WWE Wrestlemania 27 4/3/11

The night we have all been waiting for.  The return of The Rock, Trish Stratus, and Stone Cold Steve Austin all wrapped up in one.  But yes, there are some changes to tonight’s show.  For one, Kofi Kingston has replaced Vladimir Kozlov in the 8 man tag team match, and that will more than likely open up the show.  However, the Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus match has been downgraded to a dark match before the PPV.  The question now becomes what will happen the rest of the night?  Let’s tune in and find out, here we go.

We are live in Atlanta, Georgia, Justin Roberts welcomes us to the show.  Keri Hilson will sing “America, The Beautiful”.

The opening video is interesting because it’s a tongue in cheek form here.  Like a game show format, introducing us to the Host of the show….The Rock.

And, we get The Rock greeting Atlanta crowd tonight.

I do like The Rock’s new theme, a little more base to it.

The fans chant Rocky.

Finally….The Rock has come back to Atlanta!!!

Finally The Rock has come back to Wrestlemania!!

The Rock promises that this will be the most memorable Wrestlemania of all time.  Can you feel it?  Can you taste it?  Can you smell it?

We are going to do something special, we are going to have some fun.  He gets Atlanta to chant Mania after he says Wrestle.

To all of the superstars tonight, including one that is trying to decide what rainbow fruity pebble T-shirt to wear tonight.

Rock now takes a drink of The People’s Water.

When The Rock says Yabba, the people say Dabba.

When The Rock is never alone, he is with his millions….and millions of The Rock’s fans, this is the showcase of the immortals, and this is hosted by The Jabroni-beating, pie-eating, trail blazing, elbow dropping, heart stopping, electrifying the Dirty South, Know your Role and shut your mouth.  The Brahma Bull, that ever defiant and bigger than Andre The Giant.  Wrestlemania is bigger than Christmas itself, so no offense Santa, because The Rock is bringing it all over Atlanta.

If ya SMELL-LA-LA-LA-LA….no the catchprase is big, it belongs to Atlanta.  So everyone right now on their feet, feel the electricity, and say it proud cause we’re saying it together.

If ya SMELL-LA-LA-LA What The Rock is Cooking.

Now we get the big video production about Wrestlemania.

Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show. 

The first match tonight is for the World Heavyweight Title….Edge Vs Alberto Del Rio.

Brodus Clay is accompanying Del Rio, and Christian comes out to accompany Edge.

Edge retains his World Heavyweight Title by spearing Del Rio.  Alberto had the Cross Arm Breaker on, but Edge countered with a Lion Tamer, and Del Rio got out of it, got up and was speared for his troubles.  Good match that sets the tone for the match.

Edge sees the car Alberto Del Rio rode in tonight, the lights are still on.  Edge kicks the car and is doing some damage to it.  Christian has a tire iron and a lead pipe, so they can do more damage to the car.

WWE Tough Enough after WWE Monday Night Raw.

Michael Cole is taunting Jerry “The King” Lawler before his big “match” with the man.  Not a smart thing to do.

Cody Rhodes taking on Rey Mysterio is on now.

For those of you keeping score at home, and you know who you are….Rey Rey is out in a Captain America outfit tonight.

Cody Rhodes wins the match when he nails Rey with his own knee brace, and nails Crossroads to win.  Very good match that could have went either way.  This could be a big moment for Cody.

Cole and Lawler are arguing again, why even be out there?  They are still wearing tuxedos, yet are going to wrestle later tonight.

Snoop Dogg is at Wrestlemania, he is looking for people to participate in his upcoming tour, Teddy Long has the peeps for him.

Let the Doggs loose.

William Regal raps for Snoop. 

Not for him.

Now Great Khali and Beth Phoenix are performing “Summer Love” from Grease.  Not for Snoop.

Zack Ryder performs, but “Rowdy” Rowdy Piper nails Zack with a coconut.

Chris Masters and Yoshi Tatsu want to Rock with us.  Chris’ pecs move, and Yoshi sings.


Horsnwoggle shows up, Snoop is down with him, but Horny can’t talk.

Dogg and Teddy leave, Hornswoggle is now rapping, while The Bellas are dancing with him.  For real, my shinizzle.

8 man tag match is on now….The Corre taking on Kane, The Big Show, Santino, and Kofi Kingston.

Match is done, and it was a squash.  Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Kane, and Santino won when they all hit their finishes and ended when Show knocked out Heath Slater with his knockout punch.  Wow, The Corre are a real threat.

Santino’s Trombone Celebration was longer than the match itself.

The Rock is with Eve, he wants to congratulate on winning the Diva’s Title.  It’s all about a magical moment.  Whoever comes in the corner, he will create a magical moment for anyone. 

Mae Young is behind The Rock.  She is a Divasaurus.  She wants “The People’s Strudel”.

The Rock introduces Mae to Eve, like her friends, Adam and Eve.  Mae says don’t mess with Mae, Rock said she will be kicking some ass even 100 years from now.  He asks Eve to seat her to her seat, and she slaps Rock’s ass.

He said it had to be her, it could have been anyone else, he turns around and is greeted by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin wants to welcome The Rock, they greet each other, and Austin leaves.

CM Punk Vs Randy Orton, a match that was 2 and a half years in the making is up next.

We had our first Wrestlemania moment, and it was CM Punk getting RKO’d off the top rope.  Punk tried a plancha, but was caught after Orton’s leg gave out on him.  This is Orton’s first singles Wrestlemania win for him.  Good match between these two.

The Rock is with Mean Gene Okerlund.  Rock heard that John Cena’s number one fan is upset with him and he is here to confront him.

Gene said he is here.

Rock said of course it is you, everything Cena stands for. 

It’s Pee Wee Herman.

Pee Wee said you can’t see me, Rock sees potential in Pee Wee as being a man.  So does he want to be a man on Team Bring It, or a little boy on Team Cena.

Rock shows Pee Wee what he could look like on Tean Cena with Mene Gene in complete John Cena gear.  Pee Wee says he looks like a fruit loop.  Gene answers I know you are but what am I, then he leaves.

The Pee Wee wants to be a part of Team Bring, it you smell what The P is cooking.

Commercial for The True Story of Wrestlemania, you can buy it now.

The 2011 WWE Hall of Fame inductees are out now.

People are booing Drew Carey, I guess it was not a popular choice.

They are saving the best for last, HBK Shawn Michaels comes out with his own music.

Tomorrow night, USA Network will air the Hall of Fame induction speeches, and after Raw, WWE Tough Enough premieres.  A very busy night for “A Fan’s Perspective” tomorrow night indeed.

Clips are shown from last week between Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole.  I guess the match is next.

And it is, here comes Booker T and Jim Ross for the rest of the program.  This is going to be awesome.

Oh good gravy, Cole is out in ridiculous Wrestling gear, complete with a Team Cole hoodie.  He has the mic and he wants to cut down Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

He said King and Ross have alot in common, they are both overweight, they are both overrated, they are both over the hill.

He has been thinking about this match for the past 24 hours.  Jerry Lawler has been around in the business since he has been alive.  Yet, this is Lawler’s very first Wrestlemania, and this is Cole’s first Wrestlemania.  So when this night is over, J.R. will be back making very bad BBQ sauce, King can go back being humiliated, Stone Cold Steve Austin will raise his hand, and the fans will proclaim Cole as the new “Mr. Wrestlemania”.

Here comes Jack Swagger.

Here comes Stone Cold, riding on his moped, about to run over Jack Swagger.  Cole runs right into the Cole Mine.  He orders Cole back into the ring.

Here comes The King, back with his old music, thank goodness for that.

Cole isn’t ready yet, he is doing stretches in the Cole Mine, but Austin rings the bell.

He completely takes out Swagger.  I am waiting for the Raw GM bell to come on.

Instead, King shakes Cole’s hand, but starts kicking his butt and is now in the Cole Mine beating some senses into Cole.

Swagger nails King though and rams him into the ring.  He gives him an Ankle Lock too, behind Austin’s back.

King is finally in the ring.

Not the moment I was hoping for, Lawler beat Cole with the Ankle Cole, not the real vintage Lawler move, which would have been the Piledriver, but eh, King has his Wrestlemania moment, and is now celebrating with Austin.

Booker T is so excited he wants to give a Wrestlemania Spin-A-Rooni. 

And we get it, Wrestlemania is complete.

Not quite, Austin had to give a Stunner, and tonight’s victim was Booker T, so there you go.

Email sound, Josh Matthews reads it off.

He said that the referee has been too physical, so The King has been DQ’d and the winner is Michael Cole.

Good Lord, that was a bad move here.

King shoves Josh Matthews in the ring, and Austin gives him a stunner.

We see footage from this past week in Atlanta, officially dubbed “Wrestlemania Week”.

HHH Vs The Undertaker in a No Holds Barred match is up next.

It seems HHH has new music, I didn’t expect that.

Okay, I spoke too soon, it was just an entrance setup, Motorhead is still playing for HHH’s music.

The streak lives on.

The Undertaker defeats HHH and is now 19-0 at Wrestlemania with Hell’s Gate, making HHH tap.  We had everything here in this match.  J.R. and King announcing again, Spanish Announce Table destroyed, Cole Mine destroyed, 3 Pedigrees, Sledge Hammer, Tombstone (That HHH pulled Off), yet through it all, Hell’s Gate beat HHH and he has proven to be human.  What a match, such emotion, such drama, such intrigue.  Nobody does Wrestlemania like The Undertaker.  Hats are off to both men.

Trainers are checking on Undertaker, he got out of the ring, but he is still laying down.  Even the EMTs are out now too.  There was a vicious chairshot to the head earlier, I am not sure if that had any effect, but Taker isn’t leaving on his own, and that alone should be worrisome.  I am sure there will be an update tomorrow.

Wrestlemania 28 takes their talents to South Beach, and it takes place on April 1st, 2012.  The jokes are too easy, so I will let that stand by itself.

6 Person Mixed Tag match is up now.

Excuse Me….

Vickie Guerrero is out to introduce Laycool and Dolph Ziggler.

Laycool and Dolph Ziggler taking on Trish Stratus, John Morrison, and Snooki is on now.

Wow, Snooki just had more ring time than John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler, combined, because they weren’t in the ring at all.  Snooki, Trish, and John won when Snooki did a Backboard Elbow in the corner on Michelle McCool, then she got too cute and did a splash on McCool.  A total disaster, here.  The crowd was booing Snooki, and she was acting like a heel, taking it all in.

Okay, that is over with.

The main event is coming up next.

Justin Roberts said this is the record-breaking attendance ever at the Georgia Dome, 71,617 people are there.

The Miz taking on John Cena for the WWE Championship is on now.

But first, we see a video of The Miz Vs Wrestling history.  I like this, we see The Miz watching this.  They even have footage of Miz on The Real World.

Music is Nas “You Can Hate Me Now”

The Miz is out, with A-Ri.

We have a church choir now, for Cena’s entrance.  I have to say, I am enjoying these elaborate entrances tonight.

A video tribute to John Cena now.  Even showing his old OVW days.

This is a first, the church choir is singing John Cena’s entrance, and the crowd is booing this.

Here’s Johnny.

He has a red shirt on tonight, the Fruity Pebbles collection is complete.

Cena/Miz finally have the fans on the edge of their seats here.  We have an Attitude Adjustment, a very high one indeed, and Miz kicks out.

Cena takes The Miz off a barricade, both men are out of the ring and can’t answer the 10 count.

It’s ruled a countout, so The Miz keeps his title.

Here comes The Rock though.

Before The Rock can say anything.

Email sound….

The Rock will answer the email.

Rock even says “And I quote”

But it doesn’t matter what you think….

The Rock is the host of Wrestlemania, and there is no way it is over.  The match must re-start right now.  No DQ, No Countout, No way will the match ends like that.  Take the computer, the result of the match, Fruity Pebbles, wrap it around and stick it up your candy ass.  It’s time to give the people what they want.

The bell is called.

The Rock just gave Cena a Rock Bottom.

The Miz covers




The Miz just retained the title by defeating John Cena with a Rock Bottom.

The Rock comes back in the ring and goes toe to toe with the WWE champion.  He gives The Miz a Rock Bottom of his own, and delivers The People’s Elbow.

The Rock is victorious at Wrestlemania.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Wrestlemania is here, and it’s gone in the record books.  Did it measure up?  Yes, and no. 

First of all, it was a fun PPV.  It’s Wrestlemania, and that is always memorable.  The Undertaker-HHH match was fantastic, I also enjoyed Cody Rhodes-Rey Mysterio match.  Edge-Vs Del Rio was good too, and I also enjoyed the final match, Cena Vs The Miz.

They are clearly building towards The Rock Vs John Cena, and they might also add The Miz to that, after tonight’s happenings.  What I did like was they didn’t do the predictable, John Cena win here.  So WWE went outside the grain with that, and I applaud them for that.

But….and you knew there had to be a but here….

what exactly did that ending do to The Miz?  In fact, it might have hurt Miz more than it helped him.  I truly believe in The Miz and his ability to be a star.  He was main eventing Wrestlemania, even if the buildup, he was behind Cena and The Rock.  I think overall, I will save the judgement on that after tomorrow night’s Raw, we will see.

Undertaker Vs HHH was phenomenal, and in fact The Undertaker is remarkable every year at Mania.  HHH helped him through at times, but Taker also helped HHH at times too.  These two men should be commended as great performers, I just hope Taker is okay after that spell tonight.

I also loved hearing Jim Ross and Jim Ross call the action together.  Make no mistake about it, the second half of Wrestlemania picked up after Jim called the action.

But I didn’t like the end result of Lawler Vs Cole.  Why couldn’t they just let King win here?  This wasn’t supposed to be about Michael Cole, but sadly it is.  Maybe we can finally start finding out who the true Raw GM is? 

The one thing I will say about Snooki’s involvement is Trish Stratus looked amazing tonight, absolutely amazing.

Overall, a fun show, and a good time tonight.  What was your thoughts on the show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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