WWE Smackdown 3/4/11…The Last Outlaw Speaks

A few notes here before I begin, first things first…Happy Birthday to my Dad, Don Gillman.  He told me today that he is a big fan of my work.  Thank you Dad, you rock.  Second, my Cleveland Cavaliers found a way to beat the New York Knicks today, yes, that’s how I roll.  Cavs have beaten the Knicks 3 times of the 12 wins they have this season.  If that’s not a statement, I don’t know what is.  You can certainly fill in the blank over what statement it says though.  And third, no Smackdown report next weekend.  I am traveling to Dayton, Ohio for a state bowling tournament, so I will not have much time to write, but I will have a brief report early in the following week.  Just a few notes here and there.  Okay, here we go.

We are in Cleveland, Ohio.  I didn’t attend the taping because I was busy bowling on my Tuesday night team, so I am watching the show as it is tonight.  Let’s do this.

We start the show off with footage from last week, Mixed tag team match that saw Vickie Guerrero fired.  Teddy Long sure loves to fire his workers lately.

Tonight, we get a contract signing between Alberto Del Rio and Edge for Wrestlemania 27.

Speaking of the Rated R Superstar, here comes Edge.

Edge said that he will be out later in the show for the official contract signing between Edge and Alberto Del Rio.  He is looking forward to it because he wants Del Rio to look deep in his eyes to see what it takes to be a champion.  What it takes to main event Wrestlemania. 

 But Alberto ruined his going away party last week from Vickie Guerrero.  But here is the awesome part, Vickie is gone.  He wants the crowd to sing on more time.

Here comes Drew McIntyre, attacking Edge….out goes Drew McIntyre, because Edge threw him out.

Here comes Teddy Long.  He wants to thank Drew for getting Vickie fired last week, but if Drew doesn’t get back in the ring to battle Edge one on one, then he too will be fired.

Edge wants the crowd to thank Drew and we go to a commercial break.

The match between Edge and Drew McIntyre takes place now.

Edge wins with a modified Lion Tamer, and not a spear.  He sent a message to Alberto Del Rio that he too can make his opponents tap.

Still to come tonight, Kane will take on The Big Show.  The Undertaker returns tonight and will speak on his Wrestlemania challenge.

Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Booker T welcome us to the show, Cole said he has accepted Jerry “The King” Lawler’s challenge at Wrestlemania, more on that later.

Here comes Rey Mysterio….it seems it’s “Dashing” Rey Mysterio.  Oh wait, it’s “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.  Oh boy, he had me fooled.

They show us footage from last week when father and son, The Rhodes’ turn on Rey Mysterio.

Cody asked the fans do not look at him.

That feeling the fans have of wanting to see Rey Mysterio is disappointment.  Lately, he has been the king of disappointment everyday because he looks at what was once a dashing future reduced to this.

The fans chant they want Rey.

Cody said that he convinced his father to help give Rey a 1/10 of punishment that he had.  When he removed his mask from his head, when he rubbed his face on the mat, it felt good.  Nothing has felt good lately, he knew then it was the right thing to do.  What else is the right thing to do?  Cody knows his father is watching right now.  He doesn’t want to disappoint him.  He doesn’t want some “side-show freak” like Rey Mysterio to keep him from becoming World Heavyweight Champion, so he wants to challenge Rey to a match at Wrestlemania 27.  If he does that, he guarantees that he will rip Rey’s mask off and disgrace him on the grandest stage of them all.

Kane is backstage when The Corre shows up.  Wade Barrett said that Kane’s greatest victory in his career was due to some of their help.  Kane didn’t need any of their help, and he doesn’t need it now.  Big Zeke told Kane to think about it.

Coming up next, WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line, Santino and Kozlov taking on Slater and Gabriel.

WWE Tag Team Title match is up now.

Slater and Gabriel win when The Corre distracted Santino and Slater gave him The Sweetness (STO).  The Tag Team champions retain the titles.

Next week, Christian returns to Smackdown.

They show us footage from last week when Alberto Del Rio took out Christian and put him out of action for 6 months.

They show us footage from Elimination Chamber 2 weeks ago when Christian saved Edge from a beatdown by Del Rio.

Del Rio is backstage, getting ready for his big Wrestlemania contract signing.  There is a painter that is almost painting Del Rio justice…almost.

The Undertaker speaks coming up next.

Josh, Cole, and Booker come back and show us clips of HHH speaking at Raw this past Monday about ending the streak at Wrestlemania.

Here comes The Deadman.

He said that he finds it mystifying that even the Great Ones can’t realize that there are mountains that can’t be climbed, seas that can’t be sailed, and streaks that can’t be broken.

He heard HHH’s comments this past Monday on Raw, and he couldn’t find much that he couldn’t agree with.  He said they are the last of a dying breed.  HHH is as great as he says he is.  In Taker’s opinion, HHH is the greatest champion in a decade and a half.  But the one thing he found interesting is when HHH said he figured out how to bury The Undertaker once and for all, and that is to beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  Easier said than done.  HHH said he is going to put everything on the table and go for broke,  if he wins, he will be hailed as The Game, as The King of Kings.  But if he loses, and he will lose, he will become nothing more than a statistic.  Become another name to try to beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  Make no mistake about it, he doesn’t play a game, and he bows to no man, especially at Wrestlemania.  He will find out what the other 18 men came to find out, that he is The Last Outlaw, and he will find out what it means to rest in peace.

Still to come, the World Heavyweight Championship contract signing for Wrestlemania.  Also, Kane will face The Big Show.

WWE signed new superstar Sin Cara, otherwise known as Mistico.

Divas time.  Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes will take on Laycool.

Laycool wins the match when Michelle kicked Beth Phoenix in the face and Layla pinned her.  They did show some dissention though, is Laycool breaking up?

Coming up next, Big Show taking on Kane.

Kane was DQ’d when The Corre handed Kane a char, and he whacked him.  Then The Corre came into the ring and attacked Show, but Kane whacked Justin Gabriel too.  Very strange, could this be the new formation of the most dominated tag team in WWE history?

Wrestlemania run down.

HBK video from Raw where he talks about the up coming match.

And here comes The All American-American Jack Swagger.  The man who will train Michael Cole for his match with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Cole wants to introduce the man who will train him, the man who will help him defeat Jerry “The King” Lawler at Wrestlemania.  Cole wants us to join him in Dallas on Monday when he announces who his special guest referee is.  This man is awesome, and just like Lebron James, Cole, Swagger, and the Special Guest Ref, Cleveland stinks.

When we come back, there is a match in progress, Jack Swagger taking on JTG.

Ankle Lock, match is over.

John Cena-The Rock video is being played now.

Edge is coming out, he sees the painting and adds a moustache for Del Rio and kicks the painter to the curb, contract signing is next.

This Monday, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is back on Raw.

Teddy Long is out here and here comes the two Wrestlemania participants, Alberto Del Rio and Edge.

His name is Alberto Del Rio, but of course, you already knew that.  Welcome to his Wrestlemania contract signing, and first, Ricardo Rodriguez will sing the Mexican National Anthem, which he does, but Edge interrupts him.  How rude.

They stare each other down and Teddy asks can’t we have one contract signing not end in chaos, the crowd chants no.

Edge said that once the signing is done, the party is over with.  Del Rio has never competed in a Wrestlemania main event, and he is an 11 time champion.

Del Rio knows that, but the contract is just a piece of paper, this is his destiny.

Edge reiterates and says destiny can change in a second, his destiny could mean losing to Edge.

Del Rio said he is right about one thing, once he signs the contract, it means the end for Edge.

Del Rio signs the contract.

Edge signs the contract and informs Teddy he has his answer, and he attacks Del Rio.

Edgucution, and he sets up for the spear, but Ricardo Rodriguez grabbed Edge’s knee and Del Rio went for the attack, slapped on the Cross Arm breaker and rams him into the barricade.  Del Rio puts Edge’s arm in a chair and here comes Christian to help him out. 

The show ends when officials hold Christian back.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, this certainly is Wrestlemania time and if you are here for Wrestling matches, the time is not right.  But having said that, it was a fun show to watch.  Seeing The Undertaker, right before Wrestlemania is special.  No doubt, this match between he and HHH might mean an end of an era, even if no career is at stake.  Now, the two need to be in the ring together.  No doubt, this Monday on Raw, no reason to not have Undertaker there at his home state.

Edge and Del Rio just reignited their feud and now that the contract is signed, the build is set.  I wonder though if it had been a good idea to bring Christian out during this.  Del Rio has to be built strongly, and too many beat downs by Edge or Christian might hurt him a bit, but if it gives us an Edge and Christian reunion, even if it’s just a week, then I am all for it.

Speaking of tag teams, my guess is Kane and Big Show will reignite that team.  For a span of 7 months, they were one of the most dominating teams in 2005-2006.  I think their match at Mania might be a tag team against The Corre.  We’ll see.

Other than that, everything else was there.  To me, Jack Swagger was there, but you wouldn’t know it if you blinked, plus Cole did all of the talking, only to set up Raw this Monday.  Hey, if Swagger is there, that’s fine too.

Speaking of Raw, Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his return to Raw in Dallas.  You have to figure he’ll have a role set for Mania, the question is what is it?  We’ll tune in and find out this Monday.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me an email at DJkevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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