WWE Monday Night Raw 2/28/11…The Rock Replies?

I was watching The Academy Awards, through Twitter last night and read The Rock had a response for John Cena on Raw.  So my question is will he return tonight in Buffalo, or will he just tweet his thoughts during Raw?  On;y one way to find out and that is to watch this show with me.  We’ll also hear from HHH and why he wants to beat the Streak against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Here we go.

Josh Matthews welcomes us to the show, and so does The King of Kings, HHH.

It’s just Jerry “The King” Lawler and Josh Matthews, no Michael Cole, at least not yet.

Crowd is showing appreciation for HHH, and he answers back.  They say a true test of a man’s medal is a true test of time.  He has done everything in the WWE.  13 times WWE Champion.  He started DX with Shawn Michaels, with Ric Flair, Evolution.  He’s been hated, he’s been loved.  He has defeated Legends, Icons, Immortals, he has done it all.  16 years, it seems like yesterday.  For 16 years, he has outlasted everyone, except for one.  The Deadman, The Phenom, The Undertaker.  He is known as “The Last Outlaw”, not yet….there were two.  They have alot in common, when you look at the locker room, there are no challenges.  There are no tests, and there is one thing to stand before you.  For Taker, it’s the streak, the one thing that keeps him going.  But the truth is HHH is the true challenge Taker has, and the true challenge HHH has is beating the streak.  It will happen at Wrestlemania 27.  The biggest event in history.  Deadman, you and I will define an era.  The last two will meet, and on that night, nothing else will matter.  There can be only one.  At Wrestlemania, you only have one left, the streak.  When it dies, you die.  At Wrestlemania, HHH has only one thing left, the streak, and if he can’t end it, he’ll die trying.

Here comes Sheamus with a smile on his face.  Yup, he’s not wearing the cape, it puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Sheamus enters, and HHH destroys him.  What a great way to say you’re not in my league. 

There goes the announce table.  I smell a Pedigree.

And there it is, Sheamus is laid out.

Tonight, HBK returns, and he speaks out about the upcoming encounter.  We’ll also hear from Michael Cole and his answer to Jerry “The King” Lawler.  And by satellite, The Rock invites WWE to his home, and I guess he will respond to what John Cena had to say last week, but the mic is cut and we go to commercial.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Sheamus getting his ass whooped.

Referees are helping Sheamus to his feet right now, and we hear from….

The Raw GM.

King answers to the reply.

Sheamus still has a match, and it will be against Evan Bourne.

Welcome back Evan.

Evan wins in easy fashion with his signature move, Air Bourne.  Great to see Evan back.

Justin Roberts is now announcing Michael Cole as the “Voice of WWE”.

And here comes Cole.

Cole is speaking, but there is no mic.  He will answer King’s challenge coming up next.

The “Last Outlaw” The Undertaker returns to Smackdown this Friday, and there will be a contract signing between Alberto Del Rio and Edge.  Smackdown will be in Cleveland this week.

We come back with Michael Cole.  He calls out Lawler to get into the ring again.  He wants to remind King that if he strikes him, he will be fired.  Cole asks King if he thought he intimidated him, that he was going to cower down from his Wrestlemania challenge.  There is nobody on this earth that has more guts than Michael Cole.  So his answer to his Wrestlemania challenge is no.

Unless he accepts his 2 stipulations.  1.  His trainer is at his ringside, and 2.  There is a special guest ref.

Jerry doesn’t care about the stipulations, the challenge is on.

Cole celebrates like he won a World Series.  So now he would like to introduce the man who will train him, a former World Champion, The All American-American Jack Swagger.

So, instead of pushing Swagger, a young and up and comer, they have him in a pointless feud?

Swagger goes face to face with King, and Cole eggs him on, even slaps him with King going after Cole, but Swagger catching him with an Ankle Lock. 

Cole is a natural heel here.  No special guest ref being announced yet here.

Still to come, The Rock speaks and Randy Orton is up next, will he answer to CM Punk’s challenge?

Next week, the return to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

And of course, Raw just got worst by having Michael Cole come back to the broadcast.

Here comes Randy Orton.

Orton has the mic, let’s not have any Wrestling matches tonight.

Orton said that Punk was right, he made the biggest mistake of his career 2 and a half years ago, he should have kicked you harder.  Punk will be changed forever, the only thing that Punk will have left after Orton kicks him again is the faith that lived to fail.

Here comes Punk.

You arrogant, yet predictable hypocrite.  Punk knew Orton would show up, and while Orton wants to put Punk in a rehab facility, Punk wants to put Orton through a ground.

Email sound…

It’s official, Punk Vs Orton at Wrestlemania.  Orton will face off against every member of NEXUS the coming week, if they beat Randy, they can accompany Punk to the ring at Mania, but if Randy wins, NEXUS will be banned at Mania.

Orton Vs McGillicutty is up now.

Well McGillicutty’s Wrestlemania dream is gone.  Orton gave him a RKO and the match is done.  Wow, this match had so much “intrigue” and yes, I am being sarcastic.

Punk looks on the ramp, and Orton is setting up for a punt.

Punk wants Orton to stop.  Doesn’t work, he punts Michael.

So, Cena destroyed NEXUS, now it’s Orton’s turn?

Now we see footage of WWE signing the artist formerly called Mistico, now called Sin Cara.

The Miz is coming out next.

Here comes the WWE champion, The Miz.

So The Rock is going to respond to John Cena tonight?  That’s funny, Miz called out The Rock last week too, but we all know why.  He knows that The Miz is right.  This is no longer The Rock’s show.  Sure, at one time this was The Rock’s show, and at one time, this was John Cena’s show, but John’s time is about done, and The Rock has been done for years.  The Miz is the real star tonight.  He is what talk shows want, he is the real face of Raw, and he is the Must-See champion in history.  Is there a trend?  It’s all about The Miz, it always has, and always will be.

Speaking of The Miz, people want to know what is up with the Tag Team Titles.  Let the record show, The Miz won them, and Cena lost them.  So while John Cena is worrying about his raps, he should be worried about The Miz.  But if The Rock and Cena want to have their feud, so be it, but at Wrestlemania, The Miz will beat John Cena, and on the same night, he will beat The Rock.  Did you hear him?  At Wrestlemania, The Miz will defeat John Cena and The Rock on the same night.  Then people will only talk about The Miz.

Alex Riley wants the fans to stand up and show some respect for The Miz.

And here comes John Cena, with some jokes.

Cena said he has had enough, and quite frankly, The Miz is not well.  He has a doctor’s note, The Miz has an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  The Miz is obsessed with being awesome, but he’s actually average, below average actually.  In reality, The Miz has 200 Cats at home, he keeps the poop bags.  Wow, this is utter crap.

Riley now knows why they called toilet bowls Johns, because everything John says is full of crap.

Cena asks The Miz if he realizes that nobody takes him seriously is because of guys like Riley.  You want to build a legacy, you have to do it yourself.  Does he want to evolve a legacy by sharing it with another man?  Okay scratch that, how about this, fire Alex Riley so that The Miz can face Cena one on one at Wrestlemania.

Miz asks if Cena is scared of Riley?  Unlike Cena, Miz is mentoring the young wrestlers of today, instead of hawking merchandise and trying to decide what shorts to wear.

Cena said, okay how about this, he keeps Riley, they can share an apartment together, watch The Notebook, or watch reruns of The Bachelor.

Okay, Cena wants a match with Riley tonight, if Cena wins, Riley is fired.  How about it?

Miz accepts.

On one condition, Miz gives him his word he won’t interfere, but if Alex wins, he wants Cena to publicly admit that he is The Miz, and he is AWESOME!!!

Cena accepts the deal, but the Raw GM has something to say.

To ensure there is no outside interference, Cena Vs Riley will take place inside a steel cage.  The only way to win the match is to escape the cage.

Later tonight, The Rock answers Cena.

Still to come, we hear from HBK.

Eve is in commentary and we have a Diva’s Battle Royal.

One of the Bella Twins are out, Alicia Fox, Tamina.

Melina and Natalya are out too.

Final 3 are Maryse, Gail Kim, and one of the other Bella Twins.

Maryse is eliminated.

Gail Kim throws out the other Bella Twin, but the other one sneaks in and eliminates Gail Kim.

Eve has had enough, she goes over one of them, and the other one comes in and nails her.

Wow, this was pointless.

We get a recap of The Rock and John Cena’s feud, now we will hear from The Great One himself.

We go live to hear from The Rock, he is dressed in a John Cena hat and says “You can’t see me”

Now it’s time to take this crap off.  Finally, The Rock has come back to Monday Night Raw.  He is the champion of the People.  Finally, The Rock has come back to Buffalo.

It’s that electricity that you can cut with a knife, that has every woman to say she wants a piece of The Rock.  It makes every man who stands up and says, come on Rock, let’s kick some candy ass.

Now he knows he has the attention of John Cena.

So let’s get this straight, The Rock comes back to Raw and he said exactly how he felt about Cena, he said he spoke to him man to man, and what is Cena’s response?  He raps to him?  He addresses The Rock in a form of a rap?  Of course he did, that is how a guy in a purple T-shirt, jean shorts, and a dog tag responds.  Yeah!!  Yeah!!  Rock thought it was funny.

Let’s rewind everyone and talk about how this got started.  Cena ripped Rock’s response about how he loves the people, he got on public airwaves and ripped on The Rock’s character, well you just ripped on The Rock’s family.  He was born in the WWE.  His grandfather, “High Cheif” Peter Maivia was in the WWE.  His father, “Soulman” Rocky Johnson was in the WWE.  Both are WWE Hall of Famers.  He was in the WWE, he had his title collection that represents WWE.  Rock achieved his goals, and he wanted more, so he’s not allowed to do that?  And he opened the door to the WWE when he went to Hollywood.  He opened the door to John Cena, for him and WWE.  And what does he do?  He publicly insults The People’s Champion.  Now there are consequences that will take place, he opened the door for a beating of a life time from The Trail Blazing, Pie Eating, Jabroni Beating.  Cena, you say what you want, but The Rock will beat you all the way from here all the way to Buffalo.

The Rock is hosting Wrestlemania, but more importantly, he’ll be addressing you sooner than you think.  The People’s Spirit is everywhere, and it’s that spirit that can electrify the people at Buffalo, just like that.

Lights are turned off,

Buffalo, get ready, cause in a few seconds right now, you will feel the electricity, because when The Rock addresses Cena, the millions, and millions will bring it to Wrestlemania, they will bring it to the world.  John Cena, The Rock is no rapper, and clearly, neither are you, but open your lids and shut your mouth and listen to The Rock, who has a special gift from The People’s Champ to you. 

The Rock is back, to scratch a major itch, so enjoy your Fruity Pebbles, you Yabba Dabba Bitch.

The Rock addresses you like a man, and in these eyes you will be looking at that exact moment, you will smell what The Rock is cooking.

Wow, business has just picked up.

Still to come, a steel cage match between The Fruity Pebbles man himself, John Cena Vs Alex Riley.

Coming up next, HBK sounds off on Undertaker Vs HHH.

HHH will take on Undertaker at Wrestlemania, one man knows them both, HBK.  What are his thoughts?

When he found out there was the match, he said he was happy that HHH will get that opportunity to beat the streak, but then he is also disappointed he couldn’t get the job done.  He surely has history with both of them.  It’s a huge mountain to climb to face Taker at Mania.  And facing HHH can be aggressive.  He doesn’t think he has ever seen a hint of compassion, yet he is one of his best friends in the business.  That is the reason he has a chance to beat the streak.  Words can’t describe.  Who is he rooting for?  Obviously, he is rooting for HHH but he can honestly say he doesn’t know how he is going to feel if, and when he beats that streak.

Here comes Daniel Bryan for a match.

I guess not, The Miz attacks him.

He gives Bryan a Skull Crushing Finale on the floor.

The Miz now has a mic, he said he did it because he can.  Welcome to The Miz Show, he is done waiting, bring down the cage, and start the match.

Main event is coming up next.

John Cena wins by escaping into the steel cage, and The Miz answered it with a Skull Crushing Finale.  We saw some live tweeting though by both Cena and The Miz, which is funny, but Alex Riley is fired, and he is relegated to jobbing duties very shortly.  The Miz stands tall though at the ramp, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, I’ll be blunt, this show wasn’t good.  It clearly is not a showcase of the younger talent, except for The Miz.  Sheamus looked awful, Jack Swagger went from winning Money in the Bank at last year’s Wrestlemania, to training Michael Cole for his Wrestlemania match.  Not a good upgrade.  However here is the good things.

We finally get an explanation from HHH, and it was good to hear from him again.  He made it clear that this might be his last dance because he has nothing left to go after, except one thing.  But then, Sheamus comes out and gets absolutely destroyed, not just by Hunter, but by, and here is another good thing.

The return of Evan Bourne.  Evan looked very good, but you have to wonder how long will his stop and start push last this time?

Another good thing was finally hearing The Miz speak out to John Cena and talk about how Cena doesn’t help out the younger wrestlers, like he does.  I’ll never forget Cena told Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, and The Miz how they aren’t in his league a few years ago.  Dibiase hasn’t been seen as the same since.

But the best part was of course hearing from The Rock again.  I’ll say this again, nobody has the crowd at the palm of his hand, like The Rock has.  The only good thing out of this though is a match between Cena and The Rock.  This has to happen, even if Rock puts Cena over.  Rock has stated he will never wrestle again, but why bring this up if wrestling each other isn’t the ultimate plan?  Regardless, Rock was on tonight.

But here is the bad things, the way they treat NEXUS is absolutely horrible.  These guys were brought in as original, they were brought in and attacked the entire Raw roster and was brought in to be unstoppable.  Then Summerslam took place, and they haven’t been looked at as the same since.  I was hoping that Punk leading them would be brought in differently, but it’s not.  They are still jobbers, who will never amount to much, despite being second generation Wrestlers, like McGillicutty and Husky Harris are.

The way they treated the women tonight was absolutely stupid, what’s worst is they are pushing The Bellas, yet they don’t offer much.  They should be valets where they put over the talent. 

So, here we are.  Tonight’s Raw just wasn’t that good, but do you agree?  Disagree?  Let me know through email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or let me know through the site.


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