WWE Superstars 2/14/11…The Latin Ryders Are In Action Tonight

That’s right, the best new tag team in the world today, Zack Ryder and Primo, or as I call them The Latin Ryders are in action tonight against the WWE Tag Team champions, Santino and Kozlov.

But first, Jack Korpela and Matt Striker welcome us to the show, and we kick it off with Chris Masters, he is taking on Tyler Reks, here we go.

A bit of a surprise to me, Chris Masters wins the match with the Masterlock.  Perhaps Tyler Reks push is over with?  The dude still says nothing on the mic and does nothing that interests me in the ring.  So I am happy Chris picks up the win.

Our main event tonight is The Latin Ryders facing Santino and Kozlov in a non-title match.

Wow, the Raw side welcomes us to the show now.  Josh Matthews and Scott Stanford says hi, and so does Yoshi Tatsu and David Hart Smith.  Maybe Maryse’s kiss helped Yoshi a bit tonight?  Their opponents are The Uso’s.

The Uso’s win with the old Switch-a-roo and rams David’s shoulders into the ring post.  The Bella Twins should be proud, either that or upset about gimmick infringement.

Still to come, the main event tonight will be Santino and Koslov taking on The Latin Ryders.

Coming up next, The Great One returns to Superstars.  Well, actually footage from Raw, but you get my drift.

The segment is still awesome.  Welcome back The Rock.

Main event is up now.

Santino and Kozlov beat The Latin Ryders with the Cobra.  The match was given time, and actually Santino and Kozlov wrestled like a serious team, minus the Cobra.  Good win for the tag team champs to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Can I say again how refreshing it is to hear Scott Stanford call the action?  He informs us that Tatsu and Smith beat The Latin Ryders a few weeks ago on Superstars.  It’s the little details like that I can appreciate because he is putting over the wrestlers themselves, unlike the job Michael Cole does.

As for the show, a much better effort than last week, and what I liked seeing was more focus was put on the matches.  Even though The Latin Ryders lost, they still looked good and makes you think WWE will continue to use them as a tag team.  Now whether they are threats to the WWE Tag Team Titles are another story.  But a much better show than last week.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or give me your thoughts on the show through the site.


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