TNA Sacrifice 8/15/11

It’s May, and that means it’s time for TNA Sacrifice to start.  On paper, this looks to be a solid show, with Chyna and Kurt Angle facing The Jarretts and Sting facing RVD as the two featured matches.  This could also be setting up Slammiversary with Mr. Anderson waiting in the wings, here we go, it’s about to begin.

We are live in Orlando, Florida with Mike Tenay and Taz welcoming us to the show.

Mexican America opens up the show, facing Ink Inc.

Mexican America win the match when Hernandez pinned Jesse Neal with a Dominator.  The rest of MA distracted Shannon Moore to allow Hernandez the win.  Decent opener here, but I would rather see Homicide with Hernandez than Anarquia.

Tenay and Taz talk about tonight’s show and how Mick Foley made the announcement that Chyna will be Kurt Angle’s tag team partner tonight against The Jarretts.  We’ll also see RVD Vs Sting, one on one.

Jeff Jarrett’s entrance music starts up.

Karen Jarrett is “injured” on crutches, walking to the ring.

She “hurt” her ankle and is wearing a boot.

Jeff confirms it, Karen is hurt.  She was handing out the orders in the Jarrett Mansion to the hired help, crowd is chanting bullshit and Jeff said we don’t have to hear their filthy language.  The Queen slipped and fell on one of Cody’s action figures.  The Doctors performed the MRI’s and Karen has a Grade 3 sprain and her ankle is broken in 2 places.

The only thing missing is a note that says “Doctor’s note”

Jeff said there is no The Jarretts Vs Chyna and Kurt match tonight, it’s the Doctor’s decision, not theirs.

The crowd chanted we want Angle, but they get Mick Foley instead.

Mick saw the X-Ray and it is fractured in 2 places, except there are certain factors you can tell in X-Rays.  The genders, the size of a person, one thing he can say is she is not a 6’6 African-American.  They are standing in a Wrestling ring, wrestling takes place here, because Wrestling Matters.

Karen said she has nothing to wear, Mick has an idea, he talked to Miss Jolean, she made an outfit just for her.  So, he has some good news, and some bad news.  The bad news is she is likely to get her butt kicked all over The Impact Wrestling Zone, the good news is she will look so good in the outfit.  Have a nice day.

Jeremy Borash is in the back with Brian Kendrick.

Brian has a match tonight against Robbie E.  Brian sure has a way of words, he said the X-Division was built to showcase without limitations.  But the powers that be have redefined it as filler.  But he is here to put it back in its original path, or something like that.

Robbie E. taking on Brian Kendrick now, fist pumps for everyone.

Brian Kendrick defeated Robbie E. with a dropkick to the face.  Not exactly a showcase here, Kendrick spent half of the time meditating.  I am not sure Robbie E. is the right person for the X-Division here, but it is what it is.  After the match, he tries to shake hands with Robbie, but Robbie refused.

J.B. is with Tara, the next match is the TNA Knockout Title match between Mickie James and Madison Rayne, Tara’s contract is on the line.

Tara is conflicted, Madison got her back in with TNA, but she isn’t treating her very well.  Before Tara can answer who she wants to win, Madison Rayne comes in and says it doesn’t matter what Tara thinks.  Your welcome for getting your job back.  She wants Tara to stay in the back, and not cost her the match.  The last thing she wants is to cost Madison the match.

Knockout Title match is on now.

Mickie James defeated Tara when Tara knocked Madison out with the loaded glove.  Tara came out before the match started, and made sure Madison didn’t cheat, but when Madison brought out the loaded glove, she took it from her and nailed Mickie instead.  So Tara is free, and Mickie is still the Knockout Champion.

J.B. is in the back with Fortune, they have a big night, Kazarian puts the X-Division Title on the line against Max Buck, he says he has this.  AJ Styles will take on Tommy Dreamer, he said he has this.  Beer Money faces Matt Hardy and “Wildcat” Chris Harris.  Bobby Roode has something to say to Matt….Knock Knock….it’s 2011.  AMW is dead, Storm says come on out to the ring “Kitty Kat”, Sorry About Your Damn Luck.

X-Division Title match….Kazarian Vs Max Buck is on now.

This is the very definition why TNA needs to put their PPVs on the road, the crowd was dead for most of this match, yet this was easily the match of the night so far.

Kazarian retains his X-Division Title with a Shining Wizard, Max had a nasty fall though when Kaz powerbombed Max on the mats.  But still an incredible match here.

J.B. is with Abyss, he cuts J.B. off by saying whatever doesn’t kill him, makes him stronger.  Crimson thought he could take care of Abyss by putting Janice right through his back, but he is a 6’6 Weapon Of Mass Destruction.  He has been through barbed wire, tables, glass, and he’s still here.  His teeth were knocked out by RVD, and by the way J.B., those teeth were delicious.  He is about to end Crimson’s streak.

Abyss Vs Crimson is up now.

For the record, I prefer Abyss’ former music to this new one, but that’s just me.

Crimson wins with the Red Sky Powerbomb.  This was a good match here and actually the crowd gave it a chance.

TNA Tag Team Title match…Beer Money Vs Matt Hardy and “Wildcat” Chris Harris is up now.

This match here is a testament to James Storm’s career, he was a part of 2 very, very good Tag Teams.

Beer Money wins the match with an AMW Death Sentence Leg Drop, which is incredible.  Harris isn’t in the best of shape, but he surely moved well, and I loved seeing the AMW storyline between Storm and Harris.

So far, match of the night.

J.B. is in the back with Bully Ray.  Ray isn’t making J.B. comfortable, Ray said that J.B. looks like the kind of guy that likes Lady Gaga.  Very funny.

Is this business with Ray and Tommy Dreamer personal or business?

Ray said Tommy knows the reason, Ray knows the reason, but J.B. doesn’t need to know.  AJ is the kind of guy that Ray hates about Professional Wrestler.  He likes his Twitter, he likes to play video games, he doesn’t drink booze, he doesn’t chase women, because that’s what REAL Professional Wrestlers are supposed to do.  He said he is going to take AJ out, he will than take his friends of Fortune out, he will even take his redneck wife out.  Except he won’t take her out with a Bully Bomb, he will take her out to Hell’s Kitchen and take her out the way he wants to take her out.  Ouch.

Tommy Dreamer Vs AJ Styles is up now.

This was a No DQ match and we see Tommy Dreamer pinning AJ Styles with a Piledriver through a table, but Bully Ray nailed AJ in the back of the neck with brass knuckles and ran away.  It continues the storyline here.

Kurt Angle and Chyna taking on The Jarretts are up now.

For those of you keeping score at home, and you know who you are…Man Vs Man and Woman Vs Woman.

Kurt Angle and Chyna defeated The Jarretts when Chyna pulled off a Pedigree, and an Ankle Lock.  Very fun match here, and the crowd went nuts for Chyna.  She did do a Bodyslam on Jeff, although she botched that one, but rebounded with a beautiful Suplex.  She redeemed herself for that.

Sting Vs Rob Van Dam for the TNA Heavyweight Title is up now.

Mr. Anderson comes out to commentary for the match and do a little “scouting”.

Sting retains his title defeating RVD with 2 Scorpion Death Drops, okay I think they did two here because Rob dropped a bit early.  These two worked a hard-fought match and the crowd even got behind them, which says a lot for them tonight.  The end of night, it will be Sting Vs Mr. Anderson at Slammiversary. 

Mr. Anderson says he has something special planned for Sting on Thursday.  RVD shook hands with Sting after the match and here comes Ken to observe this a bit closer.

Anderson and Sting are face to face as the show comes to a close.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Overall, this was a decent show, but the crowd certainly turned it down by a notch. 

The first two matches didn’t help matters though, and you might even include The Knockout Title match in that category too.  To me, I am just not into Mexican America, I’d rather see LAX reunite, if they will go that way. 

Kendrick Vs Robbie E. just was a mesh, and certainly it did not feature The X-Division, like it was supposed to be.

Mickie James Vs Madison Rayne just didn’t interest me because the ending was too predictable.  I wonder now who can seriously contend Mickie James for the Knockout Title.  Not Velvet Sky yet, give her more of a push.  Angelina Love?

Kaz Vs Max Buck certainly picked up the pace of the PPV.  I just wished they had featured this match more on Impact.  Instead, we had nothing at all, and oh yeah, we have a match at the PPV.  Enough of that, in fact feature Kazarian more, by I don’t know WRESTLING?

Abyss Vs Crimson was a good match between these two men, although I hope Joe stops Crimson’s streak.  Nothing against Crimson, but nobody should even come close to Joe’s streak.

Tag team Title match was very good, in fact I would put this as match of the night.  Both for storyline purposes and in quality.  The crowd was a bit more into this match too, though the “Braden Walker” chants certainly hurt Chris Harris a bit.

I would rather have seen AJ Vs Bully Ray, but I guess they are saving that for Slammiversary, at least I hope they are.

Mixed Tag match was alot of fun, I am not by any means a Chyna fan, but the crowd loved her, so I give her credit.  I was also impressed by that Suplex she gave Jeff Jarrett.

Main event match was good, Sting has moved very well since he came back, even despite his injuries.  I look forward to seeing the Mr. Anderson Vs Sting build up for next month.

What were your thoughts on the PPV?  Email me at or drop me a line on the site.


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6 Responses to TNA Sacrifice 8/15/11

  1. Alan Zarek says:

    Nice to see TNA, or “Impact” or whatever its being called this week, live up to their tradition of one match in the first hour of anything on TV..Nice to see Kendrick finally get a PPV shot..wondering if this is the PPV where Jeff Hardy climbs out of the doghouse..

  2. Kevin Gillman says:

    Impact was a good show this week, it got the job done of making these big revleations. I have no problem with that as long as the talking makes sense, but if it’s talking just to talk, than it’s pointless…LOL

  3. Alan Zarek says:

    All their PPVs should be on the road somewhere..why not use one of those shows in the Minor League ballparks to accomplish this?..I think there are several in Orlando..shame Velvet is not on the card tonight..she’s done some nice mic work lately..

  4. Kevin Gillman says:

    Yeah you’re right she has. I think they are starting to push her though. She was in the main event last week and Kurt allowed her to get the pin and win. He allowed her to shine, so that might be in the cards down the road here, and why not. She has earned it.

    That Minor League park is a great idea too, I am sure people will go there, like they did last summer when they did that in New York.

  5. Alan Zarek says:

    I like what they’re doing with Mexican American..I think it strkes a cord, and if you’re going to do a heel angle, then do it all the way…plus I like Sarita, who should be going after Mickie’s belt..

    Having said that, why is A-J Styles without a belt? Why is he not part of the world title discussion? Please explain…

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      I think Homicide and Hernandez would be so much better in this group. But at least Hernandez is getting a push. As far as AJ without a title, who knows. I am certain though very shortly, he will wear one. For right now, I like this fued he has going with Bully Ray, who has stepped it up about 10 more notches since his push. I am loving it.

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