WWE Night of Champion 9/18/11

What a fantastic day seeing my Cleveland Browns win their first game of the season.  Football season is truly among us, and that means Night of Champions is here too.  HHH Vs CM Punk headlines this event, we’ll also see Mark Henry Vs Randy Orton.  I truly hope Mark Henry gets the title here tonight.  He has earned it, we’ll also see Alberto Del Rio Vs John Cena.  I sincerely hope we don’t see a DQ ending, but with Hell in a Cell here soon, I can truly see that happening.  We’ll see, keep it locked here.

We are live in Buffalo, New York.  Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Booker T welcome us to the show. 

Our first match is The Awesome Truth taking on Air Boom for the WWE World Tag Team Titles.

The Miz and R-Truth were DQ’d because the referee was awful here, allowing Kofi and Evan to tag, even though he didn’t see them, and was easily distracted by Truth, when Miz had Evan beat with a Skull Crushing Finale.  The Miz had enough and shoved the referee.

The conspiracy continues.

After the match, Awesome Truth laid out the ref.

Don’t be a bully….Beastaralliance.org.

Now, we have an “Inside Out” ad, which is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray, commercials have taken over on PPV.

Matt Striker interrupts Awesome Truth’s conspiracy talk.  That wasn’t the proper ref, it was a guy HHH put into the ring so they aren’t Tag Team champions.  Matt asks what if the COO disagrees with that.  Miz said he may not even be the COO after tonight.

Good point.


WWE Intercontinental Title is on the line.  Cody Rhodes Vs Ted Dibiase now.

Cody Rhodes retained his title with a roll up after Dibiase ripped off his mask.  Rhodes used that to his advantage, and rolled him up.  Wow, the crowd hated this match, and the problem here is how they have booked Ted before this match.  Ted has been booked like a joke, ever since Cena told he and Cody they aren’t in his league a few years ago, and when that happens, the fans don’t care about him.  I think it’s time to repackage Ted, along with Joe Hennig.

We are joined by Carlos Rivera and Marcelo Rodriguez at the Spanish Announce Table, and here comes Christian.

Night of Champions, Buffalo, New York.  Christian has talked to Teddy Long, and HHH.  They are self-absorbed to do the right thing, so he will do the right thing.  Christian has been in this business for 17 years, he has had matches that have been unheard of, and because of that, he deserves one more match for the World Heavyweight Title.  Whoever wins the Randy Orton Vs Mark Henry match, he deserves to face the winner immediately.

Christian says he is a 2-time World Champion, something that Buffalo has never experienced, and he deserves one more match.

He actually has the fans chanting one more match.

Here comes Sheamus to counteract, a former 2-time WWE Champion.

You’re right fella, this is the Night of Champions.  Not the Night of squint-eyed, crying, weasel.

Christian says this has nothing to do with him, and Sheamus said he would give up his Uncle Fargas’ lucky green testicle.

Christian said at least he has the testicle to stand up and say he deserves one more match.

Christian has a point, and his Uncle Fargas agrees.  So if Sheamus can get him one more match, then he gets the first World Heavyweight Title shot.

Christian agrees, and Sheamus chants one more match, but then….

Brogue Kick to end the chant….well said Sheamus…well said.

Randy Orton….Evolution of a Predator DVD is out now at WWEShopzone.com.

The next match is for the United States Title….Fatal 4-Way between John Morrison Vs Jack Swagger Vs Alex Riley Vs Dolph Ziggler right now.

Dolph Ziggler retains his United States Title after Jack Swagger gave John Morrison a Gutwrench Powerbomb.  Very good match here, but it’s time Dolph and Swagger get together, so Vickie can have her stable.  So far, best match of the night.

Josh Matthews is here to give us a dumb ass question to Mark Henry.

Yup, he has the nerve to say to Mark that he has 15 years of missed opportunities, and he can’t win the big one.

Mark said he has had 15 years of frustration, and he is going to use it all up on Randy Orton.  He wants Josh to interview him after he wins the World Heavyweight Title.

Vickie Guerrero lays a big fat kiss on Matt Striker.  She said if HHH loses tonight, she wants to be the new COO.

Good gravy, a new PPV 2 weeks from now, why does WWE do this?  2 weeks of buildup does nothing.  Even if it is Hell in a Cell.

Mark Henry Vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title is up next.

Randy still does have a kick ass theme, then again so does Mark.  I have been looking forward to this match the most tonight.

Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton to become the new World Heavyweight Champion with a World’s Greatest Slam.  Wow, incredible match with the two here.  Good for Mark, he has been in this company for 15 years, he is receiving his biggest push to date, so he earned this title.  People are stunned.

Josh Matthews is indeed there, interviewing the new champion.  Mark said Josh didn’t believe he would be holding the most coveted prize in the business, and he told the crowd to stop cheering because they didn’t believe him either.  We are all haters, and doubters.  He wants to welcome us to the Hall of Pain.  He is going to become the most dominant champion, and will never lose this title.  He’ll face anyone.  Great moment for him.

Tomorrow night, Hugh Jackman will be the guest host of Raw in Cleveland, Ohio.  I will be there across the street at an Indians game.

Alberto Del Rio is with John Laurinaitius and Ricardo Rodriguez.  ADR thinks what happened last week was a travesty, and John said that was HHH’s call, not his.  He wishes ADR good luck, and wishes CM Punk luck too.  Punk doesn’t believe it, but John told him when he says it, he means it.  Punk reminds him that is what he says when he Future Endeavors someone.

WWE Diva’s Title match is up now, Kelly Kelly Vs Buffalo’s own Beth Phoenix.

Kelly Kelly wins the match with a rollup and retains her title.  Meanwhile, the Buffalo crowd is about to riot.  Incredible.

WWE Title match is up now, John Cena Vs Alberto Del Rio.  So yes, CM Punk is main evening this PPV.

John Cena became the new WWE Champion with a STF, and the rest of WWE Universe can rest easily.  Good match, but in the end, does this truly put ADR over, considering the angle going in with Cena not even calling ADR a “true champion”?

At least this wasn’t a crappy DQ ending, like I thought it would be.

CM Punk Vs HHH, No DQ match is up now to end the show.

HHH defeated CM Punk to keep his position as COO with a Pedigree.  Wow, this match was difficult to call because both are faces.  The amazing thing is they both stay that way.  We had action all throughout the match, Spanish Announce Table was trashed, monitors flying around, Michael Cole losing his voice, sledgehammers, gym bags, DX Chops, Randy Savage Elbow Drop, and the kitchen sink all wrapped up in one.  During the middle of the match, Awesome Truth came in and beat both men down.  Then we had a ref bump, John Laurinaitius came down to the ring, checking on the ref, distracting the other ref when HHH had the first pedigree, and then he tweets something to Kevin nash, who came down to the ring through the crowd and beat both men down.  He gave Punk a Jackknife Powerbomb for good measure.  He lays HHH out with a vicious lariat clothesline, and took the monitors off the table to give HHH a Jackknife Powerbomb, but HHH counters by decking him with a sledgehammer, we had to see that.  Punk tried a leg drop, but is countered with a Pedigree in mid-air, and the match is over with, to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This PPV was better than Summerslam, it just was.  Maybe it was because of the matches, or maybe the sequence of matches, but things clicked better tonight than that night, for some reason.

Team Boom Vs Awesome Truth kicked the show off, and the match was good, but we had a crappy ending.  That’s okay, because it’s not the end of the feud with these four men.

Dibiase Vs Rhodes might have been the worst match, just because of the reaction, or lack thereof with this match.  But like I said before, the problem is how Dibiase has been booked the last two years.  After Cena said he and Rhodes isn’t in his league, Ted started losing matches, and booked like a complete fool.  So the fans never believed Cody had a shot at losing the title.

Fatal 4-Way was a good match, with fun action, and we had the cheap win by Dolph.  That’s fine, but it’s time now for Dolph and Jack to team up.

I enjoyed the Mark Henry-Randy Orton match, I just wonder how long Mark’s title reign will last?

WWE Diva’s Title match was good, both women looked good in this match, and we had the upset ending to it, but the way they treated Beth at the end of the match, does this mean she has no more title shots?

John Cena is the new WWE Champion, so what exactly has changed again?

WWE did the right thing with the ending here, and despite Punk losing, he looked very good in this match, and it certainly makes me interested in seeing where we go from here.

There is another PPV in 2 weeks, so WWE is going to be building very fast to the show in the next 2 weeks.  I don’t like that, I believe WWE would be better off with 12 PPVs a year.  Maybe even less, but no more than 12.  What did you think of tonight’s show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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