WWE Monday Night Raw 5/30/11…Memorial Day Bash

I want to wish everyone a very happy Memorial Day and thank you so much to every soldier out there on the front line protecting us.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here, you are all heroes to me.

Memorial Day always brings back good memories.  15 years ago today, NWO was created when Scott Hall came onto Nitro to issue a challenge.  Last year, WWE tried a similar approach when NEXUS debuted as a unit and destroyed Raw’s set and issued a challenge to anyone worth listening to, but then again, they had them lose on their first big match, and well, we know what they are doing now?  Basically nothing.

WWE gives us a Memorial Day tribute video, I always love it when they do things like this.  Here we go.

Technical difficulties here, we see R-Truth ragging down on John Cena merchandise, but we don’t hear a word he is saying.  That’s a conspiracy there.

Truth is talking to himself, and here we go.  Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler are talking about Truth insulting the merchandise table and King blames Truth on the technical difficulties, now that’s a conspiracy.

Truth is pointing out about the John Cena T-shirts, where is “Little Jimmy” when we need him?

Truth asks a little boy who he ame to the show with, and Truth finds Daddy.  Is the boy named “Little Jimmy”?  Oh wait, “Big Jimmy” has a John Cena T-shirt on too.  He wants him to say something, and Dad says what’s up.  Now that’s funny.

It’s not about What’s up anymore, and its not about the people either.  Don’t boo me, you should boo yourselves.

The people have conspired against them.  Everyone, he can’t stand “Little Jimmy”, he makes him sick.

Here comes Superman.

By the way, we are still having technical difficulties, it’s Little Jimmy’s fault.

Cena is trying to make a joke, more or less saying Truth is off the deep end.  What is wrong with him?

It’s always him?  It’s all of the people.  Who else is it?  It’s Cena, and Little Jimmy has been conspiring to keep him down.  Ever since he stopped rapping and dancing, people stopped liking him.

Crowd is chanting Cena, and Cena says they are not Jimmy’s, now that’s funny in a different way.

He has no idea why he feels the way he does, but if he wants a match, he has no problem knocking some sense back to him.

That’s what Truth wants, because all of the Jimmy’s get to watch him beat him down.

Email sound…

Tonight’s main event is R-Truth Vs John Cena, but with no Jimmy’s allowed at ringside.  But Cena is going to get got.

I don’t know why but Truth’s new character truly is entertaining.

Still to come tonight, for the first time ever, Kharma is going to speak and talk about her meltdown.  Boy, that is a very big mistake.  Now, she won’t be looked at as a monster, than again after last week, she is no longer a monster.

Also, Kofi Kingston goes one on one against Dolph Ziggler.

We are live in Omaha, Nebraska….Kofi Kingston Vs Dolph Ziggler is taking place now.

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler are just there, no Josh Matthews now, at least for now.

Ziggler wins the match with a Zig Zag, cementing his status as the Number One Contender to the United States Title.

Still to come tonight, will Alex Riley issue an apology to The Miz tonight?  Michael Cole promises that will happen, and tonight’s main event is R-Truth Vs John Cena.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces us to Alberto Del Rio, and here he comes.

His name is Alberto Del Rio, but you already knew that.

We also know what happened last week with The Big Show.

They air footage from last week where Ricardo Rodriguez ran over The Big Show’s foot.

It was an accident, and Ricardo tells us what happened in Spanish.  Everyone makes mistakes, like Big Show made a mistake.  He brought this himself, bad things happen to bad people.  Don’t get him wrong, we know he is a nice guy, but business is business.  Show owes him money for the damage to the car, and Ricardo will send him a bill.  One more thing to Big Show….get well soon, and he gives him a wink and a smile.

Still to come tonight, Rey Mysterio will take on CM Punk.

Coming up next, Diva action….Eve and Kelly Kelly taking on The Bella Twins.

Kelly and Eve win the match when Eve took care of Brie, and Kelly took care of Nikki, or is the other way around?  She won with an X-Factor.

Kharma speaks tonight.

Coming up next, will Alex Riley issue an apology for taking care of The Miz last week?  Find out.

Michael Cole is in the ring, he thinks that Alex Riley should be fired, even comparing him to some of the biggest traitors in history.

They show us footage of Alex Riley finally standing up to himself and hitting The Miz back after Miz slapped him.

Riley has his own music and now the fans are giving him a nice pop.  I like it, here he comes to the ring.

Riley has a big grin on his face, but Cole doesn’t want to hear of it.

How could he do that to his mentor?  The Miz was like a father to him, he protected him, he nurtured him, he helped him grow, took him under his wing and let him fly.  So how does he re-pay him?  By mercifully attacking his mentor.

How does he think the young men and women who watch this show were emotionally affected after what he did to The Miz?  How was The Miz emotionally affected by what happened last week?  The Miz is a friend of Cole’s.  He was hurt by this, emotionally scarred.  The Miz thought of Riley as a brother, as a confidant, he was his guy, his go-to guy, his right hand man.  So Cole has one question for Alex, how can he justify his actions last week?

Alex said he’d never felt better in his life.

If Cole were Alex, he would get on his knees and beg him for forgiveness.  He has no idea what kind of person The Miz is and what kind of punishment he can do….

shut-up Cole….

He has a big mouth, like The Miz, he is arrogant, just like The Miz, and he is starting to get on his nerves, just like The Miz.

Cole and The Miz are no such things, but Alex is……a……bastard!!

Riley grabs Cole and shoves him down.

The Miz comes out from behind and pummel Riley saying he made him.  Just as Miz is about to kick Riley, Alex spears Miz and goes after him.  Takes him over the barricade, and leaps over it, shoves him on the announce table again.  Miz starts running away from him.

Alex Riley stands in the ring as the victor in this battle.

Coming up next, Rey Mysterio taking on CM Punk.

CM Punk won the match with a kick to the head.  Rey tried a 619, but Mason Ryan blocked that from happening, Rey was distracted by Mason, than he tried to skin the cat, but Punk caught him for a GTS, but Rey slipped out of that, and Punk kicked him in the head for the win.

Punk leads by example.

Stone Cold was on Jimmy Fallon last week, next week is the Tough Enough finale, and it will be live.

Still to come tonight, John Cena and R-Truth go one on one.

Kharma will speak next.

Kharma is in the ring now, wow this might be bad.

She had 2 dreams growing up, one was to be a WWE Superstar.  She even went out for season 2 of Tough Enough, and Jim Ross told her she was too fat to be a WWE Diva.  I sincerely doubt that, but okay.  She went to Japan, so she can scrub the floors and train to become a Wrestling Dojo.  She also went to every single Wrestling promotion she could so she can live her dream of being a WWE Superstar.  Her other dream is to be a Mother.  She is currently pregnant and this is a high risk pregnancy, so she is taking time off, and will be back.

Now here comes The Bella Twins to make fun of her.

Wow, this is bad.  They poke fun at her weight, she finches and they run away.  She says she hopes they are still here when she comes back, because she has a new dream.

Good for her though, I am not crazy about The Bellas making fun of her, I just don’t like that.  I also have my doubts that Jim Ross told her she was too fat, I think it was more Johnny Ace, but I’d like to see her come back.

They did that stupid press conference again for Capitol Punishment, except we still have zero matches officially signed.

Here comes Jack Swagger, The All American-American will take on Evan Bourne again.

Evan Bourne defeated Jack Swagger with a surprise roll up.

The main event is coming up next, and yes Zack Ryder is on Raw again, follow him on Twitter.  John Cena will face off against R-Truth next.

While you’re at it, follow me on Twitter @KevinGillman.

Well, we have a crappy ending that truly does not put anyone over, except “Little Jimmy”.  R-Truth wins the match by count out.  I should have known this match wouldn’t last long when it was 10:58 PM when the two men entered the ring.  Truth kept stalling when Cena kept overpowering him, than Cena chased after Truth, but Truth tripped Cena, went back into the ring before the 10 count.  Yes, Truth wins, but it still does not make a statement, and I guess, “Superman” can’t be pinned.

After the match, Truth went out to the ringside area and spilled pop to the Father of “Little Jimmy” that was there in the beginning of the show.  But “Superman” saved the day when he gave the father and Little Jimmy his wristbands.  The show ends with Cole saying that Truth defeated Cena.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show started off good, but it surely ended crappy.  In the beginning of this piece, I talked about how Scott Hall debuted in WCW on this day 15 years ago, I also talked about how NEXUS started to wreak havoc just a year ago, but tonight, we find out that “Little Jimmy” is more over than anyone in the WWE locker room. 

It’s funny we keep seeing this stupid “press conferences” talking about Capitol Punishment, yet we don’t have any matches set for the show, but I am guessing we will get R-Truth Vs Cena, we will also have Dolph Ziggler Vs Kofi Kingston, and the match I am looking forward to seeing the most by the build so far…The Miz Vs Alex Riley.

They did a very good job of building that match up tonight, I loved seeing the brawl between the two, now what we need is some mic time between the two.  I want to see Alex cut a face promo, without Cole and tell us what it was like for him to carry The Miz’s bag.  We’ll see if they do that.

I also want to wish luck on Kharma, and hope she has a good pregnancy.  She won’t be back for a while, but when she does, we know she will go after the Bella Twins first, and I hope they remember that.  I did think the jokes were way off base there, but we can expect that from Vince McMahon.

Punk Vs Rey was good, but are these two going to feud again?  They are both kinda just standing there.

So is Alberto Del Rio, although I guess he is going to start a program with someone real shortly, and get prepared for his Summerslam loss…I mean match with Cena.

So Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger are tied at 1-1 now.  Does it help either man?  It might help Evan, but WWE won’t truly push him, so maybe it won’t.

I do want to see another match between Dolph and Kofi, and I am glad that Dolph went back to the beach blond look.  It just fits his character a bit more.

But the ending totally sucked, and it does nothing to get Truth over.  I know he is a chicken shit heel, I get that.  But to do a count out, when he is going to lose the feud anyway does nothing for Truth.  Think of it like this too, who was the last true superstar that Cena put over when the feud is over with?  Zack Ryder?  He was a Number One Contender at one time.  Let me know what you think, give me some names on who Cena has put over on this site.  Or email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com.


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