Impact Wrestling 6/16/11…Slammiversary Aftermatch

After Sunday’s solid PPV, we see the results.  A new Champion, a new Number One Contender, and a new man…”standing”

We kick the show off with the new TNA Champion, Mr. Anderson coming out for his party.  He invited people, but nobody came, and he could care less.  Only 5 people he truly cares about.  His 5-year-old niece, his Wife, me, myself, and I.

Gunner comes out to the party, he asked if he forgot what happened last week.  Anderson personally asked for his help with the tag team match to rough up Sting a bit so he isn’t 100% when he faces him Sunday night, and he did.  Anderson asks him what he wants, and Gunner tells him he wants a title shot.  Anderson denies it and to notify him that there are other wrestlers in the back who are more worthy of a title shot than himself.  Anderson tells him he is thirsty, asks him if he wants anything, takes a sip of beer and spit it in Gunner’s face.  You don’t do that to the big man.  He took Anderson kicked him in the gut and gave him a Rock Bottom through the table.

A new challenger is on the horizon.

Mexican America are on their way out next, Hernandez faces Devon.

We come back and see that Sting enters The Impact Wrestling Zone.

Hernandez Vs Devon is on now.

Devon wins the match by DQ with Mexican America attacking Devon.  The Pope was out there, watching the match in front of his two sons and wife.  They urge Pope to help their father, and he does.  Devon is upset about this.  The story goes that Devon’s kids look up to The Pope, and Devon doesn’t like it because The Pope isn’t exactly a “role model”, but he does help him out.  His kids and wife thank him.

Anderson storms into Bischoff’s office.  He wants Eric to make Gunner back down, but Eric reminds him he had a chance to join Immortal a few months ago, but he turned them down, so he must deal with Gunner by himself.  He is all for stirring the pot for the Network, so tonight, Mr. Anderson will face Gunner one on one in the main event.

Kurt Angle is heading to the ring, he is up next.

Kurt comes out, and informs us that 15 years ago, he won the US Gold Medal in Wrestling with a broken neck.  Fast forward to this past Sunday, he finally defeated Jeff Jarrett for the final time and is now preparing for the Olympics and train for the 2012 games.  He said he might be crazy enough to pull it off.

Here comes Jeff Jarrett.

Jarrett wants one more match against Kurt Angle, even if it means that he has to move to Mexico if he loses.  The bottom line is TNA isn’t big enough for the both of them.  He wants this match in the parking lot and said it began with a meeting between the two at a parking lot, and it will end in a parking lot.

Angle said he is like a giant khat that won’t go away.  Last week, Jarrett gave Angle his word that Sunday’s match would be the final meeting between the two men.  He said that his ancestors believed in speaking their word and making it mean something, but two years ago, Jarrett looked at him to his eye and told him there was nothing going on with Jeff and Karen, and we know how that word went.  If Jeff can get a lawyer to sign a contract, stating that Jarrett would move to Mexico if he loses, than the match is on.

So tonight, a parking lot match between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett.

The Bound for Glory series starts tonight, 12 men will vie for the shot of a lifetime, to main event Bound for Glory, and go after the TNA heavyweight Championship at the PPV.  Wins, losses, DQ’s Countouts will count for and against the Wrestlers, until the final 4 men will face each other and the winner of that tournament will go on to main event Bound for Glory.

Eric Young is in the back with Matt Morgan.  He asks Matt if he’d like a Television Title match, Matt said no, he has to prepare himself for being in the 12 man Bound for Glory series.  Eric said but he is a Television star, since he was on American Gladiators, and he is a Television Title and the rules state that the Television Champion only faces Television stars.  Matt suggests there is a certain Executive Producer who was a former TV star, perhaps he would like a shot?  Eric Young Vs Jason Hervey?

The Bound for Glory series starts tonight with RVD going one on one with Samoa Joe.

The next match is a X-Division showcase, featuring 3 former TNA stars coming back with a shot at a contract.

Austin Aries Vs Jimmy Rave Vs Kid Kash.

Austin Aries win an awesome match here and beats Jimmy Rave with an Aries Brainbuster.  Austin wins and moves on to wrestle at Destination X with the winner of the 4-Way grabbing a TNA contract to win.

TNA Knockout Tag Title match is up next…Sarita and Rosita facing Miss Tessmacher and Velvet Sky.

TNA Knockout Tag Title match is on now, Sarita and Rosita facing Miss Tessmacher and Velvet Sky.

Rosita and Sarita win the match when ODB distracts Velvet and Rosita pins Miss Tessmacher.  Velvet is shocked that ODB is there, since she is not under contract and when she comes back, Miss Tessmacher blows her off.  She invites ODB to come into the ring, but Miss Jackie comes in and nails Velvet from behind.  Miss Jackie, another former TNA Knockout.  Next week, Gail Kim will return, I wish.

Jarrett is with Hogan, and the contract is done, and tonight….Angle Vs Jarrett in a parking lot.

Sting is with Hogan, Hulk said on July 14th, Sting Vs Mr. Anderson.  Hogan owes that much to Sting.  Does this mean the real Hulk Hogan is back?  Hogan said this is the real Hulkster, brother.

Sting wants him to knock it off, and Hogan said he is trying to make things work his way.  The fans will be there, Sting remembers the mind-set that Hogan had when he first came to WCW.  He had his respect, he always wanted to follow in his footsteps.  Say your prayers, eat your vitamins, did he just say that to make money?  Is this the legacy he wanted to leave behind.

Hogan gets upset, and he struck a nerve.  He asked Sting who does he think he is?

He is The Stinger, and he’s not leaving.

Sting puts some paint on Hogan’s face, and says he must make the choice.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Sting flipping out.

ODB and Miss Jackie are walking backstage, they say Wrestling Matters to them, they are here to clean house.  Velvet attacks ODB, but Jackie nails her and the two of them attack her.

Jason Hervey is with Austin Aries, and he tells him that Wrestling Matters, and now that he is here, it’s official.

Eric Young wants Jason Hervey for the Television Title.  He wants Austin to count after a superkick on Hervey and he does it.  Eric Young wins the match and challenges Scott Baio next.

Still to come tonight, Mr. Anderson will take on Gunner, and we also will have a Parking Lot Showdown between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett.

Coming up now, Bound for Glory Series takes place between RVD and Samoa Joe.

RVD wins an incredible match with the two here and he wins with a Five Star Frogsplash.  RVD gets 10 points in the Bound for Gloey series.

Gunner is getting stitched up right now, and he makes it clear it’s nothing personal against Mr. Anderson, he just doesn’t like him, or anyone else.

Gunner Vs Mr. Anderson is up next.

Match is on now.

Gunner won the match with a TKO.  Anderson was very cocky, and he even got on the mic to announce he is still Heavyweight Champion, but Gunner caught him and pinned him in a non-title match.  2 straight weeks where Gunner has pinned the champion.

Bischoff comes out to shake hands with Gunner.

Angle is on his way to the parking lot next.

Next week, Bully Ray will face Scott Steiner in a Bound for Glory series match.

Scotty wants to wrestle tonight, but he isn’t on the list.  He knows Ray loves sugar, but he doesn’t have any.

Ray isn’t here for jokes, he reminds Scotty that he cut him up 2 years ago and his marks on his back is because of him.  He’ll be ready.

Jarrett walks to the parking lot, and the match is on, surrounded by the wrestlers and cars.

This setting sort of reminded me of “West Side Story” when the 2 gangs fight.  Very cool ending here that saw Angle walking out and Jarrett saying “Adios”

This ends the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was one of the best Impact shows in quite some time, I might even go as far as to say best of the year.  We had 2 fantastic matches, a new star being born, 2 people being groomed to become champion in Matt Morgan and Velvet Sky.  WE also have some big returns, including Miss Jackie and Austin Aries.  Kid Kash and Jimmy Rave looked very good too, and we have an interesting storyline involving Sting and Hulk Hogan.  What it means, we still do not know, but it has started off good.

What has me intrigued though is the importance of the matches with the Bound for Glory Series.  House show results matter, PPV matches matter, Impact Wrestling results matter, I just hope this truly does matter, but RVD Vs Joe was surely off to a great start, and I am also looking forward to seeing Steiner Vs Bully Ray next week.

We also will see some great returns, and I am certain we will see more in the coming 3 weeks.  July 14th is also setting up to be a big show with Sting Vs Mr. Anderson.  Overall, a very good show.

What were your thoughts on it?  Give me an email at or drop me your thoughts on the site.


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