WWE Capitol Punishment 6/19/11

It’s The Little Jimmys taking on the leader of Cena Nation….R-Truth taking on John Cena that will headline tonight’s PPV in the Nation’s Capitol.  Will the President make an appearance?  Or will Jack Tunney be in attendance instead (80’s date).  Happy Father’s Day, we are setting up the PPV right now.

Michael Cole, Booker T, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show, we kick things off with Kofi Kingston taking on Dolph Ziggler for the United States Title now.

Dolph Ziggler wins the United States championship by putting Kofi to sleep with a sleeper hold.  Weird match here, and it ended in controversy, with Vickie Guerrero involved to distract Kofi and Dolph put him to sleep, but they kept rolling each other over, and Dolph used his foot for leverage to roll Kofi over again.  The ref didn’t see it, so he won.  It was strange though because it took Scott Armstrong a few extra seconds to award the match to Ziggler, but it is what it is.

A limo arrives with R-Truth coming out in style, with the WWE Title in hand.  Josh Matthews wants to interview him, but Truth keeps walking, asking him to follow him around.  He has to party, he sees Eve and asks her to party with him.  I completely forgot that they used to hang out.  She said she doesn’t even know who he is anymore.  He said she doesn’t, in face he wants to dedicate his title victory to all the Little Jimmys, and the Little Jennys.

The Miz is with Todd Grisham.  Does he have a chance to beat Alex Riley. 


Miz said that all Riley was good at was carrying his Money in the Bank briefcase.  He’s the one who won the title.  When he gets done beating him, he can continue to carry bags, because that is the only thing he is good at.  As for The Miz, he is awesome, and he will prove it tonight.

The Miz Vs Alex Riley is up now.

Alex Riley defeated The Miz with a DDT.  A very physical match here that involved with Alex yanking Michael Cole by the tie and deck him.  Miz tried to use the briefcase, but Alex blocked it and picked up the victory.  I loved this match.

Good Gravy, Sgt. Slaughter is talking to a fake President Obama.  Crowd hates this.  Of course, we have Vickie Guerrero talking to President Obama.  She is singing Happy Father’s Day to him…ala Marilyn Monroe, but the security guards wheel her off.

Tomorrow night, “Power of the People”, a 3 hour episode of Raw where the fans make the matches and control everything.

Big Show Vs Alberto Del Rio is up next.

This was a very weird ending….Alberto Del Rio won the match by forfeit.  It begins with Show attacking Del Rio before the match started, but Mark Henry comes from nowhere to attack Show after the stretcher job Show put Henry through on Friday night.  He slammed him through the Spanish Announce Team (Was there ever a doubt someone was going through one since they were there in the beginning of the show?).  The bell never rang, yet the ref started counting Show out.  Big Show came into the ring, actually had some offense on him, but Del Rio pulled it off by giving Show a submission move on his leg.  He couldn’t answer the call and the match ended.

Not exactly the right way to push a future title contender for Summerslam, but okay.

Truth is backstage with the photographer, he wants him to get a picture with the title before his match, because he will be hot and sweaty.  But the photographer notes that the nameplate says John Cena.  Truth is upset by this and grabs the photographer by the throat and tells him he will win tonight.

Matt Striker is interviewing Wade Barrett, Wade tells him to go away and he has the mic, heading into the ring.  Putting down Washington D.C. and The Unites States’ values.  He tried to say that our government kicked out an official because he was taking pictures of himself in his underwear, but I assure you, it was much worst than that.  The dude was taking naked photos of himself.  He then tears Ezekiel Jackson down by saying he is just like America.  From the outside, it looks nice, but from the inside, it has its problems.  People weren’t buying into this, and sadly they aren’t buying Ezekiel Jackson into a face.

Ezekiel Jackson Vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Title is up now.

Ezekiel Jackson is the new Intercontinental Champion by putting Wade Barrett in a Torture Rack.  This is Zeke’s second singles title as he was the very last ECW champion.  The match wasn’t good, but I do like Big Zeke.  He finally won.

King wanted to know how it felt for Zeke to be new Intercontinental Champion.  He said it feels great, and he is finally free of independence from The Corre, here in The Nation’s Capitol.  He believes in Truth, Freedom, and The Personification of Domination.

Beastaralliance.org….Be a star.

Beth Phoenix, Santino, and, and Kelly Kelly are meeting “President Obama”, Santino wants to teach Obama the Cobra, but security blocks him from doing so.

Josh Matthews is with CM Punk.  Punk said that Straight Edge movement was originated in Washington D.C. and in fact Josh has called him a politician, and in some ways, he is, but he tells the truth.  Even superstars lie, Rey Mysterio does so, but the difference between Punk and Rey is Punk will tell you he is using you.  In fact, Punk might be the only honest thing we have ever seen.

Rey Mysterio Vs CM Punk is up now.

CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio with a GTS.  Very good match, and easily the best match of the night so far.  I guess these two don’t need to feud, just go out there and wrestle.  But they hinted Punk might say more soon about what he was talking about being the only honest thing in WWE.

World Title match….Christian Vs Randy Orton is up now.

Randy defeats Christian with a RKO.  Once again, a very good match here but to me the heel turn does nothing if Christian doesn’t have the title with him.  He had his feet under the ropes though, but the ref didn’t see it.  Does it matter at this point?  Charistian has lost to Randy 3 times.

Randy decked Christian with the World Heavyweight Title, and I have to think the feud is over with, at least it should be with that kind of result.

Here come The Bella Twins with Keith Stone, the Coors Light guy, just waving at the crowd, I guess.

WWE Title match, R-Truth Vs John Cena video is playing.

We have a bonus match now, Jack Swagger will face Evan Bourne.

Yup, Swagger lost again.  In reality, this match was good, Evan did some nice high-flying, but he rolled Jack over and picked up the win.

Now, Swagger will feud with Keith Stone on Superstars.

Now “President Obama” is coming out to kill this audience even more….seriously.

The crowd is playing along saying “What” to everything “President Obama” to everything he is saying.

Now Booker wants to teach “President Obama” the Spin-A-Roonie.  Somwhere Mark Madden wants his cut of the prize for dubbing the term Spin-A-Rooni.

Welcome to the District of Columbia National Guard who are in attendance tonight for the PPV in Washington D.C.  Very cool.

Coming up next, the main event….WWE Title match….John Cena Vs R-Truth.

John Cena defeated R-Truth with an Attitude Adjustment.  Truth tried to take a kid’s cap and a swig from his drink, but the kid threw it right back in Truth’s face, so Cnea brought Truth back in the ring and gave him an Attitude Adjustment to win the match.  Cena celebrates with the kid after the match.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better showing this time around than Over The Limit, but it’s still a B-Level show.  Once again, Christian Vs Randy Orton stole the show, but I believe Teddy Long could turn this into a Three Way match after what we have been seeing the last few weeks here.

The Obama impersonations killed the momentum and was worst when he came to the ringside area. 

Rey Vs Punk was also a very good match, and I liked Truth and Cena too.

I guess the long-term plan is to have Del Rio Vs Cena at Summerslam, but they didn’t put him in that level tonight.  He could even make Show pass out due to the pain.  Very confusing, but I am already looking forward to seeing who wins Money in the Bank Ladder matches next month.  Get ready for another 3 hour Raw tomorrow night.

What were your thoughts about the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.ocm or drop me a line on the site.


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