Impact Wrestling 8/4/11…Hardcore Impact

Last week, we see that Sting was the Network Executive….okay he actually wasn’t, but he one-up Immortal.

Speaking of Immortal, they start the show off with Bully Ray telling us who they are.  We also see Jeff Jarrett and Karen, with Jeff holding the Mexican Heavyweight Title.

Ray puts down Mr. Anderson, and Anderson has the mic.

Anderson said this ring isn’t big enough for the two of them.  Last week, he volunteered Mr. Anderson to get in the ring with the best Wrestler in the business, Kurt Angle.  But he screwed him.  He hopes for Ray’s sake it was worth it, because he will get Ray back at some point.

Ray said that Mr. Anderson is the guy who lost the TNA Heavyweight Title after joining Immortal for one week….key word….weak.

Ray is a 23-time Tag team champion, and when Bischoff and Hogan aren’t around, he is in charge of Immortal.  He is going to win the TNA heavyweight Title, and Anderson is just a stepping stone away from winning.

Anderson challenges Ray to a match at Hardcore Justice, and he does his best Elvis impression, so Ray fights with Ken.

Immortal steps in the way, and here comes Fortune.

Kazarian has the mic and he said it sounded like Immortal wanted Fortune to come out and fight them before their little fight, and if that’s the case….consider this a R.S.V.P.

Fortune comes to the ring and clears house, but James Storm might have hurt his back.

Still to come tonight, a street fight between Hernandez Vs James Storm, we also will have 3 Bound for Glory series matches, and a World Heavyweight Title contract signing between Sting and Kurt Angle.

Miss Tessmacher is warming up backstage, she is set to face Madison Rayne next.

Miss Tessmacher Vs Madison Rayne is up now.

Mickie James is joining us on commentary, she will defend her Knockouts Title against Winter this Sunday at Hardcore Justice.

Miss Tessmacher rolled up Madison Rayne for the win, and Madison attacks Miss Tessmacher.  Mickie James comes out to help Miss Tessmacher, but Angelina Love attacks Mickie from behind, and Winter nails her too, and hits her with the Knockouts Title.

Winter Vs Mickie James this Sunday at Hardcore Justice.

Bound for Glory Series update, James Storm had a big weekend, and he now trails Crimson by just 7 points.

Bound for Glory Series match….Devon taking on AJ Styles, and it’s on now.

This Sunday at Hardcore Justice….AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian will face Scott Steiner, Abyss, and Gunner.

Devon won the match with a roll up.  Storylines galore here in this match.  The Pope came out and watched the match with Devon’s family.  The two will face each other at Hardcore Justice in a Bound for Glory Series match.  Christopher Daniels comes out to watch the match, and he was waiting for AJ’s answer to his question a few weeks ago.  For one second, AJ was distracted, and Devon got the roll up pinfall.

After the match, AJ was upset at Daniels, even blaming him for the loss.

When we come back, Taz and Mike Tenay are at ringside, talking about Sting Vs Kurt Angle this Sunday at Hardcore Justice.

Video footage of Angle Vs Sting is being shown now.

The Pope is backstage saying his strategy is to stick and move and do what needs to be done.  He might even get 10 points, by submission.  3 days away from Devon Vs The Pope.  They have some trust issues, but hopefully they have a good match, than at the end of the match, have that unique bond.

Samoa Joe Vs The Pope….Bound for Glory Series match is up next.

Matt Morgan joins us on commentary, with his torn pec.  Get well soon Matt, he is going to give us a Wrestler’s Perspective throughout this series.

What is sad to me though is neither Joe or The Pope gave us their full entrance.  The Pope has one of the best entrances in TNA, but they don’t show us it anymore.  The match is on now.

The Pope won the match by DQ when Joe made him tap to the Coquina Clutch, but he never let go, and the ref warned him, and gave him a DQ.  The Pope gets 3 points, and Joe gets -10.

Devon wouldn’t help Pope out at the end, and Joe went nuts with a great promo backstage after the match.  Joe talks about he know what they are trying to do, and that is kill Joe, but they never will and from here on out, there will be blood on their hands, and it’s their fault.  I hope he is there live this Sunday with a mic, giving us a promo.  It would be interesting.

Roode checks on Storm, telling him his match is next, but James still has a hurt back, and he can barely move.  Robert tells him he will take his match, because the match in 3 days at Hardcore Justice is too important for them.  So it’s Roode Vs Hernandez.

When we come back, Bully Ray is on the phone with Hogan.  Ray said that Anderson started it, but Hulkster is saying he instigated it, and wants Ray to apologize.  Ray said out of respect to Hogan, he will apologize.

Street Fight is up now….Hernandez taking on Robert Roode.

The fight is on now.

Hernandez defeated Robert Roode with help from Mexican America.  Rosita and Anarquia distracted Storm, while Sarita distracted Roode so Hernandez can roll him up and put his feet on the ropes for leverage.

Bully Ray is in Mr. Anderson’s locker room, he said he doesn’t care if people like him, or if they don’t, he has respect for the business, for the Wrestlers who paved their way, so he is going to apologize for doing everything to Ken.

Ray sticks his hand out, Anderson reluctantly accepts, but Ray knees Ken, and asks who is the asshole now?

Later tonight, TNA will re-live the Empty Arena match with Sting Vs Angle, and earlier today, Kurt gave his commentary on the match.

Austin Aries is heading to the ring, he will face off against Alex Shelley.

This Sunday, X-Division Title match is a 3-Way Dance between Kendrick Vs Aries Vs Shelley.

Austin Aries win with a Brainbuster, countering a Sliced Bread from Shelley.  Good match between the two here, and Austin is on the mic, saying he beat Shelley with a nice, clean wrestling move.  What does he have to say about that?

Brian Kendrick comes out to help Alex, but Austin leaves.  3-Way Dance can and should steal the show this Sunday.

Good gravy, more Eric Young business.  He is going to an acting coach.

This wasn’t bad, Eric is very good, and coming soon, he finally meets the man known as Baio.

J.B. is in the production truck with Kurt Angle, talking about the Empty Arena match he had with Sting back in 2009.

Great work here through Kurt’s eyes.

After the match, a Bound for Glory Series tag team match is up….Gunner and Scott Steiner taking on RVD and Crimson, with the winner of the pinfall gets the points.

Van Dam and Crimson get the win with a Five Star Frogsplash.  This Sunday, 1st place is on the line, Crimson Vs RVD.

Angle and Sting are heading to the ring next.

Hardcore Justice rundown is on now.

Contract signing time, we have Sting, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Vs The Number One Contender, Kurt Angle.

They both signed the contract, and it’s official this Sunday, they have a date with destiny at Hardcore Justice.

There is a very few people in the wrestling business he respects, and on is Sting.  Sting has been a modeled Wrestler, nothing bad is ever said, he works hard, and does his job.  Sting is a pro, and at the end of the match, he will shake hands with Kurt, but Kurt is going after that title.

Sting has a lot of respect for this man too.  People always ask him who the best pure Wrestler is in the business, and without question it’s Kurt Angle.  He does aerial moves, ring psychology, charismatic, he is the Total Package, and top this off, he won a Gold Medal.  But make no mistake about it, this is his title.  Before he hangs it up, he wants to make the business is give back to where it belongs…in the hands of Dixie Carter.  He might not have to kill him for the title, but he has to come very close to take his title away from him this Sunday.

The show ends right here with a staredown between the two vets.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a solid show tonight, we had 2 good matches with the Street Fight, and Shelley Vs Aries.  I also enjoyed Samoa Joe promo, and I am serious when I say getting Joe a live mic at the PPV is the best way to go.

Sting Vs Angle buildup was interesting.  We all know that this Sunday, the two will go at it and have a good match, but whoever wins the match, you’ll see what direction they are heading towards Bound for Glory.  What are your thought?  Let me know by emailing me at or drop me a line on the site.


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