WWE Monday Night Raw 3/7/11…A Stone Cold Return

Tonight, we are in Dallas, Texas.  Stone Cold Steve Austin will be back in a WWE ring since he was the guest host last year.  Will we see any stunners?  I am sure we will, but the question is who will get one?  Or two?  Let’s find out.

Footage is shown from last week when HHH explained to us why he wants The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Here comes The Phenom, I thought we might see him in his own home state of Texas.

WWE must have paid the Johnny Cash family a boat load of money since they are using his song for Taker’s entrance, at least until Wrestlemania.

Taker said at Wrestlemania, two legends will collide, and at the end there can only be one Last Outlaw.

Taker said the word on the street is this is the year the streak is broken.  Father time will finally catch up to him.  There are also those people who think HHH is the one man who can bring an end to the streak.  HHH, Taker wants to remind him what has happened the last 2 Wrestlemanias.  What happened to someone who thought he could bring an end to the streak, perhaps the greatest of all time, Shawn Michaels.

Footage is shown of Taker beating Shawn Michaels.

Taker said he will take care of things at Wrestlemania, no DQ’s, no Countouts, this will be a No Holds Barred.  The one thing that will happen is a definite end.  If HHH ends the streak, he will die.  Or HHH will die trying.  At Wrestlemania, HHH will rest in peace.

Later tonight, John Cena will respond one final time to The Rock, and Stone Cold will return.

We go backstage and see Randy Orton fighting off NEXUS, CM Punk told Randy he sent McGillicutty to the shelf, where they will send him is much, much worse.

Orton tries to fight back, but Punk catches him with a GTS.  He orders Mason Ryan to pick him up and drag him to the ring now, and we go to a commercial.

When we come back, we see Ryan and Otunga beating down on Orton a bit, but the one on one match is set, and it’s Orton Vs Otunga now.

And this match is quick with the predictable Orton RKO.  Then he kicks Otunga in the head.  Damn, they might as well disband NEXUS by now.  They sure aren’t threats anymore.

Michael Cole will reveal who the special guest referee is for his upcoming match with Jerry “The King” Lawler at Wrestlemania later on.

The Miz is not here tonight, and he left a Twitter message saying he is boycotting the show over what happened to Alex Riley.

Now Christian is making his way to the ring, a Smackdown guy is wrestling on Raw.  I guess there are no brand splits anymore.

His opponent is Alberto Del Rio, who is with Brodus Clay.

His name is Alberto Del Rio, but of course, you already know that.  It’s his destiny to be World Heavyweight Champion, at Wrestlemania.  And Christian, they will fight, but not tonight.  Instead, if he wants Del Rio, he has to face Brodus Clay.

Here we go.

Christian wins with a Tornado DDT, not The Killswitch, then Del Rio puts a boot to Christian and beats him down.  He has a Cross Arm Breaker on Christian.

This was a good match, but for new rookies, I wouldn’t have them to lose to established stars quite yet.  Sometimes, I miss the days of enhancement talent to get over the new guys.

They show us clips of The Rock’s war of words with Cena last week.  Rock put Cena to shame, does he have an answer?  This will be a “Final Knockout” tonight.

Still to come, the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Video footage of Sin Cara is airing, I want to see him in the ring.

The newest inductee to the Hall of Fame induction?

It’s a sunny day, Tammy Sytch is the new nominee.  Very good for her.

Speaking of divas, here comes the WWE Diva’s champion.  Eve is set for her match with Nikki Bella, so it was Nikki that won the match.  That encounter is up next.

Eve taking on Nikki Bella is on now.

Eve won the match with a Rolling Cutter.  The Bellas tried the Switch-A-Roo, but the referee finally caught them, but Eve prevailed.  However, Cole interrupted this match and basically said nobody cares about this match.  Some may have laughed about it, but this is where women’s wrestling have become. 

Cole will make his announcement over who the special guest ref is for his “main event” match with Lawler at Wrestlemania.

Good gravy, Snooki of Jersey Shore is going to be the guest star at Raw next week.

Last week, Cole revealed that Jack Swagger, “The All American-American” will train Cole.

He is proud of that.  Cole says at Wrestlemania, he will compete in his very first match, and it will be the “main event”.  In his hand, he has a contract and the special guest referee will sign it off.  He respects Lawler, so he has decided to get someone who will be partial, and he talked to the guy this past week, and he assured Cole he will call it “down the middle”.  He is a former World Champion, he is a legendary Texan.  You know he is here, we have been waiting for him for an hour.  So let’s chant his name “Austin, Austin, Austin”.

The fans are being suckered in.

The referee is none other than JBL.

JBL is back, in all of his glory here.

JBL and Cole hug, he said after being away for two years, we finally get to see a true champion, unlike what Dallas has had.  He knew the former and longest WWE Smackdown champion would get cheered by the fans.  JBL is going to Wrestlemania, the main event.  Nobody has ever debuted in a main event at Wrestlemania.  He saw the dues that Cole had to go through to become a top star.  He saw Lawler treat Cole like a bully for so many years.  He is so proud that Cole is standing up to a bully.  He is glad Jack Swagger is training him.  There is just one thing missing, a biased referee.  Nobody can buy JBL, he is a man of integrity, and this is why he is here.  When he signs a contract, JBL comes home.  We will tell our kids, our grandchildren about the fact that JBL is coming back home to main event Wrestlemania.

Glass breaks son, here comes Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Bradshaw got into Austin’s face, and well you don’t do that.

Middle finger, kick to the gut…stunner….drink some beer.

Austin is looking at that contract, he is going to do what we want him to do, perhaps and sign the contract himself.

If the fans want him to sign the contract, give me a HELL YEAH


And he does, so it’s official, Stone Cold is going to be the special guest referee, and Cole is livid about this.

That’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.

He went up to Cole, wished him luck in his match, and poured beer all over Cole.  Very funny, the wrestling world has missed him.

Austin hands JBL a beer, JBL takes it, they toast each other and Austin gives him another stunner for good measure.  What a moment for sure.

More footage from The Rock’s speech last week, calling out Cena.

Later tonight, John Cena responds.

Swagger is backstage with Cole very upset about what just happened, and here comes Jerry “The King” Lawler for the rest of the show.

We have a match, this is between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.

Daniel wins with a count out after Sheamus hurt his ankle and Sheamus couldn’t answer the 10 count.

Sheamus has had a losing streak the last few months.  But he urges that will change next week when he becomes new U.S. Champion, what do you say fella?  If he doesn’t win the US Title, he will quit.  Bryan agrees to it.

Coming up next, HBK speaks out part 2.

R-Truth has a match with CM Punk, we know that means.

Yup, Punk wins with an Anaconda Vice.  Not a bad match, but very short.

The BK piece is the very same piece he had last week, except it was cut in half, talking about HHH’s dark side, and how he has a good chance of beating Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  Nothing we didn’t see last week.

Here comes Vickie Guerrero, she has something to say…next.

Excuse Me!!!!!!

Vickie is here to introduce the newest Raw superstar and former World Champion….Dolph Ziggler.

His opponent tonight is John Morrison.

Ziggler wins the match with a Zig Zag when things didn’t look so good.  Good match though.

Email sound.

King comes in and reads that he did hire Ziggler for Raw, but not Vickie. 

The Raw GM said that if Vickie wins her match next week, she can get her job for Raw.  Her opponent?  Trish Stratus.

More footage from last week with The Rock.

Coming up next, John Cena will respond.

The Chaperone is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow, exclusively at Walmart.

Here comes John Cena.

Cena is impressed by the crowd in Texas.  Some people are happy, some are angry, and there is one person in particular that is angry at Cena, and he is The Rock.  But he doesn’t understand why Rock is upset, he thinks it’s funny when Rock impersonates Cena, but he said something a few weeks ago and he got mad. 

He was angry Cena addressed him in rap, and tonight, Cena will address him in hip hop.

Last week Rock showed his ass was soft, he was in his living room and wouldn’t take his glasses off.  He couldn’t afford a plane ticket, or rent a helicopter?  He chose to stay home and read a teleprompter.  He could see him reading lines through his glasses, rewind it back, he caught him.  The only time he would see him homie is when he is whipping that rock bottom.  They say The Rock is unbeatable, they’ll put John Cena on the shelf, but the only one Rock is beating, is himself.  And once again, Cena is standing here, where is Rock?  He gets it, he is a fruity pebble while Rock is a Yabba Dabba Disgrace.  He yelled for 30 minutes, bragging about himself, he made him throw up.  You want to be the People’s champ Rock?  Here is a tip, just show up.  He is so glad this thing is over, he can cross it off his list, Rock didn’t win, but that’s okay, he’ll give him a pearl necklace.  It’s not his fault Rock, he makes it so easy to attack him, he might as well attack his dog cause every week, he eats his Schizu.

They show a video of The Rock indeed eating a Schizu.

But he made him angry, he didn’t want to see him hurt, so to make amends, he bought The Rock’s brand new T-shirt….

It says “I Bring It Via Satellite”

Rock, make them chant your name, raise an eyebrow, and make it a fun night, but don’t ever call him out because that is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Cena thinks he won, but The Miz nails him with the title belt.

Miz raises his title, then nails Cena again with the belt.  He grabs the mic, now it’s his time to talk.

He said that he and his little buddy The Rock has disrespected him for the last time.  Does Cena see a pattern?  Everytime Rock and Cena get their panties in a wad, he gets nailed by The Miz, and the same thing would happen to The Rock, if he were here.

Cena likes to rap, well try this one for size.

The Rock, John Cena, Macho Man, and Liz, Stone Cold, Bret Hart…they are nothing compared to The Miz.

One more thing…

Hello Rock.

They haven’t been properly introduced, he is The Miz….the STAR of Wrestlemania.  Rock is the host, so he should know his role and be the best Ryan Seacrest he can be. And if he has the guts to show up on Raw or Wrestlemania, he will take his 45 catch phrases, his sunglasses, his father, his grandfather, turn it up sideways, and stick it up his candy ass.  Because he is The Miz…..and he is.

Cena gets up, and Miz gives him a Skull Crushing Finale, then pulls off a perfect People’s Elbow.


This ends the show with the WWE Champion on top.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I guess there has been a Twitter battle all this week about who is better between The Rock and Cena.  Yes, Cena is staying in WWE, but make no mistake about it, without The Rock, there never would be John Cena.

And The Miz, for that matter, but let’s talk about this show.  Much better than last week, not many matches, but the talking certainly meant something more, and the ending was perfect.  Miz told and showed Cena to never, ever forget about him, and his match at Mania is with The Miz, not The Rock.  Of course we all thought that “protest” would be a ruse, so even though we were expecting it, it still was awesome.  (Pun intended).

As far as Cena’s “battle” he thought he won, but he really didn’t.

Moving on.

The return of Stone Cold Steve Austin was also the big story here as he revealed he will be the special guest ref to Lawler Vs Cole and the beer dousing was nice, I also enjoyed seeing the return of JBL.  Even if it was just to get stunned.  The question is what role will Jack Swagger play in this?  We will find out.

Sheamus Vs Daniel Bryan, with Sheamus “quitting” if he doesn’t win next week?  So, we have another career match involved here in Wrestling?  Whatever.

Speaking of storylines that mean nothing, while it’s nice to see Dolph Ziggler on Raw, the way he was brought in was just stupid.  So gets “fired” for taking out the Smackdown GM, a human.  So why did the Raw GM hire him?  Because he is not “human”?

Vickie Guerrero Vs Trish Stratus next week, it would not surprise me if Vickie wins.

Orton Vs NEXUS, I am already bored, just tell us that it will be CM Punk Vs Randy Orton at Wrestlemania with no interference.

The Undertaker returns to say he will beat HHH.  I am surprised HHH didn’t show up here, but always good to see “The Last Outlaw”.

Overall, a good show tonight with a fantastic ending that sets up Wrestlemania very good.  The question though becomes will The Rock show up next week?  What did you think of the show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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