WWE Monday Night Raw 9/19/11….Fallout Of Night of Champions

We are live in Cleveland, Ohio, 50 miles away from where I live.  I wish I was there, but I am not.  Jim Ross, Michael Cole, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

CM Punk starts the show off on this Super Raw, and Hugh Jackman is our Special Guest Star.

This building hasn’t been too kind for Punk, he had to forfeit his first Title here, on his first match, Bob Holly hurt his eye, and he still can’t see right at times.  But he has pride hurt, because he has to admit he was wrong.  He has to admit that The Miz and R-Truth are right, there is a conspiracy, but not what Miz and Truth are talking about, but rather a conspiracy.

Here comes the COO, HHH.

HHH admitted he is in as much pain as Punk is, they went to war, but the fact remains, HHH is still the COO of WWE.  So, he is going to do his day job.  In 2 weeks, we have Hell in a Cell.  John Cena made history last night by becoming a 10-time WWE Champion, and Alberto Del Rio deserves his rematch.  But honestly, CM Punk deserves a rematch too, so for the first time ever, The WWE Title will be defended in a Hell in a Cell in a Triple Threat match.

Now, if Punk can’t get it through his thick head he has nothing to do with The Miz and R-Truth, if he can’t get it through his thick head he has nothing to do with Kevin Nash, he can take his tie off, and they can fight again.

Punk said he doesn’t have to, but there is someone who is working against the two of them.  There is a conspiracy, but it has nothing to do with HHH, but rather someone who has a higher position in the company.

Hey….Hey….Stop it.

Here comes John Laurinaitius to stop this nonsense.  There is no conspiracy, he is the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations.

CM Punk thinks that John was involved in this conspiracy, he has always wanted the COO position, that is why he wished Punk luck last night, it’s why he texted Kevin Nash at Summerslam.

John said he doesn’t want the position, but Punk works for him.

HHH said that John works for him, don’t forget that.

John fires CM Punk, HHH said Punk isn’t fired.

HHH said he will get to the bottom of this, and at the end of the night, someone is going to get fired.

Tonight, Jim Ross will speak to the new World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry, and coming up next, it will be Air Boom, Sheamus, and Justin Gabriel taking on Michael McGillicutty, David Otunga, Christian, and Wade Barrett.

8 Man Tag match is up now.

Sheamus won for his team over David Otunga with a Celtic Cross.  He also gave him a  Brogue Kick for good measure.

Christian and Sheamus had a staredown, yup, the feud has begun.

HHH is with Chad Patton, WWE referee.  HHH wants to see The Miz and R-Truth.

ADR is a bit upset that he gets a match at HIAC for the title, and to include CM Punk.

HHH says that ADR put all of this on himself by cashing in Money in the Bank briefcase.  ADR prays that Mr. McMahon comes back, HHH replies he prays all he can, he has been in Hell in a Cell, and he needs the praying.

The next match is Alberto Del Rio, he will take on John Morrison.

ADR won rather quickly with a Cross Arm Breaker on Morrison.  I believe John was the wrong opponent here, but okay.

Hugh Jackman will be here next.

We are live in Cleveland, Ohio at Quicken Loans Arena.

Hugh Jackman is here.

He is so happy to be here, hosting The Oscars was cool, but it’s nothing like hosting Raw in Cleveland.  We will enjoy his new movie, “Real Steel” which opens October 7th.

Excuse Me…

As Cole said, it’s The Cougar Meeting The Wolverine.

Excuse me, she is Hugh’s biggest fan, and she agrees that People Magazine that he is the Sexiest Man Alive. 

She said that she is the hottest Diva in the WWE, and she represents The United States Champion Dolph Ziggler.

He tries to shake his hand, but Dolph doesn’t appreciate him wasting his time.  This was supposed to be his celebration over winning last night US Title match, against 3 other men.

Dolph knows that Cleveland is the town of the Underdog, and Hugh even coaches an underdog robot to win at all costs.

Dolph is staring down Hugh, and he said that Underdog is just another word for loser, and losers lose.

Hugh thinks that he disrespected the entire city of Cleveland, and he loves underdogs.  So what he is going to do is going to the back and find the biggest underdog and coach them to have the biggest win of their career, beating Dolph.

Crowd chants that they want Ryder, and Hugh has a sign about Zack Ryder.

We see a limo, and its Awesome Truth.  John Laurinaitis tells them that HHH wants to see them, and The Miz apologized saying they let John down.  Truth said they will be right there.

Here comes Sin Cara….or is it?


His opponent is Cody Rhodes.

But here comes the “Other” Sin Cara.

There never was a match, instead both men exchanged moves, and this certainly confused the announcers, and the crowd too.

Awesome Truth is with HHH, The Miz apologizes for hitting a referee, he still thinks he is a part of a conspiracy, but now knows HHH has nothing to do with it.

Truth apologizes even to the “Little Jimmys”, they both love being a WWE Superstar.

HHH accepts their apology, but since they put their hand on a referee, they are both fined $250,000 each.  And, they have a match tonight against John Cena and CM Punk.

Jim Ross interview the World’s Strongest Champion next.

Jim Ross is in the ring, Teddy Long just informed him that Randy Orton has invoked his re-match clause and that match will take place inside Hell in a Cell.

Here comes the new World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry.

Jim congratulates Mark for winning the title.  How does it feel proving his naysayers wrong.

Mark said like he isn’t one of them.  Mark has never been in a Hell in a Cell match.  He doesn’t know much about it, but last night, he gave Randy hell, and he’ll do it again.

The World Heavyweight Title has his name on it, and no man will ever take it away from him.  He’ll never forgive Jim Ross and the other haters, because they have never supported him, and on behalf of them, Jim will apologize for them, then Jim will apologize to him.

Many people may not know, Jim was never high on Mark.  he wanted Vince to fire him, he was injury prone, and an overachiever.

Mark shows Jim the title, and he says that is all that needs to be said right there.

Jim apologizes.  Mark hates asskissers.

Oh boy….

Mark has Jim by his tie, and King comes to his aid. 

Now Mark has his hands on King.  Mark tells him if he does that, he will take his place.  King punches him, but Mark gives him a Headbutt, and drops a World’s Strongest Slam.

Cleveland fans are big on King because Jerry went to High School for a year here, so you don’t do that our own.

Mark takes the monitors off the table, and throws King over the table.  He puts King over a table with a World’s Strongest Slam.

A very effective segment here, it got its point across.

King is being helped to the back, and moments ago, we see what we just saw….King stepping up for Jim Ross, and took 2 World’s Strongest Slams, including one through the announce table.

Josh Matthews is with Michael Cole.

Kelly Kelly is out now, she is over in Cleveland, and why not….she is wearing a Cleveland Indians jersey, got to love that.

Tag team Diva match, with Eve.  Their opponents are The Divas of Doom.

Eve pinned Natalya with a rollup.

Hugh Jackman has selected Zack Ryder to face Dolph Ziggler…Woo Woo Woo….You Know It.

A sneak peek now of Hugh Jackman’s new film, “Real Steel”.

Dolph Ziggler, taking on Zack Ryder now.

Zack wins the match after Vickie Guerrero slapped Zack, and the ref threw her out.  Hugh Jackman decked Dolph, and Zack performed the Rough Ryder….Woo Woo Woo….You Know It, Bro.  Zack wins the match.

Still to come tonight, John Cena and CM Punk taking on Awesome Truth.

All-American American Jack Swagger video is being shown.

Jack Swagger approaches Vickie and says he can do more than Dolph Ziggler had done tonight, and he can arrange a meeting with Hugh Jackman.  So how about that deal?  Vickie agrees for Jack to join her stable.

CM Punk is with John Cena, they have more in common than Punk thinks.  They make history together, and tonight, they team together.  Punk has earned his respect, and he has earned the fan’s respect.  He just hopes Punk can make their match at HIAC in the Triple Threat match, to make history again.

Punk hopes Cena isn’t fired, but if he was, he’d be the first WWE Champion to be fired, now that would be history too.

Hell in a Cell video is being played.

Tag Team main event match is up now.  Cleveland’s own The Miz teaming up with R-Truth….Awesome Truth taking on John Cena and CM Punk.

John Cena and CM Punk won the match when Punk made Miz go to sleep with the GTS.  Good match here, and here comes The Game.

Who is fired?

HHH says everyone had a good match, but The Miz and Truth are fired.  HHH walks away, and that is it.

Scott Stanford tries to get a word from HHH, but Miz and Truth both attack him, and HHH fights back.  William Regal, Wade Barrett, and Jack Swagger escort the men, and threw them both out of the building, and the show ends with HHH storming off.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

So, why exactly were Awesome Truth fired again?  Because of the referee thing?  Come on, we have seen that countless of times, it means nothing.  Okay seriously, I fear a big NWO thing coming since Kevin Nash has come out to the old NWO theme, and since all three men have been fired, it all makes sense for them to come back in and storm the entire WWE.  Problem is John Laurinaitis is not Eric Bischoff.  Eric had a natural charisma about himself when he was the head boss of NWO, but Johnny Ace isn’t exactly an authoritative boss, when all he can say is “Hey”.

The show was better than last week though, so certainly I give them props, and I loved the Mark Henry segment.  I love this push they are giving the man, he has surely earned it.  I also enjoyed how WWE gave us the 2 big matches, and we might even have a 3rd one with HHH vs Awesome Truth.  Okay, I hope not, but it’s surely possible, John Cena was “fired” before, and that lasted a week too.

But the two big matches are inside a Hell in a Cell, and once again, I am looking forward to seeing Henry Vs Orton.

I also enjoyed the part Hugh Jackman gave us, he seemed genuine, he enjoyed himself, and we saw Zack Ryder on TV again,

We also finally found out that Vickie Guerrero is indeed forming a stable, and I expect to see a tag team being involved in this stable too. 

Kelly Kelly owns Beth Phoenix, but at least she wore a Cleveland Indians jersey. 

Alberto Del Rio owns John Morrison too, judging by his 4 second match.

And last, but not least, the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves, and was receptive.  Sometimes, the crowd can make the show better by giving the right results, and they did.

Overall, a solid show.  What did you think of it?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a note on the site.


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