WWE Monday Night Raw 4/25/11….WWE Draft

We start the show off right away with the 20 man Battle Royal to determine who gets the first Draft choice.  We are in Raleigh, North Carolina, Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Jerry “The King” Lawler start the show off.

Who wins the match, and who will get the first draft choice?

Final 4 here are Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Mason Ryan, and Evan Bourne.

Big Show eliminates Evan Bourne.

Big Show eliminates Mason Ryan.

The winners are Big Show and Kofi Kingston….which means….

Smackdown’s choice is….

John Cena.  Did they really do that?

Commercial break.

I just have a feeling Cena will be drafted back to Raw tonight.  They needed to shock the world here, and they did.  Let’s see what happens.

Todd Grisham is showing us he still is employed.  He is interviewing John Cena.  Cena is shocked, moved and Sci-Fy is partying that The Franchise is coming to Smackdown.  He said that changes happen, but he still will walk at Extreme Rules as a Smackdown superstar to win the WWE Title back to The Smack.

The Miz said this will be the final time he will face Cena, and he will beat him, than he can say Cena is right…he can’t see him.

I guess tonight’s main event is Jim Ross against Michael Cole.  Wow, that will equal ratings.

They show us footage from last week when R-Truth turned heel and attacked John Morrison, after losing his title match at Extreme Rules.

R-Truth comes out now to no music at all. 

Raleigh, North Carolina….SHUT UP!!!

I like R-Truth again.

Truth said the topic of the day is you.  Last week, John Morrison, his friend….what?  He came out here and challenged him to a match with his WWE Title spot on the line at Extreme Rules.  Now the crowd is pissing him off, WWE bleeps that out.  Why did he challenge him?  Because of you.  Why did he accept?  Because the crowd wanted him to, he lost because of us.  He has spent his entire career trying to please us, that has him nowhere.  He comes out rapping and dancing, just so we all can dance along with him.  But we need rhythm.  “Little Jimmy” is singing with The Truth.  Is “Little Jimmy” putting any titles around R-Truth’s waist?  No, so you can wipe your nose and SHUT UP!!!!

For 10 years, he chose us, but now R-Truth is officially giving us the boot.  Peace-Out….Duces…..See Ya…..Don’t boo me, you should be booing yourself.

10 years of frustration, when he let that go, it felt marvelous.  For the first time in his life, The Truth has set him free.

John Morrison attacks R-Truth.  Officials break them up, shoot, where were they at last week?

Awesome Kong is coming to WWE, or some other name.  She will be known as Kharma.

Eve Mendes is in the ring for a draft pick.  She will face Layla.

Michelle McCool comes out, so I am guessing she will be drafted to Raw.

Oh my god, they did it again.  Michael Cole interrupts the match to put HIMSELF over.  Forget the diva’s, no, he is going to get ready for his match with Jim Ross.  Oh yeah by the way, Eve wins the match with a roll up on Layla, but WWE could care less.

Oh yeah, Michelle distracted Layla, and after the match, Layla had enough and started to attack Michelle, ramming her head in the barricade, and flipping her over the announce table.

So Laycool is officially broken up, and Raw gets….

Rey Mysterio.

Still to come tonight, Sir Michael Cole facing Jim Ross, and we see Ross warming up.

Cody Rhodes is being interviewed by Todd and Cody said he is going to give Rey a going away present, and that is a new mask.  A mask they put on at a hospital, because at his match, Falls Count Anywhere at Extreme Rules, he is taking out Rey Mysterio.

Kofi Kingston is out with another draft pick match.  His opponent is Sheamus, and the match is on now.

Kofi wins the match with Trouble in Paradise.  He won another match for Smackdown, so their pick is….

Randy Orton.

Anything and everything can happen tonight, so stay tuned.

Coming up next, Sir Michael Cole taking on Jim Ross.

Jack Swagger comes out with Michael Cole.

Booker T joins us, why not, this is an announcing carousel.

Jim Ross Vs Sir Michael Cole up now.

This wasn’t a match, it was alot of stalling by Michael Cole.  Cole even drank water during the match, yet they ridiculed R-Truth for doing that last week.  Swagger nails King from behind and attacks Jim Ross to call for the DQ.  Cole now is whipping Ross like a governor mule with a belt, while Swagger has the Ankle Lock.

I am so tired of this feud, this needs to end this Sunday.

Cole got whipped by the belt too by King, when he came back, and we get an….

Email sound….

The tag team match this Sunday has been changed from a streetfight to a Country Whopping Match.  Ross likes that.

Scott Stanford is interviewing The Miz and Alex Riley.

Miz said people won’t be talking about The Rock’s birthday next week, instead, they will talk about how The Miz retains his WWE Title.  The USA Network executives should be on their knees praying that The Miz doesn’t get drafted to Smackdown.  if he does, WWE Monday Night Raw will be cancelled, that’s a guarantee.

Randy Orton is in the ring, he will face Dolph Ziggler for a draft pick now.

This is for 2 draft picks.

RKO, that is all she wrote for Dolph.  So Smackdown gets 2 more picks.

And they are….

CM Punk interrupts the draft.  He finds it ironic that this Sunday, the PPV is called Extreme Rules because the rules do not apply, except one, you have to answer the ref counting to 10 in a Last Man Standing match.  He will have nobody to blame but himself.  He will send Randy to Smackdown broken down, packing up, and hurt.  A former shell of what he used to be.

Orton said he will miss many things about Raw, but one thing he won’t miss is Punk rambling on and on.  This Sunday, he won’t be walking, he won’t be eating, he won’t be talking, not moving, he will be sleeping….Unconscious sleeping, because Orton will be the last man standing.

Who cares, who is drafted to Smackdown?

We’ll find out after the break.

My god, they showed who was going to Smackdown DURING THE BREAK!!!  This show has been very bad here.  By the way, for those of you keeping score at home, and you know who you are….Mark Henry and Sin Cara moved over to Smackdown.

Now here comes Wade Barrett, The IC Champion to lose.  He will face Rey Mysterio.

Yup, Wade is going to lose.  This match is worth 2 picks.

Yup, Rey won with Dropping The Dime and 619, next….

Raw’s picks are…..

Big Show and Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio doesn’t like he is on Raw now.  I don’t blame him, it’s not his time yet.

Next week, The Rock’s birthday bash on WWE Monday Night Raw.

The Extreme Rules theme song is called “Justice” by Rev Theory.

Raw is at the campus of North Carolina State….Wolfpack unite.

Cole is back, and he has moth balls in his mouth.

Extreme Rules PPV rundown.

Teddy Long is out now, to announce a big 6 man tag match tonight as the main event.  The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and CM punk taking on Mark Henry, Christian, and John Cena.

The match is up next.

The Miz, CM Punk, and Alberto Del Rio win the match with the Skull Crushing Finale.  Mark Henry turned heel and went after both Cena and Chrsitian.

Raw pick is….

John Cena.

Cena replies to it by attacking all 3 Raw wrestlers after the choice.  Tomorrow still is draft day with the supplemental Draft, so check back here tomorrow, I’ll have the choices here too.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, there you have it, we have seen something we never saw before, and they will tell us that….the same wrestler being drafted twice on the same show.  The sad thing is I called it as soon as it happened.  Oh well, tonight’s show wasn’t that good.  They tried to build up the PPV, instead of focusing the draft itself, and it should always be the unpredictable draft, which is why they should have waited for June to do it when they had a 3 hour window.  I understand why they did it, because of Edge retiring suddenly, but they easily could have had 2 months be setting up the draft and make it mean something.  By the way, did you know that John Morrison is involved in the Triple Threat Steel Cage match with The Miz and John Cena?  Because WWE didn’t tell us much, maybe twice they brought it up, he didn’t even do a promo talking about how important this match is to him. 

But on to the positive things here, I liked Randy Orton going to Smackdown.  It makes sense, let him go after the World Title, Rey going to Raw is interesting.  He didn’t do much the last time he was on Raw, so perhaps they will have more to do for him now?  Certainly a feud with CM Punk could be fun again.  Big Show gets moved every single year, so eh, but does this mean Kane will move tomorrow since they are World Tag Team champions?  I hope so.  Sin Cara and Mark Henry doesn’t do much for me moving over to Smackdown, but maybe they will try something with Mark, since he turned heel.

I did like the R-Truth promo, it was a little out there, but hey, “Little Jimmy” is now more over than half the wrestlers in the locker room right now. 

I hated anything to do with Michael Cole-Jerry Lawler feud, it has to stop this Sunday.  I also find it ridiculous that both Josh Matthews and Michael Cole are on both shows as announcers.  Why?  Move Josh over to Smackdown, keep Cole on Raw, and keep the announcers separate.  I also hate how they are treating the divas, once again, interrupting their match.  Why?  What is the point, and you can’t tell me Eve is okay with this.  I know I wouldn’t be.

But there you have it, the show was here, they have a PPV set up this Sunday.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts on the site.  I will send you the results tomorrow, so check here too.


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