WWE Smackdown 5/13/11…How Does Christian Respond?

What a week it was for Christian, on one hand, he wins the World Heavyweight Title for the first time ever, than on the same week, 5 days later to be exact, he loses the title to Randy Orton.  How does he respond to that?  Let’s find out, and remember to always “Know Your Enemy”

We begin the show with the former World Champion, Christian.  We are in Nashville, Tennessee, Josh Matthews, Michael Cole, and Booker T all welcome us to the show.

Christian said that his peeps weren’t happy with Teddy Long’s decision last week, but he agrees and respects the decision.  Teddy Long’s job is to make Smackdown exciting and fun every week, and if Teddy isn’t doing it, he’s not doing his job.  He also wants to congratulate the new World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton.

He is looking forward to his rematch in two weeks at Over the Limit.  He has a feeling that at that show, things will turn out differently.  A 100% Christian can beat Randy Orton.

Here comes Sheamus, the former 2-time WWE Champion and former United States champion.

Relax fella, he is here to commend Teddy Long for giving Christian the title shot last week, because he loved seeing Christian’s dreams go down the drain.  He also likes that Teddy Long gives the fans what they want to see, and they want to see Christian Vs Sheamus tonight.

Here comes Mark Henry.

Mark said we all enjoyed seeing Christian’s dreams shattered, but the fans don’t want to see Christian Vs Sheamus, Sheamus is the red-headed stepchild who talk differently.  They want to see Christian Vs Mark Henry.

The crowd booed that idea, and Sheamus laughed about that.

Mark said how about the fans wanting to see Sheamus Vs Mark Henry.

Sheamus has a better idea….Sheamus teaming up with Mark Henry Vs Christian.

The two heels beat down on Christian and Randy Orton comes out and helps Christian take care of business.  The two faces end the segment victorious in the ring.

Teddy Long is with Orton and Christian and tonight, the main event will be Mark Henry and Sheamus Vs Randy Orton and Christian.

Christian thanks him for coming out to help him, Orton said he did it for his own reason, Christian said that he can beat Randy at 100%, so he wants to make sure there is no excuse and at Over the Limit, we will find out the better man is.

Khali chooses a big woman, or at least we think he does.

Her name is Joy, she is from Nashville, Tennessee, which gets a cheap pop.

Khali kisses Joy.

Sin Cara has his own ring announcer now, and it’s Chavo.

Sin Cara will face off against Daniel Bryan, and the match is on now.

Sin Cara wins the match in impressive fashion, getting the Flux Copacitor to win, WWE has yet to call the name, so we’ll go with that.  Chavo Guerrero was in commentary the whole time, saying that Sin Cara looks up to him like an idol.  He distracted Daniel to give Sin Cara the opportunity to win.

Sin Cara sees the replay on the Titantron and he is upset about it, Chavo takes offense to this, and Sin Cara pushes Chavo.

Last week, we see The Corre taking out Ezekiel Jackson after his big win over The Big Show.

Tonight, will we hear from Ezekiel Jackson?  Tune in later and find out.

Grammy Award winner Trace Adkins is at the show tonight.

Our main event, still to come….Sheamus and Mark Henry facing Randy Orton and Christian.

Layla is in the ring.

She reminded us that she defeated Michelle McCool at Extreme Rules.  But during the match, she hurt her knee.  But it was worth the pain, because she finally got the “poison” Michelle McCool out…..

Michael Cole interrupts Layla, and says nobody cares about her or the divas.

What she is describing is an episode of Original Housewives.  But everyone wants Cole to talk about Tennessee’s own Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Jack Swagger accepted the match on his own behalf.  But when he beats him, he will have King induct him in the Hall of Fame and he will take King’s ring and show it off.  Who will like it?  His mother.

Layla told him to shut up.  All he does is whine and whine.

Cole said she or the other Divas shouldn’t even be in WWE.

Here comes Kharma.

Cole trips Layla, and Kharma gives her The Implant Buster.

Cole is taunting her, and she sets her sights on Cole.  Cole just looked like he wet his pants and runs into the Cole Mine.

Kharma walks away, laughing.

Coming up next…Wade Barrett will face off against Kane.

Impact Wrestling TV commercial is being shown as a commercial on WWE TV….Wrestling Matters.

Kane taking on Wade Barrett is taking place now.

Kane wins the match by DQ when Slater and Gabriel came in and attacked Kane.  The Corre had their way with Kane because Big Show was in Mexico with the Raw crew.  Wasteland by Wade Barrett, setting them up for the 450 splash by Gabriel. 

Here comes Big Zeke.

He cleans house on The Corre, helping out Kane.

But Barrett nails Zeke from behind, but Zeke overpowers Wade.  The numbers game gets the best of Jackson here.

Slater gives Zeke the Scorpion Death Drop.  450 splash by Gabriel.

The Corre is looking strong here.

Still to come, the main event…Christian and Orton taking on Sheamus and Henry.

The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh come out with cowboy hats, since they are in Tennessee.

This is The Khali Kiss Cam.

Apparently, The Great Khali loves country music.  He is going to select a lucky fan to kiss.

Here comes Jinder Mahal, he slaps Khali.  Khali looks upset, and Jinder slaps him again.

We go to the back, Christian asks Randy if he’s ready, Orton says he is and Christian says hold up your end, and he’ll do the same. 

Those two team up in tonight’s main event against Sheamus and Mark Henry.

Already in the ring, Ted Dibiase will face Cody Rhodes.  Last year, this would have been a big deal….this year?  Not so much.

Cody has the mic and he said going by the smiles and smirks the crowd is giving, he is here to entertain us.  Well, let us entertain the thought, Cody isn’t the freak here, we are.  So at great expense of Cody, he is providing us the paper bags.  That should be entertaining and distract the absence of looking good tonight.  Nobody from WWE is exempt of the paper bags.  Not even a “priceless” friend.

Ted throws the paper bag down, that is supposed to get a reaction from the crowd, but it doesn’t.

The match is on.

Cody Rhodes wins with Cross Roads.  Ted gave a good fight, but ultimately was done.

Cole makes some jokes about Booker’s suit, and Matt Striker is interviewing The Corre.

What kind of statement did they make?

Wade said their statement was to get rid of that ingrate Ezekiel Jackson.  Gabriel hopes Zeke is there next week so that they can do it again.  Wade issues the challenge to face Ezekiel Jackson at Over The Limit.  Slater said make it for the Intercontinental Title and see if he shows up.

Wade said very well, it is set.

Christian and Randy Orton facing Sheamus and Mark Henry right now.

Christian and Orton win with Killswitch and RKO by both heels.  A very good match here and it ends with Orton and Christian shaking hands.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good episode tonight, but I felt like they went the wrong direction with Christian Vs Orton.  I would have had Christian say he made one mistake and that was a miscalculated cross body, turning into a RKO.  Instead, we keep hearing excuses on how Christian was hurting, 5 days after winning the World Heavyweight Title.  Why not just go the other method?  It certainly puts the challenger over a bit more, done that way.

Okay, on to the show here.  Sheamus and Mark Henry were two good opponents for these two.  The main event was good.

Another thing here tonight was how strong they made The Corre look tonight, however they will be made to look bad next week, I assure you, or possibly after Wade Barrett loses the IC Title. 

Sin Cara Vs Chavo should be a good match, or maybe even feud, we know what Chavo can do, and I believe Sin Cara can hold his own too. 

Kharma once again showed us what she can do, and the threat she possess to the Divas.  Michael Cole, however can not.

Ted Dibiase Vs Cody Rhodes could have been a good match, but we know what they think of Ted, and that’s what hurt the match.  I can only hope they have a big, elaborate plan on Ted, that all of this losing will end soon.  We’ll see.

Overall, a good show tonight, setting up Extreme Rules.  What did you think of the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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