Press Release For Kaval/Low-Ki Interview

The following is an excerpt from, check it out.  A very good interview.

The Wrestling Press recently spoke to Low Ki about his time in FCW & WWE, winning NXT, what led to his release and much more.

With regard to how he was utilized in WWE, he believes they could have done a lot more:
“If you don’t fill that particular prototype or idea then you are going to have a more challenging time in regards to a push. I feel that the company could have been behind me a lot more but not just me, they could be behind a lot of guys more.”
When asked about his reputation outside of WWE, he had the following to say:
“I think because I made a name for myself outside of the company I can’t be recognised as a WWE guy. I was never made by the company and I do think that was an issue… they don’t have that stamp on me because I made a name for myself all around the world before entering.”
He also revealed his stance on wrestling politics, acknowledging its existence but refusing to get involved:
“If you play that political game you stand a much better chance of succeeding in a particular role or position. I’m not a politician, I am part of a different generation. I don’t see the need in playing these games, especially when the business is suffering.”
Surprisingly he claims being paired with Lay-cool had a positive effect on him:

“I think the biggest effect they had on me was relaxing me, up until that point I had been more of a fighter, more sports orientated less entertainment based. If I had been more of a fighter in WWE then I probably wouldn’t have lasted very long at all.”
When asked about crossing over to MMA he gave a refreshingly honest and sensible reply:
“I am a professional wrestler, it’s what I’ve spent the last 13 years crafting. Of course I have a lot of respect for MMA fighters but a lot of pro wrestlers go into MMA, get their butt kicked and then their reputation for wrestling is harmed, I wouldn’t want that to happen.”

Read the full interview in The Wrestling Press – a free monthly magazine available online at

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