WWE Monday Night Raw 3/28/11…The Final Countdown

The final edition of Monday Night Raw before the biggest PPV of the year this Sunday, Wrestlemania.  Already, we have found out that The Undertaker and HHH will have a face to face meeting, we’ll also get to see The Rock, The Miz, and John Cena in the same building, which means anything and everything can happen.  Keep checking throughout the night, I will be giving you my take on the show.  Chicago is usually very vocal and they let us know how they feel.  Will they boo Cena?

Oh to be in Chicago tonight, here we go.

We start the show off with Chicago’s own CM Punk.  He is sitting in the ring.  He is afraid that the people in Atlanta won’t give him the ovation that “his” people in Chicago are.  Just like his people were NEXUS, and he watched Randall Keith Orton take them out one by one.  While Orton lives in a fantasy world, Punk is a realist.  Whether you are a part of NEXUS or you are in Chicago, it doesn’t matter to Punk.  You get punted in the head?  it’s not Punk’s problem.  His problem is Randall Keith Orton.  The crowd now turns on Punk.

He said if he wants someone to give him a cup of coffee, he can snap his finger and a sheep can go get it for him.  Punk said that Orton made the ultimate mistake, last week he brought up how he likes to travel on his own bus with his family.

We see footage from last week and see Orton’s “wife” scream her head off and not look at Randall the whole time.

Punk is looking on, proud of what he did.  He knows Randall Keith Orton loves his wife, and she sees him as a man on the concrete, while Punk stomps him.  Randall Keith Orton never should have attacked Punk 2 years ago, and now his family will never look at Orton the same, and now he just got started.  He closes this twisted story at Wrestlemania.

Here comes Randall.

Orton is all taped up, limping to the ring, stalking Punk.

They start fighting, and Orton gives Punk the draping DDT.  He is setting up for a RKO, but Punk won’t get up, so Randy thinks of another thing, like punting Punk in the head.  He gets up, charges after him, but his knee is getting the best of him and Punk slides out of the ring.

Punk sees this on the Titantron and comes back in the ring, smiling at Orton.  Punk kicks Randall in the knee.

Now the crowd is cheering for Punk.  GTS…Orton goes to sleep.

Nice start to the show, a night of confrontations.  The Undertaker and HHH go face to face in the ring.  Also, John Cena, The Miz, and The Rock, all in the ring at the same time.

Christian and Edge meet up backstage, he asks Edge if he is ready for this.  Apparently, Edge can’t touch Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown, but they can on Raw.  Coming up next, for the first time in 6 years, E & C will tag up.

Up now, Edge and Christian taking on Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay.

No old school entrance, in fact, they come out separately.  Not even any flash photography.  Bummer, oh well.

Edge and Christian win the match with a Spear by Edge over Brodus Clay.  After the match, Del Rio took down Christian with the Cross Am Breaker.  Edge chased him out of the ringside area, but Del Rio attacked Edge and gave him his own Cross Arm Breaker.  Del Rio told him he’ll see him this Sunday.

Josh Matthews, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and yes, Michael Cole in his Cole-Mine welcome us to the show. 

At Wrestlemania, we will see Trish Stratus, John Morrison, and Snooki take on Laycool and Dolph Ziggler.

Later in the show, we will have an “exclusive” interview with Trish Stratus and Snooki in a Jersey bar.  No kidding.

Sin Cara is coming to WWE.

They show us The Miz backstage, tonight, The Rock, John Cena, and The Miz will be in the ring at the same time.

Email Sound….

The Raw GM wants to know if Jerry “The King” Lawler is truly ready for his encounter with Cole at Mania, King will face off against Jack Swagger.

Still to come, a night of confrontations, HHH and The Undertaker will have their final showdown in the ring before Wrestlemania.

Video being shown over Undertaker Vs HHH.

The Last Outlaw Vs The Cerebral Assassin, book that.

This is Wrestlemania Week, Thursday begins Wrestlemania Axxess.  I would love to go to Wrestlemania just once.

In-ring action now, 8 man tag team match between The Corre taking on Big Show, Kane, Santino, and Vladmir Kozlov has been added to Wrestlemania.  Right now, Justin Gabriel facing Santino.

Santino defeats Justin Gabriel with the Cobra.  Show, Kane, and Kozlov took out the other 3 members before it happened.  So the match is set, and even Show is doing the Trombone Dance.  Kane is joining in, now that’s funny.

WWE AllStars is coming out to Playstation 3, XBox, and other gaming consoles tomorrow.

HHH is headed to the ring, the confrontation is next.

Keri Hilson will perform “America, The Beautiful” at Wrestlemania.

Here comes The Undertaker, complete with the “Grave” entrance by Johnny Cash.  The Last Outlaw is heading to the ring.

Here comes The Game, he is headed to the ring.

HHH is about to spit water, but The Gongs have started, wow.

They are just staring each other, but if the stares can talk, it has to be something.

Now here comes Shawn Michaels.

The newest WWE Hall of Fame inductee is about to make things interesting.

HBK is sorry for interrupting, but there is no way he was going to miss this.  At Wrestlemania 27, this Sunday, the biggest match of their careers.  The Undertaker, The Phenom, The Deadman, The Last Outlaw, the man with the greatest streak, 18-0 at Wrestlemania facing off against HHH, The Cerebral Assassin, The King of Kings, The 13-time World Champion, and Shawn’s best friend.  But he guarantees neither man will be the same again.  No Holds Barred.  What in the world, makes HHH think he can do what he couldn’t?

HHH says the truth is HBK got soft.  Somewhere, Shawn decided to become the Showstopper, Mr. Wrestlemania, which he is.  But Shawn doesn’t have to win Wrestlemania to be those things, but HHH does, and he WILL win.

16 years ago, HHH entered the WWE locker room, he saw legends galore, but he saw 1 man who held the glue together.  He saw a man who wrestled with broken bones, torn ligaments, he crushed the side of his face, and wrestled the next night.  He learned what this business is all about.  If HHH should pattern himself off of anyone, it’s that guy.  That guy was The Deadman.  He learned to respect him more and more every single day.  There is only one man he respect more, or as much in this business, and that is Shawn.

5 or 6 years ago, Shawn and he made a pact together that if they decided that they couldn’t reach a certain level, it was time, and they would tell each other.  So now, HHH came back for a year to say one thing, it’s time Undertaker.  Maybe it’s not the popular thing to say, but HHH has to say it to Undertaker.  The Undertaker will always be The Phenom, he will always be The Deadman, and for that, HHH will always respect the man, but in 6 days, Taker will not be undefeated at Wrestlemania.  HHH is THE ONE….as in 18-1.

In 6 days from now, Taker and the streak, in all due respect, himself and the streak will rest in peace.

Taker’s turn.

If he ever got to the point that someone should put him down, Taker would want it to be HHH, that’s the respect he has for him.  But now is not the time.  HHH will kill himself to do it, but in the end, the streak will be alive, and so will Undertaker.  And if he doesn’t want to take his word for it, ask HBK.

Shawn Michaels gave Taker 2 of his best Wrestlemania matches in his career, and he came that close, but he still didn’t get the job done.  When he looks at the man now, he sees a man who is humbled.  He sees a man who is going into the Hall of Fame full of regrets.  He sees a man whose career he ended.

Now Shawn has the mic, tries to give Taker Sweet Chin Music, but is caught.  Taker tries to chokeslam Taker, but HHH gets in Taker’s face.

HHH wants Shawn to tell Undertaker why HHH will beat Taker at Wrestlemania, but Shawn can’t tell him.  He puts his head down and walks out of the ring.  He can’t even look at his best friend in the eye.  He just says he is sorry, and walks away.

Taker smiles, and tips his hat to HHH.  Wow, this match picked up a few notches tonight.

Jack Swagger is dancing in the ring with Cole following him like a Diva.  He will face off against Jerry “The King” Lawler now.

Lawler not only has new music (Which is awful), but he was DQ’d by nailing Jack Swagger continuously with a chair.  Then, he had his sights on Cole, who got back into his cube.  The security prevented Lawler from going into the cube, and Cole threw coffee into his eyes, calling him a “loser.  Actually, the only loser in this segment is the man training Cole, Swagger.

Excuse Me, here comes Vickie Guerrero, giving us her best John Morrison’s entrance, which is funny.

She told us that she hopes Snooki is watching, because when Laycool gets through with them this Sunday, she will be what she usually is…knocked out and unconscious.

This Wednesday, WWE will have their Press Conference in New York for Wrestlemania.

Tag team match, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus taking on Daniel Bryan and John Morrison.

Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler win the match by a Brogue Kick by Sheamus on Daniel Bryan.  Those 2 will face each other at Wrestlemania for the United States Championship.

Earlier tonight, they show us Randy Orton getting GTS by CM Punk.  We see Orton in the back with ice on his knee.  Scott Stanford asks him if he can make it for Wrestlemania.  Orton has anger management issues, and he has never had more hatred for any man, like has for Punk.  So the question isn’t can he make it to Wrestlemania, the question is will Punk make it out of Wrestlemania.

Well said.

Next week, WWE Tough Enough will air after WWE Monday Night Raw.  And yes, I will do reports from that show every week, but probably won’t do it like I do the wrestling reports.  So look for that.

The newest and final Hall of Fame inductees are….WHAT A RUSH!!!!  Chi-Town’s own The Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal.  I can dig that.

Oh goodness, we go from The Road Warriors to Snooki.

Trish and Snooki are at Miami Mike’s on the Jersey Shore.  Trish has trained Snooki, and she is ready.

We go back to the event, and Laycool are there.  They try to ask nicely for Snooki’s autograph, but drunk ass Snooki throws her drink in Laycool’s face and we get a bar room brawl.  Mania, Bitches.

Coming up next, The Ultimate Confrontation….The Rock, The Miz, and John Cena in the WWE ring, together.

Michael Cole was telling us next Monday is WWE Monday with the WWE Hall of Fame show starting at 8, followed by WWE Raw, and WWE Tough Enough.

The Rock is ready, and he is in the ring.

Finally….The Rock has come back to Chicago.

Back to the city where it all started for The Rock.  Chicago is a very special place for The Rock.  The Rock competed in his very first Wrestlemania in the building.  On that night, The Rock was nervous.  But he did something that defined the rest of his night, he decided to bring it.  On that night was the very first unofficial night of Team Bring It.

Team Bring It is a way of life, you kicked down doors, you knock down walls, you take all the insecurities, you turn that sum-a-bitch sideways and stick it up their candy asses.

The Rock has a dream, and that is to come out to the ring and call out John Cena.

The crowd chants Cena sucks.

The Rock calls out John Cena, in his bright orange shirts, looking like a homeless power ranger.  Cena says you can’t see me, and The Rock says oh yeah, how about you see this, and he stuffs his lips down and stick it up his ass.  But then The Rock wakes up, but this reality.  The Rock isn’t alone, he is with his millions….AND MILLIONS of fans.  Bottom line…The People’s Champ is here.

Here comes Cena.

This is what Cena wanted all along, The Rock in a WWE ring, do you hear the fans?  This is why Cena opened his mouth up in the first place, because The Rock can fill seats up, he can make the fans electric with just saying one word.  He is glad he came back, and he is glad The Rock mentioned his name.  It’s like a celebrity roast, when you say a person’s name, you’re in.  He wanted to hear what The Rock had to say, but he wanted to know.

The crowd chants Cena sucks.

Cena wanted to know what problem The Rock had with Cena.  What Cena had to say had both meaning and merit.  Cena cut through the catchphrases, so he can see what problem Rock has with Cena.  Cena’s color had something to do with it.  Because of the music he listens to, and how Cena grew up, Rock is offended by it.  How about this?  Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect.  The motto Cena lives by.  Rock had a problem with his moral code, and here is the kicker, and this surprised Cena.  His audience is kids.  You’re right Rock, he is damn proud of that too.  Now, if Rock has a legitimate gripe over how Cena works his bone in the business, then they have something to talk about.  If not, then who in the hell is The Rock?  Who the hell are you to judge who he is.  If that is what takes to draw up an application  of Team Bring It, he doesn’t want any part of that.  There are some people who like him, and some that do not.  But he is in no position to change someone else’s mind for them.  It’s not his job to judge someone.  He has news for The Great One, only one being can judge him, and it’s not The Rock.

The Rock agrees, he won’t judge him, only one man can do that, the same man who judges The Rock, The Good Lord.  But the Good Lord can’t save you from being beat down by The Rock.

Cena said Rock wanted Cena to face him like a man, you want a fight.

Cena drops the mic and is ready to fight.

Awesome….I came to play.

Here comes the WWE Champion, The Miz and Alex Riley.




This is how it’s going to be?  Upstaged by the “O” Brothers….overhyped, and overrated.  Guess which is which.

In case you haven’t forgotten, The Miz still owns John Cena, despite last week, but at least, he’ll go down swinging.  Cena will come for a fight, unlike you….Great One.

Miz knows a secret, The Rock won’t do a thing tonight.  The Rock’s movies have made over $1.2 Billion, and a movie star won’t take a risk being beaten down by him.  It’s not a risk….it’s a guaren-damn-tee that The Miz will beat down The Rock and he won’t be able to face Hollywood.  So go ahead and run your mouth, he knows he won’t do anything cause he’s The Miz….and he’s awesome.

The Rock said to Miz he should know by now….it doesn’t matter what you think. 

Riley nails Rock and he, along with Miz fight The Rock, but Rock comes back to put a whoop ass on Riley, and now does the same thing to Miz.  He does the kick up, but slips, he’s allowed to do that.

He makes up for it with The People’s Elbow and takes Miz over the rope, but is met with the F-U. 

You can’t see me.

Cena walks out and shows The Rock it’s about Wrestlemania, and that is how we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Wow, if you had any doubts that The Rock wouldn’t wrestle John Cena one on one, then it was answered tonight.  There will be a match down the line, but for now, it’s about Wrestlemania.

What a way to end this run.  Not many matches, but certainly alot of selling the show and showing us the big matches.  I will do the big one last here, so let me take you one by one.

CM Punk Vs Randy Orton is interesting because I feel that Punk needs this win to cement his status, but usually in a feud like this, the babyfaces win.  But regardless, they did the best they could do, after that disaster last week. 

Michael Cole Vs Jerry Lawler actually took a step back.  I wished we wouldn’t have seen King in a match because putting him in at Wrestlemania is special enough, that wasn’t needed, plus it makes Jack Swagger look incredibly weak, when he was looking very strong prior to this.  I do hope King gives us his “VINTAGE” Piledriver on Cole though.

I hate that Snooki is involved because it undermines Trish Straus’ involvement in this match.  Trish returning should be special, not a 6 minute train wreck.  Just seeing Snooki in the ring is awful….really.

The Undertaker Vs HHH was fantastic tonight.  Adding HBK to this segment made it even better.  He does things that not many people can do.  He had this sympathetic look when HHH was asking him to tell Taker how he will beat him, but the second before, he was angry and bitter that Taker retired him last year.  Before, this feud was hit or miss with the creative, but tonight, they hit a Grand Slam.

And the main event is indeed John Cena Vs The Miz and with the involvement of The Rock, there is an added intrigue as to what will happen and where WWE goes from here.  All three men tonight made strong, valid points, and they also had the time of their lives, making history.  The fact that The Miz had a People’s Elbow done by him makes him into an instant superstar.  The fact that Cena gave Rock a F-U puts Cena up another level.  Now comes where we go from here, stay tuned.

Overall, the build to Wrestlemania has been hit or miss, but you buy the show because it’s Wrestlemania.  However, tonight, the builds were incredible to make the matches worth the show.  I can’t wait for Sunday night now.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line here.  I will also write out a piece this week on “Wrestlemania Memories” so look out for that.


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