WWE Monday Night Raw 5/9/11…Okay, Now We Have A PPV To Prepare For

Okay, now The Rock’s birthday celebration was fun and all, but the thing is we have 13 days to prepare for a PPV, and it’s time to set that up.

Having said that, we immediately start the show with Alberto Del Rio coming to the ring….Here we go.

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Josh Matthews welcome us to the show.

His name is Alberto Del Rio….but you already know that.

Destiny was stolen from Alberto Del Rio by that retired compadre Edge.  But destiny can still be achieved.  He doesn’t know why last week was wasted by The Rock, when it could have been used by Alberto Del Rio.  The WWE Champion is John Cena and there is nobody better than himself.  So the person that should face John Cena is Alberto Del Rio.

Here comes Rey Mysterio.

Rey said neither man is worthy of being WWE champion because they just was drafted to Raw.  What?

Rey said that Alberto’s destiny isn’t to win the WWE Title, his destiny is to be Ricardo Rodriguez’ ring announcer.

Rey is challenging Alberto to a match for the Number One Contendership tonight.

Alberto said why so he can beat him again?


Here comes The Miz, and Alex Riley, who oddly enough is Smackdown’s property, yet he is still here.




Teddy Long isn’t here, which means it is HIS show, and the WWE Title is the property of The Miz, and if it wasn’t the incompetence of Riley, he would be WWE Champion.

Alberto said he didn’t get the job done, and The Miz should go back to the line.  The Miz said he did get the job done.  But the prejudice ref reversed the decision, and awarded Cena the title.  He was a legitimate shot at getting the WWE Title.  Del Rio and Rey can fight at a Taco Bell parking lot for all he cares.

The Truth is here to set you free.

Truth comes out and says there seems to be alot of hate around here, you know what he hates?  Hospital food, you never get the right amount, and you know who is having plenty of hospital food?  John Morrison, because of what he did to Morrison last week.

We see footage from last week when Truth took out John Morrison.

John had to have neck surgery, you don’t believe him?  It’s on WWE.com, and John is there right now.  Hospital food gives you constipation.  And he doesn’t have a problem doing the same thing to the three men in the ring.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a pretty boy from California, actually, he is from Cleveland.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a wannabe superhero from San Diego, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a pompous Mexican like Del Rio.  He’s not staying in the back of the line like he has done for 10 years.  The only one to face John Cena is The Truth.

Email sound…

Cole said that there will be a Triple Threat match tonight to determine The Number One Contenders match.  The two men will be The Miz and Alberto Del Rio….and….

Email sound….

Cole read this again, and said Rey Mysterio is the third man.  Truth is irate about this and said this happens to me again?

He said he is better than all three of them, especially Rey Mysterio.

Rey said for once, he agrees with the GM.  That is the truth, and nothing but the truth….that’s what’s up.

Truth walks away, talking to himself.

The Miz makes this clear, he is the real star on Raw, not the two of them, and no matter what, the next WWE Champion is….

Ricardo Rodriguez yells out Alberto Del Rio.  Del Rio smiles and winks at The Miz, with A-Ri giving Del Rio a cheap shot, but Ricardo drops a beautiful Dropkick, and this is followed by The Miz taking down Ricardo, Del Rio goes after The Miz and flips them both over the ropes, and Rey gives Alberto a tope to end the segment.

Good start here.

The Bellas are in the ring, ready for a tag team match.  They will face off against Eve and Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly is in The Top 100 Hotties from Maxim Magazine.

Kelly Kelly and Eve when Kelly rolls over I am assuming Nikki Bella, but at this point, does it matter?

Here comes Kharma.  Who is she attacking tonight?

She attacks Eve, with an Implant Buster and chased Kelly Kelly out of ringside.

Here comes Kane and Big Show, they are up next.

Kane is facing Mason Ryan one on one.

This is a no contest, Punk interferes, Show knocks out Punk and the rest of NEXUS come in to go after Kane, but Kane and Show take care of them, with some chokeslams.  Punk is still knocked out unconscious.

John Cena is here tonight, yippeee.

Santino is in the ring and his opponent is…

Excuse Me….

Vickie Guerrero introduces Santino’s opponent is Dolph Ziggler.

Zig Zag, match is over with.

Still to come tonight, Number One Contenders match with Alberto Del Rio Vs The Miz Vs Rey Mysterio.

Samckdown Rewind with Randy Orton becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion, defeating Christian.

The Truth is talking to himself, Scott Stanford wants to know what is going on with Truth, he said this is a conspiracy against him.  He gets letters from parents, wanting him to go back to dancing and saying What’s up.  He tells Little Ronnie to go to private school and dares Scott to say what’s up. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of backstage, Zack Ryder is trying to get John Cena to do a Fist Pump.

John Cena addresses the crowd next.

Last Monday night on Raw, they show is The Miz using the WWE Title to pin John Cena, but the ref sees the title and DQ’s The Miz, without seeing any proof, I might add.

We are backstage with The Miz and Riley.  He said he was doing this for The Miz.  He didn’t realize he was raising his hand The Miz had the title with. 

The Miz said he gets into the ring to hug him, and raised his hand with the WWE Championship.

The Miz degrades Riley some more, and all Alex can say is I am sorry.  He is going to make it up to him, he will show The Miz.  Watch this.

Riley is walking backstage, on his way to the ring?

Yes he is.

He knows what the fans think of him, and he doesn’t care.  The only person he does care about is The Miz.  He is going to prove it him tonight, he is going to challenge John Cena to a match.

He wants Cena out and throws the mic, here comes The Champ.

The match is on, I guess.

Cena wins with 2 Attitude Adjustments and STF while The Miz watches on.

Michael Cole is in the ring, he says he has beaten Jerry “The King” Lawler twice, and he can’t get any higher than that, so he is retiring from an in-ring competitor.  He can go in the Hall of Fame as both a ring competitor and a Play-By-Play man.

Lawler comes into the ring to intervene, Cole repeats that rule between the two men where they can’t touch each other still stands, or else Lawler will be fired. 

How is that possible when they have had matches?

Lawler said there is one thing that can take place, the two men have one more match, and if Cole beats Lawler, he can induct Cole into the Hall of Fame, and give him his Hall of Fame Ring.

Cole thinks it over, but declines and moves on to his Colemine.

Cole asks what is it with people from Tennessee?  You guys seem to think the world revolves around yourself, and when it’s not, you complain.  Take Al Gore for instance, he lost to the world’s greatest president, George W. Bush, yet he is still whining about it 11 years later.

Well, he does have a point, and might I add Gore even lost in his own home state of Tennessee.

People still can’t get over that Elvis is dead and died on the toilet. 

He said that yesterday was a glorious day, he flew his Mother into home and she came over to the Cole household and watched Wrestlemania 27 together, she saw him manhandle Lawler on the grandest stage of them all.  What did King do on Mother’s Day?

Tell me he didn’t say that?

He reminded King that his Mother passed away in February, and that is all he could take, he tried to get Cole from the Colemine, but Jack Swagger just took him out.

Why are they doing this?

When we come back, Swagger is in the ring, his opponent is Kofi Kingston, and the match is on now.

This is for the United States Title.

Kofi wins the match with Trouble in Paradise.  The story of the match here is Jerry Lawler comes up on the ramp and heads towards Swagger.  After the match was over with, he took out Swagger and put him over the barricade, and grabs Cole’s tie from the Colemine and yanks it so his head can hit the glass repeatedly. 

Swagger comes back and says that King is fired, but Lawler said he never touched Cole, just his tie, and that is true.

Swagger accepts the challenge on behalf of Cole and the match is on.  Cole is upset about it.

Triple Threat Number One Contender match is up next.

The Miz wins the match by rolling Rey Mysterio over and Alex Riley received the assist by grabbing Alberto Del Rio out of the ring.  Good match here, but the end result was very obvious.

Cena comes out to congratulate The Miz on winning tonight, the same thing he did when he lost at Wrestlemania.  It’s funny that The Miz loses the WWE Title, and he is nothing but excuses, but at Over The Limit, there will be no excuses, because they will face each other in an I Quit match.

Cena leaves, so does The Miz and the camera picks up The Truth laying Rey out with Paydirt…That’s what’s up.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

For the third straight week, this was a bad episode of Raw.  I don’t know what it is, the draft is supposed to “shake the foundation up” yet we are getting the same things every week.  To make it worst, there was a three-week build to this PPV, and they haven’t done much to set it up, sort of.  I mean, I guess we do have one match set in stone, The Miz Vs John Cena….again, except this time, this is an I Quit match.  There was no need to use the other two men here in the triple threat because we all knew they had no shot at winning.  But there we go.

We also have another EPIC match between Jerry “The King” Lawler Vs Michael Cole.  And I absolutely hated Cole bringing up Lawler’s Mother no longer being with us.  In my opinion, it’s distasteful to use that to get heel heat.  I only hope King can beat him and we can end this stupid angle once and for all.

I will say one positive thing here, and that is we are seeing a new program between The Truth (He’s not R-Truth anymore) Vs Rey Mysterio, it’s better than the original plan of Alberto Del Rio Vs Rey. 

Other than that, not alot happened in this show.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  let me know by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or dropping me a line on the site.


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