TNA Impact 3/31/11….A Return From An Angel

We start the night off with footage from last week, asking the question who is the true Number One Contender for the TNA Heavyweight Title at Lockdown.  Who rang the bell?

Here comes Mr. Anderson, and he has company.  He is dragging Earl Hebner into the ring.

He wants some answers, why did Earl ring the bell last week to DQ Ken?

Earl demands respect.  Earl is about to go medevil on Mr. Anderson.  He did call for the ring, because he put his hands on the Special Enforcer Sting, therefore, he called for the bell.

Anderson urges Earl to reverse the call, or else he will do something to Earl that he won’t regret.  Earl said the decision stands, asshole.

Anderson grabbed Earl, knee him in the gut and here comes Brian Hebner to stand up for him.

Anderson goats them both into hitting him, and here comes Sting.

Sting wants to go face to face with Ken, daring him to pick on him now.  Ken reminded him this is “Asshole Country”.  Sting just wants to disrespect him, and they start fighting in the ring.

Here comes RVD.  He doesn’t want the win, if it was done this way.  He wants Earl to make this a 3-Way at the PPV.

Earl said he doesn’t have the authority to reverse the call, here comes Hogan and Bischoff.

They love the idea of a 3-Way at Lockdown.  This is the RVD Hogan wants.  Bischoff has an idea, “The Network” wants ratings, so we will get a 6 man tag match between Sting, Mr. Anderson, and RVD facing Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, and Abyss, inside a steel cage.

It’s set.

Mr. Anderson is backstage, Jason Hervey wants to know what Anderson thought of what just happened, he said no comment and orders Jason to leave him alone.

RVD, meanwhile is cool with tonight, and the main event at Lockdown.  He can take care of his opponents at the same time, and maybe his partners.

Sting wants an apology from Anderson, and he wants it tonight.  Anderson disrespected him, and he is sick of it.

Coming up next, Scott Steiner will face Shannon Moore.

Shannon said he disrespected Scott Steiner because he is not hip and cool, but most importantly, he has no respect for anyone.

Scott Steiner isn’t phased by this, he has a different definition of “disrespect”.  He wants a beat down tonight, and that will disrespect Shannon.  Got to love Steiner on the mic.

Earlier today, Bully Ray is being interviewed, Jason wants his thoughts on what he did to AJ Styles a few weeks ago.  Ray will talk when he wants to.  Basically, he put AJ into a hospital because he can.  He has a chip on his shoulder and he dares anyone to knock it off.  Hogan and Bischoff love it.

Ray said up their intensity when he is in the ring, you better bring your A-Game when you are in the ring with Bully Ray.

Eric Young and Orlando Jordan are on their way to the ring next.

Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett are in Hogan’s office.  They want Hogan to stop Kurt Vs Jarrett at Lockdown.  Hogan suggested that Rob Terry can fix Kurt up tonight.  Jeff is down with that.

Eric Young and Orlando Jordan are at the commentary table, Shannon Moore is ready for his match with Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner, the match is on now.

Eric Young announced that he and Jordan are facing off against Scott Steiner and Crimson and Ink Inc, along with a mystery team in a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match.  EY said it could be Demolition, would love that.  Maybe it’s the Brainbusters too?

Steiner beats Shannon with a Frankensteiner.  It’s still impressive when he can pull that move off.

Eric Young and Orlando Jordan try to shake the hands of Steiner and Crimson, but that doesn’t bode well for them.  Here comes Magnus and Douglas Williams.  They attack EY and Jordan, they could be the fourth team.  The return of The British Invasion, that works for me.

Mr. Anderson is talking to himself, actually he is talking to his own poster for Lockdown.  He said that Sting wants an apology, maybe he can do something for him later tonight.

Karen is concerned, maybe this plan won’t work?  Jeff doesn’t want to hear it, leave it to the “professionals”.  Karen mocks him, because she knows Kurt better than anyone.  Jeff has a plan B.  He can handle this.

The Bucks are going to face each other, they have a video showcasing them as a team.

The song featured on this piece is “Sticks & Bricks” By A Day To Remember, from their CD What Separates Me From You.

Max Buck Vs Jeremy Buck right now.

Max Buck wins the match with a Cutter off the top rope.  Throughout the match, Jeremy was respectful, but the tides were turned and the older brother took it.

Fortune comes into the building, he has landed and is on his way.  Whoever it is, James Storm wants him to bring some beer.

Winter is backstage with Angelina Love.  Winter said everything will be okay, she is drugging Angelina, it seems, she is in a trance.  Saying that Velvet Sky wants to control Angelina, nothing personal against her, she is just trying to protect Angelina.

Video talk about the feud between Velvet Sky and Winter is playing, their match is coming up now.

Winter won the match, making Velvet tap out to a submission move right on her face.  Angelina Love came out in a complete trance, just staring in the ring, doing nothing while her BFF gets beat down.

Tonight’s main event is going to be a 6 man tag match between RVD, Sting, and Mr. Anderson taking on Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, and Abyss.

Speaking of Mr. Anderson, he is out again to “apologize” to Sting.

He wants Sting to come out to the ring, and he does.

Anderson said he will do something he thought he’d never do, and he nailed Sting with a right hook.  So the fight begins again between these two.

The two of them were beating the crap out of them and here comes Hardy, Bully Ray, and Abyss nailing both of them. 

Here comes RVD.

He helps Sting, but he doesn’t help Anderson and walks away from the beat down.

Sting beats down Anderson when Hardy and Abyss threw him back into the ring.  How can these three guys work together tonight?

Karen is on the phone, trying to get the cops over to the Impact Zone, saying Angle is trying to attack them.

Coming up next, Kurt Angle has a match, but who is it against?

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  The action between Sting, RVD, Mr. Anderson, Abyss, Bully Ray, and Matt Hardy.

Ric Flair loved what just happened, he is saying that none of them are on the same page, and it will be easy pickings inside a steel cage.  Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, and Abyss concur.

Moments ago, Velvet Sky is furious over what happened tonight with Winter and Angelina Love.  It is time to cleanse her, like the Beautiful People motto says.  She said that Winter has a hold on Angelina, and it’s her job to get her BFF back, and get her out of this trance.

Here comes Kurt Angle, his opponent is….

But wait, Kurt wants the mic first, he is tired of this between he and Jarrett.  He is not waiting until Lockdown.

Here comes Jeff Jarrett.

Rob Terry is out with him, so Rob has a match with Kurt now.

Rob tried, but Kurt made him tap with the Ankle Lock.  Now he is just staring down Jeff Jarrett, ready for him to come to the ring, but Jeff is trying to run away.  Kurt has an Angle Slam, but Jeff gets out-of-the-way and runs backstage.

Kurt marches out to find him, but he runs into the cops with Karen screaming.  They are cuffing him out of the area.  He said he will kick Jarrett’s ass at Lockdown.

Fortune wants to know what RVD’s problem is on not getting his tag team partner some help, Mr. Anderson.  So they need to talk to Sting and tell him all four of them has his back.

Main event 6 man tag team match is up next, Sting, RVD, and Mr. Anderson taking on Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, and Abyss.

Hogan and Bischoff love the chaos between the 3 men, Sting, RVD, and Mr. Anderson.

Steel cage is set, and the match is on now.  Sting, Mr. Anderson, and RVD taking on Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, and Abyss.

Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, and Abyss defeat Sting, Mr. Anderson, and RVD when Anderson cost RVD his 5 Star Frogsplash, and Ray gave RVD his Bully Bomb.  The story here was Sting attacked Ken before he came out and marched to the cage with Rob.  Anderson sat down on a chair, Hogan came out though and rammed him into the cage and put him into the ring.  Anderson came from nowhere to cost his “partner” the match.

Fortune came out after the match to help Sting, but Immortal has their way, with Flair locking the steel cage.  They were beating them on when Christopher Daniels made his way up the steel cage and body pressed on Ray, Hardy, and Abyss.  Is Daniels back?  Find out next.

Moments ago, we see what just happened….Christopher Daniels came back to help Fortune fight Immortal.

Post match comments are on now.

Daniels paid homage to AJ Styles after his flying body press.  Flair wants to know who Daniels is, it doesn’t matter.  Did we see what happened to Sting?  How about RVD?  Fortune doesn’t want Immortal.  Flair vowed those three men won’t even make it to Lockdown.  Mothers, hide your daughters.

Hardy said that is just a small preview to anyone who wants to step on Immortal.

Ray said Christopher Daniels, returning to TNA?  Good idea, Daniels turning on Immortal?  Bad F’N Idea.

Daniels said that Ray put AJ into a hospital?  Did you think Christopher was going to let that happen?  No, the next time there is blood on his hands, it will be Bully Ray’s.

Kazarian said that Christopher Daniels is here because of what Bully Ray did to his good friend, AJ Styles.  Now he has Fortune’s back. 

Roode said tonight is just the beginning.  Storm said that their back is against the wall, so now they are the ones that will get the job done, they ARE TNA.

Daniels said they built TNA from the ground up.  Do they think that a little blood will stop them?  They are out of their minds.

Sting said this is just a warmup, at Lockdown, it’s SHOWTIME!!!

Mr. Anderson walks into the lcokerroom, saying he gets screwed every frigging week, but RVD comes in and beats down Anderson, and leaves by saying thanks for the night Ken.  Anderson said he will get even with him, and the show is done.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

No question, I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, Lockdown is TNA’s biggest PPV of the year, and they certainly are starting their build for it.  Wow, what an ending, and in between there were some fun things on the show.  I’ll start with this.  Christopher Daniels is under contract with Ring of Honor, so I am not sure if Daniels will be on PPV, more than likely not, but anytime we see him in the ring, even on TV, it’s a bonus.  And he had a great reaction coming into the ring too.  TNA truly treated his return like a big deal too, so hopefully this is a deal that both TNA and Ring of Honor can work out together, for the benefit of the fans.

Now on to the rest of the show.  The dynamic was there that the three men, Sting, RVD, and Mr. Anderson can not get along, so even in a tag team match, they can’t see eye to eye.  I also loved the fact that TNA gave this match some time, I’ll speak on that in a moment.  But this was a fun main event, and a great ending.

The rest of the show was just as good too, we have Kurt Vs Jarrett set up for Lockdown.  We know those two will go, and I hope this is the final encounter for a while.  I enjoyed Max Buck Vs Jeremy Buck, it makes me want to see more between these two.  Eric Young and Orlando Jordan made it clear there is a Fatal 4-Way tag team match at Lockdown, and it seems the fourth team will be the returning British Invasion, which can always ignite the tag team division.  Scott Steiner even pulled off his Frankensteiner, which always is good.

The one thing I didn’t like again was the Angelina Love trance Winter gave her, but can Velvet Sky save her BFF in time?  I guess we will tune in and find out.

I wanted to praise TNA for a minute here with how they changed up the main events lately.  They have given these matches time, with some build between 10-20 minutes, and after it’s over, we hear post match comments.  For now, I like that, and I say for now because if a serious angle takes place, I hope TNA decides not to give the post match comments, we will see.  But until that moment, keep it up.  A good show overall.  Give me your thoughts on the show here on the site.


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