Impact Wrestling 6/2/11…Mick Foley….You’re Fired!!!!

We start the episode tonight with Eric Bischoff outside, entering the building.  A county server guy gives Bischoff a set of papers from “The Network”  What is this aboot?

We are backstage and see ODB and Velvet Sky fight backstage, this continues on and they are now in The Impact Wrestling Zone, fighting among each other.  I guess ODB interrupted Velvet’s photo shoot.  How rude.

Security stops ODB, or so they think, she knees them both and the two women continue their fight.

ODB pins Velvet…unofficially, without a ref and she has won the match….or so she thinks.

Miss Tessmacher checks on Velvet.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.  Tonight, Miss Tessmacher Vs Angelina Love.  A confrontation between AJ Styles and Bully Ray. 

Tonight’s main event is going to be Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan taking on Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner.

Sting’s music is playing, but it’s not The Stinger that comes out, it’s Mr. Anderson, dressed like surfer Sting.

Anderson said he is going to face off against one of Sting’s most famous competitors one on one tonight.

Who could it be?

Bischoff is on the phone with someone, Brian Kendrick thanks Bischoff for a great opportunity last week, he wants to redeem himself.  Bischoff said that Kazarian has his rematch against Abyss at Slammiversary, but how about Kendrick Vs Kazarian tonight?  Abyss will take on the winner.

Kendrick is jacked about that, and the match is on.

We are backstage again, Bischoff is talking with Hogan.  He wants to know what is going on with Hogan.  He thought he had everything in control, and his music is being played, and we are in the ring with Bischoff.

He asks for Beer Money to get into the ring.

Bobby Roode is still in an arm sling.

Bischoff hasn’t heard from Bobby’s doctor, so rules are rules, he wants them to hand him over the Tag Team Titles.

Bobby calls Bischoff a son of a bitch.  Two weeks ago, he sent his goons out to take him out, and now he wants them to hand them their titles?  It isn’t going to happen, he will be at Slammiversary.

Alex Shelley comes to the ring.

Shelley has the mic, he said Chris Sabin broke his ACL and MCL, he is out the rest of the year.  We won’t see The Motor City Machineguns until 2012, at the earliest. 

Last year, Shelley remembers a series of matches between Guns and Beer Money.  He learned about respect.

Bischoff wants to know what this is about.

Alex wants one time to James and Shelley to wrestle for the Tag team Titles.

Alex said Bischoff wants to discuss rules, and well he thinks James can look for a tag team partner to defend the titles and Alex can’t think of a better tag team partner than himself.

Bischoff wants to know who made Alex do this?

The Network.

So what do you guys say?  Let’s make Gun Money a reality.

James offers him a beer, and Roode shook his hands.

Gun Money will face off against The British Invasion.

Bischoff said Shelley just made his S__t list.

Coming up next, Crimson will be taking on Matt Hardy.

Crimson wins the match with Sky High.  Hardy put on a good match here with Crimson.  Here comes Joe, these two will hook it up at Slammiversary.  Joe is met with a spear, however.

Still to come, Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan will take on Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner.

Mr. Anderson wants to talk to Eric Young.  Young said he knows what he wants, people are wanting him to do a seminar and talk about the epic match he and Gunner had on TV last week.  This is what Anderson wants, he wants to pay homage to The Stinger and have a match against “The Great Muta”, but Eric knows what Anderson did to Disco Inferno last week, and he isn’t going to disrespect his idol growing up, Anderson doesn’t want that either, he just wants to go back to 1989, respect those times.  Young sees what he is talking about and agrees to it, so they pinky swear.  Those are real words there.

Winter wants Angelina Love to stand up to her and go after Mickie James at Slammiversary.  She made Winter bleed, Angelina wants them to go back to where things were, just the two of them.  She understands what Winter was talking about all along.

Meanwhile, on the other side of backstage, Immortal is in Bischoff’s office.  Eric says it is over, he knows what he has to do now.  Everyone wants to know what is going to happen with them.

Angelina Love will be taking on Miss Tessmacher now.

Angelina defeated Miss Tessmacher here, and after the match, Angelina attacks Tessmacher some more before Referee Mike Posey breaks it up.

Coming up next, Mr. Anderson will be facing off against Eric Young (The Great Muta).

Muta…I mean Eric Young defeated Mr. Anderson…I mean Surfer Sting with a green mist spray and a rollover.  The match started as a joke, EY didn’t want to play along, but then this turned into an actual match here.  Gunner came out and tried to interfere with EY, but Eric changed things around, and the real Sting came out to help Eric when Gunner and Anderson were beating him down.

Yes, it is going to be Eric Young, dressed like The Great Muta, even with the face paint.

Brothers In Paint collide….now.

Coming up now, The Number One Contender match between Brian Kendrick and Kazarian to the X-Division Title.

It was a time limit draw.  Incredible match between these two, Kazarian and Brian Kendrick want 5 more minutes.

Bischoff awards these two men that extra 5 minutes, here we go.

Abyss comes in and destroys them both, so this is a No Contest?  One way or the other, I assure you, this will be a Triple Threat match at Slammiversary between these 3 men for the X-Division Title.  That can always be a good thing.

Abyss is quoting The Art of War and he proclaims the war is over….The X-Division is dead.

Coming up next, the confrontation between AJ Styles and Bully Ray.

AJ heard from a little birdie that Bully Ray was going to call him out, nobody calls him out in his house.

Here comes Bully Ray.

Ray asks if this is his house, I guess it is because we are full of people looking like Inbred rednecks.

Ray said that Styles is on a high because he and Daniels beat Dreamer and Ray.  He pinned the weaker partner, Dreamer.  He carried him, like he carried Devon for 15 years.

Ray said his problem with the modern-day wrestlers is they like to go back to their hotel room and play video games on their laptop.

Ray would rather go to the strip club, drink whiskey and get a lap dance.

AJ is a boy, Ray is a man….AJ is a punk, Ray is a Pro Freaking Wrestler.

Ray sees fear in Styles’ eyes, he puts fear in everyone he walks by.  If God was here, he’d be like Bully Ray.

AJ said this coming from a man who went from Brother Ray to Bully Ray because he is so obsessed with his penis size.

Ray said there is nothing wrong with his penis size.

AJ asked him if because he is a bigger man, he has a bigger thing?

Despite Ray’s size, and despite Fortune, and his status…he’s still the same redneck who goes after the biggest bully around and pop him out. 

At Slammiversary, Bully Ray Vs AJ Styles….Last Man Standing match.

The question is do you know have any idea what you’re getting yourself into.

Coming up next, Jarrett and Steiner will take on Angle and Morgan.

The main event tag match is on now.

Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett defeated Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle when Steiner pinned Morgan.  But the story of the match here was Kurt and Jeff took it outside, Karen Jarrett, who was banned from ringside, came back and got on Kurt’s back and tried to push him away from Jeff, but Karen fell down the stairs backstage.  Paramedics and EMTs rushed to her, while Jarrett and Angle were arguing back and forth, we go to a commercial.

When we come back, we see Karen being wheeled into an ambulance and is taken away.

It seems Jarrett goes to hit Angle, he shoves into him, and Kurt shoves Karen off to the steps.

Here comes Hogan and Bischoff closing the show.

Bischoff thinks this will be the last time he and Hogan are on TV together.

Bischoff said he has known Mick Foley for 19 years.  When he was running in WCW, he wasn’t good in the ring, he could cut a good interview.  But he built a career by chasing people around with a sock on his hand.  How he was able to convince a network, that he, of all people have a grasp of the Wrestling business is a testament that he can talk very well.

Eric Bischoff on a bad week has achieved more than Mick Foley.

Hogan said did you forget who you are?  His partner, brother.  They ran history together.  It’s judgment time.

Blah Blah Blah…Effective immedately, we have exercised our position to terminate….Mick Foley.  So Mick Foley, you are fired.

Bischoff and Hogan are celebrating and the show is done.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good show overall, some good matches, but some questionable storylines.  First, why bring Foley out, only to fire him a short period of time?  If Foley’s contract is done, than it’s ashamed TNA couldn’t utilize him more, because he does have passionate promos, and despite what Bischoff said, he does have Wrestling knowledge, one of the smartest men in the business.  We’ll see if Mick goes back to WWE at some point, or if this is all a part of a storyline, and he’ll be back.

I also hate seeing Anderson and Sting treating this title angle as a joke.  This needs to be serious, you’re fighting for the most important title in the company….USE THAT!!!!

I liked the confrontation between AJ and Bully Ray, and this match fits their feud and I expect them to steal the show at Slammiversary.  You all know how I feel about Bully Ray, and what can I say about AJ?  He is phenomenal. 

I enjoyed the X-Division match, and I have no problem with what happened because it sets up a Triple Threat match, and I think Kendrick can win this match.

I am also ready for Gun Money as a tag team.  Unfortunately no British Invasion to seal the deal, but we know what those two can bring to the match, so it’s all good.

Women’s match was fine too, and even the brawl between Velvet Sky and ODB.

Main event tag match was good too, fun to watch those four men go into the ring.  Steiner-Morgan can be a good match at the PPV. 

This was a better show in my opinion this week than last week, and I am ready for next week’s go-home show to the PPV.

What did you think of the show?  Email me at or drop me a line on the site.


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