WWE Smackdown 7/29/11…The Game Is On

We are live….on tape in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Josh Matthews, Michael Cole, and Booker T welcoming us to the show.  The new Chief Operator Officer, HHH comes out to address the crew of Smackdown.

He’s had this position the last 10 days, and he realizes the more things he has, the more they are screwed up.  He will discuss the two top things, which are the WWE Title, and the World Title.  First with WWE, he has 2 champions now.  John Cena, and CM Punk.  He signed Punk to a new contract Monday night, and this coming Monday, he will make the official decision on what he will do in that situation.  Now on to the World Heavyweight Title….

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian.

Christian welcomes HHH as the new Chief Officer, because the Smackdown GM is bias for Randy Orton, just like the fans, the same fans that have turned their backs on him and join Randy’s side.  Which is why he had to turn to the legal side, he didn’t want to do that, he had to.  But he is sure HHH would like to have a close relationship with the Champ.

Actually, HHH does not.  Vince McMahon liked people to step on toes to get where they had to get.  HHH does not like it, Vince has the patient of a “saint”, and well, he does not.  When someone interrupts him, he takes it as a slap in the face.  If someone slaps HHH him, he’ll slap right back.

HHH doesn’t like negotiations, he doesn’t like lawyers, and he doesn’t like meetings.  At Summerslam, Randy Orton gets his rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship, in a No Holds Barred match.

Here comes R-Truth, and his Little Jimmy’s.

He is here to pick right up where they left on Monday.  Truth doesn’t see any spiders in the ring, and he doesn’t see HHH talking to himself….he is talking to himself.  There is a conspiracy against Truth.  He wants to axe him a question.


This Monday, those conspiracies will be straightened out, or else Truth is a man of action.


HHH knows he is a man of action, he will face Randy Orton.

Christian said he can give Truth some advice on defeating Orton, but HHH has a match for Christian, his name is John Morrison and the match is next.

When we come back, Teddy Long is with HHH, and he wants to congratulate HHH for having the position, and stopping by.  Zack Ryder has an idea for HHH, Hunter has to take this call, Zack wants to be on TV….Teddy, meet you new Assistant. 

It’s you and me bro, Woo Woo Woo.

John Morrison Vs Christian is up now.

Christian won the match with Killswitch.  John was favoring his neck, and the announcers played it up like it’s possible he came back too quickly.  Good match here.

Jinder Mahal is up in the sky box, enjoying the show.

Tonight, the main event is R-Truth Vs Randy Orton.

Wade Barrett is in the ring with a mic.  He didn’t leave England to be a WWE Superstar to entertain us, he did it to win money, and this brings him to Daniel Bryan.  Bryan took his paycheck at Money in the Bank.  It doesn’t get any better than main eventing Wrestlemania.  We are going back to basics for Wade, because it doesn’t matter how overrated Daniel is.

Here comes Daniel Bryan.

originate isn’t Wade’s strong suit, his buddy Heath Slater said the same thing, and he made Heath tap out.

Wade took the NXT Season 1 people to superstardom on Monday nights, Daniel said he didn’t do that for him.  He bailed on Wade when he sensed any threat, and since then, the two of them have made names for themselves, even Wade has main evened some PPVs, but Daniel Bryan gets to main event Wrestlemania.

Wade nails Daniel, but Daniel turned it around and gave him the Lebell Lock, making Wade tap out.

Zack Ryder is in the back talking to Teddy Long, Mark Henry approaches them and wonders why he isn’t working tonight.  Teddy reminds him there are lawsuits pending against Mark, and after what he did to The Big Show, nobody wants to face him.  But no fear, Zack has his opponent, bro.

Video footage of Justin Gabriel, returning home to South Africa.  Good footage.

Diva action now, Natalya, AJ, and Kaitlyn taking on Rosa Mendes, Tamina, and Alicia Fox.

Alicia Fox, Tamina, and Rosa win when Alicia gives AJ a Scissors Kick.

Big Show Vs Mark Henry video footage now.

Who will Mark Henry face tonight?  We’ll find out next.

Mark Henry is facing Bobby Howard, this match won’t take long.

Mark wins with 2 World’s Greatest Slams, and a Knee Drop.  Bobby gave us a good try though, but Mark isn’t done.

He has a chair….

Teddy Long comes running out to try to stop him.  They go way back, but he can’t let Mark compete anymore.  Nobody wants to face him anymore.  He has 1 lawsuit pending, and it’s going to get worse.

Here comes Sheamus.

If Teddy is looking for a fella to fight him, he’ll do it.  He’s just big, and bigger isn’t better.  Mark reminds Sheamus of Brian Barough, an Irish King.  Legend has it that an old fairy one day turned Brian into one big 425 pound of crap.

Mark tried to fight off Sheamus, but Sheamus has the final say, and it’s official….Sheamus is a face now.

Still to come, Randy Orton will face R-Truth and coming up next, WWE Tag Team champions, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty will face The Uso’s for the WWE Tag team Titles.

The Tag Team champs won when Otunga distracted Jimmy Uso and the referee, and McGillicutty used his Swinging Neckbreaker.

Zack Ryder booked another match tonight, Ezekiel Jackson taking on Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes.  Teddy isn’t impressed, but Zack told him to chill, broski, he has this.

Main event is R-Truth Vs Randy Orton.

The Uso Brothers Vs McGillicutty and Otunga is up now.

Raw Rebound, featuring the return of CM Punk, and Rey Mysterio winning the WWE Title, and losing the WWE Title, all in one night.

Matt Striker is with R-Truth, R-Truth feels good because a good R-Truth is a bad R-Truth and tonight, he has a snake in the ring, he will chop his head off.  Randy Orton is that Viper, and tonight, he’s going to get got.

2 on 1 match, Ezekiel Jackson Vs Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase is on now.

Cody and Ted wins when Cody gave Zeke CrossRoads.  Cody will be the next Intercontinental Champion, I said it here first.  Ted distracted Ezekiel.

Jinder Mahal speaks, and he isn’t impressed.

SummerSlam Recall….1995…Shawn Michaels Vs Razor Ramon in a Ladder match, for the Intercontinental Title.

Main event time…R-Truth Vs Randy Orton is on now.

Randy is DQ’d when Truth nails Randy with his water bottle and with Christian walking on, that didn’t sit too well with Randy.  He just kept punching him, and wouldn’t stop.  After the match, Randy gave Truth a RKO on the table, and he liked it so much, he did it again, with Christian looking on.  At Summerslam, things like that is legal, and the show ends with Randy victorious.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Summerslam is becoming the event of the summer, or at least set up nicely.  Orton Vs Christian should be the final time however.  We have seen many different matches, and although it is going to be a good match, someone else should get a shot, like perhaps Mark Henry?  He has earned it, that’s for sure.

Speaking of Mark Henry, I am digging Sheamus answering to the challenge, and I hope they face each other at Summerslam.  Sheamus is now a face, and I have no issue with that, as long as they still portray him as a badass.  I don;t want to hear any more poop jokes from him.

Zack Ryder serving as Teddy Long’s Assistant is going to be funny, it was off to a good start.

I enjoyed the stories we saw from the two big matches too, Christian Vs John Morrison and R-Truth Vs Randy Orton.  My only complaint about it is John should have won his first match, showcase him and what he can do in the ring, setting up his encounter with R-Truth.  If he keeps losing, than fans won’t get behind him.

%Tag team champs looked okay, but again, they had a very short match and didn’t showcase much, give them the time.

Same as Zeke with Cody and Ted.  2 on 1 matches usually do not work, and this didn’t gel together either, but they are going to give Cody the IC Title, I think.

Overall, this show was fine, it had its good moments, and it makes me want to see what happens next week.

Let me know what your thoughts were, emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line at the site.

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