WWE Monday Night Raw 8/29/11…Raw Supershow

We are live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with Michael Cole, Jim Ross, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.  This is a “Super” week as Cole called it, with Smackdown being live tomorrow night on Sy-Fy.

HHH comes out to start the show, what does the C.O.O. of WWE have in store?  Let’s tune in and find out.

Starting tonight, Smackdown superstars will band together and join the Monday Night Raw superstars.

But that is the cool part of the job, the bad part is having being lied to, and the bad thing is most of those lies are coming from one of his best friends, Kevin Nash.  HHH calls out Nash to join us and explain why he lied to him.

But CM Punk comes out instead.

Last Monday, Kevin Nash affected CM Punk to lose the Number One Contendership to John Cena.

Punk is mocking HHH’s performance, insinuating he is lying himself about Nash.  Tell the truth and admit that he and Big Daddy Cool has been involved all along.

Here comes Kevin Nash, with the NWO theme music, where is Hogan and Hall?

Nash admits he lied.  He had his driver call Laurinaitis, and say he was in a wreck because HHH wouldn’t handle things.  He wouldn’t finish the job because of Punk.

Punk has been making a fool out of Nash for a few weeks, and it’s done.  But the problem is Punk has been insulting HHH’s wife, and he hasn’t done anything.  So the question becomes what kind of man is he?

HHH is the kind of man he doesn’t expect his friend to lie to him, and he expects him to tell the truth, but he can’t trust Kevin for business.  So he is asking Nash to leave, and this time, do not come back.

Nash said he lied, but only about the accident, not the text, but Laurinaitis signed Nash to a lucrative contract, and it’s guaranteed, so HHH can fire him, and he still gets paid.

HHH isn’t going to fire him, but the lying stops now.

CM Punk spends about 3 minutes throwing up, all choked up, okay he mocks he is throwing up.

Punk says the Kliq is back, whoopee.

It’s ironic because Kliq is the noise that people use when Kevin Nash is back on Tv to change the channel, and Kliq is the noise Nash makes every time he walks.

Nash wants a match with Punk at Night of Champions.  Punk wants a match with Nash at Night of Champions, so HHH officially makes the match at Night of Champions, but he has 2 words for the both of them.

This wasn’t a good segment to start the show here.

The World Heavyweight Champion comes out, and tonight, he faces Dolph Ziggler, and that match is up next.

Orton wins the match in an incredible match with a RKO.  I can see many different matches with these two, speaking of great matches, tomorrow night’s show will feature Orton Vs Christian inside a steel cage.  Yes, the storyline has been cheesy, but they haven’t had one bad match.  I can’t think that will happen tomorrow night either.

Ladies and gentlemen….we have a new Number One Contender, and his name is John Cena….insert joke here.

Josh Matthews is with Cena, and he wants his thoughts on Del Rio’s actions last week, Cena doesn’t say a thing and walks off.

Josh tells us Cena is coming to the ring next.  Why Josh?  Is it because the script tells you that?

Here comes Cena, all smiles.

Once again, Cena tells us that Del Rio is a coward because of the way he won the title, and because of the way he bashed in Cena last week.  You want some, come get some.

Well, Mark Henry wants some, cause someone is going to get their ass kicked.

Henry informs us he is the new Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Title, he has dismantled many different wrestlers the last few months, and he gave Sheamus a World’s Greatest Slam on the steel steps, and John is about to join The Hall of Pain.

I love that name.

At Night of Champions, Mark Henry is going to be the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Here comes Christian.

Christian said after he beats Randy Orton tomorrow night, he will face Christian at Night of Champions, but for Cena, he makes him sick to his stomach.  He can’t stand guys who whines and bitches until they get what they want.  It’s an embarrassment, and Cena is an embarrassment, and Cena tells us jokes.

It’s real simple, you want some, come get some.

Christian and Mark Henry is ready to fight Cena, and here comes Sheamus to even the odds.

Christian bails, and Mark slowly gets out of the ring.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis tells us tonight’s main event is going to be Cena and Sheamus taking on Christian and Mark Henry.  Charles Robinson likes it, but HHH informs John he already made the match.  Remember this, John works for HHH, he is John’s boss, get it?

Tonight’s main event is Sheamus and John Cena taking on Mark Henry and Christian.

Coming up next, CM Punk will take on The Miz.

Punk is in the ring, and here comes The Miz.

The Miz tells us that he has been held back, yet he is still the Must-See champion.  After last week’s statement, he is going to make an even better one, after beating CM Punk, but he is The Miz….and he is AWESOME!!!!

The match is up now.

The Miz lost by DQ when R-Truth came out to save his new buddy.  But Cole was bad here, mocking J.R. the whole time.

When Punk took care of The Miz and Truth, Kevin Nash comes out.  The Miz nailed Punk from behind.  Nash delivers a Jacknife for all his trouble.  Punk just got got.

Our main event tonight is John Cena and Sheamus taking on Mark Henry and Christian.

Uh-Oh, it’s Sin Cara….or the “Fake” Sin Cara, who is a bit….Mystico?  He is taking on Jack Swagger.

Sin Cara wins with a Moonsault after Vickie Guerrero came out to scout.  Dolph Ziggler followed her, and called Swagger a “loser” and this distracted Jack with Sin Cara picking up the pinfall.

Still to come tonight, the main event is John Cena and Sheamus taking on Christian and Mark Henry.

WWE Tag Team Title match is up now, the new Tag team Champions, Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston.  A team I am just calling “Air Kingston” will face off against Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga.

Okay Michael Cole just informed us their new team name is “Air Boom”, so I was close.

Kofi wins the match with Trouble in Paradise, and throughout the match, Lawler kept putting down Otunga, and after the match, Otunga got into King’s face, daring him to say that stuff now.

I think Otunga is the babyface in that segment.

Divas action is up next.

Kelly Kelly is facing Brie Bella now.

Nikki gave the old switcheroo and gave Kelly The X-Factor to win the match.  During the match, Beth and Natalya were backstage complaining they aren’t on TV, and the announcers make Kelly a bigger star than what she is.

Main event tag match is up next.

They are showing us HHH’s new movie trailer….”Inside Out”.

Main event match, Sheamus and John Cena Vs Mark Henry and Christian is on now.

Cena and Sheamus defeated Mark Henry and Christian with an Attitude Adjustment on Christian, along with a Brogue Kick. 

Cena and Sheamus tagging with each other is surreal.

After the match, the show ends with HHH informing CM Punk he just got off the phone with the board of directors.  His match with Nash at Night of Champions is off, because Punk will face HHH.

The show ends here, tune in to tomorrow night’s Smackdown live on Sy-Fy at 8:00.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Another entertaining show here, that was fully loaded.  For starters, we find out that Smackdown and Raw superstars will appear on the same shows every week, which has been happening, but it’s now official.

This leaves us with many questions, as to what will happen to some of the Wrestlers left behind tonight.  I found it interesting we didn’t see Alex Riley, but we saw a video of him to remind us he is still there, and we didn’t see the WWE Champion, although the rumor was he did appear tonight, as Sin Cara, which could be interesting if one day he decides to unmask.  Perhaps Mr. Del Rio will grace us his appearance on Smackdown tomorrow night?

As for the wrestling, I enjoyed the main event, for the simple task that Sheamus and Cena tagged together for the first time.  I also enjoy Christian and Mark Henry, but I fear Mr. Cena will relinquish any momentum Mark has been on by giving us more lame jokes at his expense.  He has been known to do that.

Orton Vs Ziggler was an outstanding match, but then again, consider the two involved, and you can’t get a bad match.

Swagger Vs Cara was bad though, and it seems like WWE doesn’t know what to do with Swagger.  The dude is a beast, yet he is rarely booked as such.

HHH Vs CM Punk is set, and to be honest, I am not sure why.  I mean it was a no brainer this match would be made, but I figured possibly at Survivor Series, not now.  However, we will have 3 weeks of buildup to the match, and that is a good thing, and it will start tomorrow night.

Speaking of tomorrow night, I hope they give us more live editions, it’s something different.  However, I will not be able to watch it live, I am going to the Cleveland Indians game against Oakland Athletics (Cheap plug, I know), however, when I get home, I will watch it so keep checking on the site here.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Let me know by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com, or drop me a line on the site.


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