WWE Monday Night Raw 2/7/11…The Return Of Vince McMahon

I kid you not, why do websites pick up this news?  Why can’t we have an element of surprise?  Certainly, it’s great to be surprised every now and then.  But then again, WWE was the one who advertised this, so I guess we have our answer.

We are in The Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of the Super Bowl champions, Green Bay Packers, congratulations to them. 

Here comes Vince.

Cole tells us it’s almost been over a year since we last saw Vince, more like 6 months, NEXUS did attack him.  He talked about this being a special event, maybe even more special than the Super Bowl.  He told us that next week, we will meet the Guest Host who is going to host Wrestlemania, and that is the announcement.

Here comes Randy Orton.

They show us Randy punting Husky Harris last week, as Joey Styles put it last week on Twitter, the last person that was punted by Randy was none other than Chris Jericho, and he hasn’t been seen since.

Randy said if CM Punk thinks they are even last week, he is sadly mistaken, he is only starting.

Here comes Punk.  I hope he reminds Randy that he took him out at Unforgiven 2008, costing him his 1st World Title reign.

Punk agrees with Randy, he has to sit down for a moment, they aren’t through.  Why did he attack Randy?  HERE WE GO!!!!!

Recapping Orton taking out Punk at Unforgiven 2008, costing him his 1st World Title reign.

Punk called Orton cold, callous, individual, he really doesn’t care, does he?  He had to forfeit the title because he couldn’t compete.  He hasn’t forgotten it, because it feels to him just like yesterday.  The difference is his reasons for attacking Randy is right, Randy is wrong.  Punk makes the promise that Randy will never be the WWE Champion again.  He doesn’t want to wait until Elimination Chamber, he will eliminate Randy right now.

Here comes NEXUS to follow Punk to the ring.

Randy has an upper hand, but the numbers catch up and NEXUS ring Randy through the ropes, so he is open game for Punk.  NEXUS hands Orton on a silver platter for Punk to give him the GTS, and he does.  Will this be enough to put The Viper out once and for all, though?

The Chaperon opens up 2-18-11.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Randy Orton going to sleep.

Mason Ryan is in the ring, ready for a match.  During the commercial, we had an email from the Raw GM.  Everyone from NEXUS will compete in matches tonight against the competitors in the Elimination Chamber, including CM Punk taking on John Cena.

Mason’s opponent is R-Truth.  What’s up?

Oh boy, R-Truth just called this place “Green Bay, Wisconsin”.  That is a great way to turn yourself heel, they are in Milwaukee tonight, and Cole is letting him know.

Mason Ryan was disqualified in the match because he wouldn’t let go of his finishing move after R-Truth submitted.  They never named the move, but I believe it was an Emerald Fusion.  Taking the knee and putting it over your neck and twisting it around.  I have always liked the move, but I imagine they will name it something else.  But the ref reversed the decision, so Truth won.

Still to come tonight, The Miz will personally congratulate Jerry “The King” Lawler for becoming the new Number One Contender.

We come back and see Punk with NEXUS.  Mason Ryan comes back to the back, Punk asks what that was.  He didn’t win the match, he has one thing to say….well done.  Punk wants the wrestlers injured tonight, so they have a target on them at Elimination Chamber.  Randy Orton and R-Truth are injured.  David Otunga wants to know if he still wants him to take out Sheamus.  Punk said he has a plan, he just needs FAITH.

Here comes Eve, Tamina, and Gail Kim.  They will take on Melina and the Bella Twins.

Natalya is on commentary, she makes the announcement that next week she gets her rematch for the WWE Diva’s Title against Eve.

While Michael Cole and Natalya were bickering among each other, Eve pinned Melina with a Swinging Neckbreaker.

I still don’t get this new Cole character, how does this put over the wrestlers?

Another 2-21-11 video, with some music thrown into the mix.  It’s either Sting or Undertaker, but I am still sticking with Sting.

Now WWE is showing us Aaron Rodgers with the World Heavyweight Title, not the WWE Title, King.

Elimination Chamber video showcase is being shown now.

John Morrison has a match to face Michael McGillicutty.  This should be a good match.

John Morrison wins the match with Starship Pain.  This was too short to be a good match, but it is what it is.  NEXUS never came out either to hurt Morrison.  So the plan didn’t work.

I take that back, Morrison was up on the ramp and Punk came out and sprayed hair spray into his eyes and gave him a swift kick to the head to hurt John.

Here comes the Champ….THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!  And yes, he is Awesome!!

The Miz is out here, he said last week when he watched the Raw Rumble, he had one thing in his mind….Jerry!!  Jerry!!  Jerry!!  He was pulling for him all along, and wants King to join him in the ring because he truly wants to give him the respect he deserves.

A-Ri leaves, so Jerry can enter.

The reason why Miz was rooting for Jerry wasn’t because he could be the easiest to beat, no, because everyone is easy to beat when you’re The Miz.  It’s because they have similar backgrounds.  When King was in his prime, when he spoke, people listened.  But now, Miz has become the Modern Jerry “The King” Lawler.  He is on talk shows, he is in magazines, he is the WWE Champion, which is something Jerry has never been nor will ever be.  Jerry admitted that they both have big mouths, but he has backed up what he said, and Miz does not.  If Miz patterned himself after King, then the difference is King has not patterned himself of anyone, he was an original. 

Miz agrees with that, he is an original cheap shot artist, and he has footage to back it up.

They show footage from last week when Maryse slapped Ted Dibiase, and Lawler punched Ted.  That’s what Miz calls a “Sucker Punch”.

King said the fans in Milwaukee think Miz sucks.

Lawler said he has never beena WWE Champion and he has never had a Wrestlemania match, but Miz or anyone else has no idea what it would mean to him to be WWE Champion and compete in Wrestlemania.  Jerry has been in the business for 40 years, and he won’t let this moment pass him by.  That is why he is going to win the WWE Title at Elimination Chamber, and when the media will come up to him, he will say he is going to Wrestlemania.  The Miz said that is where he is wrong, the only thing the media will hear is he is The Miz, and he is….

Jerry says awful, and gets the crowd to chant.  Miz tries to deck him, but King ducks and nails Miz with punches.  Now Dibiase comes in and decks Lawler so both he and The Miz can punch them and here comes Daniel Bryan to help King. 

Here is your tag team match.

Email sound….

Cole said the Raw GM makes the announcement and the match takes place now.

Daniel and King win the match when King did the Fist Drop on Dibiase.  Now that is VINTAGE KING!!!!  Bryan took care of The Miz outside of the ring, and Riley, who was doing commentary vows King will not beat The Miz in 2 weeks.  By the way, Maryse was out there with Dibiase, even though they made it clear she was walking away from him last week.

Still to come, CM Punk going one on one against John Cena tonight.

When we came back, Cole and King reminded us that next week, Vince McMahon will make the announcement in Anaheim, California on who will host Wrestlemania.

Sheamus come out, and Josh Matthews is following him.  I guess Mark Henry was running his mouth about Sheamus being a part of Elimination Chamber, and Sheamus was making light of that saying of this was a cake eating contest at Elimination Chamber, he would win, but it isn’t and he can’t even fit in the pod.

While Otunga was coming out, here comes Mark Henry.

So I guess this has turned into a Mark Henry Vs Sheamus match.

This wasn’t even a match, but rather a fight and Mark Henry straight up kicked Sheamus’ ass, giving him the World’s Strongest Slam and walked away.

Otunga raised his hand like he won and Punk with NEXUS was laughing, making it seem like they stirred the pot so to speak to hurt Sheamus.

Here comes Alberto Del Rio.  Why?  Why not, he is the Royal Rumble winner, but you already knew that.

Del Rio Vs Santino….coming up next.

Del Rio has a mic, telling us who he is.  But what we may not know is Santino Marella actually think he almost had him at Royal Rumble, but it was his destiny to win the Royal Rumble, and it’s his destiny to win the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania.

Here comes Santino, and the match is on now.

Del Rio with the Cross Arm Breaker, and that’s all she wrote.  Santino gave it a good try, even tried the Cobra, but Del Rio bent the Cobra and put it out of commission.

Coming up next, John Cena taking on CM Punk,  Will John Cena be hurt too?

Here comes Vickie Guerrero with Dolph Ziggler.  She is here because…..well I don’t know why, because she is.

She is telling us that Dolph Ziggler won’t be entering the Elimination Chamber as a challenger, but because he will be champion…..Excuse me?

He has a match this Friday on Smackdown, and here comes the mood killer himself, John Cena.

Dolph wants to know what John is out here for, bad question there Dolph.

He is out here to issue an apology from R-Truth, he might have celebrated too long after the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl, and thought he was still in Green Bay.

He’s also out here because the last time they were out here, it was an awesome time. John and Vickie had an awesome make out session, and of course, we get an Excuse Me from Vickie.

This is not a way to treat respect to the acting Smackdown GM and the future World Heavyweight Champion. 

Cena led the crowd with a Go Pack Go chant, and they leave.

So now he has to get down to business, we have seen it, he’s seen it.  NEXUS got to every one of the Elimination Chamber participants.  Cena said he knows why they are doing it so Punk can go to Wrestlemania.  But he is still here, and he bets the Goon Squad Next Sux will come out and try to take him out, but you bet your Elimination Chamber it won’t happen, and he’ll walk out Elimination Chamber with his ticket to Wrestlemania.

So the main event match, CM Punk Vs John Cena will take place next.

Well, we just had a very weak ending.  John Cena was DQ’d because he gave Punk a low kick in the…well….the balls.  The ref warned him, he didn’t care.  So when the match was done, they ended the night with NEXUS coming out but King handed Cena a chair and he used that to fend off NEXUS and nailed both McGillicutty and Otunga with a chair shot to the backs.  The show ended with Cena standing tall, and Punk was not.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I like Vickie Guerrero like the next person, and realize she is a heat magnet, but it just seems to me that segment with Dolph, herself, and Cena was a complete waste of time.  Instead, they could have used that time for say, the main event.  The match lasted about 4 minutes, that is inexcusable, for 2 wrestlers who are supposed to be in a hot feud.

However, the rest of the night was good and the show, overall was enjoyable.  I liked how Punk explained his actions with Orton.  Why did he attack him?  it goes back to Unforgiven 2008, and this was their first opportunity at facing each other since that night.  In fact, going by that reason alone, Punk should be the babyface here, but the crowd still booed him after those actions.  I also liked his plan, but it didn’t work the way he wanted.

I also enjoyed the Jerry “The King” Lawler moment, in particular how important winning this match is to him.  I actually think the two of them will have a good match at the PPV.  It’s also always good to see the patent Fist Drop, even pulling down the strap.  That always got a pop from the Memphis crowd, whether he was a face or a heel.

Mr. McMahon’s appearance was unremarkable though.  If he is out there, why not just make the announcement, or how about doing a segment or a video proclaiming that Vince will return the next week?  The last time we saw him on TV was during election time, and he was just waking up from a “coma”, so why not bring that up?  Okay, maybe not, but that segment was funny.

Also, I want to see more HOF announcements, and I hope to see one start next week.  I am curious to see who else is going in besides HBK.

What did you think of the show?  Send me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts on the site.  I still say it’s Sting on that 2-21-11 video, despite the Johnny Cash song, it also could relate to him.  Give me your thoughts on who it could be.


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