TNA Impact 2/24/11…The Biggest Surprise Ever?

TNA sent a press release, saying tonight at the end of Impact, we will see the biggest surprise ever.  I guess we will see, but we are 1 week away from the big March 3rd episode of Impact, where do we go from here?  Let’s check it out.

We see highlights of what took place last week with Jeff Hardy defeating RVD, and Mr. Anderson Mic Checking everyone in sight.

We also saw the return of Ric Flair and where he stood in terms of Fortune and Immortal.  A.J. Styles issued a challenge.

Mr. Anderson kicks off the show, with a chair and I don’t think he will use it to sit down.

Okay I guess he does, but he wants his title show, no matter who runs the show.  He said he is calling the shots now.  It says in his contract he gets a rematch, so he will sit down in the middle of the ring until he gets that shot.

Why doesn’t The Network like him?  is it because he is an asshole?  The crowd thinks so.

If that’s the case, Rob Van Dam isn’t exactly a law-abiding citizen.

You speak about RVD, and here he comes.

RVD wants to see if he’s not hearing things.  Anderson said RVD isn’t exactly a law-abiding citizen?  What about the laws of morality?  After all, Anderson allowed Hardy to cheat to win.  What about the code of ethics?  If it’s his job to be a referee, he shouldn’t stand in the way of someone else’s chances.  Anderson had some huge plans when he came to TNA, right?


But RVD ruined that plan by proving he is the better wrestler and it pains Anderson because when RVD gets the title, he won’t have a shot at winning it back.

Now, don’t get him wrong, Ken is very good on the mic.  He is a force to be reckoned with.  But the Whole F’N Show, he is not.  If he gets an opportunity to screw Ken out of a title shot, like he did last week, he is all about it.

So Ken wants to get this straight, RVD doesn’t like him?  He got screwed out of his title shot that he was supposed to get?  He doesn’t care that RVD doesn’t like him.  He doesn’t care he has a bit of Chinese in Rob, he doesn’t care.  He will get his title shot again, but let’s just suppose.

RVD attacks Ken and the two go at it, when security breaks them up and separates them.

Here comes Immortal.

What do we have here?  It looks like a main event.  Bischoff was going to give Ken his rematch, but he is sure of this.  He saw the energy and enthusiasm between the two and the ratings draw, so tonight, instead of a rematch, we will get Mr. Anderson taking on RVD.

Jeff Jarrett whispers something in Eric’s ear, and he loves that idea.  So tonight, in that very ring, Mr. Anderson Vs RVD Vs Kurt Angle in a 3-Way Dance.

It’s official now.

Also tonight, Scott Steiner Vs Rob Terry in a posedown, we also get Ric Flair taking on A.J. Styles.

Scott Steiner is talking about his posedown tonight.  His workout regime is drinking James Storm’s beer, Eric Young is posing behind him, Steiner sees this, and isn’t amused.  I thought it was funny, but Scott wasn’t.  He kicked him out.

Earlier this week, the Jarretts are picking out Karen’s wedding dress.  She’s not impressed by the first choice.  She has legs.

She doesn’t like the second choice either.  Tad just isn’t cutting it for them.

Karen is still his wife, she is still fabulous, and she is still a princess.

Now some dweeb wants to know what Kurt Angle thinks of the upcoming wedding.  Kurt walks away.  He said it took a matter of time to show what they really are.  He’ll give Karen away next week, but it couldn’t come at a better time, as far as Mr. Anderson and RVD goes tonight, he’s not in a very good mood.

Tag team action, Eric Young and Orlando Jordan taking on Gunner and Murphy, here comes Beer Money to commetate.

Next week, Beer Money will defend their TNA Tag Team Titles against Gunner and Murphy.

Gunner and Murphy beat Eric and Orlando with a Demolition Decapitation move.  Yes, I said Demolition, not sure what they will call it, but it’s a cool move.  Eric worked the entire match though, and he is truly an underrated worker.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are talking.  Angelina questions Velvet’s decision to put her career on the line.  What would she do if she was in this situation?  Angelina said she put her career on the line last year, but her opponent wasn’t against Sarita, who will do whatever it takes to win. 

Velvet needs some time alone, so Angelina grants her wishes.

Still to come tonight, A.J. Styles taking on Ric Flair.

Here comes Devon.

This is first appearance since Bully Ray attacked his two sons at Against All Odds.

He wants to apologize to his two boys, Terrence and Tyrelle.  A father’s worst dreams is when he can’t protect his kids.  He felt that, when Ray put him through a table, and kicked the other boy in the face.  They called Bubba “Uncle” they loved you, and he put his hands on them.  He wants to apologize to them, he should have been there to protect them, and he felt he wasn’t.  He promises them this won’t go unanswered.

Bully Ray is backstage, calling out Devon.  He kicked someone down, he wants to know how his boys are doing?  The two boys, he let down?  Just so that Devon never forgets what Ray did to his two bastard sons, he is going to put one of Devon’s brothers through a table so he can never forget that Ray is the strong one, and Devon was always the weak line.  My brother, testify.

Tommy Dreamer is right behind him, and he starts to beat him down, chasing him to ringside.  Devon tries to hit Ray with a chair, but misses.  Security runs down, with Tommy to try to calm Devon down, but Devon swung and accidentally hit Tommy.

Madison Rayne is ready for her open challenge, and she wants Tara to stay back here, no matter what.  Tara wishes her luck.

Still to come tonight, Mr. Anderson taking on Kurt Angle and RVD in a 3-Way Dance.

Also, A.J. Vs Flair.  Need I say more?

Moments ago, A.J. is backstage, and he is saying he isn’t standing in anyone’s shoulder, and tonight, he gets out of Flair’s shadow and proves that he is the one that built TNA.

Magnus will take on Crimson now.

Magnus said that they both have alot in common.  Crimson is ambitious, not as ambitious as Magnus, but that’s cool.  He has a great physique, not as great as Magnus, but hey, that’s cool.  Nobody else can be the Mack Daddy.  But here is where they are different, Magnus isn’t carrying Kurt Angle’s bags around, and the match is on.

Crimson wins with the Red Alert, very short match.  So Magnus is a heel again?

RVD doesn’t know what the match is about tonight.  Entertain Bischoff?  Sure.  Get back at Mr. Anderson from last week?  Okay.  Get his title shot back?  Okay, but he will make sure that he isn’t losing the match.

The Posedown between Steiner and “The Freak” next.

Terry said that Steiner is looking at the Future, “The Freak” Rob Terry.  He will prove that he has the best body in the history of this business and prove he is the real “Genetic Freak” of the business.  He is ready for the posedown, and so is Steiner.

But Scott is all decked out in a suit still.

The best thing that could have happened tonight is Scott coming in a good mood, but when Rob calls himself a “Genetic Freak”, he pissed Scott off.

There is only one “Genetic Freak” and it’s Scotty.  How about Rob coming up with an original name.  How about “Grenoble” because when he looks at Terry, he sees Rob is one or two vitamins away from a chemical disaster.  The difference between the two of them, Scott has earned his nickname for 20 years of ring work, Rob got his name from bodybuilding.

Scott doesn’t want to oil himself up, instead he wants to go to the back and get his gear and if Rob is still in the ring, he is going to kick his ass.

Rob said that is so typical of an American.  Anytime they see a person with a better body, they run and hide.

Scott comes back in the ring, takes his jacket off.  Terry though nails Scott with a weight.  Then he chokes him out with his tie. 

After about 10 minutes here, security runs out.

No posedown for us tonight.

Velvet comes back into the room and sees Winter.  Winter just wants bygones be bygones.  But she hears other people doubting Velvet Sky’s abilities.  She wants Velvet to prove herself, like Winter and Angelina did when they won the Knockout Tag Team Titles.  Velvet said that when she takes Sarita’s ass out, she is coming for Winter.

Still to come, 3-Way Dance between Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle, and RVD.

Ric Flair is up next, but he too is decked out in a suit.

The Jarretts are talking to the preacher.

Ric Flair comes out to the ring, looking only as he can look….WOOOOOOO

Flair said it is hard to be humble when you’re The Nature Boy.

Flair wants to talk to A.J. Styles before they wrestle. 

Here comes The Phenominal One.

Flair wants A.J. to come out and beg for forgiveness.  It’s hard to be humble.

Styles asks Flair why he was avoiding him?  Because every time he looked at him, he wanted to beat the piss out of him and peel his head like an onion.  But if he did that, Flair wins, and he won’t do that.

Flair said that he did what he did because Fortune stopped talking to him, they didn’t come to him like a leader, but A.J. is the new leader now.

Flair said he wanted to talk to James Storm, but he wouldn’t answer his calls, where was he?

He was drinking.  Fair enough.

But not with God.

There was a reason why they never told him about what happened, because Flair would have talked them out of it.

But Flair taught them about going down the path of greatness, but now he is going to teach A.J. about respect.

Flair slaps Styles and the two fight until Hernandez comes out and sides with Flair, but A.J. takes care of him, and beats down Flair some more, but Hernandez clips him again.  Flair tries to go after Styles, but A.J. went for the nut shot, the dirtiest player in the game taught A.J. so well, and gave Hernandez the Pele Shot.

A.J. takes Flair outside the ring, and makes him bleed.  But Hernandez catches A.J. again.

And this time, 3rd time is a charm.  A.J. shows his resilience though and flies out of the ring, lands on Hernandez, then rips Flair’s clothes off, while stomping a mud hole.  He goes for a Styles Clash, but Hernandez shoves him off. 

Now Fortune come out.

But while this was going on, Matt Morgan nails Hernandez from behind and starts beating him down.  There will be a tag team match down the road, you have to think here.  Morgan tells Hernandez they are just getting started.

Fortune celebrates in the ring.

Mr. Anderson said right now he is focused on getting his title back.  He has tunnel vision.

Still to come, 3-Way Dance.  Mr. Anderson Vs Kurt Angle Vs RVD.

Video talking about the history between Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan, and TNA.  Next week, the injunction hearing will be revealed.  Who is in control of TNA?

Madison Rayne’s Non-Title Open Challenge is up now.  Who answers the challenge?


Madison Rayne defeated ODB with an Eat Defeat.  Madison did it all herself here, and Tenay asks the question who can beat Madison?

Velvet Sky confronts Sarita, who is with Rosita.  Velvet Sky accepted the challenge, and Sarita confirmed that Velvet’s TNA career is on the line.  She was impressed that Velvet answered the challenge.  This match takes place next week, and Sarita gives Velvet her word, that it will be a one on one encounter, no tricks.  They shake hands and when she leaves, Sarita and Rosita laugh, Sarita will take care of business.

Eliminate the Hate.

Matt Morgan is backstage and said what we witnessed just now was payback.  Payback because Hernandez cost Matt a chance of a lifetime to become TNA World Champion.  And for that, payback will be delivered in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Impact next week, when they face each other.

The Jarretts are getting fitted for Jeff’s tux.  Karen is no longer a princess, she is a Queen.

They show video of Jersey Shore’s J-Woww’s appearance on TNA awhile back, and her “situation” with Cookie, see what I just did there?

Cookie and Robbie-E are announcing that Jersey Shore’s Angelina will appear next week, calling out J-Woww.  Jersey is in the house, bitches.

Main event time, 3-Way Dance between Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson Vs RVD.

Mr. Anderson wins the match when the Bride and Groom to be shows up to celebrate right when Kurt starts an Ankle Lock on Ken.  But they distracted him long enough for Anderson to get up and slap the Mic Check for the pin fall.  The Jarretts celebrate this, while Mr. Anderson is satisfied for his win. 

Taz and Mike Tenay run down next week’s March 3rd episode of Impact, from Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Angelina from The Jersey Shore will be here, we’ll also see Bart Scott from the New York Jets here, Hernandez Vs Matt Morgan one on one, Beer Money Vs Gunner and Murphy, and of course the wedding nuptials of The Jarretts, with Kurt walking Karen down the aisle, and before we end the show.  We see a mysterious video, with a man in black walking up the stairs.  He is coming up on 3-3-11.  Yes, the same video package we saw WWE use just this past week, and that is how we end the show tonight.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better show that we had last week, in particular, the beginning of the night was a million times better, putting RVD and Mr. Anderson at odds against each other, you throw Kurt into the mix, and we can have a very good main event, and we did. 

We also had a strong tag team match, putting over the challengers, Gunner and Murphy.  It’s always fun hearing Beer Money on commentary too.  And if they do the Demolition Devastation move, that always works for me.

The match is set between Velvet Sky and Sarita, with Velvet’s career on the line.  That takes place next week.

We will also see former tag team partners collide with Matt Morgan and Hernandez.  I look forward to seeing that.

I also liked hearing Bully Ray and Brother Devon, their mic work has been superb.  You have to wonder here if they wrote their own material, because it seems a million time better than anything the other writers have done.  So far, I am rather impressed.

A.J. and Flair had a neat mic work against each other, but no match and for that, they never should have announced there match tonight, if they knew all along they weren’t actually doing a match.  In fact, put the match on PPV.  With Morgan getting involved with Hernandez.  Those two face off next week.

We will also get a big Knockut match next week, Sarita taking on Velvet Sky.  I hope to see a video of how important this match is going to be.

So Magnus a heel again, and if he is…why?

Speaking of why, there was a Sean Waltman look-alike tonight too, for a bit, I really thought it was him.

So we get to see who shows up on 3-3-11.  My money is on the guy in black, no, the other one.  But one way or the other, we will find out next week.

What did you think of the show?  Give me an email at or send me your thoughts on the site.


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