WWE Smackdown 5/27/11…Christian’s Wrath Of Orton

This is the early version for me tonight, I am watching this show via Youtube.  Last Sunday marked another loss for Christian against Randy Orton.  How will Christian react to another loss, making one mistake?  Let’s tune in and find out.

We are in Spokane, Washington.  Josh Matthews, Booker T, and Michael Cole welcome us to the show.

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton.

His name is….Randy Orton….but you already knew that.  He is still the World Heavyweight Champion.

Here comes Christian.

Christian is out here to say that this Sunday night was one of his greatest matches of his career.  So he wanted to say thank you and congratulations to the champion.

Christian said that Orton deserves to be called champion and that match was good.  But?  Christian said but that match could have gone either way, and he could have lost the World Heavyweight Title.

Randy was the better man on Sunday night, and he won.  But he knows he can beat Randy.

He is here to issue a challenge for one more match and for the World Heavyweight Championship.

A guy can ask, right?

Here comes Sheamus.

Sheamus says this is sad to watch, he is like a gambling addict who has lost everything, yet they put their kids’ college money on the line for one more shot.  You truly believe this time, it will happen.  But it won’t, it took Christian 17 years to win his 1st World Championship, and he’ll have to wait for 17 more years.  After Sunday night, Christian is a 2-time loser.  Sheamus is a 2-time WWE Champion, and he was drafted on Smackdown to compete in world-class matches against Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title.  So if anyone is going to face Randy, it’s going to be Sheamus.

Here comes Mark Henry.

Mark is here to interject a bit, for Christian, his buddy Edge is at the retirement golf course, waiting for his tee time with Christian.  And Sheamus, when you’re the World’s Strongest Man, you don’t wait in line, you just butt in.  Which brings him to Orton, he is butting his way to the front of the line to get the World Heavyweight Title.

Here comes Teddy Long.

Teddy said here we go again, he says to Christian that he has already had his title shot, but let’s see what the fans may think.  He asks the fans if Christian deserves another shot for the World Heavyweight Title, and they all seem to agree.

The fans overwhelmingly say yes, but the Smackdown GM said that tonight, Christian will have that chance, but in a Triple Threat match determine the new Number One Contender.  Sheamus Vs Mark Henry Vs Christian.  Holla, Holla!!

Our first match tonight is a rematch to Over The Limit…Sin Cara Vs Chavo Guerrero, and it’s on now.

Sin Cara wins the match with a spinning Hurrancarana.  We’ll call it that, since the announcers don’t know what he used either.  Booker was funny in commentary though, talking about how Sin Cara was a huge fan of his and he learned all of his moves through Booker.

Still to come tonight, who is the Number One Contender?  We will determine that in a Triple Threat match between Mark Henry Vs Sheamus Vs Christian.

Here is Cody Rhodes, with his assistants, carrying the paper bags.

He thinks there really is no God, because every time he goes into a town, he expects to see a pretty face, but he is disappointed.  So with great expense to him, he is providing us with paper bags for the fans.

We should all thank him for what he provides us, he is a hero.

Here comes Washington’s own Daniel Bryan, and the match is on now.

Daniel Bryan defeats Cody Rhodes with a LeBell Lock.  Very good match between these two, and if this starts a feud, I don’t have a problem with that.

After the match, Cody attacks Daniel, and he gives him a Cross Rhodes, and puts a paper bag on Daniel’s head.

Good Gravy, Booker T reads the same script Jerry “The King” Lawler has read this week on the Capitol Punishment “Press Conference” with President Obama.

Still to come tonight, Number One Contender Triple Threat match with Christian Vs Sheamus Vs Mark Henry.

Heath Slater is already in the ring, he will face off against Ezekiel Jackson.

Big Zeke wins by DQ when Barrett and Gabriel come out and stop Zeke from using The Torture Rack.

Big Zeke takes care of all 3 men and the fans are liking this.

Matt Striker is interviewing Christian.  This could be his last title shot.  Christian said he was the last kid to be picked at Kickball, and he hit the most Home Runs on the team…CKC…Canadian Kickball Champion.  He was the last kid to go through puberty, but at his High School prom, he took the prettiest girl there.  Now fast forward to WWE, he was the last guy you’d think reach the top, but he proved everyone wrong.  Now he has an opportunity to get his title back, and you can bet that Captain Charisma will get it done.

Coming up next, Monster’s Brawl…Kane Vs The Great Khali.

Kane wins the match with a top rope clothesline, even though it seemed that Khali did have his shoulders up, but okay.

After the match, Jinder Mahal came out and spoke Punjabi, and slapped Khali again.  Khali turned and shoved him.  Ranjin Singh, his brother came to Khali’s defense, but all of this turned into Khali giving his own brother a vice grip and turned heel.  He leaves with Jinder.

Still to come, Number One Contender match with Christian Vs Mark Henry Vs Sheamus.  The winner faces Orton next week.  Wait, what?

Raw Rebound….Ricardo Rodrgiuez runs over The Big Show with a car.

The next segment was absolutely pointless, except to draw more humiliation to Cole.  Booker T is in the ring and calls out Cole to come to the ring.  He finally agrees to it, and Booker informs us that Cole did indeed kiss Lawler’s feet this past Sunday.  But Book has his back, he won’t get the crowd to chant “Kiss my feet”, so of course they do.

Matt Striker wants to interview Sheamus, and Sheamus informs us that Christian and Mark Henry have 1 World Title reign between them for 33 years.  But Sheamus won his 1st WWE Title in 6 months, the two of them have had many different opportunities, but now, he is getting that opportunity and making the most of it.

Tamina and Alicia Fox will take on AJ Lee and Kaitlyn, with Natalya in their corner, and the match is on now.

Alica Fox and Tamina win the match when Alicia gave Kaitlyn the Scissors Kick.  Even Booker T is impressed by that….SUCKAAAAAA!!!!

Still to come tonight, Number One Contender match between Mark Henry Vs Sheamus Vs Christian.

Matt Striker is interviewing Mark Henry.  Striker thinks Christian is right, he will win the match.  No, wait, he thinks Sheamus is right, he has been irrelevant since the Bill Clinton administration.  No, Sheamus said he has been in WWE since the Bill Clinton administration.  So Mark is irrelevant and stupid?  Answer him, Matt can’t say anything, and he walks away.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage tribute video is playing now.

Our main event is on now…Triple Threat Number One Contender match between Christian Vs Mark Henry Vs Sheamus.

Sheamus wins the match when Mark Henry shoved Randy Orton, who was out to scout the match.  Orton in turn gave Henry a RKO in the ring, Christian had Killswitch on Sheamus, but Charles Robinson couldn’t get Orton out in time, so Sheamus kicked out than gave Christian a Brogue Kick when he turned around and next week, it will be Sheamus Vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title.  Christian looks on in disgust as Orton poses the title to Sheamus and the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Another good episode this week that featured a strong main event.  Slowly, the tides are turning for Christian and possibly next week, he might snap and turn heel.  That obviously is the direction WWE wants to go, despite Christian being such an over face.  But a heel Christian can be very good too, so let’s see what happens.

Again, Sheamus is put over huge here and in such a short month, he has rebounded from a floundering career and seems rejuvenated since he was drafted.  Mark Henry on the other hand, needs something extra because as Sheamus said, he has been insignificant in his career.  This could be a make or break 6 months for Mark.

The best thing about Smackdown here is they give everyone a fair shot, Daniel Bryan looked very good tonight in his match with Cody Rhodes.  This also gives Cody a bit of a feud here, which is something he needed since Rey was drafted to Raw.  We should see where they go from here.

Ezekiel Jackson looked very good here tonight, and finally he was able to look strong against three men.

Khali turning heel doesn’t interest me, but Jinder Mahal does, perhaps he can do something for Khali to turn things around?  But I do not like the Vice Grip, it just looks nasty how he goes after a person’s head, and it certainly looks unsafe.

If we go by what we saw tonight, Alicia Fox should get the next Diva’s Title shot, but then again, booking women is not one of WWE’s strong suits.

Overall, a good show here, I thought I’d try something different this week and watch it on Youtube, but I have a feeling I missed a few things, so I might go back to watching it after 10:00 next Friday on Sci-Fy.  If you see the show, let me know what you thought by giving me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or giving me your thoughts on the site.


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2 Responses to WWE Smackdown 5/27/11…Christian’s Wrath Of Orton

  1. Alan Zarek says:

    Why is Mark Henry getting this title push? Why not Wade Barrett, or somebody else? Pretty obvious that Shamus is going to get the belt at some point..but I really wish they flip Orton heel..

  2. Kevin Gillman says:

    Yeah I’d rather see Orton as a heel than Christian as a heel, but they have done this very well. Plus if it means Christian will have a longer run as champ, than that is all that matters.

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