 6 month wedding vow?

Mr. Anderson is ready to come out for his match with Jeff Hardy, and it’s taking place now.

Mr. Anderson defeats Jeff Hardy when THEY are revealed.  But first, Hardy started the match early by attacking Anderson first from behind.  The two fight it out until they get back in the ring and the match starts then.  After 2 Twist of Hates, we had another ref beat down, when Immortal comes out, including Fortune.  Fortune asks Immortal to pick up Anderson, but they attack Immortal.  Yes….FORTUNE IS THEY!!!!!!

A.J. gives Hardy a Styles Clash and gets Anderson to cover Hardy for the win.  Heck of a match, but the story here was the ending.

A.J. is on the mic, he explains that THEY are Fortune.  He calls out Bischoff to come to ringside, Eric does and he wants answers.  It’s simple, Fortune isn’t taking a backseat to anyone, and they have Eric to blame himself.  Eric said he knows more about business than A.J. will ever know, and A.J. said that he took a Million Dollar company out of business, and it sure as hell won’t happen again.  Ouch.

He and Hogan were hiring guys that didn’t deserve to be in this business in the first place.  How about the Nasty Boys?

Eric said we have a date circled on the calendar, March 3rd. Hogan will be back and Immortal will have control.

Styles said that they will take Immortal out piece by piece and it’s just Bischoff and A.J. 

These are the men that built TNA, and he will take his foot and shove it down Bischoff’s throat that you’ll be pissing out shoe laces.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Do you all remember last week when I said it would be best if THEY turns out to be Fortune?  Yes, I did say that, and yes it was the best choice, even if it wasn’t Choice A.  What Nash and Booker, and possibly Sting did was the best solution for TNA.  They put their young and present superstars on the front.  These 4 guys were men that started their careers in TNA, all 4 of them are the workhorses, that can always mean big business.  Now, the next step is to put James Storm on Jimmy Kimmel.  Do it TNA, market those young performers, like WWE does with their guys.  I guarantee you your business can only grow.

Now as far as the rest of the show, I did like the main event, the importance of the title match.  Despite the way Ken won, the right man did win.  These two will face off at Against All Odds too, you know those two guys will shine as well.

As far as the rest of the show, it was a mixed bag.  I liked the X-Division match, and yes I even liked the Jarrett segments.  Look, it was goofy and they had a good time with it.  With the music in the background, I thought of Leave it to Beaver.

The women’s match was good too, even if it was hokey.  It certainly gave us a story for their upcoming PPV match. 

The rest was rather forgetful, why did Scott Steiner come out tonight?  He wasn’t out there at the end, so he’ll more than likely turn heel and join Bischoff’s side.  But the show was the ending, and my God what a performance by A.J. on the mic. 

What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at or drop me a line on the site.


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