TNA Impact 4/7/11…A Fallen Angel Is Upon Us

We start Impact this week with the footage that had the returning Christopher Daniels help his Fortune friends get some revenge over Immortal last week.

We kick the show off with Fortune and Christopher Daniels.

The Impact Zone give us welcome back chants with Christopher Daniels.

Daniels says he has had a rocky relationship with TNA, he feels like there is a revolving door with he and TNA, but that’s business.  The one thing he has had over the years are friendships.  8 years ago when he first entered TNA, he met a guy like AJ Styles.  They have had their ups and downs, but their friendship has kept them together and they vowed they have each other’s backs at all times.

He was watching the show 3 weeks ago and he saw what Bully Ray did to AJ, his best friend in the world.  He realized it was time for Daniels to come back to TNA.

So to Bobby, James, and Frankie, he is offering them the same loyalty as he has to AJ.  Let him be the 4th man at Lethal Lockdown.

Here comes Immortal.

More specifically, the 4 men involved with Lethal Lockdown in Cincinnati, Ohio at Lockdown.  Ric Flair, Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, and Abyss.

Flair said they are at a point of no return with the 7 of them.  But as GOD, he doesn’t know who Daniels is.  He wants to represent these guys?  They are champions, he hopes AJ can’t walk again.  This is pro wrestling, no crying, no kissing ass.  Flair loves Fortune, they just decided to side with the wrong man.

He is giving Christopher a chance to walk away from TNA forever.  Someone is going to get hurt, and it won’t be Immortal, nobody can hurt Flair, he has fallen off airplanes.

Daniels says he doesn’t need the offer, he is staying.

Flair informs Daniels he doesn’t have a contract, he can’t be in the match. 

Daniels said that Flair doesn’t want him here, Hogan doesn’t want him there, but The Network wants him here.  It seems someone is a step ahead of the idiots.

Here comes Hogan and Bischoff.

Hogan assures Daniels that he is in charge, but The Network loves him, he can have a contract, and if he wants in the match, that is fine.  But since Hogan runs things, Daniels has to face Bully Ray tonight.

Ray said he doesn’t want a part of Ray, because he is the guy that crippled his best friend, he is the guy who power bombed AJ through a table.  And if he wants to, he can put Daniels in a bed right next to his best friend.  But Daniels has some balls, he is the biggest and baddest guy in the business today. 

He tells Daniels to go home, and watch Oprah.

Daniels said that he shouldn’t worry about the guy wearing maschera or painted fingernails, until that guy beats his ass.

All 8 men start to fight, with Immortal getting out of the ring.  Tonight, Christopher Daniels will face off against Bully Ray.

Mr. Anderson is backstage, he sees a note from Sting, saying it’s Showtime tonight.  He would rather see some flowers from the Stinger.

Hogan is irate over something.  Oh yeah, he is tired of The Network getting in their business.  This needs to be fixed, Bischoff needs to do something.

Bischoff gives him his word he will get to the bottom of it.

Here comes Hernandez and Anarcia, otherwise known as Mexican America.

They will face off against Tommy Dreamer and Devon.

Hernandez and Anarcia win the match when Anarcia nails Devon in the back with a chair.  Short match here that had Devon kissing Rosita.

After the match, they go after Dreamer too, and set up Tommy Dreamer for a Border Toss, but Matt Morgan come out and save him.

Morgan will face off against Hernandez at Lockdown inside a steel cage.  Morgan choke slams Anarcia and stand tall.

Still to come tonight, The Beautiful People will square off with Rosita and Sarita for the TNA Knockout Tag Titles.

And Jeff Jarrett makes a Lockdown promise to Kurt Angle.

Winter is continuing to feed Angelina some Kool-Aid.

Here comes Joe.

Joe will face off against Murphy with The Pope coming out for commentary.

It’s Street Vs Submission at Lockdown….Joe Vs The Pope.

Rear Naked Choke, that is it for Joe.

Joe is hunting The Pope, who had his own microphone.

Anderson has another note from The Stinger.  Let’s finish what we started tonight.  Ken doesn’t like “love notes”.

TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles match is up now.  The Beautiful People taking on Sarita and Rosita.

Angelina is still in a Kool-Aid trance here.

Winter appears and made the call, Angelina turned on her BFF with a snapmare and pounded her to the mat.  Rosita made the pin and the tag champs retained their titles.

Ken is looking for Stinger, he finds Eric Young and Orlando Jordan.  Eric said a champion always knows where a champion is, and he’s a champion.  Sting is in the rafters.

I still think they should have shown a clip of Sting and EY switching titles.

Anderson is up in the rafters, looking for Sting with a lead pipe. 

A man in a black trenchcoat starts beating up on Anderson, it’s RVD.  He said it’s 4:20, which means you’re about to be smoked.

RVD sent Mr. Anderson the notes all along.

A video package of the Triple Threat match at Lockdown between RVD, Mr. Anderson, and Sting.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Now it’s Showtime Folkes!!  Here comes Sting to the ring.

This is such a good night, he needs company, so he is asking RVD to come out to the ring.

Here he comes.

Sting said he came back to TNA to get rid of Hogan and Bischoff, but lately he has been getting sidetracked.

Since last March, he and RVD hasn’t seen eye to eye, but RVD reminds Sting that he nailed him with 1,000 baseball bats in his debut.  Sting apologized and said he was mistaken.

RVD said that is fine, but even though he isn’t taking Sting lightly, he is going to take his title back, that he hasn’t lost at Lockdown.  RVD reminded him he respects Sting, and many years ago, RVD was wrestling in WCW as an enhancement talent, while Sting was main eventing.  He did the same thing he does now, except he isn’t a Quarter of the show, he is the Whole F’N Show.

Here comes Hogan, Hulkster says why don’t we give the fans what RVD and Sting wants, a one on one match between the two in a non-title match later tonight.

Tara and Madison Rayne are bickering back and forth.  Tara doesn’t want to do it, and Madison has been crazy since she made the match against Mickie James at Lockdown.  Madison reminds Tara that she was cleaning toilets before she got her back into the company, and to do it now.

They ride off on the motorcycle.

Mr. Anderson is backstage, with his lead pipe, taking Sting and RVD’s picture off, but he is looking at Hulk Hogan’s picture.

6 man tag team match is up now, Generation me and Robbie E. taking on Brian Kendrick, the return of Chris Sabin, and Suicide.

There is a 9 man X-Divion XScape match at Lockdown.

Chris Sabin, Brian Kendrick and Suicide wins the match when Max Buck gave Jeremy a DDT off the top rope.  Everyone else was confused Brian pinned Jeremy.

Hogan is mad at Gunner and Rob Terry, Gunner slaps them both and chase them out of the room.

Anderson is in, he wants to be special referee, Hogan wants to know what’s in it for him?  He wants to ref the match and asked for some help from Hogan, Hogan says what’s it in for him.  He said he will scratch his back, if he scratches his.  Hogan agrees to do that and a deal is reached.

Madison and Tara run Mickie James over the motorcycle, and they run off in time for someone to check on her.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Madison and Tara attacking Mickie James.

Bully Ray will take on Christopher Daniels in a Lumberjack match and that is up now.

Bully Ray defeats Christopher Daniels with an attack by Hogan with handcuffs.  Bully wins the match.  Good to see Christopher win the match, good match for as short as it is.

Main event time, Sting Vs RVD, with Mr. Anderson as the special guest referee.

Sting lost the match when Anderson gave him a Mc Check and a Five Star Frog Splash, then Anderson nails him with the title.  Murphy and Terry came in and hoisted them on his shoulders.  After Hogan looked on, Anderson nails them both with the steel pipe and runs away to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This show took a step back from last week, but I still enjoy the dynamic between RVD, Sting, and Mr. Anderson.  Anderson has his title shot re-match, RVD claims he did not get lose the title, but he did lose to Jeff Hardy when he had his rematch, so isn’t that losing it?  Regardless, these three men are poised to have a good match at Lockdown against each other.

Daniels Vs Bully Ray was a good match, even though the wrong man won.  However, I am not sure what it says in Christopher’s ROH contract, perhaps he can’t win singles matches on TV?  But I am pleased he is a part of the Lethal Lockdown match, it makes sense and we clearly get a 4 on 4 match, which is what we should have.

Everything else on the show was just there.  The Angelina Love-Winter-Velvet Sky encounter was stupid, so the faster they end this storyline, the better.

I also did not like the Mickie James-Tara-Madison Rayne segment was dumb too, I just hope Mickie isn’t injured enough to miss the PPV.

What did you think of the show?  Email me at or drop me a note on the site.

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