Impact Wrestling 9/8/11….The Return Of The Charismatic Enigma

Tonight marks the return of Jeff Hardy, what will he say?  How will the TNA fans support him?  Can he move on>  We also have the return of Mr. Anderson, why did he save Sting from the beatdown by Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan?  Let’s tune in and find out right now.

In Huntsville, Alabama, we hear from Mr. Anderson.

Anderson admitted he signed a deal with the devils….Hogan and Bischoff.  He made a bad decision, and he is owned to that, he wants the crowd to boo him, and they do.

But now because of Bully Ray, he is on the outside looking on, and for that he has something to say to Ray.  Thank you. 

He promises to make life a living hell for Immortal, and he starts with Kurt Angle.  He wants his title rematch that he hasn’t received yet.  He wishes it was a one on one battle, but he knows that won’t happen.  So since Kurt won’t be alone tonight, neither will Mr. Anderson.

Enter Sting.

Sting said that Hogan and Immortal cost him the World Title, but he is still here.  Sting is like a fungus in your little toe that creeps up on the 24 inch pythons.  Hogan willed his power to serve as the special enforcer last week, Sting has willed the power of The Network, so tonight, Sting will be the special enforcer in Kenny’s title match with Kurt.

He will be a fungus on Hogan until it’s all over.  Ta-Ta, for now.

Tonight, it’s Angelina Love and Winter taking on Mickie James and Velvet Sky, also a 4 corner match between the four men involved in the Bound for Glory series match between Gunner Vs Bully Ray Vs James Storm Vs Bobby Roode.  We’ll also have Mr. Anderson Vs Kurt Angle for the TNA Heavyweight Title, and Jeff Hardy returns.

Our first match tonight is The Pope and Devon taking on The British Invasion for a Number One Contenders match for the Tag team Titles.  Who will face Mexican America this Sunday at No Surrender?

Devon and The Pope win the match with the Dominator from Devon over Douglas Williams.  They are set for No Surrender, Mexican America Vs The Pope and Devon.

Kurt Angle will believe Jeff Hardy is back when he sees it, and for tonight, he’ll take care of both Mr. Anderson and Sting, do it for Hulk.

Eddie Alvarez, MMA fighter, Belator Championship greets him.  He promotes his big fight on October 15th, and is here for Kurt.

This Sunday is No Surrender.  Who takes the Bound for Glory Series match.  Bobby Roode Vs Gunner, Bully Ray Vs James Storm.

Jeremy Borash is with all 4 men, and Bully Ray bullies him out of the ring.

Ray will give Beer Money their respect, he knows they are a great tag team.  They will go down in history as one of the greatest tag teams all over the world.  Now, the bad news.  He knows what is going through their minds, this is a big night for both of them.  They have an opportunity to become the heavyweight champion.  Every single tag team wrestler thinks about it, except for Devon….he is a loser.

Gunner is willing to sacrifice, he knows what is right for Immortal, and will do whatever it takes to have Bully Ray win the tournament and go after the Heavyweight Title.  But can they do that?  No, they are selfish people.  That is what wrestlers are.  Will they share the limo?  The girls?  The beer?  The money?  No, one person will go after the Heavyweight Title.  He doesn’t have to compete in tonight’s match, but he’s going to.  He’s Bully Ray, he’s from new York, and he is the next TNA Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd is chanting shut up, and Bobby Roode agrees.

How long has Bully Ray known Bobby?  7 years?  You think that will go through his head?  He’s right about this, Beer Money will go down as one of the greatest tag teams of all time.  But this is the biggest night of their careers, and Bobby has always dreamt of being Heavyweight Champion.  Ask the boys in the back, they will attest to that. 

Anyone who has ever been in the ring dreams of being World Heavyweight Champion.  They both know that this is a dream of a lifetime, and only one man will become the Number One Contender, and on that night….one man will be the better man that night.  Will it be Roode?  Will it be James?  It sure won’t be Gunner, and it won’t be Ray.

So Bobby makes one promise to the whole world that whoever walks out as the Heavyweight Champion, they will both share the celebration and will share the victory.  Because at the end of the night, nobody will ever come between their bond, and nobody will ever kill Beer Money.

James says it best when he says sorry about your damn luck.

Tonight, Four Corners match between the four men.

Still to come, the World Heavyweight Title match is set between Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson, with Sting as special enforcer.

And it’s the return of Jeff Hardy.

The Bellator Light Weight Champion, Eddie Alvarez joins Taz and Mike Tenay for commentary.

Eddie will fight Michael Chandler for the Light Weight Title on October 15th.

We have the Television Championship, with Eric Young taking on Robbie E. right now.

Eric Young defeats Robbie E. with a Piledriver.  When was the last time the Television Title was defended?  Oh yeah, 2 weeks ago against Scott Baio.

Rob Terry attacks Eric Young after the match.

RVD finds Jerry Lynn backstage, he says that Jerry screwed RVD.  Jerry says he is always the one that promoters look for, but Jerry is the one they find to put Rob over.  He had to work at a warehouse, does he know what it’s like to work at a warehouse?  Jerry said that Hogan and Bischoff are the ones who smartens him up.  They told Jerry that he is as good as RVD, but Jerry said they were wrong.  Jerry is better than RVD.

RVD kicked him, and asked how it feels being on the ground with Rob standing.

Velvet Sky is glad that Mickie James won the Knockout Title from Winter again, but she always wanted to see what it was like to feel the Knockout Title around her waist.  Mickie said it will happen for Velvet, but for tonight, they need to focus.

Karen Jarrett comes in, and congratulates Mickie for winning the Knockout Title, but in 3 days, she will face Winter.

Karen said for Velvet to put on a show tonight, but for her to lose around 3 pounds, and it’s from the management.

Not a good comment at all.

Still to come, the return of Jeff Hardy, and coming up next….Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson, with Sting as special enforcer.

Jeff Hardy enters the building.

World Heavyweight Title match is on now….Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson, with Sting as special enforcer.

Mr. Anderson wins the match by DQ when Immortal come out to help Kurt.  They took out Sting as well, handling Hogan’s business.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Immortal beating down Sting and Mr. Anderson.

Immortal are celebrating in the back with Bischoff on the phone.  He wants everyone to leave the room.

Whatever it is, Eric isn’t pleased with the call.

Knockout Tag match with Winter and Angelina Love taking on Mickie James and Velvet Sky right now.

Winter and Angelina win the match when Winter spit “blood” into Mickie James’ eyes, because she is a vampire….get it?

4 Corners match still to come, and the return of Jeff Hardy.

Here comes the new Number One Contender to the X-Division Title, Austin Aries.  He will face Brian Kendrick this Sunday.

Austin said he has his sights on Brian Kendrick.  Everyone knows he is a strange man, but he knows he is a hypocrite.  He attacks him from behind, and he can’t stand that Austin has the spotlight.  So he wants Brian to face him man to man.

Here is Brian in a suit?

Brian knows that he has been ridiculed for how he talks, how he presents himself, but deep down, Brian wants to be a success too.  What is a success Austin Aries?  He even wore a suit, and people have complimented him.  But this version of him, he isn’t sure of, so he polls the crowd if they like this version, they do not.

Neither does he, so he takes off his clothes.

He even takes his shoes off, because as the Buddha would say life is suffering, and suffering stems from desire.

So he is shedding desire.

Austin knows this, Brian has what Austin wants, and that is the X-Division Title.  But Brian is afraid, and a fraud.

This doesn’t go well for The Wizard of Odd, and he fights Austin and has the better hand.

Hulk Hogan is proud of himself for the job Immortal did to Sting and Mr. Anderson, but Bischoff isn’t smiling.

Bischoff said he just spoke with The Network, and because of what happened, at No Surrender, there is a 3-Way for the Title….Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson Vs Sting.

There’s your main event for 3 days going into the PPV.

Coming up next, 4 Corners match, featuring the Bound for Glory Series match.

No Surrender round-up, they haven’t said this, but I sure hope this Sunday we have a tournament style setup, since they are calling these matches “Semi-finals” and the winner has to wrestle twice, just to win.  It’s the right thing to do.

4 Corners Tornado match is up now.  Bully Ray Vs Gunner Vs James Storm Vs Bobby Roode.

Gunner wins the match when he gives Bully Ray a knee to the head after Ray delivers the Bully Bomb. 

Gunner has the final say here, because everyone earlier didn’t think he has a chance, but he surely does.  Joe tried to come out and interfere before the match started, taking someone out of the running, but Matt Morgan cuts him off.  Good, but short match.

Jeff Hardy is up next.

Next week on Impact….Ric Flair Vs Sting…one more time.

If Sting wins, he gets Hogan at Bound for Glory…if Flair wins, Sting retires.

The Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy is out now.

The crowd gives him a nice hand, and Jeff said he does not deserve it, but thank you.  He wants to thank The Network for giving him the time.  The last time we saw him in a TNA ring, he was messed up.  He had a main event match with a guy he looked up to for a long time, and he failed miserably.  He let everyone down, including himself.  He got here today and felt doubted and hated, and they have every right to be.  He can’t change what happened at Victory Road, but he can admit he hit rock bottom. 

Jeff is extremely emotional here, and he is asking for one more shot, and he leaves, to end the show.

The crowd is chanting one more shot, we fade to black.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Before I start my review here, I want to mention something about The Hardy’s.  Something struck me at the beginning of the show when I heard, I think James Storm say that “everyone has their demons” when he brings up Jeff Hardy.  I will say we all have our faults, and wrestling can never, ever be blamed for their demons because in most cases, the wrestler develop them before they start wrestling.  Do Wrestlers leave rough lives?  Absolutely, but at the same time, you have to ask if these choices the men and women make, if they’d still be using those choices if they weren’t wrestlers.  Maybe, maybe not, but in my opinion, I say they would.  However, in Jeff’s case, you have to ask how many different chances is he going to have?  Was Victory Road rock bottom?  I hope it was, because at the end of the day, Jeff has a wife, he has a child, Jeff has to start making choices not just for himself, but for his family too.  I hope he can change, I hope he can go a different path, I hope he can be an example for his older brother Matt, who seems to have more trouble than Jeff himself.  If he doesn’t, and fall back, than let him go.  Sure I will give Jeff one more chance, but at some point, he has to accept to clean himself up.  If he does, what a great story that would be, imagine Jeff being clean and sober for 6 months, one year. 

Okay, on to the rest of the show.  TNA has to do a better job of setting up the PPV, and explaining themselves very clear, such as the Bound for Glory Series.  I believe that Bobby Roode is going to win and main event the big PPV against Kurt Angle.  What an incredible match that would be, and it’s clear to me that Bobby is ready for that run.  But setting up the main event of the September PPV as the go to episode of Impact is just stupid.  At the very least, set it up the week before, and at the go-to home episode, make the deal. 

But the crowd is fresh, they made these last two weeks feel exciting, and even if the ratings last week was awful (1.06), they still need to continue to put the show on the road.  It will be interesting to see what happens this week for the ratings with the big NFL game going on.  But for me, it was a good show.

I am not sure how I felt about Kendrick and Aries setup, but I do believe that at the PPV, those two will put on a good match.

Did you know Matt Morgan Vs Samoa Joe is set up for the PPV?  I didn’t either, but here we are.

4 Corners match was good, and for right now, the right man won the match.

I enjoyed the title match, until the run-in, and what was Hogan smoking, showing us his guns.  But the stage is set for next week’s Impact between Sting Vs Ric Flair.  I liked the video presentation of it, and hope they show it again next week.  I just wish we had seen it on the road instead of The Impact Zone, but it is what it is.

4 Corner match was done well, and the right man won the match, setting him up as a possibility to win the Bound for Glory Series.  But my pick is still Roode.

I have no idea why The Pope and Devon are facing for the Tag Team Titles, my guess is they want to brew a feud together with The Pope and Devon.

Knockout Tag match was good, and it planted the seed for a future Velvet Sky Vs Mickie James match for the Knockouts Title.  We’ll see how this leads us.

Overall, the show was good, the important factors were addressed, and we have the return of a man who might be on the right path, and he is asking for forgiveness.  I truly hope he beats these “Demons” or at the very least try to win the battle one day at a time.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at or drop me a line on the site.


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