Impact Wrestling 5/12/11….The New Era Begins Now

From all accounts, this is going to be a big show.  Tonight, we find out who is part of The Network and we also find out who Kurt Angle hired to take care of Karen Jarrett.  Let’s enjoy this and find out how everything is stacked.

Hulk Hogan is waiting for The Network, Eric Bischoff tells him to calm down, everything will be okay.

Highlights are shown from last week and the state is set.

The Jarretts come out to start the show off.

Jeff wants to offer Kurt a truce, a real one this time.  Karen wouldn’t hurt a fly and to put her in harm’s way at Sacrifice is a horrible way to go.  She has had nothing to do with the matches he and Kurt have had, especially the ones Jeff has beaten him.  So the thought of Kurt or a paid mistress to do harm to The Queen of the Mountain is a crime.

Karen can’t understand why Kurt thinks she is a thorn on his side, she has been a very supportive ex-wife, and the mother of their 2 children.  The things that have happened the last 3 months is a complete misunderstanding.  In fact, she was looking for Kurt’s best interests, including the restraining order she had.

Here comes Kurt.

Kurt says it’s done, no he means it’s done.  After being married to Kurt for so many years, he would think she wouldn’t push all of his buttons, but she has.  He has tolerated it until now because she is the Mother of their children, and it’s a matter of time Jeff will have enough of Karen and when he does, she will take him to the cleaners, like she did to Kurt.

But it’s set, at Sacrifice, there will be a mixed tag match between Kurt and his opponent against The Jarretts.  He was going to introduce her now, but The Network want to give her an elaborate introduction, but Jeff knows who she is.  It’s real, it’s damn real.

Who can she be?

The first match is going to be a Knockout Tag Team match, Madison Rayne and Tara taking on Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher.

This Sunday at Sacrifice, Mickie James will face off against Madison Rayne.  Title Vs Tara’s contract.

Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher win the match when Miss Tessmacher pinned Madison with a Victory Roll.  After the match, Tara leaves Madison with Madison irate over the matter.

WOOOOOOOOOO Ric Flair is back, Flair believes that Flair is part of The Network.  Flair denies everything, and yells at Hogan.  Hogan realizes the mistake.  Flair tells him he IS Hulk Hogan.  Screw The Network, Hulk apologizes, and Eric wants them all on the same page.  It’s all good.

A limo enters The Impact Zone.  Who is there?

We are backstage and Madison Rayne is yelling at Tara, telling her if she doesn’t win the TNA Knockout Title, her life will be a living hell.

Jason Hervey is trying to talk to Tommy Dreamer, trying to find out why he attacked A.J. Styles last week.  Tommy doesn’t want anything to do with him, and A.J. wants to know answers too.  Tommy tells him he is too young and naive to understand what is going on.  Styles tells him he has 3 kids, and he stuck a fork in his eye, oh wait, is this because of Fortune Vs EV2?  Tommy tells him he will never know what it’s like being Tommy Dreamer.  A.J. suggests they face each other in the ring at Sacrifice, or how about right here?  Tommy backs up and A.J. says wow, Tommy Dreamer backs away from a fight, Tommy says maybe nobody knows the real Tommy Dreamer.

Sting is doing a photo shoot with the TNA Title.  He said RVD is a very difficult challenge, but he is ready for the match and the test.

A video piece on Beer Money, since 2008, they have owned Tag Team Wrestling.  This Sunday, they face Matt Hardy and a mystery opponent.

Here comes Beer Money.

Robert has the mic, he said last week Matt said he would make a phone call to someone special and face them at Sacrifice.  We know who he’s talking about, so come out right now and they can accept his challenge face to face.

Here comes “Cold Blooded” Matt Hardy.

Hardy said that Roode impressed him last week that he called out Hulk Hogan.  For the first time, he showed he has a set.  Bobby wants to be taken serious, he has noticed Bobby and James.  He has noticed that James takes a swig of his beer, he noticed they are nobodies.  What gives them the right to say that?  He is one half of one of the greatest tag teams in history.  James Storm was raised to be a worthless redneck, and Bobby was raised to be a worthless Canadian.  In 3 days, his partner and himself will take their Tag team Titles at Sacrifice.

James is bored with hearing Matt, they know that Matt and Jeff were great, they know that Bobby is a long-haired redneck, and they know he loves chugging on some adult beverages after beating people up.

They come out to the ringside, James takes a swig of beer, he says he is the one who will bust into a bar and bust him into his face, than he will walk out of the bar with his girlfriend, than have him buy him a case of beer, and come over and watch them have some fun.

Matt said this won’t happen, it will happen at Sacrifice.  If these piece of trash fans want to see the greatest Tag Team in history, they will have to pay their money to see them, but it’s not Jeff.  It’s someone who knows James inside and out.  Now let me show you a twist of fate, and sorry about your….

James said it’s Sorry About Your Damn Luck….

We hear a familiar theme music, it’s not Jeff Hardy….it’s James Storm’s former tag team partner….”Wildcat” Chris Harris.

America’s Most Wanted is about to tear each other up.

The next match is Sangriento taking on Suicide….again.

Sangriento wins with another Cutter.  I think this was a better match this week.

Here comes Hogan, Flair, and Bischoff.

Flair nails Suicide and puts him out of the ring. 

Hogan runs this place, so right now he wants The Network Rep to get his ass out here…or her ass.

The rep is up next.

The Jarretts join Immortal and Hogan wants to know who The Network Representative is right now.

It’s Mick Foley….Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy has come back.

Foley said things were working perfectly for Immortal, but on March 3rd, the plan started to unravel, Jeff Hardy was the TNA World Champion.  But things started to change, and it was Foley who stirred the pot.

He decked Bischoff and gets in Hogan’s face.  This show is not about Hogan, this show is about Wrestling.  As of now, Wrestling matters once again.  It mattered when Hogan was champion, it mattered when Flair and Steamboat went 48 minutes, and this show is no longer called TNA Wrestling, but rather Impact Wrestling.

To show all of us what Impact Wrestling is all about, we have a new main event….a 25 man Battle Royal to determine who be the Number One Contender for the TNA Title.  And since The Jarretts are wrestling, he’d like to, no he will show them their opponents.

It’s Chyna….she is back in the business after 10 years.

Karen is beside herself, her nightmare has become a reality.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw…Mick Foley is the representative of The Network.

Mick said it is back to be at Impact Wrestling, and he realized in the ring why the jacket was 75% off, he is sweating.  But he also realized that he is back with authority, he also wanted Hulk Hogan to take him down.  He wanted to fire Hogan, but they are still a part of the company.  There is 25 men in this Battle Royal, and one of those men will be Jeff Jarrett, and where Jeff is, Karen will be, so he wants Chyna to be there.

Chyna walks away and Foley has said that there was always sexual attraction between the two.  Very funny.

Mr. Anderson is talking, he has always said Pro Wrestling was real, people are fake.  It’s on his shirt, but Foley is the one responsible for not giving Ken his rematch?  But he puts him in a 25 man Battle Royal?  Bravo, well he will throw 24 other men out so he gets that rematch.

TNA Sacrifice rundown, they are still calling for Sting Vs RVD at the PPV.  Perhaps this Battle Royal is to set up Slammiversary?

Triple Threat match is now set….Abyss Vs Crimson Vs Samoa Joe.

Crimson wins the match here when Abyss gives Joe a Black Hole Slam, he spears Abyss and pinned Joe.

After the match, Crimson thinks he won the big match by himself, and Joe doesn’t like that, but Abyss attacks Crimson and Joe leaves him alone.  You live by the sword…you die by the sword.

Coming up next, the 25 man Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership.

RVD is going to be doing some scouting, you know because he is going to check and see who his possible Number One Contender is going to be.

We are starting to get some entrances now from the competitors, and we will indeed see A.J. Vs Tommy Dreamer at the PPV, not Bully Ray.

Douglas Williams and Magnus are both eliminated by Matt Morgan.

Orlando Jordan and Anarquia are eliminated by Matt Morgan.

Jesse Neal is eliminated by Hernandez.

Shannon Moore is eliminated by Hernandez.

Robbie E. is eliminated by Matt Morgan.

Gunner is eliminated by Eric Young.

Eric Young is eliminated by himself, and he goes after the TV Title.

Kazarian is eliminated by Jeff Jarrett.

James Storm and Matt Hardy eliminate each other.

Hardy than sneaks in and eliminates Bobby Roode and ran away.

Mick Foley joins commentary.

Christopher Daniels is eliminated by Bully Ray.

Matt Morgan eliminates Hernandez.

Scott Steiner eliminates Matt Morgan.

Steiner is eliminated by Bully Ray.

Devon is eliminated by The Pope.

The Pope is eliminated by Kurt Angle.

AJ Styles is eliminated by Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy Dreamer is eliminated by Bully Ray.

The Final 4 here are Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, and Mr. Anderson.

Kurt Angle is eliminated by Jeff Jarrett.

Chyna comes in and throws Jeff Jarrett out, grabs Karen by the throat and they leave.

Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray are the final 2 men here.

Mr. Anderson wins the match, eliminates Bully Ray.  He is the new Number One Contender and will face whoever wins between Sting and RVD after Sacrifice.

Mr. Anderson is ready for the challenge.  Now, he gets his rematch.

Sting and RVD watch on and they both are ready for his challenge, but first they face off this Sunday and Ken comes in and asks can’t we all get along?

The show is done.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

When I first read the spoilers, and yes I do check them out, it seemed like they were scrapping the RVD vs Sting match and replacing it with Sting Vs Mr. Anderson.  But after seeing this show, that is not the case, and I am very happy about that.  Sting Vs RVD this Sunday, with Mr. Anderson waiting in the wings, taking on the champion at Slammiversary, or perhaps an Impact episode, either way I am happy with this because we still are building Sting Vs RVD, and will build Mr. Anderson Vs I assume Sting.  We’ll see, but as far as the show goes, I think it was fantastic.

Before I explain, yes there weren’t many matches, but one thing they did give us was a quality main event that had time to give us.  Bully Ray was the MVP of the match too, I love this new refined character of his.  I also thought Matt Morgan stood out, and let’s not forget, he is facing Scott Steiner this Sunday.  Eric Young was hilarious in eliminating Gunner, than eliminating himself and grabbing the TV Title.  I am going to guess those two will feud, at least I hope so.  Jarrett Vs Angle will always be entertaining, Matt Hardy was good, in eliminating both Beer Money, more on that in a moment.  Plus, this win by Mr. Anderson seemed very important. 

Now onto to Foley, who let’s face it, still has plenty to offer the Wrestling business, and I look forward to seeing more Hogan Vs Foley power trip here.  Great stuff.

While I have never been a Chyna fan, she looked amazing in her return.  I can only hope that she can make a long-lasting impression with the company here and most importantly, avoid her demons that have affected her in the past.  The crowd went amazing when she put her hands on Karen and she also was Twitter Trending Topic, which is good news for TNA.

Chris Harris coming back was surprising too.  I was a big fan of TNA when they started and one of my favorite tag teams were America’s Most Wanted.  So seeing Harris comes back is very intriguing.  How does James Storm react to this in the coming weeks?  Stay tuned.

We also had a fun, short Triple Threat match between three big guys, Samoa Joe’s reaction to Crimson pinning him was very good too.  We shall see what that brings us.

Sacrifice is upon us, but Slammiversary is right around the corner, so TNA needs to start setting that up this coming week, but for tonight, a heck of a show that lived up to the billing.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at or give me a line on the site.


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