Impact Wrestling 9/15/11…Sting Vs Flair…One More Time

Tonight, Bound for Glory spot is on the line.  Sting Vs Flair, if Sting wins, he and Hogan have a date with destiny.  If he loses, Sting is done.

They show us what took place at this past Sunday’s No Surrender with Bobby Roode winning the Bound for Glory Series, and will face Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory.

Ric Flair kicks the show off, ready to go….Wooooooooo

Flair wants to talk to Sting one more time.  Here comes The Stinger.

Tonight, it’s Sting Vs God.  One man will go home retired, or one man goes back to the hotel to get drunk.  Sting will face off with the 16-time World Champion, and the only way Sting can get to Hogan is through his dead body.

Then if Sting gets to Hogan, then Flair will die.  He will Scorpion Death Drop him, he will give him the Scorpion Deathlock, and he can go right now.

Flair said he will do it later, and we have security breaking them up.

Jeff Hardy enters the Impact Zone.  What is he here for?

Jeff said when he came to Huntsville, he took his first step and admitted his faults, tonight, he is here at The Impact Zone to address the boys.  Nobody knows what he has been through since Victory Road, so he has to do this for himself.

8 Person tag match is up now….Mexican America taking on The Pope, Devon, Miss Hancock, and Tara.

The Pope, Devon, Miss Tessmacher, and Tara win the match with a double sitdown Powerslam after Devon and The Pope did a double dive on to Mexican America.  We even had Sarita and Rosita try to distract Devon and The Pope with a little flirting by Devon’s kids, and they loved that.  A good, short match here to start the show off.

Karen Jarrett is in the back, decorating her own office with Tracie Brooks coming in.  Karen told Tracie to cover up, have class.  Karen wants Tracie to bring the Knockouts to the back in 5 minutes.

That was a fast 5 minutes, because they are all here.  Madison loves what Karen did with the back.  Karen told Mickie James she is done with Winter.  Over the next 3 matches, we will have “The Queen’s Qualifying Match” and Madison tells us it’s Karen.  3 matches will determine who faces Winter at Bound for Glory.  It will be Mickie James Vs Miss Tessmacher, Tara Vs Madison Rayne, and tonight….Velvet Sky taking on her former BFF, Angelina Love.

Madison is kissing up some more.

Fortune is in the ring now.

AJ introduces the new Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Title, Bobby Roode.

AJ said as a former champion, it’s a privilege to call yourself a new number one contender.  To beat 11 men at the Bound for Glory Series match, including beating himself and James Storm.  He has no doubt he will become the next World Heavyweight champion.

Christopher Daniels said he has done many things in his career, like beating a former World Heavyweight Champion.  What he did was inspiring, as inspiring as Daniels beating AJ.  But if you believe in yourself, the fans be lieve in him, just like Chris believes in beating AJ.

Kazarian said when they formed Fortune, they made a pact to stick together, and has done more than anyone else at building this company.  Collectively they strive for greatness, and individually they achieve their goals too.  Through blood, sweat, and tears, Bobby accomplished his.  He is proud to call him his brother and friend.

James Storm has the mic, Bobby Roode, one half of Beer Money, and the future World Heavyweight champion.  They didn’t know what they wanted when they formed teams.  They made Chicken poop out of chicken salad.  He couldn’t say the other word.  But he remembers the times Bobby was talking on the phone with his son, saying how much he misses him, it comes down to Bound for Glory.  The World Heavyweight Title match with Kurt Angle.  James said he won’t lie, he wishes it was him, but Bobby is like his brother.  He was going to give this long speech, but the people want to see wrestling, and he was going to make Roode cry.  But he will close in saying this, hey Kurt Angle, sorry about your damn luck.

Here comes Kurt Angle.

Kurt said they are right, Bobby scratched and clawed his way to win the tournament, and he was even hurt.  What is it with these guys?  All for one, one for all, are the they 5 Musketeers?  You aren’t the least bit envious of Robert Roode, and wish you weren’t in the ring with the greatest wrestler of all time at Bound for Glory? 

Nobody answers to that question.

What are we all here for?  The same reason, The TNA Impact World Heavyweight Championship.  Kurt tells Bobby that they are all jealous.  He has booked Bobby into some matches, every week up until BFG, Kurt booked Bobby in matches against Fortune.  They can all lay down, but they would be at the bottom of the totem pole, and if any of them beat Bobby, they would be at the top of the totem pole after Bound for Glory by getting a title shot.  Kaz starts it off tonight.

Still to come tonight, Ric Flair Vs Sting, one more time.  Coming up next, Velvet Sky Vs Angelina Love.

When we come back, Bischoff is on the phone with Hogan.  Hogan loved Angle’s idea by having Bobby Roode face Fortune, and tonight, Kazarian could have what it takes to knock Roode off a few pages.

Angelina Love Vs Velvet Sky….Queen’s Invitational is up now.

Velvet Sky wins with her Beauty-T…her name for the DDT.  Angelina tried to nail Velvet with the Knockout Title, but it backfires and Winter nails Angelina with the title.

Jeff Hardy is trying to talk to AJ, but AJ doesn’t want to talk about it.  He calls Jeff selfish for what he did, Styles built this company, and he has had the most amount of matches ever in the company, but Jeff almost ruined it in one stupid move by being on drugs.  AJ doesn’t do drugs, he doesn’t drink, he puts food on his daughter’s table.  Is Jeff taking the food off his family’s table.  he doesn’t ever see a time where AJ can ever have anything to do with Jeff.

Still to come, Sting will take on Ric Flair.

Flair is there for Hogan, Ric is ready to go.  Hogan and Flair are in this together.  He has a Plan B, just in case.  Sting sneaks up behind Hogan and Flair.  Sting is taking out Flair tonight, he loves him.  Then he is taking out Hogan, love him, ta-ta for now.

Tenay and Taz are with Crimson live via satellite.  The last time we saw Crimson, Joe attacked Crimson, and he said he had the tournament won, Bobby Roode won the tournament, congrats to him, but if he was in, he would have won.

Taz asked him why he thought Joe did it, Crimson said he took care of Joe at Slammiversary, and it could be jealousy, but he just made this personal, and will be back.

Tenay asked him when that would be, and Crimson said in 2 weeks.

Samoa Joe Vs Matt Morgan, now.

Joe beat Morgan with a Figure Four, and made Matt tap out.  Joe needed this win, and now perhaps we will see one more match between these two big men?

Still to come, Sting Vs Ric Flair…one more time.

Kurt Angle is talking to Kazarian, to try to get him ready for his match with Roode.  Good luck tonight, and do some damage.  Bring your A-Game.

Hardy is talking with Devon.  Devon has always told him the truth for 12 years.  They have been close together, roomed together, trained together.  He isn’t going to turn his back on him, but there is no way he will allow Jeff to throw this away.  They have had matches that nobody can touch.  He knows the Jeff Hardy that can be the Showstopper, he knows the Jeff Hardy that can put things together at a whim, so go be that Jeff Hardy.  He isn’t going to turn his back, but rather grab him by the throat, and yank him off that freaking wall.  Let’s do this, because at the end of the day, if he does this again, it will be over.  If Jeff needs Devon, he has his back.

Coming up next….Kazarian vs Bobby Roode.  And still to come, Sting Vs Flair one more time.  If Sting wins, he gets Hogan, if Flair wins, Sting is done.

Kazarian Vs Roode is on now.

Roode wins the match with a Crossface, good short match between the two.  Tempers flared when punches were thrown, and Kurt looked a bit concerned, watching the monitor backstage.  Kazarian and Roode shake hands after the match.  Kazarian tells Bobby he is ready.

Coming up next, Ric Flair Vs Sting.

Kurt Angle is in the movie “Warrior”, out in theaters now.

During the break, Kazarian and Bobby Roode shake hands, and Roode says he is ready, Kaz is his friend, his brother.  He is ready.

Austin Aries, the new X-Division champion is on TV, he says this isn’t called the X-Division Title now, it’s the A-Double Division, and next week, call your friends because he is defending the title for the first time.

Next week, a loaded show, Tenay and Taz tells us we will see Austin Aries defend his newly won X-Division Title, we will also see Christopher Daniels take on Bobby Roode, Mickie James Vs Miss Tessmacher, and a tag team match of Jerry Lynn and Bully Ray taking on RVD and Mr. Anderson.

Jerry told us he has been getting RVD DQ’d for weeks now, and he will get a portion of the beating he has coming at Bound for Glory next week.  Bully Ray is sick of Mr. Anderson, so he will take care of him, while Jerry takes care of RVD.  Jerry will bash his brains in.  Okay.

Main event time, Ric Flair taking on Sting now.

Sting defeated Flair with a Scorpion Deathlock.  Hogan and Immortal came out to try to distract Stinger, while Hogan gave Flair some brass knuckles, but it didn’t work because of a slow count, and Sting received his second wind.  Mr. Anderson came out to help Sting and send Immortal back.  Abyss was the only one not involved, and he walked back.

The show ends with Sting and Hogan looking at each other face to face.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Growing up, my first real feud when I started watching WCW was Sting Vs Flair.  They have had numerous matches against each other, they know each other as well as they know the back of their hands.  Sadly, this match didn’t live up to their usual standards, but then again that was never the intention.  No question, the reason why this match was moved to Impact, and not at the PPV was so they can edit it….just in case.  But at the end of the day, it doesn’t tarnish my image of two legends, and Flair should stay with TNA as a mouthpiece for someone.

Now on to the rest of the show, I loved the focus of this being Bobby Roode Vs Fortune, with Kurt Angle trying to wear him down.  The only negative about it is I don’t want to see James Storm Vs Roode, unless they split up Beer Money.  One thing we can almost guarantee is there will be some good matches involved.

I also like the Knockout Tournament they are giving us, and now it seems Velvet Sky has moved on to Bound for Glory for the Knockout Title against Winter.  Velvet Sky is my choice to win the title.

The Jeff Hardy segments are very interesting.  Some people have forgiven him, some are not.  So what will take place?  We’ll tune in and find out.

Even though the new X-Division champion wasn’t featured on the show, they did give him a push for his match next week, and he reminded us he won. 

Overall, a solid show to start the drive for Bound for Glory.  What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts by either emailing me at or send me your thoughts here.


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