WWE Monday Night Raw 2/21/11…2/21/11…Who Is Here?

The Road To Wrestlemania kicked it up 7 gears after last week, and now that Elimination Chamber is done, we are truly in 8th gear.  Tonight, John Cena is supposed to answer to what The Rock had to say, we also will find out who is behind the 2/21/11 video, you know the video the announcers have not brought up, whatsoever.  So what happens tonight?  Kick off your shoes, kick back, and find out with me.  As Nickelback would say let’s burn the ground tonight.

We will find out at 10:00 PM who is behind the 2-21-11 video, we start the show off with a new video., counting down the minutes.

We are in Fresno, California.  My friend Brandon is there, ready for the show to begin.

We start off with “The Champ” John Cena, coming off a huge Elimination Chamber win last night.  He is off to Wrestlemania to face The Miz.

Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are at ringside, Jerry “The King” Lawler is not.

The crowd is chanting Rocky and Cena wants a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

Cena said he won last night and is off to Wrestlemania.  It should have been a night of women and wine to make him feel fine, but he said he hasn’t heard much about Elimination Chamber or The Miz.  He has been hearing about some “alleged” comments about The Rock.  He went to a gas station and people said “Rocky laid you out, what are you going to say about it”.  Cena said he was going to let it slide, he is The Rock.  But let’s see the footage, then he will decide what to do.

They show us the footage from last week.  You can’t see me.

Now that he sees it, Cena thinks Rock has made fun of him, he thinks he should say something.  But if he calls someone, he only can do it one way.  He still has a degree of Thuganomics.  Well, he says he needs to send a message to The Rock, so he can focus on Wrestlemania. 

So he will do it once, we get a rap.  He talks about The Rock leaving us high and dry to play a fairy with a tooth.  He discusses how he wore lipstick in Get Shorty, and wore a skirt for The Game Plan.  This Fruity Pebble thing, he isn’t the average Jabroni, he is like a big purple windmill, so go ahead and blow me, and he takes out the windmill and blew it.  You’re electrifying, yes, but to hang with him, that’s absurd, that’s like hanging with Barney’s turd.  But that is The Rock’s language, not his, he raced to Witch Mountain, now he’s just Brokeback.  The Rock’s new movie, that’s not Walking Tall, he is working at a bowling alley, polishing his balls.  The People’s champ, he’s never with the People, his words are like see-through.  For 7 years, we never saw you.  Is it Rock, or is it Dwayne, pick a side, if he’s with you, he’d stick with Rock, Dwayne doesn’t have a Johnson.  He’ll see you at Wrestlemania, he’ll make sure not to miss it.  Rock won’t kick his candy ass, he’ll make sure to kiss it.  You’re the Wrestlemania host Rock, know your role.  You tell these people you love them, but Cena is here every week to show it.

That is called a first round knockout, know it.  Now you know Cena ain’t playing, run his mouth all you want, it doesn’t matter what you’re saying.

And with that, he drops the mic and ends the segment.

Cole will interview The King tonight about his loss last night for the WWE Title.  Coming up next, John Morrison will face off against CM Punk.

Punk beat John Morrison with Go To Sleep, Punk worked on the injured knee and took him out.

Punk has the mic.  He wants Randall Keith Orton to come out, he is standing right here.  He has decided to give NEXUS the night off.  This is not a setup.  People make decisions to affect their life’s day in and day out.  The people made their decision to buy a ticket to see him.  September 7th, 2008, he decided to punk Punk in the skull.  A few twists and turns, and he now has the most important decision in his life to make.  The bright lights of Wrestlemania is not in his future.  Just walk away, Randy doesn’t deserve to be at Wrestlemania.  Either he is too crippled to compete, because he has decided to finish what Randy started, or he actually cares about his own well-being.  He will finish Randy off next week, unless he just walks away. 

Here comes Randy to beat down Punk.

Randy just misses a RKO and Punk gets out-of-the-way.

Here comes Alberto Del Rio, I love how these Smackdown guys come out for a match on Raw.  But anyway, his opponent is Kofi Kingston.

Kofi attacks him Del Rio, but Ricardo Rodriguez helps out Alberto, Del Rio slams his hand on the steel steps and slaps on the Cross Arm Breaker.

Del Rio gives us a wink and a smile, the match doesn’t take place.

Del Rio attacks Kofi again.

Here comes The Miz, he is heading to the ring next.

More mic time, this is from the WWE champion, The Miz.

Last week, you people embarrassed themselves.  He said men jumping up and down for another man, that was The Rock.  Back in 1999, Miz remembers The Rock electrifying, he was very happy to see The Rock, and happy to see The Rock mentions The Miz’s name, so he wanted to know what he had to say, he said The Miz unquestionably, 100% completely sucks.  Really?  That is the best The Rock can do, he hears that from grade school kids.  Does the people think The Miz sucks?  Yes?




Well, that is fine, Miz can look at his WWE Title and see his reflection.  John Cena and The Rock are both cultural ICONS and they both think he sucks.  The fans think he sucks, and it’s real simple….it doesn’t matter what the people think.  He is a master of pop culture, and he completely, unquestionably is AWESOME!!

Email sound….

The Raw GM said enough of The Rock, he will deal with him at a later time.  The Rock N Sock Connection was a very formidable tag team, so tonight, the WWE Tag Team Titles will be on the line.  Slater and Gabriel will defend their newly won Tag Team Titles against The Miz and John Cena.

Good gravy, we will see new tag team champs again.

Still to come tonight, Michael Cole will interview Jerry “The King” Lawler.

The Bella Twins are out, their opponents are Eve and Gail Kim, without their entrances.

The Bella Twins win the match with a roll up.  They pulled off the switcheroo, distracting Eve.

We find out who is behind 2-21-11 next.

Who is coming on 2-21-11?

It’s The Deadman, The Undertaker.

I will say though, it wouldn’t be Wrestlemania without The Deadman.

And here comes HHH, boy oh boy, they are doing it.

Wow, this was a hell of a segment and yet no words have been said.  Hunter and Taker stared at each other, Hunter looked at the Wrestlemania sign, Taker looked at it, smiled and shook his head no.  Then he started to walk awa, turned around and gave the End signal with his throat.  HHH then gave Taker The “Suck It” DX Chop, and Taker looked at HHH.  They didn’t say anything about career Vs Streak though.  Very good segment.

Wrestlemania video, we are 41 days away.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Good God, Sheamus has that stupid crown and cape, this is why HHH isn’t even bothered to get revenge on him for taking him out.

Sheamus is going against Mark Henry.

Mark wins the match with The World’s Strongest Slam on the exposed turnbuckle.  It has to be that cape.

Still to come, The Miz and John Cena team up to face Slater and Gabriel for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Miss America Rima Fakih is joining the cast of Tough Enough.

Daniel Bryan is backstage with Gail Kim, telling her she looked good.  Sheamus walks by, thinking they are laughing at them and gets into Daniel’s face.  Hmmmmm, could the U.S. Title be on the line at Wrestlemania?

The next inductee to the Hall of Fame is Hacksaw Jim Duggan.  Really?

Duggan will be inducted by “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase.

Michael Cole interrupts Hacksaw’s moment, by getting into the ring.  He said they will not fight, because the Raw GM said they both would be terminated if they fight.  Cole said he is a broadcast journalist, and the voice of WWE.  Besides Vince McMahon, he is the best voice in the entire business.  Better than Sollie, better than Gorilla Monsoon, and certainly better than Jim Ross.  He also was a former war correspondent, and in a few minutes, he will act like a broadcast journalist here, by interviewing Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Here comes The King.

Cole said it’s been a rough 24 hours, so he will get to the point.  What was it like to prepare himself for the WWE Title at Elimination Chamber?  How did he feel leading into the match.

He doesn’t answer.

Perhaps he can answer this one, how did it feel when his dream was shattered?  How did it feel to lose to the Must See WWE Champion, The Miz.  Did he think it was time to retire?  Maybe Cole was right, to hang up his boots for good.

No answer.

How about this?  When he was in the ring last night, the ref counted 1….2….3.  He was staring at the lights, he realized that his deceased Mother, no disrespect.


When she had the best seat in the house, and he realized he let his Mother down.

King, quit and hit him.

He puts his hand on Cole and said if he ever mentions his Mother again, it will be the last thing he will ever say.  He has sat for weeks when Cole says the praises of his thumb-sucking friend.  He will know more than they will ever know about Wrestling.  He will get into Wrestlemania one way or the other, King Vs Cole.

Cole said he is a senile old man, he will never get him in the ring ever.

Be a man Cole, are you just a gutless, yellow coward.

Cole takes his jacket off, throws water in his face, and runs away like a gutless, yellow coward.

Chants of “Jerry” end this segment.

Here comes The Corre, ready for the main event, WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line next.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

John Cena and The Miz taking on Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel is on now.

Another titles mean worthless anymore.

John Cena and The Miz win the WWE Tag Team Titles when The Corre gets squashed. 

Wade Barrett has the mic and he says The Corre has decided to invoke their rematch clause for the WWE Tag Team Titles, and they want it now.

Email Sound….

The Raw GM says ring the bell, here we go.

Slater and Gabriel defeated Cena and The Miz when Miz gave Cena a Skull Crushing Finale.  So we have the Tag Team Titles change hands 3 times in a 24 hour period.  4 different champions, well okay, 3 different champions.  This ends the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

So we already have a tag team split in less than 2 hours of forming?  The ending actually put the show down a notch.  It made no sense, and it doesn’t do the current tag team champions any favors at all.  Absolutely horrible way to end the show.

Here is the good part though, the rest of the show was fantastic, and it sets the stage for Wrestlemania very well.  For starters, HHH and Undertaker segment was epic.  I just have to think this was done by them, and not the creative team.  I truly hope it is not career vs streak though because I hate to see HHH returning, only to leave.  However, seeing HBK come back and serve as a special guest ref is good. 

We also have the makings of a Wrestlemania moment for Jerry “The King” Lawler, and he has earned that.  I don’t expect his match with Cole to last long, but may I say, I called this a few months ago.  I did, you can check back the archives.

CM Punk Vs Randy Orton is set too, sort of.  I imagine it will be official next week.  But that was off to a good start too.

I guess Hacksaw Jim Duggan earns the Hall of Fame spot as much as Koko B. Ware did last year, but if we truly get this, I want the Brooklyn Brawler in next year.

Are we also seeing the U.S. Title be on the line since Wrestlemania 20, between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan?  That would be cool, if we are.

If they do a Money in the Bank match, give it to John Morrison, he has earned it.

Now for the beginning, with the return of The Doctor of Thuganomics, even if it’s one night was good.  The question is where do we go from here between The Rock and John Cena?

Overall, the show was good and the road to Wrestlemania continues to heat up.  What did you think of the show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or give me your thoughts on the site.


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