TNA Impact 3/17/11…The Road To Lockdown Begins

I won’t bore you with the PPV thoughts, because by now you already know what happened, and the aftermath with Jeff Hardy.  Needless to say, the man has been sent home and I truly hope that he gets the help he needs, but something also tells me that this is a storyline.  It wouldn’t be the first time, nor the last time, so nothing surprises me anymore.

Having said that, Lockdown build is starting up tonight, so let’s see how it starts.

We kick off Impact with the TNA champion, Sting making his way to the Impact Zone.  He has 2 titles, a brand new title that looks a million times better than the “Hardy” belt.

Sting wants Hogan and Bischoff out to the ringside now, and here they come.

He hands Hogan Hardy’s title and Hogan throws it away.  He asks Hogan how does it feel to destroy a superstar?  A shining star like Jeff Hardy.  He said that this wasn’t the same man he was when he got here, because when he first got here, he was excited to be here and shook his hand.  Hardy is his own man, and he makes his own choices, but Hogan still paints a picture that isn’t even real.  Sting can do alot for 50 of those guys who have hunger, talent, and are ready to go.

Hogan said that Sting is a Johnny-come-lately who comes and goes when he wants.  It’s not Immortal that let down Jeff Hardy, it’s Jeff Hardy that let down Immortal down, and even on Hardy’s best day, he can’t hang in the shadow of Hulk Hogan, and his short comings are what led to the demise of Jeff.

If Immortal is down, then why is everyone on their top of the game?  Matt Hardy is at the top of his game, and Sting better watch his own back.  Ever since he took control of Impact, he has main event players on Hogan’s phone wanting to be in the game.  And anyone can be replaced, including Stinger and Hardy.  Nobody is safe.

Sting says if everyone wants in, then why does he only see these two every week?

Enter Bully Ray.

Bully Ray has called Hulk, this is his opportunity he has been waiting for 20 years, and the truth is if it wasn’t for Hogan, there would be no wrestling business today.  Sting is a co-star, he is a member of the band, he is a coat-tail, and if anyone knows “coattails” it’s Bully Ray.  He has been carrying Devon for 15 years. 

He’ll never forget the first day he met Sting, he is jealous, but the worst part is he has the fans fooled.  Sting is selfish, it’s not about the guys in the back, it’s about Sting because he has never been able to one-up Hogan ever.

Ray would love to be a part of Immortal, and the first order of the business, he would love to take the TNA Title from Sting. 

Hogan said he wants a title shot, brother….

Here comes Fortune.

We come back from a break, no wrestling matches yet.  A.J. says let’s make one thing clear, there are 4 men in the ring that go by the name of Fortune, and they have Sting’s back 100%.  Now Bully Ray, what did you want to do when he got into the business?  He wanted to be a single wrestler, but that didn’t happen, instead for 15 years he had a partner that carried his back.  Without Devon, there would be no tag team titles, without Devon, there would be no Team 3-D, the truth is Ray can’t carry it on his own.

Ray wants to beat down A.J., but he doesn’t want Dixie to breast feed A.J.  A.J. is a small man in the ring with giants, now let’s talk about a title shot.  A.J. wants to know about title shots, he slaps Ray around. 

Hogan gets in the between the two of them, and here comes Mr. Anderson.

Anderson wants to know where his title rematch is, and Hogan’s answer is he really is an asshole.  Anderson agrees.

Hogan said Anderson couldn’t beat RVD, so he is out of the mix, and he is out of the equation.  But Anderson replied that RVD couldn’t beat him either, so it’s his call….Terrence.

Bischoff said let’s stop this, the network wants ratings, so why not we have a 4-way tonight.  RVD Vs Mr. Anderson Vs A.J. Styles Vs Bully Ray, for the number one contenders.

Anderson doesn’t want it, but Hogan and Bischoff just did.

Kurt Angle enters the building, and he has a present for the Jarretts, it’s a big surprise.

We are backstage with A.J. running into RVD.  He wants RVD to watch his back, RVD doesn’t want it, they have such a big history together, he wants to win the match and A.J. can do what he does, that’s the way he wants, every man for themselves.

TNA Knockout title open challenge match, Madison Rayne taking on the returning Alyssa Flash.

Madison Rayne wins in very quick fashion with her Eat Defeat finishing move, and here comes Mickie James. 

Mickie is through with this, she wants a match against Madison Rayne at Lockdown.   Madison will do it if she puts her hair on the line.

The Pope are with some people that he handpicked to be a part of his congregation.  A “blind” person, a “fat” person, and a “wheelchaired” person.  Pope wants to do some healing.

Anderson is in the back with Hogan.  He wants to know why he has to wrestle for a title shot he already owns.  Hogan is still trying to tell him he didn’t beat RVD at Victory Road.  Anderson doesn’t want to hear it, and Hulk said he either does things the hard way, or the easy way.  Anderson wants the camera out of the office.

Here is The Pope.

Pope can heal people.  And he wants to prove it.

The dude is wearing Ray-Bans, it seems.

Wow, he just made the “blind” man see.

Wow, he just made the man stand, HE CAN WALK!!!!

Well, he couldn’t make the woman lose weight, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Now here comes Joe.

Pope said he is right here, then he runs away from him and grabs Okada with a knife.  Don’t step on Pope’s foot.

He kicked and shoved Okada down, wow, this was a bad segment.

Still to come, Fatal 4-Way for the Number One Contendership, A.J. Styles Vs Bully Ray Vs Mr. Anderson Vs RVD.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, and we go backstage and somehow Okada is tied up with Pope torturing him.  He takes the mask off, but doesn’t like what he looks like, put the mask back on.

RVD is now accusing Mr. Anderson of joining Immortal, where is the proof?  Who’s to say RVD isn’t a part of Immortal, he just blew off A.J.  RVD said let’s find out later tonight.

Fatal 4-way is still to come.

The Beautiful People are preparing for their streetfight later tonight with Sarita, Rosita, and Hernandez.  Winter comes in and tells Velvet that Winter is in the match, and not Velvet.  Now the two are fighting for Angelina’s affections.

Angelina leaves with Winter.

Good Gravy, where is a match?  Nope, now we have The Jarretts.

“The Ultra Male” has something to say tonight.  At the end of the day, he has nothing left to prove.  He has beaten Kurt, he has embarrassed Kurt, and he has humiliated Kurt.  Not one shed of dignity is left of the man.  For the good of the kids, he can’t do this anymore to their “second father”.  He is offering a truce to Kurt Angle.  He wants forgiveness from Kurt.

Here comes Angle, with a gift.

Kurt said that Jeff is a father and a man he can never be.  So he wants a gift to show they can go their own way, and co-exist.

Jarrett isn’t sure that he is being sincere.

Jeff opens it up, and it’s a guitar.

Jeff loves it, but Kurt whacks him with it.  Karen tried to low blow him, but Kurt is wearing a cup and throws it at Karen. 

Kurt wants a match against Jarrett at Lockdown.  It’s time for Kurt to get medevil on his ass.  Either the match or Kurt comes find Jarrett and he makes his life so miserable he doesn’t want to live another day.  Jarrett agrees to it, it’s real…it’s damn real.

Bischoff is in his office with Gunner, Murphy, and Rob Terry.  Abyss can’t defend the TV Title, so they stripped him of the title, but tonight these three men have to fight for the TV Title.  Set their loyalties to the side, and know the best man wins the match and the best man is TV Champion in Immortal.

Still to come, 6 person mixed tag streetfight.  Angelina Love, Winter, and Matt Morgan taking on Rosita, Sarita, and Hernandez.

Also, still to come, Fatal 4-way for the Number One Contendership on the line.

Karen is on the phone with 911, asking for police to come to the Impact Zone now.

Video package of the 3 men involving the TV Title match.

Gunner Vs Murphy Vs “The Freak” Rob Terry is on now.

Gunner defeated Rob Terry and Murphy with an Inverted DDT, he is the new TNA TV Champion.  The one good thing is Gunner showed some personality, now maybe we can see what he can do in the ring.

It’s time for A.J. Styles to shine.  Flair interrupted the interview, telling him he will never be champion again, but Styles slaps him for an answer.

6 People mixed tag streetfight is up next.

The cops have arrived and are trying to calm Karen Jarrett down.  Karen goes with the cops and will take care of things, Jeff will do what he has to do.

Hernandez, Sarita, and Rostia Vs Matt Morgan, Angelina Love, and Winter is on now.

Hernandez is saying welcome to Mexican America, they are taking over.

The match is on now, and for those of you keeping score at home, and you know who you are, Angelina has new music.

Winter pins Rosita with a swinging backbreaker, after the match that same fan that was at Victory Road comes in and attacks Morgan and helps Hernandez, but Morgan comes back on them.  Hernandez and the dude escape the ring.  Matt Morgan is a beast.

Coming up next, Fatal 4-way between A.J. Vs Bully Ray Vs Mr. Anderson Vs RVD, the winner becomes the Number One Contender.

Video package between Mr. Anderson and RVD.

Main event match is up now.

The official decision is a double pin between RVD and Mr. Anderson, but the story here is what happened in the end.  Ray decked Earl Hebner with he and A.J. tearing each other up all the way up the ramp.  When A.J. has things his way, Ric Flair came from behind, gave him a low blow and Ray delivered a Bubba Bomb through the table.  So, both of them got wood.  EMT’s came out and put A.J. on a stretcher, wheeled him into an ambulance and the camera guy was trying to get into Kaz’s face, and Kaz didn’t want any part of it as he is calling A.J.’s wife, and this is how we end the show this week.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What an angle to end the show, whether you liked it or not, the one positive out of this is the building of Lockdown, something they hadn’t done for the last few months.  The main event was also very fun to watch between 4 capable men.  I absolutely love this new Bully Ray character we have now.  He does everything well, and tonight, he looked very good.  That was quite a leap just to get some wood, so kudos to Ray, and A.J. for taking the fall.

I also loved the segment between Kurt Angle and The Jarretts.  Some fun things, setting up their encounter at Lockdown.

We will also see a Lethal Lockdown match, Sting will face someone for the TNA Title.  Might I add, I love the new title too.  And, we get a Knockout Title match of epic proportions.  Mickie is putting her hair on the line.  Much better than say your career.

The rest of the show was there, nothing great, the Joe-Pope segment was a waste of time, there were other ways they could have done this, but it is what it is.

I expect next week’s show to be better.  What did you think of the show?  Give me your thoughts by emailing me at or drop me a line on the site.


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