WWE Monday Night Raw 4/4/11…The Aftermath of Wrestlemania

The Hall of Fame is complete, Wrestlemania is complete, now where do we go from here?  Let’s find out.

Jim Ross welcomes us to the show, John Cena will call out The Rock.  Jerry “The King” Lawler is back with Jim Ross.

Here comes “The King of Kings” HHH, starting the show off.

The fans are giving HHH a standing ovation for his great performance last night at Wrestlemania.  There is also some “You Tapped Out” chants too.

Over 71,000 fans were cheering at the Georgia Dome.  He stood in the ring with The Undertaker and his streak.  He has never been a nervous guy, an emotional guy, but he stood in the ring with over 71,000 fans watching, when the gong sounded off, he almost hypervenelated.  He has never been nervous like he was last night.  He wrestled The Undertaker before at Wrestlemania, but that streak means everything to Taker and he is willing to sacrifice his entire body to keep that going.  He beat him like no other man in his entire life, but yet he kept coming up for more.  They left everything in that ring last night.  But for him, it wasn’t good enough. 

He heard people talk about that match from last night, but no man alive came back up with what he was hitting him with.  It could be will power, but what he saw, being carried out on a stretcher is a man.  A man who is willing to keep that streak going.  People are talking about how he was carried out, that he will never be the same, some are even saying he is done.  If that is the case, he isn’t buying it, but if it is, he just wants to say one thing.  Thank you Deadman, thank you.  He gave HHH the fight of his life, thank you.  But he won’t believe he won’t be back, not after what he felt last night, that magic.  He’ll be back, and when he does come back, HHH will be waiting.

Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler are here, Ross said there is a rumor that Michael Cole is here and will challenge King to a match.  King said he has his gear on if that is the case.

Commercial break.

We are in Atlanta, Georgia, the state of Wrestlemania 27 last night.  Stone Cold is here to introduce the crowd to the cast of WWE Tough Enough.

Here comes Michael Cole, ready to steal Lawler’s thunder.  He said despite all odds, history was made last night at Wrestlemania.  Despite Stone Cold Steve Austin’s bias referee, Team Cole was victorious.  The world wasn’t talking about The Rock, they weren’t talking about the streak, they were talking about Michael Cole’s victory over Jerry “The King” Lawler. 

Now that Shawn Michaels is in the Hall of Fame, the WWE Universe will name him as Mr. Wrestlemania.

King speaks.

He said nobody beat King last night, a stupid computer beat King.  He made Cole tap out, and he was crying like a little girl.  So in YOUR record book, he will go down as the winner, but he will now forever be known as a worthless jackass.

Cole said get over it, he beat him.  Even with Austin, Cole still beat Lawler.  Why don’t he admit he is a better athlete, and he is a better man.  He has a proposition for him.

How about a rematch tonight, to prove to the world that he is still a King.

Lawler accepts and says let’s do it now.

Wait, Cole isn’t talking about a Wrestlemania rematch, he already beat him.  he is talking about a rematch from last week, against Jack Swagger.

King beat Swagger by DQ when Swagger would not let go of The Ankle Lock.  Cole antagonized King, and when King was ready to do his fist drop, Cole came up on the apron.  I have a question here, what does it say about Swagger when Cole can defeat King, but not Jack?

After the match, Cole went to Jim Ross and asked why he is laughing, then he goes into the Cole Mine (How did they tape that thing back up?) and found some BBQ sauce.  By the way, go to JRsBBQ.com for some good BBQ sauce.  Cole poured it all over Ross though and J.R. chased him off the ramp.

Coming up next, Rey Myserio and Randy Orton will face off against CM Punk and Cody Rhodes.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, J.R. getting BBQ sauce all over him and leaving the booth.

Cole is back in the Cole Mine and we see Booker T and Josh Matthews back too.  So this has become WWE Monday Night Smackdown.

Orton and Mysterio Vs Punk and Rhodes is on now.

A 619 and a RKo combination, and that’s all she wrote for Cody Rhodes.  Orton and Mysterio win in a very long, and very good match here.  I liked seeing that.

Still to come, John Cena calls out The Rock.

Stone Cold is here, he shook hands with HHH, saying he enjoyed the match last night.  Austin is heading to the ring next.

Sin Cara is coming to the WWE. 

Here comes Stone Cold.

Michael Cole wants The Undertaker next year at Wrestlemania…Good Gravy.

Oh Hell Yeah!!!!

Tough Enough is premiering after WWE Monday Night Raw.

Here comes the kids.

No reaction from the crowd.

“Sheriff” Austin is here with the participants.  They are going to go through some breaking training here, with Booker T, and the lovely, lovely Trish Stratus.  We see 14 people, but at the end, we will only see one.  And that is Austin’s choice.

Here comes

Now they get to introduce themselves.

Ryan Howe

Christina Crawford

Andy Levine

A.J. Kirsch

Ariane Andrew

Luke Robinson

Jeremiah Riggs

Rima Fakih, Miss USA

Mickael Zaki

Some woman who never said her name, but she is from Puerto Rico….seriously.

Eric Watts

Matt Capiccioni, he is from Cleveland, Ohio…my favorite.

Michelle Deighton

Martin Casaus.

Crowd wants Austin to stun them all.


Here comes The Miz.

Miz said back when he was on Tough Enough in 2004, people were telling him to go back to the Real World, but after last night, nobody can ever tell him where to go again.  How about this…

Footage from Wrestlemania 27 last night.  He defeated John Cena, he had a concussion, but he continued to retain the WWE Championship.  He told the participants they can always dream.  He just headlined and beat John Cena at Wrestlemania.  He is the must see champion, and he is the new face of the WWE.  Move over Buckwheat, he said that to one of the participants.  Live TV.

Get a good hard look, soak it in because this is the closest you will ever get to a WWE championship.

Austin is just looking at him and smiling. 

Miz asks if Austin wants to hold the title.  Is he thinking of what he thinks he is thinking.  Does Austin have one more run?  is he Tough Enough?

Crowd chants one more match.

How about we clear this ring and see if he can have one more match. 

Austin told the kids to clear the ring.

Austin looks at A-Ri and Miz gives him a cheap shot, and runs.

Riley has things in control, or so he thinks.  Austin takes over, stomps a mud hole on him now.  Riley decks him, Lou Thesz Press.  Austin is setting him up….


Time for beer.

He hands the kids the beer, uh oh, that is not a good idea.  He tosses them and the kids drop them. 

The broadcast premiere kicks off after WWE Monday Night Raw tonight.

Austin goes near The Cole Mine, and Cole begs him not to come in, but Austin doused beer all over him.  Hey, he did the same thing to Jim Ross.

Alberto Del Rio has a match, because here is Ricardo Rodriguez.

No car tonight for Del Rio, and he is in a foul mood.

His opponent is Evan Bourne, who gets no entrance here.  Remember when he beat Sheamus a few weeks ago?  Neither does WWE.

This was a basic squash here.  I don’t get what WWE doesn’t see in Evan Bourne.  The crowd loves him, yet WWE doesn’t reward them for that.  He lost with the Cross Arm Breaker.  Hey, he is good friends with John Cena.  Why doesn’t Cena go to bat for him?  The Miz would.

Wrestlemania Axxess is being shown now.

Vickie Guerrero interrupts Michael Cole.  And I say thank you.

She said that Snooki beat Laycool last night, it’s all of their fault.

Ziggler congratulated John Morrison for his bog Wrestlemania win last night, or should he congratulate Snooki.  He told John and Trish to come out and show what they can do best, nothing.

Mixed tag match is up next.

Morrison and Trish beat Ziggler and Vickie when John gave Dolph Starship Pain.  After the match, Vickie was irate.

Another match here, for the United States Championship.  Sheamus will take on Daniel Bryan.

Brogue Kick, and that is all she wrote here for Sheamus retaining his title.

He kicks Daniel Bryan for his troubles, and here we go….

Sin Cara appearance.

He comes into the ring and showcases what he can do to Sheamus, making a statement, he wants the United States Title, dropkick, Hurrancarana, Diving Cross Body Drop, the man can fly.

Coming up next, John Cena calls out The Rock.

Fast Five is coming to theaters April 29th.

Here comes John Cena.

The announcers brough up the fact that Cena was mad all night, yet he comes out with a goofy smile.

He said he expected The Rock to come out, since he posted it on his Twitter account he was going to whip some candy ass.  And if he hadn’t come out, the biggest event would have ended in a draw.  So he wants to congratulate The Miz on his win last night.


He said it doesn’t matter how he did it, the record book will show he won the main event at Wrestlemania.  And after what he did tonight, he earned John’s respect.  He just hopes he has another opportunity to wrestle him.

But that brings him to this other person.  He was supposed to be a host, but instead he decided to come out and get in Cena’s business and cost him the match.  That means he has certain business with The Rock, and he wants him out right now.

Here comes the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment.

The crowd is chanting “Fruity Pebbles” and it’s so easy with Cena’s new red T-shirt.

The Rock asked Cena what did he think was going to happen?  Has The Rock talked trash?  Yes, he does it better than anyone else.  It’s what The Rock does.  But he is wrong about one thing, respect.  The Rock respects him.  He knows what Cena has done.  The Rock knows he lives and breathes the WWE.  It’s because of that drive, he has become one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time.  But it doesn’t change the fact that The Rock doesn’t like John.

They are completely different, they dress differently, they fight differently, they talk differently, but they have one common thing, they fight for their simple being.  Except they shop differently, The Rock shops at department stores, John shops at Baby Gap.

Cena said awesome, fashion advice from The Tooth Fairy.  Now that was funny.

John said the talking is done, he is The People’s Champ, so listen to the people.

The fans want one more match, Cena said they aren’t standing to hear them talk, they want one more match.

They want a match where generations collide.  only in the WWE where you see Michael Jordan take on Lebron James, Mohammed Ali take on Mike Tyson, only in the WWE where we can see The Rock Vs John Cena. 

Do you want to talk about it, or do you want to bring it?

John Cena, you have no idea what you just asked for.  You ask The Rock to bring it, oh yeah, The Rock will bring it.  But The Rock said we make history, something you have never done before.  At the grandest stage of the world…Wrestlemania 28.

Fans don’t want that, they want it now.

But it’s not going to be another match, it will be a match with The Rock, and his millions, against John Cena at Wrestlemania 28, if you smell what The Rock is cooking.

They shake hands, and I guess it’s on at Wrestlemania 28.

Here comes The Corre, surrounding the ring.

They attack The Rock and Cena.

Rock and Cena get the upper hand, we see a 5 Knuckle Shuffle, and now a People’s Elbow.

Attitude Adjustment, and a Rock Bottom.

They can’t one-up each other here.

Rock tells him he will see Cena at Wrestlemania and they shake hands.  The show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The stage is set for Wrestlemania 28.  The Rock Vs John Cena at Miami.  I like this idea, but it’s a very, very huge risk.  Injuries can happen at any moment, to either athlete, so what would happen if that takes place?  I hope we don’t have to worry about it.  The interesting twist though is what can happen in between, and tonight showed that.  I liked the big confrontation here, but I think the fans were disappointed, thinking this was a match that can take place, now.

As for the rest of the show, the one negative point I will say here is The Miz really did not get his glory that much, I guess I should say I expected more, but we might see something new with this.  Make no mistake about it, Miz winning Wrestlemania is a big deal.  So now we will see the plans WWE have for him to come.

I enjoyed seeing Sin Cara’s debut, he made more of an impact tonight, then he could have having a match.  Good start for him.

The HHH promo in the beginning was good too, I hope Taker is okay, and when he comes back, HHH will be waiting.  Does that mean we will see him wrestle again?  Tune in.

The tag match between Orton and Mysterio Vs Punk and Rhodes was good too, and WWE allowed them the time to have it.

Some may say that this show wasn’t much, but I say it’s a building for what lays ahead for the wrestlers.  We will see in the coming week where we go from here.  Stay tuned.

What did you think of the show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or give me your thoughts on the site.


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