WWE Smackdown 8/26/11…Christian Slides Right In

We begin the show with highlights from last week’s Battle Royal, Mark Henry becoming the new Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Title against Randy Orton.

We are in Calgary, Alberta Canada tonight.  Josh Matthews, Booker T, and Michael Cole welcome us to the show.

The main event tonight is a Summerslam Rematch between Sheamus and Mark Henry.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart begins the show, Calgary’s own.

Bret informs us that Teddy Long couldn’t make it tonight, so the C.O.O. HHH appointed Bret the Guest General Manager tonight.

A live edition of Smackdown takes place this Tuesday, involving both Raw and Smackdown wrestlers.  The main event is Mark Henry Vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title.

Here comes Christian.

Christian said it wasn’t his fault he lost at Summerslam, and he blames it on Edge.  He couldn’t concentrate after what he said to him, and it cost him the World Heavyweight Title.

Christian informs Bret that he is entitled to an immediate rematch, and he wants it this Tuesday on Smackdown.

Bret said he doesn’t listen to his friends, stop being a crybaby.  He is becoming an embarrassment to everything, including Canada.

Do yourself a favor, be a man, and start at the way to the bottom, and work himself back up.

Christian said that guys like Bret and Edge are the real embarrassment, your career is over.  Get over it, and move on.  What truly bothers them though is Christian is the only Canadian still relevant.

Christian hands Bret a legal document that clearly states that no WWE Wrestler should recieve a World Heavyweight Title shot until he does.

Well, the match is on this Tuesday…inside a steel cage.

No more excuses for Christian.

Here comes Mark Henry.

Mark has been with this company for 15 years, and he still has to deal with this disrespect.  He earned his title shot last week, and if he doesn’t get it, someone is going to get hurt.

He wants the winner of the cage match, and if he doesn’t get it, he can’t be held responsible for what he does to Bret or anyone else.

Here comes Sheamus.

Sheamus has a story to tell us about his uncle that had a farm, he had his bull castrated when he misbehaved, don’t let him do that to him.

Sheamus jumps into the ring, and goes after Mark Henry.  Mark doesn’t want it now, the two will hook up later tonight.

Also tonight, Randy Orton faces Ted Dibiase, one on one.

Christian is in the ring, he will face off against Daniel Bryan, now.

Christian wins with the Killswitch.  Good back and forth match here between the two.  The challenger to the World Hevayweight Title prevails in the end.

Former Legacy members collide tonight….Randy Orton Vs Ted Dibiase.

Sheamus Vs Mark Henry is our main event.

Aksana reminds us that this Tuesday, Smackdown is live.

When we come back, Wade Barrett is in the ring, and he has a mic.

Wade has orchestrated attacks on everyone from John Cena to Vince McMahon, and has shaken the WWE down to its foundation a few times.  He is insulted he has to face someone who is beneath him in talent.

Wade left the ring, his opponent was….who cares?  WWE doesn’t.

WWE Raw Rebound is being shown now….Cena Vs Punk III.

Summerslam Rematch….Sheamus Vs Mark Henry is up later tonight.

Sin Cara is up now, he will face off against Heath Slater….The One Man Rockband, who is about to be future endeavored.

Sin Cara wins the match with a flying moonsault.  This was re-done, but they edited it very well.  Slater just doesn’t do much.

Clip from last week when Randy Orton gave Ted Dibiase a RKO.

Dibiase Vs Orton is up next.

Orton wins the match a RKO in what was a very good match.  After the match, Rhodes picked up Ted, and dropped him with a Crossroads, and put a paper bag on his head.

Tamina Vs Kelly Kelly is up now.

Kelly wins the match with a Famouser over Tamina.

Jinder Mahal is with Matt Striker and Great Khali.  Khali didn’t protect Jindear, and he went for himself, and we see the results, tonight Khali will dominate Ezekiel Jackson.  That match is coming up.

Great Khali Vs Big Zeke is up now.

Big Zeke defeated Khali when Khali tried to give a KLhali chop,. but hit Jinder by accident.  Ezekiel than lifted Khali to giove him a Torture Rack.  Amazing.

Sheamus Vs Mark Henry is coming up tonight.

This Tuesday, Christian will take on Randy Orton inside a steel cage.

Todd Grisham, who is heading to ESPN soon interviews Orton.  Orton said he is sick and tired of beating Christian, but he’ll do it again, inside a steel cage.  And his opponents should never, ever underestimate him.

Mark Henry video is being shown.

Coming up next, Mark Henry Vs Shamus.

Mark Henry loses by countout,. just like what happened at Summerslam.  But the story here is what happens at the end with both men tearing each other out.  There should be a 3rd and decided fall this coming Tuesday on Smackdown.

The show ends.


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