TNA Hardcore Justice 8/7/11

We start the show off with a great Sting video package, and the setup of Kurt Angle Vs Sting.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to The Impact Zone, and we kick the show off with the X- Division Title match between Brian Kendrick Vs Alex Shelley Vs Austin Aries.

Brian Kendrick won the match with a Sliced Bread on Alex Shelley.  Excellent match here that had a bit of everything.  Brian has new music and new ring attire, so it looks like they are committed with Brian as X-Division champ.  That is a good thing.

Taz and Mike Tenay welcome us to the show…officially.  Our main event tonight is Sting taking on Kurt Angle.

Jeremy Borash is with Tara and Miss Tessmacher.  The Knockout Tag team Title match is next, Tara and Miss Tessmacher taking on Sarita and Rosita.

This has become personal, Miss Tessmacher said she was responsible for Sarita’s disfigured face, because she had to do what she could to protect herself when Sarita and Rosita attacked them in the parking lot.

Tara said bring everyone, they will take them out.

Rosita and Sarita facing Tara and Miss Tessmacher now.

Tara and Miss Tessmacher retain their titles with a Widow’s Peak on Rosita from Tara. 

J.B. is with The Pope, Daddy.

The Pope is tweeting, he has been trying to get a hold of Devon, to understand that he respects him, and looks up to him, but sadly Devon doesn’t want to hear about it.  The Pope knows that Devon has a purpose, but The Pope has a purpose too, to do the right thing.

Bound for Glory Series match is up now….Devon Vs The Pope.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan comes out to commentate this match.

The Pope has a mic.

He respects Devon, he just tweeted the world that he respects him, he expects alot of him, just like the kids expect alot of him.  His relationship to the kids and their Mom means alot to him.  He is going to prove that he means alot to him.

He lays down for Devon, and Devon wants the points, but not like this, he wants to get up, and give the fans what they want to see…Devon whopping The Pope’s ass.

The match is on.

The Pope won the match with a roll up.  The Pope even attempted the DDE, but he couldn’t do it and Devon speared him.  After the match, The Pope extended his hand to Devon, and Devon wouldn’t take it, however he looked at his two sons, and changed his mind.

J.B. is with RVD.  He has a match with Crimson tonight for the Bound for Glory Series match.  Crimson beat him before, but RVD said he is the Whole F’N Show, and we see Jerry Lynn.  He is here tonight in RVD’s corner.  He is here to watch his back.

TNA Knockout Title match is up now….Winter Vs Mickie James.

Winter won the Knockout Title when she spit blood into Mickie’s eyes.  Angelina tried to interfere, but Winter had to do it herself.

Brian Kendrick is being interviewed by Jeremy.  JB wants to congratulate the X-Division champion on a hard earned victory earlier tonight, and Austin Aries approaches him.  Austin said he didn’t beat him, and he won’t be a real X-Division champion until he does.  Brian told him he did…technically, but Austin didn’t want to hear that.  Austin challenged him to a match anywhere, anytime for the X-Division title.

RVD Vs Crimson….Bound for Glory Series match, with Jerry Lynn accompanying RVD to the ring is up now.

Crimson wins the match by DQ when Crimson had the Sky High set up, and Jerry interfered, helping RVD, or so he thought.  RVD is deducted by 10 points, and Crimson is awarded 3 points.  RVD is very upset about it, Jerry apologizes about it.  The crowd didn’t like this, and neither did I, but Jerry Lynn will do something here, and that is good.

Mr. Anderson is being interviewed by JB.  He said that only one member of Immortal has a problem with him, and there should only be one Asshole in the group.

6 man Tag Team match….Scott Steiner, Gunner, and Abyss taking on AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian.  It’s up now.

Immortal won the match when AJ pinned Abyss with a Pele.  Daniels and Gunner went through a table, and he was hurt pretty badly, playing up to this angle.  Gunner and Steiner were upset at Abyss, and walked out on him.  So far, match of the night.

JB is with Bully Ray, he agrees that there is one room for one asshole, Bully Ray.  People make mistakes, he made mistakes by keeping Devon for so many years, JB’s parents made a mistake by having JB, and even Hogan and Bischoff made a mistake, by putting Ken in Immortal.  But he is going to correct that mistake by beating down Mr. Anderson, and win the match.  The man from Hell’s Kitchen….Bully Ray….Ray.

Mr. Anderson Vs Bully Ray is up now.

Ray won with a blow to the knees, and he rolled him up, with his foot on the ropes for leverage.  Decent brawl here bewteen the two and it seemed like the croed was still behind Anderson, but where they go from here?  Who knows.

Backstage, JB is with Hogan and Bischoff.  Abyss comes up, and they start to put him down, he’s not even a monster anymore, he couldn’t handle the X-Division, so what can he do?  Ray was impressed with what he did to Anderson, but Hogan and Bischoff could care less.  They left Abyss by himself.

TNA Tag Team Title match is up now, Beer Money Vs Mexican America.

The champs keep their titles when they won with James Storm’s Superkick.  Good match with these two.

Mike Tenay and Taz want to discuss the main event, Kurt Vs Sting.

J.B. is with Kurt, Kurt said he is ready, he wants the World Heavyweight Title, and he’ll do whatever it takes.

Main event, Sting Vs Angle now.

Kurt Angle won the match with help from Hogan.  Hulkster brings a chair to the ring, and Kurt wouldn’t use it. but he turned around and nailed Sting with a chair.  So much for that pin clean rule.  Good match for what it is, but does this mean?  Is Angle a part of Immortal?  Or is he so desperate to be champion that he would use whatever is neccessary?  Tune in to Thursday night, and find out.


Kevin’s Thoughts:

It was an okay show, they still have the same crowd in the Impact Zone.  So everything felt flat.  I did like the X-Division Title match and the 6 man tag match too.  Angle Vs Sting was good, and Kurt always takes care of Sting, but overll, this could have been on free TV on Spike TV, as a big special.  What were your thoughts?  Email me at, or drop me a line.


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