WWE Over The Limit 5/22/11

Before the PPV starts a nice In remembrance of Randy “Macho Man” Savage is being played, and now the video for Over The Limit.

We are live in Seattle, Washington, Josh Matthews, Booker T, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and yes Michael Cole welcomes us to the show.

R-Truth Vs Rey Mysterio kicks off the show

Truth tells us we can’t handle the truth, but he is going to tell us anyway.  It’s about parking spots.  He arrived in the arena today, and he didn’t have a parking spot.  That means he has to park with the rest of us.  He deserves better than that.  That might work for some of the “Stankville Hippies” in Seattle, but it doesn’t work for him.  It’s a conspiracy, he has been dancing for us “Little Jimmies” and it has gotten him nowhere…shutup “Little Jimmy”.  He doesn’t play any more games, games are for kids.  But Rey Mysterio does, he has that toy mask that we buy.  He wants to slide in his spot?  Ray, Bookya, Bookya, he is going to take his spot, or anyone else’s spot he wants.

Rey comes out, and the match is on.

R-Truth wins with Paydirt in a surprising fashion.  Truth comes out to no music anymore, and he celebrated by asking for a bottle of water and used it to smash Rey’s head, and that receives a little heel heat that he needs.  This is an interesting new direction for Truth.  How about when he does a program with John Cena?  That should be coming soon enough perhaps.

Todd Grisham is with The Miz, he asks him what he meant by saying he would make John Cena say “I Quit” like never before?  Miz said he will tell him when he wants to.  He has a way of making Cena say ” I Quit” like nobody has done it before, yes he has beaten guys like Batista, JBL, Big Show in an “I Quit” match, but he has never faced The Miz before.  He has the mental capacity that nobody has seen before.  He and cena will say things at the end of the night, Cena will say “I Quit”, and Miz will say he is The Miz….and he’s…..A-Ri finishes it off for him, the new WWE Champion.

Cole talks about how he took a fish earlier today and put it all over his feet, hey, if he rolls that way…okay.

Intercontinental Championship….Ezekiel Jackson Vs Wade Barrett is up next.

Big Zeke wins by DQ when he had Wade in a Torture Rack, but Justin Gabriel ran out and kicked him.  Slater comes out, and the numbers game gets to him as the three men beat him down.

Get Wrestlemania 27 DVD, if for nothing else than to see Edge’s final match.

CM Punk and Mason Ryan are walking to their dressing room, Kane and Big Show attacked McGillicutty and Otunga…or did they?

Punk said this is good because it means they are under their skin.  Mason asks Punk if they even care about them, and Punk said he does, but he cares about us.  They walk off together, and Punk comes back and tells the two of them to walk it off.

Sin Cara Vs Chavo Guerrero is up next.

Sin Cara wins the match with a spinning Hurrancauna.  This was a fast paced match and Chavo held his own through this match.  Best match of the night so far.

Be A Star Anti-Bullying campaign commercial is now playing.

Todd Grisham is with the two opponents tonight in the World Heavyweight Title match between Christian and Randy Orton.

Christian insists to Todd that he isn’t mad at anyone for losing his title after 5 days.  Tonight, he is going to win it back.

Orton said that Christian is a hell of a competitor, and he had a great feel-good story, but if he loses again….Christian insists he isn’t losing, Orton makes it clear when he fights feel-good stories, it never ends good.

Here comes Alberto Del Rio.

This is crazy, Cole and King are wrestling later tonight, and they both are bickering among each other all night.  I hope this feud ends tonight.

His name is Alberto Del Rio…but you already know that.

He wants to talk about destiny, because he doesn’t like the immigration problems that are occurring in Seattle….Those “Sneaky Canadians” make their way to Seattle all the time.  But it doesn’t bother him, he also isn’t upset about not being in the WWE Title match tonight, because he would make both The Miz and John Cena say “No Mas Alberto”, but he will become the next WWE Champion, regardless.  It doesn’t matter who it wins the match tonight, he’s serving notice to the winner…

Here comes Big Show and Kane to interrupt Alberto Del Rio.

Kane has the mic, he says he’s already angry that the rapture didn’t come yesterday.

Now that’s funny.

But if he doesn’t exit the ring, his destiny is to end up like McGillicutty and Otunga.

Show has the mic, and he said and that’s a punch in the face.

Alberto does the smart thing here.

Kane and Big Show Vs CM Punk and Mason Ryan are up next.

Big Show and Kane defeat Mason Ryan and CM Punk by a Double Chokeslam on Mason Ryan by Kane and Show.  Once again, this team is dominating and fun to watch.

Wow, we have a commercial for WWE Capitol Punishment on June 19th with a fake President Press Conference.  They will be in Washington, so could we see an appearance by President Obama?

WWE Divas Title match….Brie Bella facing Kelly Kelly is up now.

Brie Bella wins….actually….The Bella Twins win the match with the old swich-a-roo here.  Brie, or is it Nikki….okay The Bella Twins are still the Diva’s Champion.

Cole is leaving the broadcast now to go stretch and prepare for his match with King.

World Heavyweight Title match…Christian Vs Randy Orton is up next.

Orton wins the match with a RKO.  Hell of a match between these two, with near falls, spears, rollups, both men left everything in the ring.  Orton was even going to punt Christian, but he thought twice about it and chose not to, but was met with a spear.  Orton also reversed Killswitch, with a countering RKO.  Surely, the match of the night, and I can’t see the remaining two matches topping this.

Both men shook hands after the match, even though Christian wasn’t going to.  I can see a slow heel turn by Christian, despite the whole Feel-Good story could have been huge.  But this also keeps Christian in the main event scene, and that works for me.

Kiss My Foot Match…Michael Cole Vs Jerry “The King” Lawler….Good Gravy, I hope this feud ends tonight.  The match is up next.

Cole is limping, and still in a suit.

He can’t compete tonight.  He has a “Doctor’s Note”, boy this would have been better if neither man was broadcasting and Cole was boasting about his match.

Cole claims his “Athlete’s Foot” is causing him problems, and it could cause problems for he and King.  If his foot is in King’s mouth, it could cause hoof’s disease.

The ref ripped the note apart, and the match is on now.

Jerry “The King” Lawler won the match with a Fist Drop.  King even threw Cole into the Colemine, so perhaps The Colemine is done?

Now Cole has to kiss King’s foot.

King calls for some backup, one Diva….Eve.

Does Cole have to kiss Eve’s foot?

Eve connects a Moonsault on Cole.

Crowd is chanting for Jerry, but wait a second…Jerry wants another person there for the moment.

Good Ol’ J.R.

Jim Ross has some barbeque sauce for the moment, you can check his site at JRs-BBQ.com.

Cole walks away after getting BBQ sauce on him, and here comes Jack Swagger to stop him.

Okay, it’s not Jack Swagger (It should have been), but it’s Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Sharpshooter time, and Cole kisses King’s foot.

A nice moment that hopefully puts an end to this foot….I mean feud.

Jim Ross and King stay for the main event.  Broadcast team just upgraded, for sure.

From a Kiss My Foot match to an I Quit match, or as I like to say, from the late, great Gordon Sollie….5 letters….2 words….I Quit.

John Cena Vs The Miz, “I Quit” match for the WWE Title is up next.

Miz is on the mic, and he says of all the matches he could choose, he picked an I Quit match.  That means Miz can nail him from pillar to post, but so can Alex Riley.  He offers Cena to save himself and says I Quit now….

Cena says Hell No, so I guess we have a handicap match with The Miz and Alex Riley taking on John Cena.

Wow, this match was crappy.  John Cena made The Miz say I Quit after Cena had ass beat throughout the entire match, Miz even tried to get some kids to say I Quit for John, but someone played a recorder of Cena saying “I Quit” but the ref heard that, and reversed the decision.  “Superman” then erupted, hit Miz with some belt shots and slapped a STF to make Miz say I Quit, so the match is done, and so is the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, after Orton Vs Christian, I knew the other two matches wouldn’t live up, and I was right.  I was expecting at least the I Quit match to have a bit of drama, but instead what we have is a cartoon.  That is all John Cena has turned into is a cartoon.  It’s not his fault, he has actually showed he can wrestle when he has to, but Vince and this current direction is just completely over the top when it comes to booking him, it’s horrible.  This was nothing like Extreme Rules, where that was a good match, and it showcased Cena and The Miz alot better than anything this match had done. 

Part of the problem is booking 3 weeks of advertising in between PPVs.  It just never ends up good, and this show proved it. 

Let’s start with the positives here….

Christian Vs Orton was a breath of fresh air, this match was better than their match at Smackdown where Orton won the title in the first place, and it certainly made you want to see more from these two, which is what we are going to get.

They also showcased R-Truth very well, if indeed this is a tool to elevate him as a title contender.  We’ll see about that though.

I also enjoyed Sin Cara Vs Chavo, it’s just too bad Sin Cara never worked in WCW, where they truly showcased the Cruiserweights.  I can see an IC Title run for him, but we’ll see.

The bad part of the show here.

Anything that had Cole Vs Lawler, because I truly feel that they will continue.  I don’t know how, I guess we’ll see tomorrow, but I certainly have a bad feeling about it.

No Jack Swagger.  Jack looked bad on Raw when Cole mentioned that nobody remembers his World Title reign, and then he lost rather easily to Cena on Monday night.  Tonight was a good chance to redeem that and have Swagger come out and stop Cole from escaping.  WWE needs to figure a role for this talented Wrestler.

And Alberto Del Rio has been lost so far on Raw.  I truly felt it was a mistake to move him over to Smackdown, because Smackdown needed him more after Edge’s retirement.  Now, he might be lost in the shuffle, or allow me to correct what I am saying, he doesn’t have any plans right now.  He could have used a PPV match, he might get a program with Cena, but with Cena burying his opponents in promos with jokes, what good does it do for Alberto? 

Overall, this show felt very flat.  I hope the build for Capitol Punishment is better, but by seeing that “Press Conference”, I don’t have much hope for them until July PPV with Money in the Bank.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Let me know by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or dropping me a line on the site.


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