WWE Monday Night Raw 4/11/11….Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that we have John Cena Vs The Rock set for Wrestlemania 28, the focus of the show must be set for Extreme Rules which comes in the first part of May.  So where do we go from here?  Let’s find out.

Good Gravy, Michael Cole has his own ring entrance.  He is referred to as a “Broadcast journalist and the only undefeated superstar in WWE”

Off to the Coal Mine he goes, and here comes John Cena.  This show has started out peachy.

Great, now Cena is going to take some jokes about the big announcement and not take it seriously.

The match at Wrestlemania 28 is ICON Vs ICON….not yet.

This match can’t be about 2 competitors fighting for bragging rights, it will be for the WWE Championship.  If it’s the biggest match, it must be for the richest prize in sports entertainment.  Which brings him to tonight, if it must be for the WWE Championship, he must win it first.

Suddenly, I hear voices in my head and here comes Randy Orton.

Orton stated that any business Cena had with Wrestlemania, it’s been settled.  It doesn’t change the fact that he lost. 

It’s true.

Time to step aside and give someone else an opportunity to someone who actually won at Wrestlemania, like Santino.

Here comes John Morrison.

Morrison said he has seen this song and dance before, he’s bored with it, time for someone new.  He said John Morrison is added to the list.

Excuse me?

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler make their way and agree it should be someone new, but not Morrison.

Ziggler said that he is the most talented in the ring right now, and he never faced The Miz before, but when he wins the WWE Title, they will all get title shots.

What’s up?  Are you kidding me?

Yup, here comes R-Truth and he announced the right city tonight, Bridgeport, Conneticut.

Real Talk, he said he has never had a WWE Title match at any point, and that’s what’s up.

Email sound….

The Raw GM said they will get the opportunity in a 5 man Gauntlet match.  Two random men will start, once they beat the superstar, another one will come out and face that superstar.  Last man standing will be the Number One Contender.

Still to come tonight, Jerry “The King” Lawler will face Jack Swagger.  If Swagger wins, Cole will never face King again, if he does, they will meet in a pick your poison match, hmmmm….so who will win?  The one bonus here is Jim Ross will be here.

Is Edge’s career over?  Edge will have a shocking announcement to make tonight.

When we come back, we see a vignette of someone who looks like Awesome Kong, snapping a doll’s head.

Brie Bella will face Eve for the WWE Diva’s Title.  Before the match, Eve brings a sharpie to tell which is which, the referee marks an X on Brie’s hand, and here we go.

Brie Bella becomes the new Diva’s Champion when Nikki distracted Eve and the ref, and when Eve turned around, Brie pulls off the X-Factor move to pin Eve.

Tonight, we have a 5 man Gauntlet match for the Number One Contendership on the line between John Cena, Randy Orton, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, and R-Truth.

Sin Cara is coming out for his Raw debut match next.

This might be a heel turn for Eve, she was in the dressing room, Gail Kim had her moment on TV to apologize for what happened, but Eve said to save it.  All of the diva’s are the same, they just wait for their opportunity to get the Diva’s Title.  Natalya wanted to wish the same thing, but Eve walked away and said all the diva’s are the same.

Gail and Natalya said they aren’t like that, and Tamina just picked up a comb or something from her locker and walked away.

Sin Cara will take on Primo right now.

Wow, what a debut, Sin Cara wins with a top rope flip, into a DDT.  Not sure what that move will be called, but hopefully, we will find out soon enough.  Awesome debut.

Still to come, Jerry “The King” Lawler will take on Jack Swagger.

Will Edge retire?  We will soon find out, he will make an announcement tonight.

The Corre are in the ring now after the footage they showed from last week where The Rock and John Cena tore them apart.

The Corre said last week The Rock and John Cena made history, so they decided to come out and take out Cena and Rock, but they failed.  But it wasn’t because of Wade Barrett.

This upset everyone else, so they had their chance to squash any differences they may have had.

Santino comes out with Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, and Daniel Bryan.  He said they are The Corre, and they are The Apple.  Apple stands for Allied People Powered Loathing Everything, that you stand for.  The team implosion will continue tonight because for Vladimir Kozlov, Team Apple will take on The Corre tonight.

That match will take place next.

The Corre beat Team Apple when Justin Gabriel kicked Santino in the back, and Heath Slater gave him the Sweetness Neckbreaker.

Jack Swagger taking on The King is coming up next.

Here comes J.R.

Cole is cracking jokes at J.R.’s expense, J.R. comes right into ringside and tries to get into the Cole Mine, here comes Jack Swagger and King is fighting him, here comes the officials and we go to a commercial break.  I smell a tag match here soon.

Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated Jack Swagger when Jim Ross had enough of Cole and took him out with his knees off the ring, Swagger took the time to try to get Jim Ross, but Ross distracted Swagger enough to have King roll him up for the 1…2…3.

This was an interesting dynamic here because nobody was commentating during this match, instead we had Cole and Ross commentated by screaming at each other.

After the match, Cole is blaming Swagger for the loss.  He is shoving his finger at Swagger, and now he slapped him.  Swagger didn’t get a chance to do anything though, Cole left the ring.

Now here comes the announcement with Extreme Rules.  It will be Michael Cole Vs Jerry “The King” Lawler in a tag team match, King and Ross against Cole and Swagger.

Did I call it, or what?

Did they make Swagger look bad here or what?

WWE Superstars have their take on HHH Vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27.

Edge is up next, he was seen talking with John Cena.  Is he going to retire?  We’ll find out.

I flipped on to the Indians-Angels game, Asdrubal Cabrera hit his 4th Home Run of the season to give the Indians an early 1-0 lead.  Yes, it’s early but it’s damn good seeing the Indians on top of the AL Central.

Moving back to wrestling, Edge is coming out, the 11-time World Heavyweight Champion.  Jim Ross and King are back at the helm with Josh Matthews.  Is Edge retiring?  We’ll find out.

8 years ago, Edge broke his neck.  He knew he was on borrowed time from that point on.  He has been in alot of pain lately, he has been losing feeling in his arms, but he has passed through tests.  WWE wanted him to get more tests, the MRI showed that he has to retire.

The crowd is giving him a standing ovation and thanking him for his time.

He has been feeling for himself, until he talked to Christian, who has been his best friend for 27 years.  He was angry at himself, angry at his body, thinking he was letting us down.  He felt that he wasn’t ending on his own terms, but Christian reminded him that he has been competing in his own terms.  He is still a huge fan of WWE.  Every month, he and Christian would go to Maple Gardens and watch all of the superstars and knew since Wrestlemania 6 that he was going to be in the business, fast forward, he main evented with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  He couldn’t dream of a better way going out than to main event Wrestlemania 27.  He has been in WWE for 14 years, his first match was at Hamilton Coliseum.  He feels like he has grown up and become a man in front of us.

He hopes he has earned the fans’ respect, he feels he has earned the locker room’s respect.  He feels he would give it all he can in the ring night in and night out, and in turn, the fans would give Edge everything he they have.  But he won’t be in tights tomorrow, and he is going to eat tons of ice cream tonight.

But he would do everything again, in a heartbeat.

So thank you, thank you very much.

Wow, I didn’t see this coming.  I thought it was a complete angle, but I guess time will tell.  Thank you Edge for the years, I will miss you in the ring.

When we come back, we see all of the superstars in the back giving Edge a big hand, all of the heels and faces in the back, giving him a well deserved hand.


Here comes The Miz, he will more than likely join the commentary table, “scouting” the match.

Main event match is up now, Randy Orton will face Dolph Ziggler first.

Dolph Ziggler beat Randy Orton when the new NEXUS came out to distract Orton.  Ziggler rolled him up.

Mason Ryan, Michael McGillicutty, and David Otunga are back, but still no Husky Harris.

Commercial break.

R-Truth is out now, he will face Dolph Ziggler.

Wow, R-Truth wins with a What’s Up.  I am shocked to say the least.

Now here comes John Morrison.  John Mo Vs R-Truth, next.

Morrison tries Starship Pain, but misses, and R-Truth pulled off a What’s Up.

Can he beat John Cena?

Not really, the match was a Double DQ because both Alex Riley and The Miz attacked R-Truth and Cena.

Miz assured Cena and Truth that they are both losers and should go to the end of the line.  There is no number one contender.

Email sound….

The Raw GM said that there is no Number One Contender, so Extreme Rules is now a Triple Threat match between R-Truth, John Cena, and The Miz.

After the announcement, Truth and Cena attacked Riley and Miz and ended the show shoving each other.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Before I tell you my point of view, I want to thank Adam Copeland for his years of wrestling in the business.  I will truly miss the performer and the man in the ring.  Thank you Edge.

Now on to the rest of the show, I enjoyed it, even at the end, R-Truth being in the title match makes no sense at all, but it at least feels different from the customary Cena Vs Miz match.  We may have the same result, and let’s face it, John Cena WILL win the title back soon, but at least it is something different.  But why R-Truth and not Dolph Ziggler?  Is it because Vickie Guerrero is a heat magnet?

I am fine with King and Cole having another match, I guess but why involve Swagger and Cole?  Are we safe to assume that King and Swagger will be the workhorses in the match, and if that is the case, let’s see Swagger turn face and give Cole an Ankle Lock.

I guess we are continuing Orton Vs NEXUS feud, I mean NEXUS has come back from the dead so many times, you might as well call them The Undertaker.

Speaking of worthless groups, The Corre joined up two months ago, yet they are showing dissention?  Okay.

Is Eve turning heel?  It sure seemed like that to me.

I’ll say it again, Sin Cara’s debut was awesome.  I love how they are treating this wrestler so far, he can do amazing things and had the perfect opponent in Primo, who helped him look like a million bucks.

I know everyone is giddy about Awesome Kong coming in to WWE, but I’ll say this again, I think she would be treated better in TNA.  I don’t see Vince showcasing her as an “unstoppable force” for a long period of time.  Although, I would love to see another Kong-Gail Kim match, just not on WWE Superstars.  I hope I am wrong on this case though, time will tell.

The show still was good though and it gives us a new perspective, sort of.  What were your thoughts of the show?  Let me know by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or dropping me a line on the site.  What are your favorite Edge memories?  Let me know.


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