WWE Smackdown 9/9/11…The Monster Is Loose

We start tonight’s show with an awesome video displaying the damage Mark Henry has evoked through the last few months, he has a date with destiny next week at Night of Champions.  Will Randy orton join the Hall of Pain?

Greenday reminds us to know our enemy, and we are off.

We are in Toledo, Ohio.  Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Booker T welcome us to the show, and here comes The World’s Strongest Man himself, Mark Henry out to the ring.

Mark mentions us that many men have walked through the ropes, thinking Mark’s best years are behind him.  Ask Big Show, ask Kane.  They both have special wings in The Hall of Pain, and next Sunday, Randy Orton will be inducted.  There are broken wings, broken dreams, and broken hope.  People say the beating Mark gave Randy last week in the cage was the worst beating he has ever had, and he calls that a good start. 

Mark is more dangerous now over the years, he is more reckless, and he IS the World’s Strongest Man.  At Night of Champions, he will be the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Here comes Theodore Long’s Assisstant, Zack Ryder….Woo Woo Woo….Bro, You Know It.

Zack informs Mark that he is on a roll, and Mark tells him he is on a death wish.  Zack informs that Teddy instructs that Mark and Randy are in seperate matches tonight, and there is a no contact rule.  If they do touch each other, there will be some problems.

Zack tries to escape the ring, but Mark wants him to come back to the ring.  He says thanks for the heads up, Zack tries to leave again, but Mark asks him to come back.  He asks Zack who he thinks will win at Night of Champions.

Zack said that Beth Phoenix has Kelly Kelly’s number, but you can’t ask me about your match.  If he says Randy, he will attack Zack.

Mark says that Zack mentioned he can’t put his hands on Mark, but he didn’t say he can’t touch Zack.  Zack actually lays some punches, but Mark just soaks it in, and nails Zack with a World’s Strongest Slam.

Mark Henry’s opponent….

Ezekiel Jackson, the match is up next.

World’s Strongest Slam on Big Zeke, and that is all she wrote.

Tonight, Randy Orton will face off against Cody Rhodes….Champion Vs Champion.

Backstage, Teddy Long is talking to someone, and it appears that Randy Orton is the new coverboy for WWE12, coming to XBox 360.

Aksana wants to be guest ring announcer again, she can do other things with her mouth….like sing.

Teddy has to check on Zack Ryder.

Sin Cara is set for a match, he will be up next.

Sin Cara Vs Tyson Kidd now.

Sin Cara wins with his Lionsault Moonsault.

Josh Matthews is set to go into the ring and ask Sin Cara why he kicked Daniel Bryan in the head last week.

Sin Cara speaks a little English, he has held back, out of respect for other people, now that he is here and established, nobody can stop him.  This is the real Sin Cara.

Daniel Bryan comes to the ring.

Daniel didn’t see Sin Cara speaking english, and he also didn’t see the kick in the head last week either.  So now we have a problem, and he has a solution, next week, Daniel Bryan Vs Sin Cara, and he can be as aggressive as he wants.

Sin Carar attacks Daniel and gives him the Lebell Lock to add insult to injury and make Daniel tap.

Sheamus Vs Wade Barrett coming up tonight.  We’ll also see Randy Orton Vs Cody Rhodes.

We are in Toledo, Ohio tonight.  I will be there in March of 2012, for the state Bowling tournament.

Video of Cody Rhodes being played now.

Randy Orton is with Matt Striker.  What is his thoughts on Cody?  Orton said that since his accident, Cody has been dangerous, and unstable.  2 words that can describe trouble.  Mark Henry was smart last week in attacking Randy after his match, but the question is how do you stop a strong man?  Simple…RKO.

Holla….Holla….Here comes Kelly Kelly Vs Natalya, next.


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