Impact Wrestling 8/25/11…They Finally Hook It Up

We start Impact tonight from last week, Crimson challenged Kurt Angle to a match tonight.  Will the World Heavyweight Champion accept?  Let’s find out now.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring, and he calls out Crimson to meet him in the ring, and here comes the Blue Chipper.

Kurt said that Crimson impressed him last week, and he showed him he had balls, or he is a complete jackass.  Two months ago, he was known as Red’s little brother, but now he will be someone by competing in the ring with Angle. 

Kurt accepts the challenge, but says he will end the streak, and his career.  Because he disrespected him last week.

Crimson said that Kurt disrespected him two weeks ago by taking out his knee, and Kurt said why should he respect him?  He is a nobody, but Crimson makes it clear after the match tonight, Crimson will earn Kurt’s respect.

Here comes Immortal.

Bully Ray has a mic.

Ray wants to make sure Crimson knows who he is talking to, Kurt Angle, Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion.

Kurt interrupts him, and he wants to handle this himself.  He doesn’t want anyone to be involved in the match.

It’s time to make Crimson famous.

Earlier tonight, ODB and Miss Jackie wants to talk to Velvet Sky, they have a 6 Knockout match tonight, and they want to make sure they have each other’s back.  They all agree.

Somebody in black boots is walking backstage when we go to a break.

Bischoff and Hogan are talking with Flair.  They tell him this isn’t the same Sting he has known for years, they must make him go away.

Ric said that Gunner isn’t Naitch, but Hogan makes it clear, he wants no part of Sting.

Flair said he will make it up to him, and Hulk said tonight, they will get Sting out there and make things right.  He just wants Flair to not say one word, Ric agrees to that.

6 Knockout match is up now….Sarita and Rosita tagging up with Angelina Love taking on Velvet Sky, ODB, and Miss Jackie now.

Velvet Sky, ODB, and Miss Jackie won the match when ODB and Miss Jackie nailed Angelina Love, when she thought she had Velvet on a silver platter, but the team decided to stick by the rules.

After the match, Rosita and Sarita variably assault Angelina, but Angelina pushed back. 

Still to come, one on one….Kurt Angle Vs Crimson.

Someone in boots is walking backstage again.

Our next match is Kid Kash taking on Jesse Sorensen.

Kid Kash wins by rolling over Jesse with the tights and grabbing on to them.  Could this mean number 3 bumps number 2 for the X-Division contenders.

Kash is being interviewed by Christy Hemme, and Kash said that Jesse disrespected him, and if he does it again, he will take him over his knee, he’s just a “boy”.

Jesse wants to go after Kash, but security is there to block him.

Still to come, Bound for Glory Series match, involving 6 men in a Falls Count Anywhere match between Gunner, Scott Steiner, Bully Ray Vs Beer Money and AJ Styles.

And our main event tonight….Kurt Angle Vs Crimson.

Bound for Glory Series roundup this week.

Crimson, Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, and James Storm are the Final Four right now.

Coming up next….RVD Vs The Pope now.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan joins Tenay and Taz.

RVD wins the match with a Surfboard Submission, which gives him 10 points.  He is now in a 4th place tie with Gunner.

Joe attacks Pope, going after his knee, Devon comes slowly into the ringside, watching this attack and asking for a chair from his boys.

Devon has it and runs into the ring, while Joe slides out.  Joe’s mission is to attack everyone in the BFGS.

Robbie E. sees big Rob, he wants him to hang with “Little Robbie” and be his personal bouncer.

Rob Terry will think about it….fist pumps for everyone.

Bully Ray, Steiner, and Gunner are talking strategy, they want to take out AJ Styles.

Rosita and Sarita are in Angelina’s trailer.  They blame her for the loss, so they beat her down, but it’s Winter to the rescue.

Hogan and Flair are headed to the ring, they will call out Sting next.

Another clip of the mystery man in boots.  Who is it?

Tracy Brooks is in Bischoff’s office, asking him if he thought any more about the Knockout LAW, Bischoff wants to discuss this over cocktails.  The official decision will be made next week in Huntsville, Alabama.

Hogan and Flair are in the ring now, calling Sting to come out and face the music, brother.

Here comes The ICON.

Hogan said that this has to stop tonight.  Look at Sting, he is out there, he isn’t in his right mind.  How about all the Little Stingers looking up to Sting, like the Hulkamaniacs look up to Hogan, this is a family show.

Sting doesn’t get it.

Okay, he and Eric made some mistakes, and they have learned from them.  From this point forward, he and Eric will run this company like a Wrestling company should be run.  This is going on way too far, let’s end the “madness” brother.

On one condition, how about milk and cookies for all?  Unicorns, balloons, colorful animals, and flowers for everyone involved.

Flair grabs the mic, he said do you know who I am?  Ric Flair, you want crazy?  Flair goes nuts.

When it comes time to kill, it hurts too much cause he respects him.  He will ease up, and Ric will kick his ass.

Sting said shut up, finally someone is as crazy as Sting, but here’s the deal.  He will face Flair, than he will face Hulkster at Bound for Glory.  Flair said don’t be so sure, Sting told him to point his finger at him again, and he’ll bite his finger off.

Plan didn’t work.

Here comes AJ Styles.

He calls out Christopher Daniels.

He said he didn’t appreciate Daniels taking their situation in public, but Daniels had no other choice, AJ would never answer to the challenge.  So this was the only way he could get his attention.  You see, at Destination X, their match was in the spirit of competition, but the next morning, he looked at himself in the mirror ad didn’t see the same confidence he once had.  Can he truly beat AJ?  And if he can’t, can he still wrestle?  They can find out when the two have one more match, AJ agrees, and it’s set.  But not at No Surrender, next week, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Here comes the 6 man tag match….Gunner, Bully Ray, and Scott Steiner taking on AJ, and Beer Money.  Falls count anywhere, winner gets 8 points in the Bound for Glory Series match.

Bully Ray pinned AJ with a Bully Bomb in a big fight here between the 6 men that was all over the place.  Great match here, and Ray picked up 7 points for the pinfall victory.

Now comes the match we have been wanting to see for quite a long time.  No, not Angle Vs Crimson, Eric Young Vs Scott Baio.

Okay, the video footage wasn’t as good as it could have been, but what this consisted of was EY finding Scott play golf, and they ran away from each other, but EY was up on a tree, and lands an elbow drop for the pinfall victory.  There ya go, but Scott Baio was a Twitter Trending Topic for quite some time, so TNA accomplished something here.

Main event match, Kurt Angle Vs Crimson is up now.

Good match between the two, but at the end of the night, Crimson wins the match by DQ when Joe comes in and attacks Crimson, and goes after his knee.  Angle looked on, Joe turned around, and Angle signaled go at it and left the ring.  Joe continues to attack Crimson.

Tenay and Taz tell us next week is a big show in Huntsville, Alabama. 

Mickie James will try to win back her Knockout Title when she faces Winter.

AJ Styles Vs Christopher Daniels one more time.

We will find out who the 4 men that will face each other at No Surrender for the Bound for Glory Series match.

We cut right back to Crimson, saying next week he wants Joe.  Joe hears that, and attacks Crimson some more.  He takes his ankle, puts something on it and runs right into it.  He didn’t break his streak, but he did break his ankle.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This show was a million times better than last week, and they are setting up next week’s show in Huntsville, Alabama to be a big show.   Some matches lined up for next week, and possibly things heading into the right direction for Bound for Glory.  But let’s discuss this show.

I did enjoy Crimson Vs Angle, and while the finish was a bit cheap, you know full well they will meet again, which works for me.  Joe has been on a roll though, taking people out of the Bound for Glory Series, including the big guy.

The 6 man tag match was fantastic, and I see Bully Ray being the man to go to the finals at No Surrender.  I don’t think he will win though, but I do believe he will be in the finals.

RVD Vs The Pope was a fun match, and lately, Pope has looked better, so perhaps this partnership he has with Devon can be good?

Eric Young Vs Scott Baio is harmless, did we get a 5 star match out of it?  No, but it was harmless fun, now it’s time to feature Eric Young wrestling for TNA.  The guy is very good.

I didn’t mention this last week, but we are going to see Sting Vs Flair one more time.  I have more confidence in that being a good match than Sting Vs Hogan at Bound for Glory.

The Knockout match was what it was, but it gave Velvet Sky another chance to shine.  I still say she is going to be a Knockout champion soon.

Overall, this show was better than last week, and I can’t wait to see the atmosphere will be like at Huntsville, Alabama.  What did you think of the show?  Email me at or drop me a line on the site.

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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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