WWE Superstars 3/24/11…Mixed Tag Match Explodes!!!

We start tonight’s show with the hottest feud going in WWE, that’s right you know what I am talking about…The Masterpiece Chris Masters and Tyler Reks.  The match takes place now with Matt Striker and Jack Corpella are calling the action.

When Masters has your arms locked in, you’re done.  That was the case for Mr. Reks.  Match was okay, but hopefully this feud will come to an end now.

We see footage from last Smackdown when The Corre destroy Santino, Kozlov, and Big Show, with Kane.  Very impressive to see.

Tomorrow night, Wade Barrett tries to become the new Intercontinental Champion as he faces off against Kofi Kingston.  It doesn’t look good for Kofi.

More great action tonight, The Great Khali and Yoshi Tatsu are partners.  Scott Stanford, “The Man” is with Josh Matthews, and the opponents are The Uso Brothers.

Khali and Tatsu win the match with a Punjabi Plunge by Khali, and that is all she wrote.

Still to come, Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim will take on Tyson Kidd and Melina.

The official Wrestlemania 27 theme music is “Written in the Stars” by Tinie Tempah, featuring Eric Turner.

The same video that was played this past week on Raw centering HHH Vs The Undertaker with various superstars.

Main event time, a mixed tag team match between Gail Kim and Daniel Bryan against Melina and Tyson Kidd,  the match is up next.

Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim win the match with a Labell Lock on Tyson Kidd.  There was some flying by the women and wrestling by the guys.  A  good match to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A solid show tonight, especially the main event.  Always good to see Daniel and Gail Kim wrestle, and I can’t forget about my favorite WWE Diva Melina.  They even allowed Tyson to show off a bit, which is always good.

The rest of the matches were okay, nothing to get excited about but maybe Tyler Reks Vs Masters feud is done?  It’s time to move on from there.

Overall, a better show than last week.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a note on the site.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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