WWE Smackdown 4/8/11…Who Is The New Number One Contender?

Off the heels of Wrestlemania, what holds for the blue team?  Let’s tune in and find out.  Remember to know your enemy.

We are live….on tape in Charlotte, North Carolina….Flair Country…..WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Starting off the show, here comes Alberto Del Rio, Brodus Clay, and Ricardo Rodriguez.  His car was destroyed at Wrestlemania, and he is not amused.

Good Gravy, Michael Cole is still in the Cole Mine, and it’s still taped up.

His name is Alberto Del Rio, but you already knew that.  What you may not know is destiny can be delayed…it can be stopped.  At Wrestlemania, his destiny was delayed.  It was delayed by Edge and Christian and destroyed his Wrestlemania moment, and destroyed his car.  He paid $120,000 for the car.  But it’s not about the money, the cars are like his children.  But they didn’t break him, he will make them pay.  When he becomes World Heavyweight Champion, everything Edge….

You think you know me?

Edge is riding in with Del Rio’s Rolls Royce in a Tow Truck.

Edge said he thought Del Rio was narcissistic when it comes to his cars, but then he realizes he does love them like his own children.  But he should love them unconditionally.

Edge spray painted the car in yellow.

Del Rio said he will get the World Heavyweight Title, but Edge reminded him he lost at Wrestlemania.

Del Rio wants his rematch, Edge said to get back in line.  There are other superstars more worthy of a title change.  The horn is honking and the driver of the truck is none other than Christian.  Christian deserves the title more because he has beaten him twice.

But if it’s destiny you want, your destiny is to fight.

Here comes Teddy Long.

He says let’s make this a fight, tonight, Christian will face off against Del Rio for the Number One Contendership to Edge’s World Title.  That match will take place at Extreme Rules in a ladder match.

The match is set and also tonight, we will see the historic confrontation between John Cena and The Rock.  And coming up next, a 2 out of 3 falls match between The Corre facing Kane, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, and Santino in an 8 man tag team match.

Kofi, Big Show, Kane, and Santino win fall number one when Kofi does a Top Rope cross body on Justin Gabriel.

Fall number 2 on its way.

The Corre wins fall number 2 when Wade Barrett gave Santino The Wasteland.

It’s tied at 1-1, and fall number 3 is on its way.

The Corre get DQ’d when all 4 went in the ring to attack Kane.  So, Kane, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, and Santino won the match, but did they win the war?

The Corre gets laid out now by all of the faces here.

We even had a Triple Chokeslam by Kane, Show, and….Santino?

Still to come tonight, Number One Contender match between Christian and Alberto Del Rio.

Sin Cara video and now we have Cody Rhodes heading to the ring, still wearing his awesome mask.

His opponent is Trent Barreta.

That’s all she wrote, Trent headed for a Crossroads, match is done.

Cody attacks Trent because I guess deep down inside, Trent was making fun of Cody.

Rey Mysterio comes out, trying to take the mask off.

Coming up next, John Cena calls out The Rock from Monday night.

The Rock Vs John Cena at Wrestlemania 28….Just Bring It.

We are backstage with Edge and Christian.  Edge is pulling for Christian to win tonight.  He knows Christian deserves the opportunity, even if it means he has to face his “brother”.

Christian is eyeing the prize, the World Heavyweight Title after Edge leaves.

Diva time here, Laycool will be taking on Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix win the match when Kelly rolls Layla over.  Michelle McCool didn’t even tag at all, and is saying her “back hurts”.

There is dissention in the ranks with Laycool.

Layla is trying to figure this out, but Michelle said she is doing this for her.

Still to come, Number One Contender’s match between Christian and Alberto Del Rio.

Our WWE Rewind is when Cole shot BBQ Sauce at Jim Ross this past Monday night.  So Cole is in the ring.

He wants to introduce Jack Swagger to the ring.

Last year at this time, Jack Swagger was on his way to winning the World Heavyweight Title, now?  He is second fiddle to Michael Cole.

Swagger said that people told him it would have been impossible to get Michael Cole to be ready for Wrestlemania.  But it was easy.  Only Michael Cole can have his first match at Wrestlemania earn a dominated victory and in one night can be the new Mr. Wrestlemania.

Applaud this man.

Cole said nobody in the locker room can beat Swagger in a fair fight, so how about we celebrate in a victory lap.

Here comes Sin Cara.

Sin Cara leapt into the ring with ease.  Wow, that is impressive.

Now it’s time for Sin Cara to fly.

And he does, wow, what a debut for the artist formerly known as Mistico.

Footage from last Monday on Raw, The Miz and Stone Cold Steve Austin segment.

The Miz suffered a concussion Sunday night at Wrestlemania, which makes what he did even more amazing.

WWE Tough Enough this Monday night at 8:00 on USA Network.

Coming up next, Number One Contender match, Christian facing Alberto Del Rio.

WWE Hall of Fame video is now playing.

Main event time, Number One Contender match between Christian and Alberto Del Rio.

Before the match starts, Edge is joining the commentary table.

Del Rio beats Christian when Brodus Clay distracted Christian, Edge speared him but when Christian went to the top rope, Del Rio kicked him in the head and pinned him for the match.  The show ends when Del Rio celebrated outside of the ring.  Extreme Rules title match is set.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Many years ago when Wrestlemania was at its inception, everything ended at the big event.  All of the major feuds would reach its pinnacle and WWE would go to brand new feuds starting after the event, those days are gone.  Instead, we have the same old feud set up as Alberto Del Rio will face Edge for the World Title.  In fact, this was a boring show for me.  Nothing new happened.  We are continuing Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio, we are continuing The Corre Vs Kane, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, and Santino.  We are even having the same tag match we have seen countless times of Laycool Vs Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly.  Wait, what is that you say?  Laycool, this time may be splitting?  Okay, that is new, but then I ask you why should they break up?  What do both women have to go from here?  Same old, same old.

What were your thoughts of the show tonight?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts on the site.


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