WWE Monday Night Raw 6/20/11….Power To The Peeps

A very special Raw tonight, where the fans vote for the matches they want to see that WWE shoves down our throats and try to dictate to us what they wants us to vote.  Watch for these choices.  You can text 46993 (GoWWE) and text A, B, or C.

We are live in the home of Stacy Keibler, Baltimore, Maryland.  Booker T, Michael Cole, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

CM Punk starts the show off, fresh off his victory over Rey Mysterio last night at Capitol Punishment.

Punk doesn’t trust the fans at Baltimore, Maryland, because they live in Baltimore, Maryland.  He soundly defeated Rey Mysterio at Capitol Punishment, he soundly defeated John Cena last week on Raw, and yes wins and losses do matter.  He should be the Number One Contender to the WWE Title.  He wants it at his own home town of Chicago, Illinois at the Money in the Bank PPV, not now.  He wants the Raw GM to chime in, he wants Michael Cole to read it off.

Email Sound…

The Raw GM will consider the demands, however, he asks him to leave the ring.

Punk says he is not.

Email sound…

The Raw GM suggests he does it now.

Punk refuses, and will do snow angels.

Email Sound…

The Raw GM said he was going to select Punk as the Number One Contender tonight, but he has no choice but to make Punk earn it.

CM Punk will face Alberto Del Rio one on one.

Punk said that Del Rio has a fluke win over Big Show last night, he hasn’t earned that.

Email Sound…

Okay, here we go, a triple threat match between CM Punk Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs Rey Mysterio.

Punk isn’t amused, but he storms off.

Power to the People.  Who will Brie Bella face for the WWE Divas Title?  A.  Eve B.  Kelly Kelly C.  Beth Phoenix.

How come a Smackdown Diva isn’t on there?  After all, the Diva champion should be on both shows.

But anyway, there are your choices.  Vote now, and we’ll find who….next.

Brie Bella will face…

Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly wins the Divas Title by pinning Brie with a roll up after Nikki tried to interfere.

King interviews Kelly, and she wants to thank the support, a great moment for her, and without the people, it wouldn’t have happened.  Nice moment for her.

Evan Bourne is up next, and they profile a video for him.

Who is Evan Bourne facing?

A.  Jack Swagger, B.  Mason Ryan, C.  Sin Cara.

Vote for Sin Cara, please do this.  We’ll find out who Evan faces next.

Evan Bourne will face….

Mason Ryan….now.

Mason wins the match when Mason hits a Swinging Side Slam on Evan, catching him with after Evan tried a middle rope elbow, I guess. 

There goes Evan’s push.

Coming up next, Mark Henry will face Kane in a A.  Body Slam Match, B.  Arm Wrestling Match, and C.  Over The Top Rope Match.

But first, Mark Henry has the mic, and he says now we know what happens when the World’s Strongest Man faces The World’s Biggest Athlete, and at Capitol Punishment, Show got punished.  At Smackdown, Show took out Henry.  But like the crowd who keeps chanting “What”?  they will get punished too.  Like the song says….somebody is going to get their ass kicked.

What is it people?  Mark Henry Vs Kane in….A.  Body Slam Match, B.  Arm Wrestling Match, or C.  Over the Top Rope match.

We’ll find out what it is….next.

It’s an Arm Wrestling Match, here we go.

Well, that didn’t last long.  Mark Henry was DQ’d for nailing Kane with a hook.  He then attacked Kane and put him through the announce table, just like he did to Show.  He said he gets no respect, and doesn’t care.  He made it clear, he did this.  Even getting into Booker T’s face.

They show us footage from last week when R-Truth took out John Cena with a water bottle.  What will he have to say?  We’ll find out next.

When we come back, the table is trashed, and Lawler needs a new phone.

R-Truth video is being played now.

Here comes The Truth, this should be entertaining.

Truth said that he can tell the Baltimore fans do not have home training.  So let’s continue to act like the animals that you are.

Are you having fun tonight?  Are you glad you can make the call tonight?

Last night, he didn’t think about this clearly.  He asked himself….self….who do you think will be out to get him?  Is it the computer?  John Cena?

But he got okie-doked by Little Jimmy.

He got got by the Little Jimmy.  This is a big conspiracy, all of the Little Jimmys….the big Jimmys….even the Momma Jimmys.

Here comes Christian.

He feels where he is coming from, dawg….power to the People?  How about a big joke.  He has been in this business for 17 years, and he finally won the World Heavyweight Championship, but the people voted he faced Randy Orton 5 days later when he wasn’t 100%.  Sure he lost his matches after that, but he blames the horrible fans, a horrible GM, and now a horrible ref.

They show us that last night Christian’s foot was underneath the rope when the ref counted to 3.  He should be the World Heavyweight Champion.

He is out to demand justice be served.  He just wants one more chance.

You have how many?

He just needs one more shot.

At least you have the title, but he got got by Little Jimmy.

Who is Little Jimmy?

Maybe you don’t have Little Jimmy in Canada, but in the United States, the Little Jimmys want R-Truth to be a good R-Truth.


Here comes The Miz.




You two are a bunch of crybabies, at least he has a real gripe.  He had a horrible ref that had it in for him, and Alex Riley was lucky to get a win.

Christian said that he and Truth had a real gripe, they lost to the champions, Miz lost to his apprentice.

How Dare You.

How dare me?  How dare you.

How dare me?  How dare you.












Here comes Theodore Long.


The people do not want to see you bickering, they want to see you in a match tonight, and we are going to have a 6 man tag match between The Miz, R-Truth, and Christian taking on John Cena, Randy Orton, and Alex Riley.  The people will choose what match it will be.

Cole is pissed that Teddy Long is here, a Smackdown GM, yet he has no problem with Christian, a Smackdown wrestler on Raw.


Coming up next, United States Title is on the line.  Dolph Ziggler will defend his newly won title against Kofi Kingston in A.  2 out of 3 Falls match, B.  Vickie Banned from Ringside match, or C.  Submission match.

Gee, I wonder what they will choose.

I am impressed, 2 out of 3 Falls match.  I love those matches….old-school.

Dolph Ziggler picks up the first pinfall during a commercial, yup…during a commercial.  Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on the floor, and rolls Kofi in to pin him.

2nd Fall now.

Kofi wins the 2nd fall with a S.O.S.

Dolph gets DQ’d in the 3rd fall when he tried to escape, but Kofi catches up to him and gets hit with a mic.  Kofi wins by DQ, but doesn’t win the United States Title.

Cole is blaming the Power to the Peeps on Stone Cold Steve Austin announcing this show.  Actually, Cole, blame USA Network for ordering a 3-hour show.

The next match is for the Number One Contender match…A.  No DQ, B.  Falls Count Anywhere, C.  Submission.

That damn Submission match keeps showing up.

Next week, Shawn Michaels will serve as a Special Guest for Raw Roulette….Spin The Wheel….Make The Deal.

I know this, Justin Roberts is NOT Ricardo Rodriguez, he needs to come back soon.

His name is Alberto Del Rio…but of course you already knew that.

He’s been telling The Big Show of what happened to him, Ricardo Rodriguez, and his beautiful car, but that wasn’t an accident…that was destiny.

What happened last night to Show when he beat him at Capitol Punishment was not an accident….it was destiny. 

And what will happen to CM Punk and Rey Mysterio tonight will be a destiny to Alberto’s reign as WWE Champion.

What stipulation is the Triple Threat match?  We’ll find out next.

The stipulation is….

Falls Count Anywhere match is on now.

CM Punk wins the match and steals the pin on Rey Mysterio when Rey tried a Senton, Punk yanks him out of the ring and picks up the pin.  Very good match here though between all 3 men.

Punk has the mic.

Punk said July 17th, 2011 will be a historic day for the WWE as a whole.  Not only is July 17th the 2nd annual Money in the Bank PPV, he will defeat John Cena for the WWE Championship.

Here is the honesty, something Punk will get in trouble with.  July 17th is the day his WWE Contract comes to an end.  That means when the clock strikes midnight, the 17th becomes the 18th, Sunday bleeds into Monday, he is leaving.  He is leaving with the WWE Title.

Coming up next, Daniel Bryan taking on Cody Rhodes in A.  Paper Bags on a Pole Match, B.  No Countout Match, and C.  Collegiate Rules Match.

We’ll find out next.

Cody Rhodes Vs Daniel Bryan will be a….No Count Out Match.

Daniel Bryan wins the match with a rollup.  After the match, Daniel slaps on a Labell Lock, but Ted Dibiase attacks him and they put a bag over his head.

Apparently, we are having a dance competition with Vickie Guerrero Vs A. Michael Cole, B.  Jerry “The King” Lawler, C.  Booker T.

Do they really want us to vote for this?

Vickie Guerrero kissed Matt Striker, didn’t dance, and the peeps voted for Michael Cole.

Good Gravy.

Cole gives us a Spin-A-Rooni, need I say more?

Fans vote for this, and they voted for Michael Cole to win…or is losing?

Vickie slapped Cole, and proclaims she is the winner.

 Main event 6 man tag match is up next.  A.  One Fall To Finish, B.  20 Minute Limit Match, and C.  Elimination Match.

Next week, Shawn Michaels will be the Special Guest.

6-Man Tag match is up now.

The main event will be an…..elimination match.

A-Ri is done, he gets pinned when The Miz gave him a Skull Crushing Finale behind the ref’s back, and Chrsitian took the pin.

3-on-2 right now.

Truth picked up the RKO and was pinned.

Orton was pinned by Christian with Killswitch.

Cena made Christian tap out to STF.

The show ends with the 2 champions celebrating over their big wins.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Okay, these last two weeks have been filled with surprises and changed directions.  I liked that CM Punk is main eventing at his own hometown, and this could be his last night in WWE, with the WWE Title gone too.

Okay, it won’t happen, but it would be cool, this was a fun show tonight, meant to entertain the people.  I think they did that and with next week’s show being in Vegas….Anything can happen in Vegas.  Raw Roulette is back.

What did you think of the show?  Give me your email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop a line on the site.


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