WWE Monday Night Raw 6/6/11….Will The Truth Apologize?

Now that Tough Enough is done, Vince McMahon and Stone Cold are celebrating and we hear “The Truth Shall Set You Free”.

R-Truth comes out in a Paul Revere outfit, he is here to issue an apology of what happened last week when he poured soda at fans of John Cena.

Austin thinks he looks like a jackass, but Truth is wearing this outfit because he did his homework.  They are in Richmond, Virginia, home of The Confederacy.  They had one good idea, succeeding, he is succeeding from the WWE Universe.  They don’t have R-Truth to push around anymore, no action figures, no T-shirts, he has been a victim of a company-wide conspiracy, isn’t that right Mr. McMahon?

He says that if Truth wants to talk to Vince during his office hours, 7 days a week, 9AM-12AM



Here comes The Miz.



R-truth has the chairman of the board out here and he is talking about so-called “conspiracies”?  The reality is if it wasn’t for his ingrate ex-protege, Alex Riley, he’d still be the Must-See WWE Champion, and for that, he just wants one more match with John Cena.

Here comes Alex Riley.

The only thing The Miz deserves is a 3rd straight week of beat-downs.

Here is John Cena.

I sense a tag team match here, The Miz and Truth Vs Cena and Riley.

More jokes from Cena here.

Cena Vs R-Truth is official now at Capitol Punishment.

Email sound.

Vince tells Cole to shut up.  Since this is a special night, and they are in Richmond, Virginia, we’ll have a tag team match with Cena and Alex Riley taking on R-Truth and The Miz, with Stone Cold as special guest ref.

Damn, I am good.

Santino is taking on Michael McGillicutty one on one.

Santino wins with the Cobra.  Wow, Curt Hennig’s son loses to The Cobra.

Congratulations to Andy Levin, Tough Enough winner, and he gets a Stone Cold Stunner, and a slap from Vince McMahon.

Tonight’s main event is The Miz and R-Truth taking on John Cena and Alex Riley, with Stone Cold as the Special Guest referee.

Coming up next, Diva’s tag team match, Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix taking on The Bella Twins.

Beth and Kelly win the match with a Glam Slam.  No Twins switch-a-roo here.

The announcers bring up what happened last week with The Bellas were making fun of Kharma’s weight.

Still to come, CM Punk will take on Rey Mysterio, again.  And, John Cena and Alex Riley team to face The Miz and R-Truth, with Stone Cold Steve Austin as special guest ref.

Booker T and Trish Stratus are backstage, Book wants to show her the Trish-a-rooni.

Jack Swagger comes up to them.  He isn’t sure Booker T is tough enough.  If he thinks he still has it.

You didn’t just say that?  Tell me you didn’t just say that.

Booker accepts the challenge, but tells him at the end of the match he won’t be dancing around in circles, he’ll be saying “Can you dig that….SUCKAAAA!!!!”

CM Punk is in the ring, sits down and speaks on the mic.  He says he has beaten Rey Mysterio so many times, and Rey has never beat him.  Not to stroke his ego, but to show that NEXUS won’t go anywhere.  So he wants the crowd to join him in dismantling Rey Mysterio.

Their match is up next.

Rey wins with a Splash.  Mason Ryan tried to distract Rey, but Punk ran into him, and we saw Rey dropping the dime and winning the match for the “first” time in 635 matches.

Another lame ass “press conference”.  What does this prove other than to make fun of President Obama.  This time, however, R-Truth is here.

Okay, this is actually funny.  President Obama want R-Truth on a “boat”, Little Jimmy has a “boat”.

Cena and Riley are talking, Cena told Riley he’ll fight with him, but he better not bail on him.

Coming out tomorrow, WWE is releasing a “Best of WCW Monday Night Nitro” DVD, hosted by Diamond Dallas Page.  Good to see him back on TV.

Next week, WWE Raw is on for 3 hours, called “All-Star Raw” with wrestlers from both Raw and Smackdown.

His name is Alberto Del Rio….but of course you already know that.

Alberto has heard WWE fans use the term slander with him.  He says hitting Big Show with a car was an accident.

They show us footage, and he wants Show to come out and personally apologize to him.  He isn’t going to run him over with his car, its way back there, so come on out, my friend.

Here comes The Big Show, well actually…it’s Ricardo Rodriguez, dressed like Big Show on crutches.

if Alberto gives “Big Show” alot of goodies, he will drop the charges?


Beautiful, but he got what he deserved.  Bad things happen to bad people.  So, go home, lick your wounds and never disrespect Alberto again.

Big Show, don’t make Del Rio your enemy, if you do, he will get hurt.  That’s not a threat, it’s a promise because bad things happen to bad people.

Hey, “Big Show” is Ricardo Rodriguez, where is Show?

Coming up next, The United States champion, Kofi Kingston will be in the ring.

Kofi Kingston video is playing now.

Beastaralliance.org….Anti-Bullying campaign.

Kofi will take on Zack Ryder…whoa, Zack is on Raw….Woo Woo Woo….You Know it.

Kofi wins the match with Trouble in Paradise, Dolph Ziggler was doing commentary during the match, he only has a limited time as United States champion.  Dolph wants the title.

The Miz is checking with R-Truth, they seem to be on the same page.  Coming up next, Booker T’s first match on Raw in 4 years.

Jack Swagger taking on Booker T.  Now in all honestly, Booker should take the loss here, but I am not sure if he does.

And he doesn’t in fact this was worst, Swagger loses by count out.  Even worst than that, Evan Bourne comes out and kicks him, he runs from him.  Gets an Axe Kick by Booker T, followed by Air Bourne by Evan.  I am not sure how this helps Jack one bit.  WWE forgot he was a former World Champion.

The main event, John Cena and Alex Riley will be taking on The Miz and R-Truth, with Stone Cold as special guest ref, next.

Alex Riley and John Cena defeated The Miz and R-Truth…sort of.  Riley had the Money in the Bank briefcase, he had the chance to nail Cena with it, but instead he hit The Miz with it, Cena hit Attitude Adjustment on Miz, and the match was over.

Austin gave Riley and Cena some beers and toasted them, but….

Email sound…

The Raw GM said that Austin was being impartial, and therefore, he reversed the decision, Miz and Truth won the match.

Email sound…

The Raw GM also made the announcement that next week, Stone Cold will serve as the Guest GM.

Austin celebrated by dousing Cole with beer, and give him a Stunner.  Cena gave him another AA for Cole and the 3 hour Raw was set to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The 3 hour show is set, and we get an All-Star theme towards it.  We will probably have a Raw Vs Smackdown style match.  But it will be interesting to see Stone Cold as guest GM, and it does make me think we will see the real GM come out soon enough.  What is funny about this is, according to the storyline, Mr. McMahon knows who it is, and he even seemed annoyed that Cole went to the podium to read what he/she had to say.  We haven’t even seen a segment where someone tries to get the info on who is the Raw GM.  Worst yet, nobody even cares anymore.

I did like the match, and what was important was seeing both Truth and Riley to stand out, and they did.  The way they were doing things, it would appear we are going to see The Miz Vs Stone Cold down the line, but then again maybe I am thinking we are going to see The Rock Vs Cena at Wrestlemania, I might be reaching for this dream match too.

I wasn’t a big fan of how they used Jack Swagger, and honestly since Wrestlemania, they have totally crapped on him, and I do not understand it.  The guy is truly talented in the ring, he should be used as a beast, and when he can’t beat Evan Bourne, or a guy that hasn’t wrestled in a WWE ring for 4 years, Booker T, than that isn’t good. 

I truly enjoyed Kofi Vs Zack though, and Zack Ryder is a very over Superstar, who WWE never will truly push.  He is actually alot like Santino, a guy who is a talent in the ring, he is over with the crowd, yet he will never get that big push.  They both have held titles, but known more for their gimmicks than being talented.  But I do like where this feud is going with Dolph and Kofi however.

I do not understand why Rey and Punk are thrown together in a feud again.  I mean, I guess because they have plans for Alberto Del Rio instead? 

Speaking on that, I like Big Show and Del Rio feuding, and yes the car accident is a bit cheesy, but the two will connect in the ring.

A very big congratulations go out to Andy Levine, the Tough Enough winner, and his reward?  A Stone Cold Stunner.  I can be worst, I guess.  I still believe Luke might have been the better chance just for the fact he is a natural heel, but I understand why they went with Andy.  I just question the logic of him getting a Stunner, because let’s be real, WWE hasn’t done exactly the right things when it comes to pushing the brand new talent, like NXT.  I’ll give this a chance and see, but I am not that high on Andy’s future, or rather how they use him.

Overall, this show had its ups and downs.  Some good segments, and others that felt flat.  What did you think of the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.  Hopefully next week will be a better show.

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