WWE Hall Of Fame 2011 4/4/11

Wrestlemania is now in the record books, and USA Network has decided to air the WWE Hall of Fame induction speeches, more specifically, Sunny, The Road Warriors, and Shawn Michaels.  This is WWE Night, which also means we will have WWE Raw after this, and the season premiere of WWE Tough Enough.  Keep checking here on the site throughout the evening, here we go.

I guess they won’t be showing Sunny’s induction speech, but rather Drew Carey.  Wow, okay.  Here we go.

Our host for the evening is Jerry “The King” Lawler.  They are using his new music, even though last night he used his old theme song.

Hey, Randy Orton is there with a “new” wife, oh wait, that really is his wife this time.

Our first induction are The Road Warriors, with Paul Elring

We see a video presentation of the Chicago Bad Boys.

I’ll tell you a funny story about The Road Warriors.  A friend of mine went to see a WWF show at Richfield Coliseum back in the early ’90’s when The Road Warriors were in WWF, they went to past him, and he touched the shoulder pads.  He realized they were rubber and yelled it out to anyone near him that would listen.  Hawk turned around and laughed at what he said, so there you have it….the shoulder pads were rubber, but they were still an awesome tag team.

Coming up next, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes inducts The Road Warriors, and Paul Elring.

Here comes “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

Dusty said there was no more powerful tag team like The Road Warriors.  He remembers after every interview, he’d hear…tell them Hawk….”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT A RUSH!!!!!”

Here come Road Warrior Animal and Paul Elring, great to see them both.

Another commercial break.

Animal still has his patented mohawk.  Crowd gives a LOD chant and Animal tell us “Well”…

Animal feels blessed to be able to be a tag team champion for so many years.  He would give all of his titles up for this night here in the WWE Universe.

Paul Elring feels honored to be a part of something special here with 2 great people, one is Animal, the other is Hawk.  Hawk was a husband, a father, a warrior, and a friend.  This is what he wanted, a celebration and what a life we live.

Animal talks about Hawk’s connection that he had for so many years, he will miss him and feel in debited.

They give us a Hawk action figure, RIP Hawk, you were great.

Paul said they both love him and miss him.  The Legion of Doom was the greatest team of all time.  Paul is not an angel, but he knows an angel.  What does that angel say?


Coming up next, Drew Carey’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Video presentation of Drew Carey.

Kane is inducting Drew Carey into the WWE  Hall of Fame.  Because they had that one moment in the 2001 Royal Rumble.

Kane eliminated 11 men that year at the Rumble.  Were they talking about that the next day?  No, they were talking about Drew Carey.  Drew is the embodiment of pure evil.  Drew reminds Kane, of Kane.  So here is the host of The Price is Right, and the new host of Drew Carey Improvaganza, Drew Carey.

Drew gives a shout out to Cleveland’s own The Miz.  He loves the WWE, the guys put their body on the line every night for the fans, and he is humbled to be a small part of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Shawn Michaels is up next.

Now they show us highlights of the other WWE Hall of Fame inductees…Hacksaw Jim Dungan, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, Abdullah The Butcher, and Sunny.

King said 2 words says it all about Shawn…Mr. Wrestlemania.

Video on Shawn is being played.

Coming up next, Mr. Wrestlemania speaks.

Jim Ross is previewing Raw tonight.  Is he there?  John Cena calls out The Rock at 9:00.

HHH is inducting Shawn right now.

What do you say about Shawn Michaels?  Shawn did pretty good with his size.  Does he talk about the giving performer?  The two of them had this incredible chemistry, whether they were together or as opponents.  Especially the comedy bit with DX.  He gave Shawn the comedy gift of his nose, and Shawn took that.  Shawn also gave him stuff.  Like the assless chops, and now….the Hulk Hogan hairclub. 

HHH tears up now, very touching moment.

But he can just talk about his best friend.  He can say directly to Shawn that he loves him.  He is the Showstoppah, the ICON, the Main Event….Mr. Wrestlemania.  But he has another nickname for him, and that is Mr. Hall of Fame.

Here’s Shawn Michaels.

Now we have a roast here, thank you HHH.  He is very thankful that he can stand us to this day that he is going into the Hall of Fame with no regrets.  One of the biggest reasons is the almighty God, and his family, his wife and 2 children.  He loves them all so much.  He wants to thank them all for being so selfless, and letting Daddy go out and finish what he started.

There are countless number of WWE Superstars that he has had the fortune of knowing, and he thanks them for being a part of their lives.  He also wants to thank the fans, for believing in him and thinking he is good.  And for this night, he is a part of the Hall of Fame, he feels it, he loves his ring, and he thanks them.  This has been sappy, but if you’re not down with that, he has two words for them….Be Happy!!!  Oh wait, not that.

HHH and HBK hug and we have a Kliq reunion, complete with Kevin Nash and X-Pac Sean Waltman hugging them and closing the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Part of Wrestlemania experience is the Hall of Fame ceremonies, and once again they did not deny us.  Very enjoyable, but I suggest to you that you get the Wrestlemania DVD, or Blu-Ray when it comes out to watch each and every speech in its entirety.  Now WWE monday Night Raw.


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