WWE Monday Night Raw 5/2/11…The Rock’s Birthday Celebration

Off the heels of Extreme Rules and off the heels of kicking Bin Laden’s candy ass, we are here in Miami, Florida and are here for the big celebration of The Great One himself, The Rock.  Will John Cena make his appearance?  Ummmm yeah, so here we go.

We begin the show with a very somber video of former President George Bush speaking about the horrible 9/11 tragedy.  Not only is our country strong, but our world is strong.

God Bless the Troops, we will never forget September 11th, 2001.

WWE was the first broadcast on TV when they had a very memorable Smackdown episode on September 13th, 2001.

The beautiful Lillian Garcia sings the national anthem.  It’s great to see her and she is singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Now it’s time to Burn the Ground down tonight as Nickelback would say and we are off and running….LIVE AT SOUTH BEACH!!!!!!

Josh Matthews, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Michael Cole welcome us to the show.  We are all invited to The Great One’s celebration, and tonight we get to see The Miz take on John Cena for the WWE Title.

The Rock kicks off the show.  Rock has his patriotic Brahma Bull shirt on.

Finally, The Rock has come back home.  Before we get started, he has one thing to say….we got him.

Loud USA chants all over the arena.

Thank you to the proud men and women, who continuously and fearlessly fight for our country every day and night.  His family is proud members of the military, and he is damn proud of them, and he is damn proud to be an American.

He wants everyone to join him, and we all pledge the allegiance. 

Good Lord almighty, it feels good to be home.  It started right here where it was born, when The Rock burst through the womb and the doctors and nurses all said this great baby is named Johnson.

The Rock went to high school, he had a mustache, an afro, looking at the lead singer of Menudo.  That face ate more pie in one night than The great King Kong Bundy did in an English bakery.

Rocky chants.

The Rock goes to college.

The Rock on to The U.  Number 94 on the field, number one in the hearts helped lead Miami to a championship in the Orange Bowl.

The Rock came to become the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, enough of the yaking…The Rock is ready to party all over South Beach…..IF YA SMELLLLLL….

Email sound….

The Raw GM said….

Whoa….whoa…whoa….Michael Cole, The Rock can’t hear you.  If you have the nerve to interrupt The Rock on his birthday, than show some class and read it to The Rock’s face.

Cole doesn’t want to do it, and I quote….

The Rock said if he’s scared, he can understand that.  But he won at Wrestlemania, he won at Extreme Rules, than he must think he is a tough guy.  Okay, so he can either come and read it to his face, or he can sit in his cage and be a drunk hobbit jackbag bitch.

Cole doesn’t know what a jackbag is, but he’s not the same nervous kid he was when The Rock threw things at him.  He associates himself with winners, he’s going to give us an example.

Cole takes his shirt off and reveal a Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics jersey.  Now why couldn’t it be Paul Pierce?

Are you jealous Miami because Boston has more championships than any team in NBA history?  And after this season, they will have one more.  If Rock wants Cole to confront him, he will Dwayne.

He comes to the ring, and says the Raw GM demands an apology for what The Rock did at Wrestlemania, and Cole wants an apology for all of the humiliated things he has done to him over the years.

The Rock said to Cole he is right.  He did disrespect the Raw GM at Wrestlemania, and he has disrespected Cole over the years, so he has one thing to say to him….he’s sorry.

He sticks out his hand to Cole and says they are live in Miami, in front of the millions….and millions of The Rock’s fans, so either shake hands with The Rock, and accept his apology or not.

Cole thanks Rock, and Rock said thank you….Now go Heat, you bitch and gives him a Rock Bottom….People’s Elbow for good measure too, and the Heat fans are loving it.

The Rock says this is Miami, this is The Rock’s celebration and he wants to welcome Mr. 305’s own PitBull.

He sings a song in celebration for The Rock, complete with his own Miami Heat dancers.  He is singing “Boom Boom Boom”.

Coming up next, John Morrison will face R-Truth.

Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, otherwise known as “The Two Fools” wish The Rock a happy birthday, via video.

Jim Ross joins Josh and King, and the match takes place now.

There is no match, Truth attacks Morrison from behind and the officials come out and order Truth to go to the back, after Truth gives him Paydirt.

Morrison’s arm is completely numb with the officials helping him to the back, but Truth grabs him again and nails another Paydirt right on the top ramp.

I love this new heel Truth here, they might still have the R in his name, but not me.  This is The Truth….Ron “The Truth” Killings.

We are live in Miami, in front of The Rock’s birthday celebration.  Another Happy Birthday video message by Jimmy Kimmel.

The lovely Maryse comes out for a match, she will face off against Kelly Kelly.

Just when they go to a match, Kharma comes out, ready to beat down on some diva’s.

She attacks Maryse first.  Inverted Facebuster….BOOM!!!

She now sets her eyes on Kelly.  But she turns around and walks away.  That’s a debut the last few nights.

The Miz is backstage with Alex Riley just arriving, he was late with traffic.  Riley asks where was he at last night when his WWE Title match was going on.  Alex said he was drafted, Miz doesn’t want to hear that.  He said that he has a personal contract with The Miz, and he is the reason A-Ri is even in WWE.  But he needs to be in his corner tonight, nobody will be talking about The Rock’s birthday celebration, instead they will talk about The Miz regaining his WWE Title again.

Paul Walker wants to wish The Rock a happy birthday, so he does….can you see him?

Another Rock Happy Birthday celebration video….Samuel L. Jackson.

The Rock is with the diva’s.  He talks about singing Happy Birthday to the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Various superstars are here for The Rock’s birthday celebration.  Vladimir Kozlov wrote a script for The Rock, and his character is Lou Hobbs, who is Santino from Fast Five.  Hornswoggle is The Scorpion King, he has a toothache, and The Great Khali is The Tooth Fairy….You can’t handle the tooth.

Quite a masterpiece, The Rock has the perfect name for it…..DAMN!!  By Ron Simmons.

Coming up next, WWE Title match…John Cena facing The Miz.

Another video wishing The Rock Happy Birthday by Steve Carrell.

WWE Title match….John Cena vs The Miz is on now.

Wow, fantastic match here, but very crappy ending.  Here’s the deal,  The Miz nailed Cena with the WWE Title behind the ref’s back, Miz still had the WWE Title when he pinned John.  The ref called the bell, after he counted to 3, looking for the title.  He sees Miz drops the title, and assumes he nailed Cena with the belt, so therefore, he DQ’s Miz and Cena retains the title.  There was no video footage from it, only the ref assumes he used it.  It might have worked if they showed the replay on the Titantron and the ref had seen that, but instead, no replay.  Just a horrible ending to what was a fantastic match between the two.

Ellen Degeneres wishes The Rock a Happy Birthday.

Now Tyler Perry is wishing The Rock a Happy Birthday.

We see video from last night when John Cena made the announcement that Osama Bin Laden is dead after Extreme Rules PPV.

It’s going to be the new drafted superstars…Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston taking on Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre.

Alberto Del Rio is joining the announcers doing commentary.

Rey Rey and Kofi win with a Trouble In Paradise and 619.  It looks like they are pointing towards another Rey Mysterio Vs Alberto Del Rio feud here.

WWE is creating Be a Star, an anti-bullying campaign and they have the media showcase for it.

Ludicrous is wishing The Rock a Happy Birthday video.

Dan Marino is wishing The Rock a Happy Birthday.

The Rock is saying how proud he is of Christian becoming World Heavyweight Champion.

Excuse me?

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler give The Rock a present…Mae Young.

You think The Rock isn’t happy to see Mae Young on his birthday?  Vickie, you may lose all the weight in the world, you will never, and The Rock means never look as good as Mae Young. 

He gives Mae Young a big kiss, and says The Rock gets more pie in one night than Dolph does in a lifetime.

John Cena is here now, he says he has a gift for The Rock….The WWE Title.  He will keep it as long as Wrestlemania 28, and this will be the biggest gift The Rock can win.  And if he gets through him, than he can become the WWE Champion.

Just Bring It.

Coming up next, Kane will take on Mason Ryan.

George Lopez is wishing The Rock a happy birthday.

Mason Ryan Vs Kane is on now, with CM punk accompanying him to the ring.

Kane wins the match by DQ when CM Punk tried to come into the ring and was swatted in the ring like a fly.  The rest of NEXUS come out and try to help them, but Kane takes care of business, he grabs Mason by the throat by a chokeslam, but Mason powers out and gives him a Swinging Side Slam.  NEXUS than puts the boot to Kane, but Big Show comes out and attacks NEXUS, but is met with a spear by Mason.  Then Mason leaves the ring, abandons NEXUS and leaves the ring.


The Rock’s birthday celebration continues next.

Regis and Kelly wish The Rock a happy birthday.

This Friday on Smackdown, we will have Christian’s World Heavyweight Title celebration.

Craig Ferguson wishes The Rock a Happy Birthday.

Here comes The Rock…again.

All proceeds to The Rock’s “Team Bring It” T-shirts will go to The Wounded Warrior Project.

He wants to thank the fans for coming out and celebrate his birthday.  His family is there tonight, he wants to thank the WWE.  Just like The Rock’s Birthday celebration is the greatest night of his life, just to sure, as a proud Hurricane and son of Miami, he will give us his word…Wrestlemania 28 will be the greatest Wrestlemania of all time.

Here comes Mr. McMahon.

Vince said he remembers The Rock, just in the business came to Vince and asked for an opportunity to be pushed, if he did that he would promise Vince the greatest run in WWE history, and he did that.

Vince wants to thank The Rock for his respect, his dedication, for the fans to say “What” and thank you to The Rock for coming home.

Here is a video the WWE Wrestlers gave for The Rock.

A video of the song “Coming Home” By Diddy-Dirty Money.

Awesome video tribute, even going back to The Rock’s Miami Hurricane days.

Mya is now singing for The Rock, singing Happy Birthday to The Great One.

To Mya, The WWE Fans, The Wrestlers, and everyone all around the world….IF YA SMELL-LA-LA-LA-LA WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

If you tuned in to see tonight’s show to see The Rock, this show was awesome, if you tune in for everything else, this show sucked.  I want to say nobody else has what The Rock has, and I am not just talking about his charisma, but nobody else has his presence, not even Cena.  Having said that, I am glad to see Rock back with the company in some way, and I look forward to his appearances off and on in preparation for his Wrestlemania encounter next year against Cena.  Plus, anytime he Rock Bottoms Cole, that’s a good thing.

But the rest of the show was just bad, even the so-called “videos” wishing The Rock a Happy Birthday.  Let’s talk about the real main event, The Miz Vs Cena match was very good, but surely the ending was awful.  I imagine that we will see these two again at Off the Limit PPV, which might I add was barely mentioned, and that means we will have a 2 week build, which is awful.

I did like Kharma’s bit tonight though, they seem to be doing the right thing here, and I am still thinking she will attack a face diva at some point shortly, but for now, it seems to be the heel divas, so we will see.

I am not interested in anything else they showed tonight, especially seeing Alberto Del Rio Vs Rey Mysterio feud again.  My goodness, you drafted these guys for a reason, so be creative here.  We saw Rey and Del Rio just feud 3 months ago.  It’s called lazy booking.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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  1. devyn says:

    omg i am a big star of monday night rhoo and friday night smackdown

  2. carol nares says:

    your my idol

    • Thank you.

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