TNA Impact 2/10/11…Did You Know There Is A TNA PPV This Sunday?

After a big night last week, TNA might be set for something special, or they could just be back to a 1.1 this coming week.  Impact was the 3rd highest rating in company history, let’s hope this is the start of something special.

The show began with footage between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett, Robert Roode said “THEY” were Fortune all along, there is something he needs to get off his chest.

It pays to be Roode.

Impact kicks off with the remaining members of Immortal, including Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, and Jeff Hardy.

Bischoff wants to make crystal clear that despite what happened last week, Immortal is still in control.

Bischoff said that for the past 15 years, he has building stars, building companies and building the industry as we know it today.  You’re welcome.

You think he gives a damn about Fortune?  The only reason Fortune was there was because of a favor from Ric Flair, who owes Bischoff a phone call.  What do we have in Fortune?

A.J. Styles, an inbred hillbilly.  James Storm, he is a beer away from Liver failure, now that was funny.

The crowd is chanting we want Fortune.

Robert Roode is just another Canadian, who will never be a star.  Kazarian, the Clay Aiken of Professional Wrestling.  What?

He hands the mic to Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff wants Fortune to come out right now.

Here THEY come.

Jarrett wants them in the ring, and here they come into the ring.  A.J. and Jarrett face to face looks very cool.

Jarrett apologizes to Bischoff for this, these 4 men are in grateful.  Where were they 9 years ago when Jeff found them?  Landscaping?  Drunk on 2nd Avenue?

They are nothing, and they still are nothing.  What are they going to do about it?

He is more disappointing in James than anyone else.  James was trained by his father, he was begging Jeff for a job.  His two tag team partners are worthless…

And Robert Roode cuts the mic from him, and right he should.

Roode says let’s cut the horsecrap.  You want to stroll down memory lane?  Okay, let’s do this.  Yes, Jarrett gave them an opportunity, what did they do with that opportunity?  They built HIS company from the ground up.

Damn right.

Look at him when Roode is talking to him.

But everytime they go into the building, they see the new face, the “savior” that is supposed to save the company, but they wind up being washed up and overpaid.


Robert said they were the work horses, the backbone of JEFF’S company.  They all had opportunities to go to other places, they could have made more money, but they BELIEVE in TNA, and take a look at them now.  They are at the top, and the way he sees it, Jarrett doesn’t like him, he doesn’t like Fortune, you grab a set and do something about it….Slapnut.

Immortal and Fortune beat each other down and numbers get the best of Fortune, but here comes Kurt, Scott Steiner, and Crimson.

The Faces stand proud.

That was a damn fine promo by Robert.  It’s about damn time it was said.

Still to come tonight, The Jeff Jarrett-Kurt Angle contract signing, a big tag team match with A.J. Styles, returning from his injury will be teaming up with Robert Roode.  They will face off against Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy.  And tonight, Matt Morgan will face off against Mr. Anderson for the TNA Heavyweight Title.

Winter and Velvet Sky are arguing among each other and here comes Angelina Love, yelling at them to get along and get their act together, or they are done tonight.

Eric Bischoff is in his office with a returning Hernandez.  Bischoff and Hogan see Hernandez as a bad ass, Dixie never saw that.  He went to Mexico and became a superstar.  He can do that in TNA, reach the top of the mountain and all he has to do is hurt people.

Hernandez is down with that.

We have our first match tonight, a 6 man tables match.  The Pope, Bully Ray, and Matt Hardy will take on RVD, Samoa Joe, and Devon.

My Gawd….A Dudley is tagging with a Hardy.

A crazy brawl with Joe chasing Pope out of the ringside, and Devon did the same with Ray.  For awhile, it was RVD and Matt Hardy.  Those two face off this Sunday at Against All Odds.  Ray and Devon came back out.  Bully Ray saw Devon’s two kids and talked trash to them, they jumped out of the railing and into ringside, holding Ray down so Devon puts him through a table and the team of Joe, Devon, and RVD win the match.

Still to come tonight, TNA World Title match between Mr. Anderson and Matt Morgan.

The Jarretts are ready for the contract signing, and that is coming up too.

We come back and see The Jarretts in the ring, set for the contract signing.  Karen asked us if we enjoyed visiting her family last week.  Karen said that fans have asked her why, with her hectic schedule does she take on another show?  She does it for us, to see what it’s like being a Jarrett, where there is love 24/7.

Here comes Kurt.

Karen asks Kurt why the hostility, let’s put our happy faces and show the kids that they all can be one big happy family.  Do it for the kids.  Kurt doesn’t want to hear it, he just wants the damn papers and get it over with.

Jeff doesn’t want the language, the kids are watching on TV.  At Genesis, they were supposed to have an exhibition, but Kurt had to strike Jeff, and he had to take it out on Kurt.  So, here is the stipulation, if Kurt wins, he gets sole custody of the kids.  But if Jeff wins, on March 3rd, in Fayettsville, North Carolina, the Jarretts will renew their vows.  So if Jeff wins, Kurt is in their wedding.  He wants Kurt to give the bride away.

Karen is upset about this, but Jeff says it will be okay.  He signs the contract.

And so does Kurt, so it’s on at Against All Odds.

Still to come, TNA Heavyweight Title match, Matt Morgan will take on Mr. Anderson.

Coming up next, 8 Knockout Tag match between The Beautiful People, Winter, and Mickie James taking on Madison Rayne, Tara, Sarita, and the debut of Rosita.

8 Knockout Tag Match is going now.

The team of Rosita, Tara, Madison Rayne and Sarita won the match when Rosita gave Velvet Sky a Moonsault.  Velvet and Winter still couldn’t get along, in fact, Winter ruined the entrance of the BP.  I guess three is a crowd.  But this match featured the flying abilities of Rosita.  I would like to see she and Sarita tag a bit more, and we could see new Knockout Tag Team champions soon.

Mickie James has a mic, she wants to settle this with Madison Rayne once and for all.  They have a Last Woman Standing match at the PPV, they go to a break, so there will be more.

Madison gets in Mickie’s face, taunting her to say what she is going to do to her this Sunday.  Madison reminds Mickie that when she first came to TNA, she wanted to prove to be the top female in any promotion.  She said that she has won some matches so far, none against her.

Oh dear Lord, are we doing another retirement stipulation?

There is some teasing of it, she said will she continue to get beat every week after this Sunday or lose and simply walk away.

Please, no more retirement stipulations for at least 6 months.

Jeff Hardy is backstage, telling us it doesn’t matter who wins the TNA Title match tonight, because this Sunday, he will take back his TNA Title in HIS match….a ladder match.

Coming up next, TBA Title match between Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson.

We come back with A.J. and Robert Roode.  Kurt Angle comes in there and tells A.J. and Robert to take care of Hardy and Jarrett tonight.  He wishes it was him, Robert cuts him off and asks what if it was him?  Robert is bowing out, and putting Kurt in his place.  He pleads with Kurt to take care of Jarrett.

The game is on.

TNA Title match is up now.

Jeff Hardy comes out, sets up a ladder and just chills.  Okay.

What’s a TNA Title match without a ref bump?

Yup, Earl is knocked down, Hernandez comes out and nails Matt with some shots.  Remember in storyline fashion, Morgan took out Hernandez when the two men were tag team champions, so Hernandez is coming out and returning the favor.  Mr. Anderson pins Matt, and that’s all she wrote.

Then, Hernandez nails Anderson to make it clear he is a heel, Hardy does the Swanton, and leaves the ring with Hernandez, but the Impact Zone could care less.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Bully Ray is backstage, calling Devon’s sons bastards.  He said that Devon has always been weak and he raised 2 weak sons, so now they are in Ray’s business now.  He challenges all 3 men into a streetfight at the PPV.  Lord, I hope that doesn’t happen, we need a one on one streetfight.

Triple Threat match is on.  The winner goes into this Sunday in a Number One Contenders Triple Threat match to face Generation Me.

Brian Kendrick Vs Robbie E Vs the returning Suicide (And might I add, the returning Christopher Daniels in a mask).  The match is on now.

Robbie E. comes out to no Fist Pump at all, he is all business and states even Cookie is not in the mood to celebrate.  No Fist Pumping until he wins his TNA X-Divison Title back and become a 2-time X-Division champion, my dude.

But Taz celebrates the fist pump.

Suicide did all the dirty work, but Cookie distracted Suicide and Robbie E. went in for the pin.  He will face off against Generation Me, and the winner becomes Number One Contender for the TNA X-Division title this Sunday.

Coming up next, the main event, Kurt Angle and A.J. Styles take on Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy.

Ink Inc. are backstage, Shannon said they represent the society that expresses themselves from the inside.  Jesse Neal said they show what they feel in the ring, and they showed Gunner and Murphy last week what they mean when they beat them.

Against All Odds rundown.

Uh-Oh, Devon is going to accept the challenge.  He said Ray started this by bothering them when he got into their faces while they were watching the matches.  3 on 1 streetfight.

Hell of a match here that saw A.J. and Kurt win the match when A.J. did a Flying Body Press and pinned Jarrett.  He and Kurt celebrate, but Jeff low blowed both of them and gave them The Stroke.  Hardy joined in on the fun.  Fortune, with Steiner and Crimson help out A.J. and Kurt, but out comes Immortal.  The numbers game gets the best of them, but RVD and Mr. Anderson come out too and we end the show with Mic Checks galore, putting the TNA champion over.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a strong show from start to finish.  They had 2 good matches, the title match and the main event, they also featured a tremendous promo by Robert Roode, they need to do more of that.

I liked seeing the return of Hernandez, but was not a fan of him coming in Bischoff’s office before the heel turn.  The surprise run down would have meant something more.

The contract signing does two things.  1.  It gives us another match and 2.  They will deliver the match.  So Kurt’s kids are on the line, but who are we fooling here?  We all know they get along as happy as they can.  It;s just a show.

But here is my “Double Standard” talk here.  I didn’t like Devon’s kids being involved, in fact, why not make their encounter a one on one match at the PPV?   Now I have to google their names before Sunday’s show.

The Knockouts had some time once again and did fine.  I am very happy that Mickie James did not put her career on the line in the match.  How many times has that gone down?

As poorly as TNA booked this show, on paper it does look strong.  Let’s hope they deliver on the matches.

I am guessing Hardy gets his title back after this Sunday.  They still have that hideous belt.

What did you think of the show?  Email it to me at or send me thoughts on the site.


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